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Found 55 results

  1. I am not a very good or fast painter, but I thought that I might post some of my models up just to see if they are at least decently painted for table play. Hope you enjoy them even if it’s only to chuckle at them. Hopefully my painting will improve I intend to start a painting blog Look forward to more or less every model from theresurrectionists getting throw up in my blog sooner or later…. Needless to say I ordered way too much during gencon….
  2. I like the ability, because it seems like a nice way of getting a charge for 0 AP. I've read a lot about using a Rotten Belle's Lure spell to get off No Escape. One post I read was talking about using it on a model, and then luring them within 6" so it goes off. As I understand, that wouldn't work, because they would have to already be within 6" for it to target them in the first place. What I really want to know, is when does No Escape actually go off? Is it as soon as the targeted model would start to move (but before it has actually moved), is it after they move, or is it any time they are moving? Cause if it goes off as soon as they would move, then you can't use it on a model that's already in his melee range, because he can't charge them. And does the target model then finish it's move after? If so, would that mean that if he uses it to charge a model that's moving on it's own (and not pushed), that after the charge attack, and it tries to continue to move off, that he would then get a disengaging strike against it?
  3. I am currently working on painting up a Malifaux Gang. The gang is lead by Nicoderm who is supported by a trio of Flesh Constructs as heavy hitters (unfortunately the cool alternate miniature only became available after I had purchased a second model and a 3rd party miniature to convert up my extra 2) followed around by a shambling crew of various undead minions, zombie hookers and heaps of shambling hordes. I have mixed in a heap of alternate manufacturer zombies to my shambling hordes to mix things up a little and keep everything interesting. The other side to my project is building up a large medievil village including a castle for my zombies to infest. I am using buildings from a range of different maufacturers including: http://www.kobblestone.ca/ http://www.tabletop-world.com/ http://www.ziterdes.de/ziterdes/de/
  4. Greetings, all! I am new to the Malifaux community, and I thought I would post pics of my first Malifaux minis! I am an experienced painter (mostly with Privateer Press lately), and I am excited to get my hands on more Malifaux stuff (so much variety!). Anyway, here they are- the naughty nurses- Looking at the pics now, I realize that I could have made some of the lines between the high contrast areas a little crisper, but overall I am pleased. I replaced their syringes with wire and brass rod for stability, and sculpted the bases to roughly resemble the "Victorian" inserts. I'm particularly pleased with the way the bubbles in the big syringe and the stockings look- Good practice for the Colette crew that I hope to pick up some time in the near future. Anyway, let me know what you think, any questions, etc.
  5. Im brand new to the game and A friend of mine has been trying to get me to get a list based around an idea of his. It uses Nicodem and a desolation engine to summon powerful minions to do my opponent in. it sounded viable at first but after looking over the stats of the characters somthing seemed a little off like perhaps theres a better way to . what do you guys think? heres the list: - Nicodem, the Undertaker - Mortimer, the Gravedigger - Nurse - Desolation Engine Also if you do think this sounds like a valid idea then if you could give any suggestions on how to expand it into a normal scrap sized list. and perhaps a brawl sized list.
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