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  1. Hello everyone! It's time for the second demo this month, and this time it's a one-shot with Through The Breach! Open for everyone as always! Though due to our new locales, you might want to call Ravn (me) on +47 924 83 303 if the doors to the university are locked. Location: UiT Harstad, Havnegata 5. Class room 9 on the second floor. Link here for exact location! https://goo.gl/kHzQY9 Hope to see you there!
  2. What I will be running Nythera and Fire in the Sky and a few one-shot like Honor among thieves and Legacy of darkness. When and where: Good Games Adelaide, big gate located upstairs at 22 Currie Street Adelaide SA. 12pm to 5pm Saturday https://www.facebook.com/infinitygamesmtg/?fref=ts Starting on the 12th for May to do character creation and prologue I don't have many spaces free so if you're interested feel free to pm me if there is enough interest I’m willing to run another campaign at a different time and place.
  3. Edit to confirm this is still going on for the month of August: Hello! Now that I officially have my 'Henchman' status I'll be formally offering Wyrd Wednesdays at my LGS. Most weeks will be available for demos of the Malifaux, but we will also be running select evenings as Through the Breach Campaigns. The specifics for those nights will be updated as needed. I'll be ready for business starting at 6:30, until the store closes at 9:30. Players are encouraged to bring their own teams, or can play with one of mine. For anyone brand-new to the game we can run some of the scenarios from the Starter Set. Jacks on Queen is located in beautiful Elmvale Ontario, just 1 1/2 hours north of Toronto near the shores of Georgian Bay. Come check us out and help a new Henchman earn her stripes! Jacks on Queen 18 Queen St W, Elmvale, ON L0L 1P0 jacksonqueen.com (705) 515-5225
  4. May 24-27th, 2018 Come hang out with the MaliPhoenix crew as part of the Arizona Game Fair at the 2018 Phoenix Comic Fest! We will be running one-shot adventure demonstrations of Through the Breach through the course of the weekend. Sign-ups for each day and time will be available on the 2nd Floor West Gaming hall. This is a free event with purchase of a Comic Fest ticket or pass. https://phoenixcomicfest.com/
  5. SPOILERS!SPOILERS!SPOILERS! From the diary of Dr. John H Watson. I came to Kamakura in my twilight years. Ostensibly to serve the British military once again, however, if my erstwhile companion were still alive he would have claimed I came to Kamakura to die. He would probably have been correct. He often was. Following the dreadful events in London I wound up in Japan, seconded to a military hospital, treating the poor devils wounded in this dreadful conflict. It was here that I first met Abel Negasi, a sailor in the Abyssinian navy. During our first encounter I, rather erroneously, took the man for a member of staff, on account of his surgical limb replacement, and blathered on at him for a full five minutes regarding the rather poor state of the facilities. It was only when he levelled a supremely cold stare at me and deadpanned, “So tell a doctor, doctor,” that I realised my error. Following our rather dreadful introduction, and my hasty, but heartfelt, apologies we became acquainted. Not really friends, per se, but certainly not strangers. I inquired after the nature of his augmentations and was dismayed to learn of his horrific battle with a host of piscine terrors. I surmised that these pelagic nightmares were the self-same monstrosities responsible for the attacks on London and elsewhere around the globe. During the following days we spoke often. I regaled him with tales of my time in London and the adventures I often found myself embroiled in. I flatter myself when I say I believe Abel to have been quietly impressed with my past. Although I was not his physician, Abel often spoke to me about his convalescence. In particular he mentioned his concerns regarding his recent blood transfusion and the peculiar dreams he had experienced ever since. I examined him and found him hale and hearty. I, therefore, concluded Abel must be suffering from a spiritual malady. Something quite outside my purview. My dearly departed wife was often of the opinion that matters of the soul were best dealt with in surroundings more conducive to meditation and reflection than a doctor’s surgery and so I suggested to Abel he visit one of the local temples, perhaps converse with a priest. Upon discovering that my new companion spoke no Japanese, I resolved to accompany him and act as translator. The Temple we selected was not far from the hospital and a brisk walk in the morning sun seemed to lift a little of the malaise that had settled on my companion. We arrived in short order and took a moment to savour the sight that greeted us. The temple itself was a simple affair, lacking many of the accruements one might expect. However, any deficiency of decoration was more than made up for by the presence of the great obsidian statue of the Buddha. It towered over us, a monument to the craftsmanship of its sculptor and the power of a people’s faith. I observed several other people entering the temple via a large red Tori arch and, along with Abel, followed suit. Within the temple proper we were greeted by a slight Japanese fellow dressed in the simple shift of a monk. As we nodded our own greetings I saw that a number of our fellow visitors were all dressed in similar fashion, although each of these fellows also carried a simple satchel and brightly painted mask. I inquired with the monk, whose name I learned was Sengai, about the need for ceremonial clothing. He politely informed me that no such stipulations were necessary and offered to bless myself and Abel. We acquiesced and moved further inside the temple. I left Abel for a while, certain that my constant presence was doing little to aid in his recovery, and made my away around the Buddha statue. I was struck by the large milky emerald set in the statue’s forehead like a third eye and resolved to inquire about it before we left. I noticed that the visitors who arrived ahead of us had now donned their masks and were beginning some type of ceremony. Perhaps the years of working alongside one the greatest investigative minds ever to grace the Earth had rubbed off on me, but something about the actions of these masked men and women seemed oddly wrong to me. It seems bizarre now, I am no scholar of the religious practices of Buddhism but I could see they were not praying. Instead, each of them was manipulating something concealed within the satchels they carried, and their body language spoke not of reverence or piety, but preparation and perhaps even malice. I found Abel where I had left him and confessed my misgivings to him. To my surprise he did not treat me like a senile old man desperate for a last hurrah of action before shuffling off this mortal coil. He told me that he had recently read of a queer religious sect responsible for acts of vandalism and violence directed at various temples around Kamakura. Could it be we were in the midst of such an act of malfeasance? Hurrying back to Sengai I told him of my suspicions and bade him fetch the authorities. The poor man went quite pale with the fright and begged me to stop the miscreants. I swore to him as member of the King’s Empire, and as a gentleman, that I would allow no harm to befall his temple. At that, he brightened, and hurried away. During my time with Sengai, Abel had kept watch on these sinister criminals. In my absence they had begun an odd monosyllabic chant in a language neither one of us understood. Unsure of how to proceed I cast my mind back and tried to think how my dear friend and literary muse would approach the situation. It was then I hit upon a plan. Bidding Abel to stand watch over me I approach the chanting group, attempting to look like tourist. I intended to ‘accidentally’ drop my doctor’s bag and stumble into the nearest criminal, hopefully dislodging their grip on one of the satchels and interrupting their ritual. I may have acted a little too zealously, as my stumble became a hard shove and the woman I barged into was sent flying, the contents of her bag spilling onto the ground for all to see. I saw, to my horror, that it was a bomb. Time seemed to freeze in that moment. I was back in Afghanistan, my leg bleeding like a stuck pig, staring death in the face. A bomb, right in front of me and primed to go off any second. It seemed that Holmes’ assessment of my purpose here in Kamakura was right after all. “Mary,” I whispered. The sounds of shouting and stamping feet shook me from my reverie in a most uncomfortable manner. The masked men and women were on their feet now and looked for all the world to be quite angry with me. The man to my left, a brute of man easily three inches taller than me and least half again as heavy, threw some sort of coarse powder at my face. As any aficionados of my literary work will attest, I am no stranger to violence. I twisted away, the powder cascading harmlessly off my shoulder. Still the man came on. He had produced a knife from somewhere on his person and proceeded to thrust it at me. My years as a dance partner to the Marquis of Queensbury may be long behind me but I was still celeritous enough to leap away. Clearly outmatched by my assailant I continued to back up. I produced my trusty B&D Pocket Revolver and shot him. Some of you reading this may be shocked at my willingness to shoot a man in cold blood, but I would rather bear the scars on my soul for my actions than allow another life to be lost through the lack thereof. Sadly, my aim had not fared as well as my reflexes in the long years of my life and my shot only winged the devil. Abel, howling like a demon, came roaring past me and threw himself into the fray. Where I was hopelessly outclassed in the arts of Pugilism, he was anything but. He laid about him with that pneumatic arm of his, making short, if gruesome, work of one of them. From somewhere behind me came resounding whoosh and out of nowhere a ball of fire, bright as the morning sun, flashed past me. It engulfed one of the masked men, setting his brown robes alight. A second, as shocking as the first, followed almost immediately after and consumed the crazed man in a hellish inferno. I glanced over my shoulder and saw a rough looking Chinese itinerant conjuring yet more flame from the aether. I have seen magic before, but never had I beheld it wielded so effortlessly, or with such devastating results. There was, of course no time to admire this man’s skill, or to wonder he had come from. The woman I had previously shoved aside in my bungling attempts at subterfuge came sprinting at me, fury and hate burning in her gaze. Once again my military training prevailed and the woman’s attempts to pierce my flesh with her knife failed. Dodging another swipe, I took discretion over valour and stumbled away from my attacker, I turned and fired on the run. My erratic flight spoiled my aim and for a second time my bullet merely grazed its target. Across the courtyard Abel was in fine form. He levelled another of the madmen with straight right before spinning quite expertly on his back foot and knocking a second unconscious with a furious back hand. In my panicked stumbling I had ended up quite close to the Chinese sorcerer and watched, fascinated as he hurled two more fireballs into the midst of our foes, immolating another victim. With a most profound sense of creeping dread I realised that my two comrades did not know about the bomb. I levelled my pistol at the wounded woman and fired again. This time my shot found its mark and she dropped like a stone. I began to run towards the discarded satchel. “Bomb!” I cried out, “They have a bomb!” Abel turned to look quizzically at me and took a face full of the sand like powder these criminals seemed so fond of. His flustered swings kept his opponents at bay but lacked any accuracy. The Chinese sorcerer jolted into action, sprinting forwards toward one of the dropped satchels. Horrified, I saw that each of the six bags contained a bomb. Frantically I ran to the closest of explosives and looked it over. My time in the military had never really covered bomb disposal so I grabbed a handful of wires and prayed there were no booby traps or failsafes. To my joyous surprise, the wires came away easily enough and the bomb stopped in its inexorable count down. My Abyssinian comrade had wiped the grit from his eyes, but his opponent had fled scooping up one of the fallen bombs along the way. Abel roared and gave chase. Meanwhile our mystery ally had made short work of two of the bombs with controlled bursts of flame from his fingertips. The remaining delinquent seemed desperate to get his explosives right up next to the statue of the Buddha. With Abel hot on his heels I levelled my pistol, tracked his movements across the temple square, and squeezed the trigger. He swayed slightly as the bullet hit him, then stumbled and fell. He did not rise. Swiftly and methodically the three of us disarmed the remaining explosives. Although I must confess my heart did not stop racing until Abel smashed the final bomb with one his iron shod boots. With my pulse slowly lowering and the breath in my lungs once more I approached our new ally, my hand extended in friendship. “My name is Dr. John Watson, and you sir, have my most profound thanks.” The man merely nodded and said, “Hu.” “Dr. John Watson,” I replied. Thinking perhaps the man did not speak Japanese. He shook his head and tapped himself on the chest. “Hu,” he said again. “I am Hu.” TO BE CONTINUED ...
  6. Another month, another demo at Ungdommens Hus in Harstad, Norway! We'll be doing TTB one-shots, and you don't need to bring anything but a positive attitude! The address is Erlings gate 5, 9405 HARSTAD, and we start approximately at 18.30 (6.30 PM) and will keep on playing until the one-shot is over. If you're simply visiting or live in or around Harstad, feel free to drop in!
  7. Hello there! If you're visiting Harstad, Norway, or already live there or nearby, then drop by Undommens Hus in the city! Charnel is hosting a demo of the super fun roleplaying game that is Through The Breach! Bring good mood and your imagination, because everything else is taken care of! Address is Erlings gate 5 9405 HARSTAD Date: 19th of February 2018 Time: 18.30-22.50 (approx)
  8. Hey, you! Do you live in or around Harstad, or are simply visiting around this day? Well you are in luck! The local Henchman, Natalie (ie MOI) is having her first Henchman demo event, and we're kicking it off with Through The Breach! Feel free to meet up and play, it's free (and of course always will be)! All you need to partake is a positive and open mind, and you're good to go! Feel free to PM Natalie (Charnel) about the event. The locale is at Ungdommens Hus, found at Erlings Gate 5, 9401 Harstad, and we start at around 18.30 and outwards till 22.50 or so. Cheers, and hope to see you there! May the odds be ever in your favor!
  9. Every to every other Tuesday we will be hosting a Through the breach campaign at Paddy's Game Shoppe. Next session will be 12/19/17 from 6:30 pm till 9 pm. If you feel like joining us, please contact me ahead of time, this way I can work on a way to get you into the game, and prep character.
  10. We will be playing through a Through the Breach One-Shot, A Malifaux Christmas Carol, at Wizard's Asylum in Wichita, Kansas on Sunday, January 7th. The game will begin @ 1:00 PM. Characters, and fate decks will be provided. This event is great for anyone looking to learn to play Through the Breach, Second Edition. Wizard's Asylum Comics and Games 1309 W. 31st St. S Wichita, KS 67217
  11. What I will be running The bayou games and every Gremlins and adventure I can find When and where: Good Games Adelaide, big gate located upstairs at 22 Currie Street Adelaide SA. 12pm to 5pm Saturday https://www.facebook.com/infinitygamesmtg/?fref=ts Starting on the 23th to do character creation and prologue I don't have many spaces free so if you're interested feel free to pm me if there is enough interest I’m willing to run another campaign at a different time and place.
  12. It took a while to decide whether I would write up my party's adventures, they tend to the... unusual. but after all, this is Malifaux, so maybe they aren't that unusual after all. A Prelude, and a Warning (or three) This is a story that is eventually going to get dark. I mean really dark. If you have any sort of moral qualms or ethics, and have even the remotest chance of being offended by the actions of a group of filthy miscreants doing nefarious deeds you may want to stop reading here. . . . . If you’re still reading you’re either a terrible person, or you don’t believe me, seriously there isn’t going to be any happy endings here. Actually, now I think about it there definitely will be at least one happy ending, but it’s the kind you pay for in a seedy room with a companion of low virtue. See what I mean? Hopefully this has given you an inkling of what is to follow and the dubious or disbelieving will now realise that there are plenty of great stories over in the Iron Quill, and that they probably don’t want to carry on past this paragraph. . . . . Still here? You're pretty messed up, you know that? Ah well, two warnings are pretty good, but the third beats all as they say, so I’d stop now if I were you. This here is the adventures of a group of individuals who have no secret team name, no allegiance to each other, few ties to anyone but themselves, and even less loyalty. They aren’t so much a team at all really, more what happens when all the good guys leave town, and what’s left have to get their hands dirty. Dirtier, sorry. These are not heroes, they are just the bad things that happen to other people, and sometimes, on a good day, those other people are even worse than they are. The day of the Expectation murders started just like any other in the small mining boom town in the northern mountains, new arrivals came by coach and rail, the ore shipped out back to the city, and the people bustling about their business as usual. The first visitor that stood out was the twisted, garbling witch that the sheriff’s posse had found in the night, the sun hadn’t even rose when they dragged him back to town and threw him in prison, his effects confiscated to await his ‘trial’. Sheriff Courtson was an honest man, an ex-guild guard that served his time and left for more reputable work, but he had seen enough foul magic in Malifaux to recognise a Ressurectionist when he saw one, he’d hang, but he’d follow due process first. The second visitor was more noticeable by his stench than his sight; Lyle Bucktooth, a rough looking individual in tattered dungarees who stank of pigs and Bayou. Lyle arrived on foot, rare enough by itself in a town this far from anywhere, (even a day’s ride from Ridley) carrying a battered sack, and a serviceable shotgun. Installing himself in Salinka’s saloon and paying for a room, he seemed content to sip the local whiskey and stare out at the street, like he was waiting for someone, or something, to arrive. The bar around him emptied pretty fast at this point, his pungent presence forcing the regulars closer to the stage at the rear rather than the warmer spots by the windows, but something about the hermit spoke of violence, and none there had the grit to ask him to leave. For our next visitors we have to step slightly outside town to the carriage travelling in from Ridley, the stage took longer than the train at the newly built station, but it was cheap, and it was reliable. Inside we find a motley cast, The first to catch your eye (indeed to catch anyone’s eye that looked in) would be Huckleberry Sin, the tall three kingdoms gentleman in the shining green silk tuxedo, yellow shirt and crimson necktie, his green hat perched over his eyes to hide the fact he was studying the other two passengers intently. Next to him a buxom, blonde haired woman in a performers travelling gown sat wafting her face with a collapsible fan; beautiful and serene, many miners had dreamed about Eva Beldame the night after her show. Her obvious beauty, his handsome face and the fact that they both seemed dressed for a show (possibly a circus in Sin’s case) may make you think they travelled together, but whereas Eva was a genuine showgirl on loan to the town from the Star itself, Sin was nothing more than a street pimp from the alleys of Malifaux. An overseer of a small brothel he was here tracking down the john that sold his girls out to the local guards for not paying protection. This had lost Sin custom, a couple of good girls, and worse:- some of his hard earned rep. The gold rings that glittered across Sin’s knuckles were better than a set of brass knuckles in a fight, and the decorated three barrelled pistol at his hip wasn’t just for show. The third occupant was the focus of both Eva and Sin’s attention, dressed in a finely tailored suit just a little out of season, and more than a little worn, he slumped in the corner, just as unconscious as he was when the filthy, rotund man in the top hat that hailed the carriage as it left Malifaux dumped him through the door. Tarquin was a member of the De Walt aristocracy, farmers back in Africa, his fortunes were bright despite his rather poisonous attitude to everything beneath him (which was to say- everything), educated and erudite, he was busy making his father proud at university when he found a book that opened his mind to new possibilities, and he started on the path of the graverobber. This path first took him away from his cosseted life in society, then through the Breach and eventually to a graveyard on the outskirts of Malifaux’s more affluent areas. The guild had chased him for almost an hour when the sound of a shovel on the back of his head brought him blackness, which he was only now shaking off, to find his medical bag and books beside him on this bumpy carriage ride, and a folded note in his breast pocket You owe me. Find Meridian’s eye. N. As the carriage rode in to town it passed a small but gruesome procession; three noblemen fresh from the breach, out with an explorer’s league party to hunt legendary beasts, they had come north from the footprints and stumbled upon a small herd of Bayou boars both angry and lost. Did I mention angry? That is possibly a poor word for the uncontrolled fury with which the beasts launched themselves at the small party of humans; in fact their little jolly to Malifaux would have ended there had they not had the foresight to hire one of Ridley’s more violent Scrappers. Despite her grace and looks, Kato Kimberley Kallous is at heart more than a little psychotic, possibly from too many Noh theatre shows about Samurai heroes, and after a very short stint as an Oiran she was sent to learn sword techniques in the Old Kingdom by her Ten Thunders uncle. These techniques were put to good use defending her erstwhile employers against the rampaging porcine threat, especially backed up by the gunfighter Erdig Vax the explorers guild had attached to the party, inevitably the five dead pigs were being dragged behind the horses as they approached their lodgings for this evening in the Explorers League house in Expectation. Reaching town just before sunset the aristocrats, the two brothers went by the name of Du Bray, and thought money could buy them anything, even survival (which actually had worked out for them so far I suppose..) With them was the wastrel Henry Pocks, a Malifaux resident who had joined the well-armed party at the last moment, and joked with the brothers as they headed to their lodgings across the street from the Saloon, the eldest brother giving Kato orders to skin the boars and prepare them for tomorrows dinner. In the Saloon itself our friends Eva, Huckleberry and Tarquin had each taken rooms and now sat apart, Huck and Tarquin seemingly unbothered by the stench of the wandering hermit, (Tarquin genuinely thought all ‘poor people’ smelt that bad, and Huck was still brooding revenge). Lyle himself seemed smitten with Eva on sight, barely taking his eyes off her for the first hour. He was distracted however by the sight of Kato brutally attempting to skin one of the boars outside with what appeared to be a Nodachi, not exactly the right tool for the job. Craftsmanship aside, Lyle had spent two days herding those misbegotten creatures across the damn river and releasing them on the plains, but as he saw the mercenary become increasingly bathed in the pigs blood he realised that if the Hag was right (and when you grow up as the only other human in the Bayou, best to assume the Hag is always right) the pig’s blood was marking out the sword wielding savage before him as the tool of prophecy he was sent to protect, which wasn’t going to easy by the look of things. Sighing, Lyle drank the last of his whiskey, and went out to offer the poor girl a hand, if the pigs had to be butchered, they may as well be done properly after all. So, our cast is assembled, yokels, necromancers, pimps, wastrels, entertainers and porcine corpses. The sleepy town was so far blissfully unaware of the death that would stalk it’s streets before the night was over, and luckily so. After all their ignorance is a form of protection, just as you, the reader, have so far seen nothing of the darkness promised earlier, are protected from the bad things in store by your own ignorance of these events. However like the poor townsfolk who are about to find out exactly how bad things can get in Malifaux, the poor protection ignorance provides you is about to be shredded like the skin of the Boar that the mercenary just rather inexpertly butchered. Next time, that is.
  13. Ill be running two sessions of Night of the Carver on Sunday the 29th of October, these being at 10.30 and 16.00. In my store Warboar and Paradice Boardgame Cafe in Bromley, The Mall. This being my first Official Henchwoman event. I have most likely filled all places due to multiple RPG groups who have shown interest, though I will be posting on the Warboar RPG group on facebook. I do however hope this to be the first of many monthly events for this game. I will be creating at least 10 Pre-Generated characters which each player will pull a name of of a hat at the start of the session. Any character concept suggestions are welcome ADMIN: as I'm not sure. Do my players have to have a Forum account? Early Session 10.30 - Jared Copeland-Gregory - Chris - Rob - Filled - Filled Late Session 16.00 - Casey - Jake Mahoney - Clay - Filled - Filled
  14. I will be hosting my first official henchman event at the griffon bookstore at 121 West Colfax in South bend, in. It will be for a demo of through the breach. I will be there from noon until 5pm on October 14th introducing people to the game, answering any questions, and helping create characters in order to start a penny dreadful campaign. Feel free to come down and join in!!
  15. Hey everyone! I will be running a the next part of our Through the Breach campaign on October 14th at 7pm. If you are interested in joining us please PM me to introduce yourself and I can help you build a character. This campaign will be meeting every other Saturday. Adventure Games is located at 927 Oregon Street in Oshkosh, WI 54902 (corner of 10th and Oregon). If you are unavailable during those days/times please PM me and we can set up a time to meet, I am very flexible. I look forward to meeting you!
  16. Bought stuff I don't use a long time ago and want to get rid of it. Not enough time to play, honestly, so more interested in models I think are cool and fun. Southern Califnoria, USA; Pasadena to be precise. Make and offer, cover shipping. USA only. There is a mix of painted, unpainted, half assembled, nos. Ask for details. PICS: https://imgur.com/a/UrHRS HAVE Neverborn Starters for: Pandora, Dreamer Many misc. old metal models. See pics. Ten Thunders Starter: The Thunder, with nice custom bases Gremlins Starters for Ophelia, Somer Teeth, Brewmaster, Zoraida, old Somerteeth (unopened, with warpig), Mah Tucket (unopened) Burt, old Pult, new Pult, old Taxidermist, Haulers, Merris, Nightmare Golem, Gluttony, Piglets, Effigy, alt Gator About a third painted pretty well. (Special note: I have much more for sale and trade that isn't Malifaux. A few board games, Warhammer AoS and 40k, Wrath of Kings, LCGs, etc. If you want more info I can PM you or link you.) WANT All rulebooks except tiny manual. Ressers: Lots, honestly. I have the following, and am interested in anything else: Kirai, Nicodem, Canine Remains, Mindless Zombies, Necropunks, Transparent Bete Noir, old Graveyard Spirit; especailly interested in Alt McMourning and Nightmare Tara. Arcanists: Colette Crew, regular and Carnival, all models to make them good, plus any show girls in general. Pride. Alt performer. Neverborn: Puppets crew and accessories to make them fun and good. Outcasts: Hamelin crew plus extras, Night of Rat in particular. Again, with cool extras to make 'em fun and good. Additions for my Jack Daw box. TTB: Core book 2e. Supplement books.
  17. Once again I will be with the Garrison wargaming club at ConCentric on the 16 & 17 of the 9 at the Burnside Community Centre, http://con-centric.com.au/ I will be running demos for Malifaux and doing some Through the Breach one shot. Sixteen Tons on the Saturday and In the Gutter on Sunday, I will post the link to register for the games once they go up, I also have a variety of other games on me like Evil baby orphanage and Darkness comes rattling for anyone who wants to try them out.
  18. Hello, everyone! it is once again time to post for my bi-weekly game of through the breach at Rune and Board in Hillsboro Oregon. the next game will be August 26h. starting at 6PM. Currently, I'm just running one-shots with pre-made characters with the intent to introduce the rules-system into the local area, teach the system, and introduce the setting and lore to new players, and hopefully convert a few RPG players into Malifaux players. However, due to limited pre-genned characters and limited twist decks, I am asking that players RSVP on meetup.com to keep anyone from showing up and being out of character sheets. Date and Time: August 26th, 6PM to 9PM local Location: https://runeandboard.com/ Store's Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/RuneandBoard/ Meetup page: https://www.meetup.com/PDXers/events/242477153/
  19. We will be playing through a Through the Breach One-Shot (Likely Legacy of Darkness) at Wizard's Asylum in Wichita, Kansas on Sunday, August 20th. The game will begin @ 1:00 PM. Characters, and fate decks will be provided. This event is great for anyone looking to learn to play Through the Breach. Wizard's Asylum Comics and Games 1309 W. 31st St. S Wichita, KS 67217
  20. Due to a major housing repair, I must sell many of my cherished things, including a vast majority of my Malifaux collection to cover the costs - this includes fully painted crews, GenCon Exclusives, rulebooks, Through the Breach materials, homemade terrain sets, cards, tokens and so much more. Please check out my eBay listings at: My eBay Listings
  21. Hi, so, just finished reading my copy of Fire in the Sky. I jave a question: All the cultists (including Tlalli) have the Crazy Condition. Meaning their Mental duels should be reduced by the same amount. This would mean their Willpower final totals are very low (though it doesn't show this in the stats) and Tlalli is essentially a wet lettuce: her main attack is The Light of Creation, a theoretically devestating 3/4/5B attack that causes Blind, only she has an AV of 8T (though the Tome seems mostly cosmetic as she has no triggers, I assume it is a 'well it is a Sorcery spell' sort of thing) and her Obey has an AV of just 11M. As she's likely to be a final battle in the adventure she's a pretty huge anti-climax!
  22. Sunday, 8/20/2017, at 1pm at Parker Banner Kent and Wayne in Cornelius NC I'll be running a one shot of Through the Breach. If you're in the area and have been curious about the game this would be a great chance to check it out. This will also serve as an exploratory meeting for setting up a regular game at PBKW, using official Penny Dreadfuls. The address for the store is: 21500 Catawba Ave, Cornelius, NC 28031 There is food in the area, including two grocery stores in easy walking distance. You're welcome to bring snacks or lunch!
  23. https://www.facebook.com/events/1587360431335801/?ti=icl the link is for KWC Malifaux, a FB group. Please feel free to join our group to keep up with what's happening. TTB session at Forbes Hobbies July 31st 7-9. Act I of Northern Aggression. 1600 Industrial Rd Cambridge, ON.
  24. Hello everybody, On the 17th of june we're holding an all RPG day at Oberonn in Belgium. An entire day of RPG fun. Ofcourse "Through the breach" can't be missing from that event. Currently there are 2 demo sessions planned: 12:00h and 17:00h, probably a session in between those. You can get in on all sessions if you like (yes multiple one-shots are available, thank you Wyrd ;-)) or just pick one where you like to participate. Where to go from here? Well join us Saturday at Oberonn. I'll be there from 10:30h to talk about "Through the breach" and Malifaux. Oberonn is located here : Kempische Steenweg 27 3500 Hasselt (Belgium) When : 17th June 2017 Doors : 10:00 AM End : closing time ... (usually after 23:00h) Entry : free Enrollment : not required, but if you want to register for a specific session to make sure you have a seat at a specific time just pm me. Hope to see some of you there. Greetz
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