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  1. The Wave 3 Open Beta is over, so the community should have time for silliness again: ZFiend and I have been 'discussing' the question of the most awesome and inherently superior Faction in Malifaux for quite some time, and now IT'S ON! We will settle which faction is superior once and for all. The Guild vs Ressers Faction Scuffle And this is how it's gonna work: For about two months, the Scuffle will be open. Every contestant who plays a game using the Guild or the Resurrectionists reports the results including VPs (battle reports are encouraged, but not needed). There will be a maximum of three games per month per contestant. The Faction with the most VPs by the end of the Scuffle wins. Now, of course there are a lot of players out there with a lot more talent than us, or at least people who have more gaming time. Also, we are team players. Thus, we need help with overcoming the opposition: We both are looking for 7 team mates each who are ready to declare Guild or Ressers and fight for their chosen faction's superiority. This is a fun contest, so you don't have to be good to sign up, just motivated. Just post below which Faction you want to represent, and you'll get into the roster: In the Filthy Corner (Resser) zFiend PraetorDragoon Nicodemic Jonahmaul Clyde_Davis PeeJay Underdog6750 Stryder In the Righteous Corner (Guild) Dirial Doubledragondyl Bertmac Jeremy Myyrä Admiralvorkraft MasterDisaster Entropolous Because we both love Wyrd and (deep down) we both love the opposing Faction, this is the price we fight for: The Winning Faction earns Bragging Rights (in a totally non-derailing fashion, please). This is huge for us, but may be huge for you as well. The Loser (meaning either zFiend or me, but probably me) has to succumb to the winner, by buying a new Master box of the winning faction and enough models to fill a 50 SS crew. He has to play said crew for at least another two months, and post battle reports, stating how awesome his new faction is. This is a fun contest, just for community building, and making a tiny profit for Wyrd. It's also a zFiend and Dirial thread. Thus, trash talking before and after games is highly encouraged. You think this is silly, childish, and way too easy? First, get into the Iron Painter! It's where the hard people are. Secondly, Any questions? Any volunteers? EDIT: Current standing April results May results EDIT 2: Final Result HERE, I posted the final result. It was close, but in the end, the Righteous Faction prevailed, banning the Resurrectionist Filth back into the Quarantine Zone. And HERE, zFiend admits his defeat.
  2. New player here, I'm planning on making Nicodem my first master and I was wondering if anyone had any pointers about what models I should pick up in addition to his Open Graves box? I really like Bete Noir but besides her I'm unsure where to go from here. I'm planning on running everything from his starter box if that helps. Also I wasn't sure if this is the most appropriate place for this thread or the New Player Lounge, so I erred on the side of my fellow Resurrectionists, sorry if that was incorrect. Thanks in advance
  3. Hey all, my name is Patrick, I've been playing Malifaux for a while, and just recently joined this forum. I play guild, and ressurectionist, of which I have, the Lady Justice crew, the old Sonnia crew, the Nicodem crew, and am working on the Kirai crew. Nice to meet you!
  4. From the album: Spectre's Road to 100% Painted

    I tried to use Mako's Tips about spot colors by using the Orange (which is complementary to Blue). and since I'm using a blue/green color, I was hoping the spot color would contrast nicely.
  5. Hello everybody! I've lurked at these forums a while and I feel like this is the perfect moment to start posting. Goblins and Orcs are some of my favourite fantasy creatures so I'm excited to finally start my Gremlin project! This forum has been a source of inspiration so I hope I can give some back. I primed some gremlins today and painted my skin colour prototype. Pretty happy with it. I accidentally broke the barrels on Rami's gun so I converted some to replace them. Went better than expected The images are a bit big, the next ones will be smaller. More Gremlins and Resurrectionists coming soon!
  6. Most models are primed black, a few are painted/partially painted. I still have all the sprues from the dwarf battalion box. Thorek Ironbrow w Anvil of Doom 1 Cannon with 3 Crew Members 1 Finecast Runelord w Staff 1 Kitbash Runelord w Staff 14 Thunderers 25 Warriors 3 Dwarfs with Standards 3 Dwarf Musicians 2 Dwarf Veterans with Hand Weapons 1 Dwarf Veteran with Two Pistols I would like to trade for Trollbloods, plastic Neverborn/Outcasts, or specific Gremlin models (the only released Gremlin models I don't have are the Pigapult, Warpig, Piglets, Burt, Gracie, Merris) (Outcasts are more open, I already have Hired swords, Vanessa, Hans, Bishop, Killjoy, Convict gunslingers) Also straight forward cash can work I'm looking at around 70$ (United States only)
  7. Every model in this crew is special/limited edition. The Tara crew box is the Nightmare Smoke Edition, Bete is the red transparent from Black Friday, and Miss Terious is, well, Miss Terious. Most of the clear models were painted to try to make it more subtle, less plasticy. Both Karina and Tara only have their hands left transparent. The Void Wretches and Nothing Beast are painted and washed, but not completely, leaving it with a subtle translucent effect. Bete's painted from the waist up, but the legs are washed and varnished to give a similar translucent effect.
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