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Found 57 results

  1. hello all,here is the painting of Teddy & Baby to by my birthday present from my friend Sławol from the Chest of Colors.how you like it?
  2. Previous thread that started this all: http://wyrd-games.net/forum/showthread.php?p=345134#post345134 As stated over on the other thread, here's where I'll be posting my mock-ups (and eventually finished products) of using Puppet Wars Teddies to proxy the regular Teddies (using regular stat cards and the appropriate 50mm bases). Here's the first quick, crude mock-up using Nightmare Edition Teddy's shadow (illuminated by a Breadcrab Ghetto Jug Porn Studio™): I do plan on buying and / or making a decent wall for my bases, but until I get a few mock-ups done to see the size I'll need, this will have to suffice. Second quick, crude mock-up, using regular Teddy's shadow:
  3. I finally got around to wrapping up my Ramos crew and was hoping for some feedback. Any constructive criticism would be appreciated. http://www.dakkadakka.com/core/gallery-search.jsp?u=132 And here's a Teddy I did for fun.
  4. Hello everyone. I'd like to start a Neverborn force but don't really know where to start. I'd like to incorperate teddy into it so could anyone tell me a good place to start?
  5. I have been a great fan of Malifaux since the first rulebook came out, and have tried out a few games using (god forbid) unpainted miniatures, but now I have got a friend into playing and painting I have at last started to paint some figures. My first choice of gang was Collette as I love the miniatures and they remind me of one of my favourite recording artists (more on that in a later post!) but my friend has chosen Ramos as his starting gang and I felt it went a bit contrary to the background to have all our battles between these two gangs, so I am also painting up a Dreamer/LCB gang as I love the fluff and rules for them. I have finished a Teddy apart from the base and some gore. Teddy with rest of gang so far. Collettes gang so far, bases built from individual planks, the details on Collettes base should give a clue to the musician in question ( a big clap on the back to anyone who can guess) I have a week off next week so hope to make some significant progress.
  6. I had posted this up before as an update to another thread of mine, but didn't get any feedback, so I figured I'd post him up in a thread of his own. The pictures are all hyperlinked to a larger version, if you want a clearer view of things, save for the first. To start, the unpainted progressional images. This teddy is made from polymer clay that I had molded, baked, and suspended from his base. His teeth, if you are curious, are cut sewing pins. From there, we move onto the painted bits! Front: Back: Above: And here he is, all done! (My apologies for the facial glare.) So please, any comments would be much appreciated! Thanks, all! +Supplies: Small Brush, probably size 1 or 2. (A toothpick for even finer detail.) Acrylic paints- Carmine, Ultramarine, Primary Yellow, Titanium White, Ivory Black, Pthelo Blue. (I mix all of my colors.) Sealant- Elmer's White Glue. (This is an experimental alternative to using primer. We'll see how this goes. So far it is holding up.)
  7. I very much like the Teddy model, but it's not clear what Crew he would work best in. Lilith seems to be all about Nephilm, and Pandora seems to want Candy & Cade. Zoraida seems to focus on swamp monsters. So if one were going to field Teddy, how would you suggest doing this? Thanks in advance!
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