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  1. First off, I apologize if this has been covered elsewhere, I did a search of the forum and couldn't find it. On Nicodem's card Empty Vessel says to place a number of MZs equal to defender's base size. My question though is base sizes are listed as 30mm, 40 mm, and 50 mm. I can't imagine this means 30 MZs, so I'm guessing it means either a) place 1 MZ (30mm) for another 30mm model, 2 MZs for a 40mm, and 3 MZs for a 50mm; or divide everything by 10mm and place 3, 4 and 5 MZs respectively Related question, then, is Reanimator: Discard a number of Corpse Counters within 6" equal to base size. Again, I can't imagine having 30 corpse counters within 6", so how is this being calculated?
  2. The best of it, I've been enjoying it. I'll start with the woes which started the the infection. And not to forget and a groupshot
  3. I've recently started playing malifaux and have fallen in love with the idea of Nicodem, but I am strugling to find away to get the most out of him. Most the crews i've played against have been guild in particular the Ortega's who just tend to shred anything I have in play with ranged attacks. So below is list of everything I own that is playable (have Kirai Crew box that needs to be assembled) any suggestion on a 25ss list Nicodem, The Undertaker Vulture 4x Canine Remains Jack Daw Madame Sybelle Mortimer, The Gravedigger 3x Punk Zombie 3x Rotten Belles 2x The Hanged
  4. I'm looking for a list of minis (name, faction, role: Master/Unique/Rare#/Pogue, counters left behind) in all so that I can make corpse counters. Since I'm playing Resurrectionists, I'm making corpse counters for each model plus generic for Mortimer to find. I'll be playing near them, so they're just going to be card stock so as not to interfere in placing models... I figured after I make them for me, I can make some up for the Masters and Uniques I'm likely to face, and eventually for the non-unique minions I'll encounter. Basically something like a checklist for people who gotta catch 'em all would probably work. Any ideas? PS, Yes Ratty, I saw your counters. I'm planning to modify those with distinct images inside the frame, and keep the frame colors so that people will have the Green = corpse, Blue = scrap, etc recognition.
  5. Here is my first two figures: Seamus and his totem, more coming shortly. Regards Dean
  6. So for X-mas I decided to paint some figures for my wife. She mentioned that she dug the look for the Spirits of Vengeance box set, especially Kirai. I have ZERO experience with Malifaux, either as a game or painting the miniatures. I've painted a lot of Warhammer and recently a TON of Warmachine. In any case I decided to paint the set as a gift to her and see if I could pull it off without her knowing I was doing it. 3-4 evenings later, plus about 4 hours of painting at work and in spare moments; I present, Kirai and her Spirits of Vengeance: I went for bright colors based on the box art and ended up with something that's actually mildly X-mas themed. Thoughts? PS: She didn't see it coming
  7. Hello to all in the world of Wyrd. I was tintoduced to Malifaux by a friend a little over a month ago and I just cant get enough of these cool minis. I've been painting 40k stuff for about 4 years now and I think im really comming along now. Take a look at my blog for some really Hi res pics of some things I've done. http://curtisminipainting.blogspot.com/
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