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Found 33 results

  1. From the album: Luisjoey's Machinations!

    the crew undead belles in old fashion picture
  2. Here is the fine undead captain from Super Dungeon Explore. I rather enjoyed painting him- especially the trimming. He turned out just a bit darker than most of my SDE, but I feel that this is working well with the undead feel. I'll have to give someone pink hair to make up for it.
  3. I just saw the new Levi art. I know nothing of him (to be fair all my Resser knowledge is a little lacking…) so what's his shtick? I was looking at mr Punk Zombie and wonder how well they work together (probably would like some nurses too!) Also how many corpse counters would one need for a resser-crew?
  4. You guys may know me from my ongoing thread here. That is where I have been posting my ongoing Undead/Resurrectionist models that are finished and painted to play. I figured I would just drop in a tutorial on how I paint undead flesh. This is something that has no real rules on how to do it, since nobody really knows how the undead would look, should they exist. I went for a kind of nasty looking approach with a more foul tint to the usual color of the living. This is going to be a step by step 'tutorial' on how I paint undead flesh. My little test subject is going to be this fellow below. I hope you enjoy! Step 1: Base Coat I like to start off with a white primed model (mostly because I use bright colors for my models and it is a pain in the arse to paint bright colors on a dark under coat). You can still do this with a darker prime though, so no worries! I just paint every portion of skin the model contains with the base coat color of my choice (in this case it is Game Color's Dead Flesh). Step 2: First Wash What makes undead different from the living is that they are, well half dead. Meaning half cold and half warm. This step I use to wash with my 'cold' wash, which also adds a lot of darkness in the models recesses. The wash I used here is Secret Weapon Wash's Black Green. Remember to be generous with these first washes! Step 3: Second Wash As mentioned before, the undead are a middle thing between the living and the dead. The middle thing between warm and cold. To add a little 'warmth' to the model, I wash it again with a brown flesh wash to give the model a little bit of spunk. The wash I use here is also a Secret Weapon's wash: Flesh Wash Step 4: Drybrush + First Highlights The fun thing about the undead is that the skin doesn't have to look perfect. They're generally wounded, mutilated or even messed up beyond all recognition. So there is no need to really be 'perfect' with painting the skin and its details. Plus with all the many different its and bits on these models, it would take quite a long time to paint it super detailed, like you do with other parts of the model. What I did here was just dry brush the model's skin parts with the same base coat color I used in step one. Then add in a little water to the paint and go after the larger parts of the body and flesh, such as the belly or the muscles on his arms, in this case. Highlight a few other spaces to make it look just right.
  5. As stated in the title i am painting the horrors box, and i am looking for a good paint recipe for undead flesh, i am currently going Deneb stone for a base , recess's hit with mix green wash , water , and badab black. highlighting with rotting flesh to white. i guess i am just looking for another way. Any and all help is very much appreciated. thanks in advance frog oi oi
  6. I was putting together my marcus army and wanted to proxy up Rouge necromancy. Since I had purchased the box set and had no intention of using the Sabertooth Cerberus I decided to turn it into my proxy. I decided for one I didn't want it to be a tiger, I was bored of seeing the tigers, so I settled on Leopard, then since it was necromancy UNDEAD leopard. I love the way he came out :]
  7. Here's some pics of my McMourning stuff, really can't wait for rogue necromancy to come out as a model, also a guild autopsy just cause. And before you ask, I pulled my Miss Pack IN my McMourning boxset by sheer luck. http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v73/Animal_Delos/Malifaux/?action=view&current=Ressurectionists.jpg http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v73/Animal_Delos/Malifaux/?action=view&current=CanineCorpses.jpg http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v73/Animal_Delos/Malifaux/?action=view&current=McMourningandNurses.jpg http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v73/Animal_Delos/Malifaux/?action=view&current=Sebastian.jpg http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v73/Animal_Delos/Malifaux/?action=view&current=MissPackandConstruct.jpg http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v73/Animal_Delos/Malifaux/?action=view&current=ZombieChihuahua.jpg Again comments and such welcome. And yes I realize unlike my freikorps these aren't all based. Also none of my mercenaries from my Viktoria set are based yet either but I'll upload those in a dif thread.
  8. Not sure if this is a good list but it looks like tons of fun. Levi the three riders and probably a dog to make another waif out of. Have the hooded rider start in night mode so he can't be shot. Have the undead move through cover since it has the scout rule. The mechanical rider is a tougher call but try to get her set up so she can get in combat next turn since she has nimble and pass through you can get to pretty much anyone on turn two. For the next few turns have the riders kick the oponnents teeth in and have levi cast at other threats since his spells don't have to randomly select targets in combat. When a rider dies it leaves 3 scrap tokens which can be turned into SPAs. While maybe not a good crew for recon it should wreck people at everything else. Plus it should be fun. -Heretic
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