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Found 56 results

  1. BurkerKiing


    From the album: My Lilith Crew

    My Teddy figure - never actually used in anger yet.
  2. Slimnoid

    Miss Ery 4

    From the album: Miss Ery

  3. Slimnoid

    Miss Ery 3

    From the album: Miss Ery

  4. Slimnoid

    Miss Ery 2

    From the album: Miss Ery

  5. Slimnoid

    Miss Ery 1

    From the album: Miss Ery

  6. Unbearable Teddies. “IT WASN’T MY FAULT” Candy shouts at Pandora, the short Woe tiptoeing to perform a meager attempt at looking bigger and adult. Compared to any real adult of course, Candy doesn’t impress anyone. The redhead leans forwards to loom over the shorter Neverborn, scowling. Candy winces, her tantrum dying down to mere uppity behaviour and pouting. “... How was I supposed to know the sweets Zoraida gave me would make Kade’s Teddy so… Strong and angry?” Pandora raises her hand, making the shorter girl cower, afraid she’d get hit by her mistress. When no blow smacks her over the head, Candy opens her eyes, staring at the waggling finger in front of her face. “You’ve been a very naughty girl!” Pandora’s cheerful tone makes Candy slowly smile, and shortly thereafter, she giggles wickedly. “I know~!” The slender woman makes a dismissive gesture before she heads towards the sewer. “Let’s see where this goes, hm?” Candy nods eagerly, picking up her goody basket and skips after Pandora into the darkness. Setup. Should be played on a 3'x3' board. Corner deployment zones. Teddy starts in the center of the board. Maximum Soulstones used for choosing crews: 35. Randomly determine deployment zones, and who deploys first. After flipping for who will deploy first, the player who won the flip (or was told to deploy first) chooses his deployment zone and places the first Honey Marker. The players then take turns to place them, until five markers have been placed. The first three Honey Markers must be placed anywhere on the board at least 7” from the player’s deployment zone and at least 7” from another Honey Marker. The final two markers must be placed anywhere within the attacker’s and the defender's corner of the board, one in each, at least 7” from another Honey Marker, not in terrain, one in each attacker’s corner. Stratagem: None. Special. Models in base contact with a Honey Marker may take a (1) Interact Action to remove it. When the Honey Marker is removed from play, the player flips a card: : Teddy is pushed 7 inches towards the model that discarded the Honey Marker, ignoring terrain. It then performs 2 (1) Hug Attack Actions if within range that may not declare Triggers. : Teddy moves its Wk towards the model that discarded the Marker. Teddy must end its move as close to the model as possible. : After the current activation Teddy immediately activates as a chain activation by the crew that discarded the Marker. : If Teddy is within 2", it performs a (1) Hug that cannot declare Triggers. The Teddy also has the following Abilities for the Scenario. Enraged: This model has Hard To Kill and can not be Buried or gain the Paralyzed Condition. Honeyed Words: Whenever a Honey Marker is discarded, Teddy heals 2 wounds. Willy-Nilly: At the start of the turn, after initiative is flipped but before any model activate, Teddy activates. If within Teddy's engagement range, it makes 2 (1) hug Attack Actions against the closest target. If more than one target is within range, randomly flip. If outside Teddy's engagement range but within 9", Teddy charges the closest target. If more than one target is within range, randomly flip. Teddy may declare a Charge Action when engaged. If no target is within 9" and LOS, Teddy takes two (1) Walk actions towards the center of the table. The first player makes the flips for Teddy, but may not Cheat Fate. The opposing player makes all flips, which may not be cheated, and any effects that forces Teddy to discard cards or soul stones is ignored. Victory Conditions: Each player receives 1 Vp for each Honey Marker they remove from after turn 1. The crew that kills the Teddy receive as much VP as what turn it is. So on turn 1 it'd be 1 Vp, turn 2 would be 2 Vp etc. At the end of every turn if Teddy is within a player's deployment zone that player scores 1 Vp. Teddy may not be killed by other means than being reduced to 0 wounds. Credits Idea: Charnel. Contributors: Aaron Darland, PraetoorDragoon, Makrar, Requirement, The Godlyness.
  7. From the album: The Dreamer

    I felt cheer bear was perfect for this mini
  8. From the album: The Dreamer

    yes, it's a care bear
  9. Hey all, I just played my first game with the Dreamer in M2E since beta ended, my first story encounter, my first game against Wong, and my first Turn 1 scoop-by-NPE. So, the story is this: My buddy and I were facing off with Fight Night as the scenario. He chose Gremlins as his 50ss faction while I chose Neverborn. He picked Wong, and I picked the Dreamer (summon style, but that's irrelevant here for reasons understood soon). His wrestler was Mancha Roja (keeping true to the likes of fluff) while my own was Teddy (also hoping to stay true to fluff while making sure I could possibly be bulky and win). Mancha Roja was also the target of Wong's "Glowy," which made him Magical (as irrelevant as Dreams of Pain, mentioned above, for the same reasons). Schemes were also entirely a non-issue. Standard Deployment, and he deployed first, both with Mancha Roja and his team. I deployed Teddy a bit closer to my deployment but still in base contact with the luchador. The Dreamer and co. were deployed and the game began. I won initiative. All chaos broke loose from there. I activated first with the Dreamer, who was roughly vertically alligned with Teddy. I walked up, and walked a little more (a misplay, I noted after the game ended, as I was then within 6" of Teddy) and used Empty Night. Flipped a mask, which meant nothing due to a built-in mask, but a value that I required. No need to cheat from there. Teddy swung at Mancha Roja and dealt him a (negatively-twisted) moderate of 4, which was not given any stone-based prevention (that was one of his misplays, as he soon realized). Because of a double walk and Empty Night (as well as no need for a (0) action), I ended with Dreamer. However, the relevant upgrade which the Dreamer had (as opposed to Dreams of Pain) was Otherworldly. This allowed Teddy to Accomplice the Dreamer directly after. Teddy used Gobble You Up, which worked. Smell Fear went off. This missed. I discarded a measly 5T for Flurry. The first attack worked, dealing 6 damage from a Red-Joker-formed straight flip into a cheated severe (my foe burned a soulstone, finally realizing Roja's Henchman characteristic, and prevented 1 of the 6). Roja was down to a single wound. I attacked again. Not wishing to lose Rojaor the wrestling match, he cheated high enough for me to whiffe attack 2. Attack 3 dealt Weak of 3, and my foe prevented 2 of it, which meant that Roja was downed. My bet and his bet were both revealed. I put all of my eggs in this basket (despite my first ever use of Teddy) and bet 4VP. My foe bet 3. This was the first thing done in this game. My foe called it there. He hadn't gone with a single model, or did anything but defend in vain. There is something wrong here. The first issue we could find was that Tactical Actions can still target the wrestlers, both friendly and enemy. Empty Night is a Tactical Action and did wonders for Teddy. There's more to it, too, though. No models may target wrestler models with Attack Actions, nor can the wreslters attack non-wrestlers. There is a) nothing to be said about the duration that this applies (thus an indestructible Teddy except by way of Tactical Actions, Abilities, Pulses, Auras, Blasts, and Conditions - some of which were prevalent in my foe's crew but not nearly enough to keep my foe from being heavily discouraged, especially because I wasn't going to summon with my master, and I would keep close to Teddy with him, effectively giving Teddy Regeneration +5) and there is nothing that says the wrestlers cannot take Interacts or other Tactical Actions, with Interacts being the key here. I assume that the game intends for a prolonged duration of engagement, but I had ALitS revealed and because Teddy was roughly on the center line I knew that if I killed Mancha Roja I could get a few markers down for it. This plus nigh-indestructibility is obviously a problem. Now, another friend who bore full witness to this claims that this one game could be a complete outlier to the main gist of the Fight Night games that are happening right now. I politely disagree. I think that if I can make an opponent (a seasoned player, both of this edition, of the last edition, and of Gremlins in general) scoop T1 before he has done anything but flip initiative and watch me get 4VP in 2 simple activations, there is a huge problem. My question is simple: is there any way that this scenario can recieve the following erratas (one I can word, the other I cannot): 1) remove "Attack Action" from the clause where models can't target the Wrestlers, and replace it with "Actions". This prohibits most (but sadly not all) suppot shenanigans from nearby models. I think that is fair. 2) Once the players' bets are revealed, thus ending the "wrestling match," have the Wrestlers be able to be targetted as normal and be able to attack as normal, as now they are part of the bigger skirmish. This prevents the "indestructible Teddy" scenario which has happened, and will most likely happen again, from happening anymore. I mean really, who wants an unkillable Teddy mucking about, even if it can't attack? Are these even possible to retroactively implement? I have no idea. If not, I will simply institute them as house rules for my LGS, and my home. But I strongly suggest that this scenario be re-examined because NPEs are horrible, even when you are winning. ~Lil Kalki
  10. Reconnoiter make them suffer protect territory distract ALITS power ritual The dreamer-6pool -otherwordly (mainly for accomplice) -Dreams of pain (summoning things) Teddy (x6 lol) Widow weaver Insidious maddness Mr. tanananana daydream lilitu -power rit and protect territory VS! Vonshill -lacks a shirt Trunk of annoying things Hannah Libby 2x Fmen Specialist trapper -distract and protect territory Turn 1 i look in my hand and notice i have the 13 of masks. so some shuffling goes on things move around i use mr Tanaanaa to leave it to luck then activate the dreamer who then cheats in that fat 13 masks for a teddy. i also summon a stiched. then use empty night on teddy to get rid of slow and cast it again but choose not to push him (his trapper has not gone yet. use his zero to lower his waking to 1 teddy then goes heals 4 wounds trys gobbling up hanna and fails. So charges her. does weak for 2 wounds (3-1) trapper pot shots teddy but randomizes on to an insidious madness and misses. tries again connects and does weak to teddy. stitched gambles with dreamer and loses to gain reactivate. then walks gambles hannah for 3 (4-1) turn 2 i look in my hand again 13 and then an 8 and rest is low low cards. teddy goes first flurrys on her and pushes her a bit and kills her. Gobbles a Fman and hits severe to kill him. teddy then dies. to words being screamed at him by the libby. only after a fman failed horror check. tanana walks backwards drops a power rit marker and leaves it up to luck again. trunk trundles. widow makes her self at home attacks a few things but just does 1pt of damage to things. trapper walks up pot shots madness fails to hurt it. Dreamer goes walks summons a teddy burns a stone for a tome empty nights to get rid of slow then cheats in a 5 to give him fast. accomplices teddy, teddy whacks the trapper and pushes him. wacks him again for moderate pushes him before he dies. trys gobbling up the libby fails so walks next to her to engage her. vonshill walks shoots at lilitu but hard cover makes him miss the first shot but the second one lands. she lures him up next to teddy. specilist randomizes and his shill who defends teddy gobbles and fails and flurrys brings the shill down to 3hp stiched walks to get in range of things. holding 2 quarters to 1 1-0 turn 3 Vassal hates my opponet. 13 AGAIN vonshill takes his shirt off heals 4 then beats the tar out of teddy. teddy fighting libby flurrys to make sure she dies. madness plants a power rit marker stiched just drops a marker and stands. tanaen walks twice and leaves it to luck. specialist shoots at widow but misses. Fman walk near the widow weaver and then Dreamer summons a teddy who gobbles him up for a free attack and then punches him into combat with the specialist. dreamer is sitting on waking 3 atm and walks holding 3-0 2-0 Turn 4 vassal at this point in time is saying my opponent's first game must be unique and that Bad things happen 13 and the Red joker vonshill goes finishes punching teddy heals from the steam trunk drop kicks liltu with his rocket boots teddy attacks the specialist fails to kill him (black joker) and is so imposing that blocks los to the specialist for the rest of my models. specialist attacks teddy bring him down to 1 wound and healing himself from the Trunk of Annoyance. widow weaver fails to seize prey vonshill due to me not measuring before trying to 12 paralyze him. so does nothing 2 times. tanna drops a marker for protect walks a bit and leaves it to luck. dreamer (0) actions lower waking to 2 walks once drops 2 teddys and lord chompy bits. things wander and plant more markers holding 3-0 3-0 turn 5 no 13 guess i cant summon a teddy specilst goes grabs more pills from the Trunk and stabs teddy and then trys lighting widow on fire but fails. widow trys to make the specilst be scared but only does 1dg and makes more webz. von shill walks then charges widow stabs her for 2 and opens her can. teddy number 3? 4? 5? charges vonshill fails to kill or gobble. chompy charges. fails to kill. poops out the dreamer. dreamer empties the night 3 times on teddy. last attack flips 12/12 on the negative flip to kill mr shill. other models sit on markers and move around we flip for a turn 6 holding 3-0 4-0 Turn 6 specialist brings teddy down to 1 who activates and heals 5 then charges the specialst and kills him. 9-0 well i think my opponent did remarkably well for facing a 111 stones of models. he forgot to do his scheme of distract which i think would have netted him 3 points but that is neither here nor there. i forgot to announce power rit and did not make it to the other corner. that damn steam trunk healed way to much. will this ever happen again summoning 5 teddys? prolly never again. but we both got a laugh out of it.
  11. This came up in a game last night. Teddy hits an Onryo. Candy is standing within 2" of the Onryo. Teddy triggers 'Peekaboo," "After damaging," tossing the Onryo 4" away and following. The Onryo's Ability "Persecuted" states that any model within 2" will gain the adversary condition "When this model suffers damage from an enemy model." Now, my understanding of how timing works is that if two effects occur in the same Step (or both After a Step), triggers go before abilities. So if both the push and the condition are happening at the same time, the push happens first (it's a trigger) and the condition last (it's an ability). Which would be good for Candy, who would not be within 2" of the Onryo after the push, and so wouldn't gain Adversary. But it was unclear to us when the Onryo's ability would come. Are there other models that state something happens "When this model suffers damage"? Does that mean "At the same time as the damage occurs"? Or does it mean the same as "After damaging"? Any guidance or clarity greatly appreciated, especially if I've misunderstood anything, or there's somewhere I can look that clears this up.
  12. ...I guess it does. Just seemed like a fun picture to make, so I did =) I've been getting my Pandora crew painted up and I've gotten a few M2E games in (definitely need more practice). I should be getting a Battle Report recorded before too long, so until then you can just keep yourselves occupied trying to pet Teddy... ~WarGamerGirl
  13. Last weekend I was playing Viks vs a Beta Dreamer group. And a question came up about horror tests from an action my Vik of Ashes got off. Vik of Ashes successfully passed the horror test to target Teddy. And she successfully won the duel to cast Dragons Bite. And move herself, Vik of Blood and Student into base contact with Teddy and make an immediate (1)MI action against target. The question is do the Vik of Blood and the Student need to make a horror test for the attack granted by the spell since Vik of Ashes passed to cast it? The Vik of Blood and Student hadn't gone yet and Teddy moved/pushed into within 6"durning previous Dreamer Activation, hadn't needed to make a test yet this turn.
  14. hello all,here is the painting of Teddy & Baby to by my birthday present from my friend Sławol from the Chest of Colors.how you like it?
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