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  1. The Resurrectionist minion Shieldbearer has the following ability: "Chosen: If this model would be killed and it does not have a Soulbound Upgrade attached, it is not killed. It heals all damage and attaches a Soulbound upgrade ignoring all restrictions, then places a Corpse Marker in base contact with itself." In my last game, my opponent was playing Pandora. I had a Shieldbearer, with 2 wounds remaining, who failed a Wp check within range of four separate effects. Each effect caused 1 damage from the failed Wp check. My question is, when is a model 'killed'? In this instance, I said to my opponent that the Shieldbearer would take four individual wounds, since four effects caused 1 wound each. My Shieldbearer took 2 wounds, dropped a Corpse Marker because the second wound would have killed her, and then took 2 more wounds from the remaining effects not yet resolved. I'm fairly sure I did this right, but I'm wondering if a model is considered to be killed the moment it loses its last wound, or is the model 'killed' in a separate resolution stage, and the remaining damage is no longer there to be applied? Any help greatly appreciated.
  2. Hello guys! Yeah, it's one of those "I can't choose between .." , I'm sorry for that! By the way, let's go to the point. Guild : I already got Perdita, and I like her shooting power a lot, plus I really like the Western theme. I love Lady Justice and the fact she is a train in melee. I also really enjoy the Death Marshals concept. Sonnia seems attractive, I could like her fire and explosion spam. McMourning seems good as well. McCabe could be fun to play for a good player. Collie and Hoffman are a NO. Expecially Hoffman, I really dislike his constructs esthetically. I like the fact that the Guild is an aggro faction, and it plays few but strong models. BUT I don't find many models I like except for the Crew Box I already said plus few others. Resurrectionists : I simply love how Reva looks, and don't ask me why. I know she hits so damn strong from the distance and got some nasty tricks. Seamus is a mad criminal, he pops out from nowhere and just explode your face with his .50, approved. Nicodem is the classic necromancer, summoning zombies and invading the table. I could like him. McMourning as for the Guild. I like, in this order, Molly, Kirai, Tara and Yan Lo. I'm a beginner and I guess they are not that easy to play, so it scares me a bit. I DO love the Ressers aesthetics. But what slows me down is the fact they seem tricky to play and being a beginner doesn't help, plus I don't like the fact I need to buy a lot of models for the summonings. I usually am an aggro player in the others game, but in Malifaux I could like slowing down and working with my mind controlling the table to see what is the best to do, so Ressers could be a nice compromise. But I don't know. It's time for you to write!
  3. We're doing some HH soon. Any tips? I haven played much of that format, but I'm thinking Valedictorian or Toshiro, a Punk Zombie, a Dead Doxy (to push the Punk Zombie, then maybe a Rotten Belle. Thoughts? Tips?
  4. So I have an odd problem - namely, I found a 1e Sue miniature lurking in my Deadlands stuff. When I went to the Print on Demand website Wargame Vault that 10 card minimum stumped me, because I already FOUND an Arcanist Wave 2 box which had everything I needed for the one Crew I own (Colette's) with the other odd mini (Gunsmith) also covered by that box. So I started looking at the Upgrade cards from the Wave 1 box I was missing and it's got all the good generalist stuff - like Imbued Energies - that I'm not sure IS available in an actual boxed set. That got me to thinking about what generalist upgrades to print out for the OTHER factions. At this point, I could see myself at least a dozen other Master boxes (Seamus, Molly, Kirai, Rasputina, Marcus, Pandora, Dreamer, Lynch, Viktoria, Misaki) and, uh... more than a few other boxes. But I have to focus, more's the pity. So, what upgrades would you guys recommend printing off to at minimum fill out the other 9 cards, for Arcanists and Neverborn at first with an eye towards Resurrectionists and Outcasts after that?
  5. This is actually my second thread, having started one back in 2010 which resulted in a few painted 1st Edition metals. I tried to revive it last year with a few Resurrectionists plastics but that project crashed and burnt because I wasn't prepared for the fragility of the plastics! I guess this makes attempt no. 3! This time I thought out the potential assembly issues in advance and so far no problems with the Punk Zombie I've started: The aim for these models is a realistic and desaturated look. After the Punk Zombies are done I guess next will be more Resurrectionists. Feedback would be much appreciated!
  6. Hey! So duing a game we had a difficult time looking for a more solid answer to a rule on an errata'd upgrade "unnerving aura" figure I would put this up. Reading the errata unnerving aura, " 3'' aura if an enemy model begins its activation withing 3'' AND ends within those same 3'' he takes two damage" So I would read this two ways #1 is an enemy begins and activates within the range it takes two damage (either or) #2 A model would have to begin and end within 3'' to have to take the two damage Leaving toward #2 and was curious on other's opinion
  7. A couple of questions that I thought of going through Under Quarantine. They might be be in one of the books, but I can't find. So, if someone knows, please point me where. 1. Necromancers get the Raise Dead Magica as an auto include. But what if you start with a Necromancer and don't have a Grimoire (or start as something else without a Grimoire and move into it)? Can you cast it without an Immuto? I think you can, but I wanna confirm. 2. Can you take the alternative Whipser Magical Theory from Into the Steam when becoming a Necromancer or does it need to be the Whipser Theory from the core book? This is assuming the character has no Magical Theory. 3. I have seen references to number of Undead you can control. But I can't find where it is determined. I'm guessing based off of Necromancy Skill. How big can my horde get?
  8. Hello to all out there. As i'm new to the wonderful world of Malifaux i'll use this post as a means of introducing myself ^^ I'm Darios over in good old Europe, more exactly Germany. I play tabletops and RPGs for the better half of my life now (as im 26 atm this means 13 years *g*) mostly GW systems (40k/WHFB/BFG/=][=) but i have also a nice collection of the old Rackham minis before they all went "seppuku". Malifaux first came to my attention via a german tabletopmagazine ("Tabletopinsider") for which i at that Time wrote a battlereport featuring my 40k Daemons. I loved the Idea of a really strange skirmisher with no dice and the minis so far were just stunning. But nevertheless focus shifted and Malifaux got somewhat pushed aside (silly me!) Some time later i stumbled again across the minis via net and this time i really intended to get seriosly into it. That was in march this Year. So what did hold me back? Well the finances for a start (having all these geek hobbys and a girlfriend is much to expensive for a poor student like me....) and the serious lack of Malifaux gamers in Germany (Jup. There is nigh on nobody around here as it seems...) was another one. but finally i managed to get a good deal of some second hand stuff namely the old core rulebook, a violet fatedeck and my first Wyrd mini... Pandora in Avatarstate. That was nearly 2 weeks ago. Now i'm sold. i devoured the Rulebook and everything available via pdf and painted Pandora anew... and i did order the small manual and 2 Crews for starters... Pandora, whose playstyle quite fascinates me and who will be my main Master for the beginning, and the Vics along with some Ronin, Taelor and a Convict Gunslinger (to have something to get others to play the game and spread the infection ^^) so now i await the delivery of these minis and hope i manage to get somee of my LGG iinto it. So much for the introductional bubbling... now the pics... C&C welcome!
  9. Hello Again! I'm here with my newest battle report! Another game down at Connections Gaming in Vancouver, BC, Canada. In this game, Rafkin spends some time contemplating the universe in the void and Tara gets to a strong prescription from the Doctor. finalsoulstone.squarespace.com/blog Next week I'll be doing another master. It's been a while since I pulled out Nicodem, but I also need more time with Seamus. I guess we wait for next weeks strats and schemes.
  10. Deciding to kick off a progression thread of my Malifaux now I've gotten to the stage where I'm not swearing at tiny limbs falling into carpet covered in plastic glue. Starting off with a couple of the colour primes and basecoats i've thrown down in the last two days. More to come as it occurs / if there is interest. *edit* hit the spoiler tags to check out the starting point Open Spoiler
  11. Hello Malifauxers, I'm back with another battle report. My whole posting schedule has been a tad disrupted, but it works out as I know have a backlog of games played to edit. Here we have an Interference game between Sonnia and Horror Molly. I have been having quite a challenge playing Molly so far. Anyone who wants to comment on things I could have done better, please do! I want to learn how to use this interesting master better! Enjoy.
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