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Found 5 results

  1. Hi guys and gals, I have some Ten Thunders for sale. If you want to drop some serious Kung Fu action on your opponents, this is the perfect place to start. For those that would take all of them from me, I will add a free Feldherr case large enough to carry all those models, as well as some future additions. Even more, you will receive rulebook to read up on some lore, deck and stat cards. Also, I have some Butchers for Guild Ball for sale. Again, Feldherr case comes as a bonus Drop me a PM and we will see if a deal can be worked out. Models are painted, as seen here: https://m.imgur.com/a/IvwMSsU Sold are: The Thunder (Misaki) with Yamaziko Relic Hunters (McCabe) with Guild Pathfinder and Clockwork Traps Masters of the Path (Yan Lo) with Yin the Penagalan Dark Secrets (Jakob Lynch) with Mr Graves, Mr Tannen and Beckoners
  2. The wording is "when an enemy model within 6(aura) would draw cards during the activation phase, this model may discard a sin token from the enemy model to draw that number of cards instead of the enemy model" My question is, how does that "instead" work with things like draw/discard. Say my enemy gets to draw/discard 2 cards. I drop the token from them and now I get to draw the 2 cards instead, but do they still have to discard, despite not drawing? I mean, I'd think not, but it's a little hazy if I only get to steal the draw part of what the enemy does, and everything else goes through
  3. I've started playing Malifaux a couple of months ago, after being gone from the tabletop wargaming hobby for a few years. First thing I got was old man Yan Lo + some of his dusty friends. Since then I've also picked up Kirai, and once I've gotten around painting all of these guys, I'll probably move on to the Brewmaster (although, from what I've heard, he actually doesn't exist!). Some retainers (I've got a proxy for a Komainu as well that I have yet to paint properly, although I plan on building two new ones in the near future) And Kirai! I wish I would've put some greenstuff on her shoulder. That gap irks me to no end. I'm also a sucker for themed crews, and while I wanted to play a Flesh Construct with Kirai, I wanted one that would fit her aesthetic a bit better (although the official Frankenstein's-monster-looking construct is rad). So I made a zombie sumo wrestler! Head + hands are from Warhammger ghouls, while the rest is pretty much just a blob of greenstuff. The others are about half done in terms of painting. I'll post some updates every once in a while, but don't expect any rapid advancement in here :q Happy to get feedback!
  4. So, I've been doing a lot of thinking about where I want to expand into next. I've thought about getting back into arcanists, I've thought about branching into 10 thunders (I have a couple masters, and I'm really interested in the way the dual factions that supposedly "only play" in their non-10 thunders factions- it's like a puzzle I want to figure out... Then I thought about ressurs and as a mcmourning and tara owner I look at my options and see: Seamus and Molly (Who I love for fluff reasons) who I don't really want to play, and don't have a ton of the models. Yan Lo, who falls into the 10 thunders problem, "Oh he plays best with Ressurs". But I'm not really in love with his play style either... And Kirai, who I sort of have a crush on. If I were to launch into 10 thunders, one of the people I'd love to play is Mei Feng, and from the looks of it, command the graves and Toshiro look like an excellent add to that crew. As well as any crew that loves to have minions around, like McCabe perhaps. And if I get into Kirai, I hear that Toshiro is an amazing add there, as he is giving buffs to the minions Kirai's summoning, and is able to give her a recurring wound battery in the Komainu or the Ashigaru. The only real problem is I don't really love the sculpt of Toshiro. I know that I can go down one of two or three roads: One Suck it up and buy him anyways- if he's that good a model, I'll get over it. Two: Get a proxy and do some painting and modeling to make him make sense, but potentially forfeit my ability to play him at sanctioned events. Three: Buy him and canabalize the fig untill there's enough of the original model left for him to be considered a "Conversion", though my feelings on the model are at such a base level that I don't know what I'd like to "save". So, here's me. I essentially want to play Toshiro, without buying the toshiro, be able to summon ashigaru, without having to buy the whole Yan Lo Box, and be able to summon Komainu, without being able to buy a wyrd komainu. I already have my Komainu proxies picked out. It's the Toshiro problem, and the yan lo problem... I don't really know what I'm asking for, besides sort of thinking out loud. Has anyone had really good experiences with Toshiro the daimyo? Cool paint jobs or conversions to punch up the idea of the model to me? I don't play a ton of ressurs, and I don't see myself taking them to tournaments any time real soon, but the crew looks both solid and really fun, and I would like to be able to run Mei as 10 thunders occasionally as well... Baaagghhh... I dunno. ENinja
  5. ihopeyourenotlactoseintolerantbecausethenextwordisgoingtobe........DAIRY! So Jewomie and I are starting a PLOG together on here. Soon, once we find the time, we'll be linking to an outside website for our full galleries (his will include older models that he's painted and the crews that he collaborated with his brother Danyeru before he left for the Navy). Since I've finished a couple models this weekend, I'll be posting first. lol. These two models are the second crew I've painted; the first can be found here http://www.wyrd-games.net/showthread.php?29928-First-crew-I-ve-painted Each of these were done in one night... C&C is encouraged on all photos posted by us. Thanks everyone! TAELOR RONIN 1 a.k.a. Sydney
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