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Found 181 results

  1. I haven't painted anything in a while, but I'm working on a new speed painting technique. This one is about an hour and a half in. Plan to finish the base and do some minor tweaks on the paint job, but overall I'm happy with the result so far.
  2. Me and my buddy sit down and look at ripples of fate. Guild Master- Henchmen- Minions/enforcers- Resurrectionists Hope you guys enjoy
  3. Hello I have quite a few models for sale or trade here they are listed by Faction kind of. Most of the stuff I either fielded once or not at all most are painted from when I was pretty hardcore into it. Arcanists: Marcus Crew (Painted) 1 extra Razorspine Rattlers (Painted) Molemen (In Box) Metal Ramos Crew Old School and Alt Ramos (Based and Assembled) Plastic Ramos Crew (Assembled) Lots Of Arachnids (Assembled) Rail Golem (Assembled) Willie (Painted) Not Arcanists::: Doppelgänger (In Box) Alt Perdita (In Box) Metal Bishop (Painted) Metal Rogue Necromancer (Assembled/ Base coat) WANT:::: I would prefer $$$ through PayPal or Venmo also whatever is easiest for the buyer I am about to make a big move to the West Coast from the Boston Area so I would love for these models to find a great home. I also would be willing to trade for Shen Long crew box, Shadow Emmisary, Samurai, Lone Swordsman, Ten Thunder Brothers, Komainu, Izamu, Yin, Snipers etc... Honestly I am willing to trade for just about all Ten Thunders good with ether Shen Long (if I get him) or my Mei Feng. My my twitter is @shuadavis and if you would like to email me with inquiries shuadavis@yahoo.com is perfect I'd be shipping out of Maine or Boston depending on where I am at the time. Thanks and I look forward to my models going to someone who loves Malifaux.
  4. Hi! I spent some time in painting from may 2016. It is important for me because it was my first good paint untill I became a mother of some wonderful daughter. She is elleven month now, and I have some free time at night to my hobby. This is my new album here The LowRes Paint where I and my husband wont to represent our processes in painting minitures, making terrane, and many other things we want to do. I'a a main correrctor of russian language Malifaux Wikia, and I want to make it a strong platform of Malifaux not only in Russia, but all over the world. Thank you. Special thanks to Wyrd for Malifaux!
  5. RDK


    Hello. I played wth Asami for the first time yesterday, and a couple of questions regarding "flicker" came up: "The Fate of Mortals" skill states that "Ones per turn, after an opponent scores 1 or more VP, target friendly Oni within 6" may gain the Flicker+1 condition until the end of the game". Does this also count with VP gained at the end of the turn? And if so can this be applied to an Oni who would loose the last flicker at the end of that turn, so it will stay in game for another turn? We played "Interference" for strategy and was also wondering if the summoned Onis who lost their last flicker and therefore was removed at the end of the turn also counted toward controlling table quarters. Again, the VP is counted at "the end of the turn", so at the same time as the Onis loose their last flicker and disappear.
  6. Hello all: I just recently got into Malifaux and have started painting my figures. i have not seen very many Ten Thunders models actually painted, I figured I would share mine. I welcome any comments or criticism. I am still figuring out my painting technique/style, as well as how to photograph the models. So far, the photographs are wanting - so feedback there is especially appreciated.
  7. Hi guys my payday came a little too late for Gencon, so I'm now looking to buy the Asami boxset for an Oni's Wrath. I know it's a long shot, but I'm hoping someone bought it and changed their mind. I'm uk based but would be willing to pay import costs. Many thanks guys
  8. I am relatively new, and have been getting into the game via Seamus and Rasputina. But I have had Mr. Lynch on my table for a while, so I decided to play him in a 40SS match yesterday against Leveticus. Let's just say there wasn't much I could do haha. But what I feel like I struggled with was applying and exploiting Brilliance. The latter is probably due to the fact that most things in Leveticus' crew tend to drop like flies (abominations, Waifs, Leveticus himself), but the former is my real issue. So, has anyone ever compiled a list of tips, tricks, and tactics on how to apply Brilliance? Like a comprehensive, detailed list of every model that CAN do it, how they SHOULD, in what order, etc. I realize it always comes down to the individual game, and that technically there can't be a "end be all" recipe for this sort of stuff. But something general would be really nice. Also, Lynch - Neverborn or 10T? I feel like he would probably do better in the 10T... Which 10T units are recommended with him? Or is it best to just stick with Darkened models? Thanks!
  9. Question on summoning vs. hiring. I understand that you can only hire two peasants in a list, but can you exceed that through "witness a miracle"?
  10. Hi everyone! I've recently started playing and, as with most games I play, I wanted to get a paint log going for it. I decided to jump in with Lucas McCabe and his Relic Hunters as I really like the look of the crew (though perhaps some research into play style might have been warranted first). What could be cooler than a 1920's New York street gang and a machine gun toting Arabian bodyguard led by Indiana Jones on a horse? I decided to start simple with Luna Next up I'm working on a Wastrel and decided to up the ante with tweed pants. Thats all I have for now, but more will be coming soon!
  11. Hi Everyone, I am compiling a list of combinations and synergies for the Ten Thunder and was hoping you of the Forums would have some input. Please only list 2 models in the Ten Thunders Faction and explain how they interact. Include any upgrades, or specific scenarios where the combo would be useful. Thanks
  12. Hi, I'm not entirely new to Malifaux as I had played 1st edition a few times with my old Lady J crew, but for 2nd edition I decided to play Ten Thunders. Admittedly, it was for the Asian themes which I love! I play Japanese Sectorial Army in Infinity and Mishima in Warzone Resurrection so you can see where my tastes lie. I've played Ten Thunders a couple of times in 2nd edition but haven't always found them easy to get to grips with. I think so far I've won two games out of about five and I know I still have a bit of learning to do. I'm also a bit of an enthusiastic collector and so far have amassed a reasonable arsenal of models! I'm looking for advice on what I have. Please stick to just this list as apart from the Rail Crew and Dark Debts (and possibly the Crossroads Seven) boxes I don't plan on getting anything too major for a while. Masters- Misaki, Lucas McCabe, The Brewmaster, Mei Feng, Jakob Lynch. Totems- Shang, Luna, Kamaitachi, Emberling, Hungering Darkness. Henchmen- Sidir Alchebal, Ototo, Yamaziko, Kang, Hungering Darkness. Enforcers- The Lone Swordsman, 3 Samurai, Yin the Penangalan. Minions- 3 Torakage, 3 Thunder Archers, 3 Tengu, 3 Wastrels, Dawn Serpent, 2 Komainu, 3 Oiran, 2 Katanaka Snipers, 3 Rail Workers, 4 Illuminated (one's purple), 3 Fermented River Monks. Not Exactly Ten Thunders Minions and Such- 3 Ronin, 2 Guild Guard, 2 Guild Austringers, 4 Guild Hounds, 3 Moon Shinobi, Apprentice Wesley, Fingers, Johan, Whiskey Golem. I was thinking of getting the Rail Crew for the more durable characters inside it (EDIT- Bought them!) and the Dark Debts (EDIT- Bought this too) boxes to try out the Illuminated.
  13. I'm currently playing Outcasts for a league (splitting the difference between 10T and Rezzers by way of Misaki and Tara), and just picked Sue up. He's a Merc and comes to us for 9SS total (8+1). Anyone had experience playing him in 10T? The biggest appeal is 1) Card draw in a faction that feels like it sucks my hand dry with the quickness and 2) two excellent denial tricks (- to Ca actions targeting, threatening Burning). The guns are nice too, +Flip bolsters the Sh 5 and has a 3/4/5 damage track most of the time.
  14. After picking up a load of Ten Thunders last year, but then continuing to play Neverborn, I've now decided to give them a proper go. I'm mainly playing Shen Long while I get used to his playstyle, but thinking of adding Toshiro for the minion buffs. If I do, then I guess I also need Komainu and Ashigaru... but is it also worth getting some Punk Zombies for the feudal ties ability? I love the models, which is tick in "must buy" column, but will they fill a useful role or am I better off using High River Monks or Illuminated for that kind of damage focused minion? Any thoughts from people who've used them?
  15. So i have recently joined the Ten thunders after a spell with the Neverborn and the Arcanists. I can see that there are conversations for different factions (see Arcanists) that are pinned and discuss masters individually do what there strengths are and their weaknesses and are always at the top of the page when someone looks. There are a lot of different conversations on the forums for lets say Shen long but they are all spread out so my hope is to start a thread where we can discuss certain masters in detail. I think this would be useful as it will make it easier for a new Ten thunder player or new player in general to look at the forum and think right that is the one for me. This doesn't have to be the pinned post but I will add some ideas and experiences as and they come up.
  16. The paragraph in question reads: "Some Henchmen have a Soulstone Cost of 0. For the purposes of the Campaign, these models are considered to have a Cost of 13 minus their Cache while Leading. For example, a Henchmen with a cost of 0 and 3 Cache would be considered to have a cost of (13-3) 10 while Leading." (emphasis mine) Now am I incorrect in assuming that If I lead with a Henchman of any cost, then I could effectively add the 0-cost Henchman for 0 SS? Ex. If I lead a crew with Sidir (cost 9), I could add the Hungering Darkness (cost 0) for free because he is not leading.
  17. An Ohio Henchmen is challenging himself in 2016 to be the Year of the Dragon! Check out his Ten Thunders tournament report: http://midwestwargaming.com/malifaux-year-of-the-dragon-bbb2/
  18. This is a battle report from a game I had down at my LGS. This was my first game against Mei Feng, and it was a great learning experience. http://finalsoulstone.squarespace.com/blog/ This is a pretty new blog, but as I get games in weekly, there will usually be fresh content on Mondays. Enjoy!
  19. im new to the game iv been looking through the ranges and some, guides online and want to get in to the game, i like the ten thunders faction but i have a problem im finding it difficult to find advice on the models i have interest in i want to play ten thunders because i like samurai, but are the samurai any good and what do they work well with iv heard the brewmaster is good with them but what elce? or am i diving in to far. should i just get a crew box first and learn the game before getting fussy over what i want
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