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Found 70 results

  1. In this episode: The Pit: Baby Kade vs Hayreddin Know Your Enemy: Asami Scheme Spotlight: Take Prisoner The Foundry: Brushes, Brush Care & Whiskey I Pay Better: Lust You can subscribe on iTunes or point your podcast app here.
  2. So, we still have no idea what we are doing when it come to podcasting or Malifaux...but we did somehow manage to get out a third Malifaux episode! https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-veteran-gamer/id1161796146?mt=2#episodeGuid=http%3A%2F%2Ftheveterangamer.com%2F%3Fp%3D618
  3. Greetings! Episode 2 of our podcast is up! In this Malifaux-centric episode, we continue to get into the game and pick our crews. We talk about assembling and painting them and a little about what makes them tick. We are still learning or re-learning the game, so I am sure we make some mistakes. https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-veteran-gamer/id1161796146?mt=2&i=377370966
  4. Hey guys ito me McPigish, I've just releasedone a bonus episode 11 "dimitri and the wyrd" It's a chat with dimitri from yorkfaux about a game we recently played at the outpost event "the quick and the wyrd" by Dan Haslam. It's not a full show but the interview I recorded with dimitri is too good not to release that's why it's a bonus. Check out this and all the back episodes here McPigish.podbean.com
  5. Hi all, Brian from the Twits here. I've cross-posted this from the discussion forum because it might be of special interest to terrain builders/enthusiasts - our latest episode is all about the importance of terrain to a good game of Malifaux. Love to know what you think, or see anything awesome you've built/bought/carved from the bones of your enemies. Thanks!
  6. Hi all, Brian from the Twits here. Our latest episode focusses on the importance of terrain to a good game of Malifaux, from building your collection to creating a narrative while playing. As ever, all feedback is welcome, and I'm especially interested in seeing any awesome scenery you guys and girls have built/bought/summoned through diabolical means. Cheers!
  7. First, we apologize for Joseph’s sniffling throughout the entire episode. He got too close to an actual person outside and caught everything. We talk with Flynnt about a game he had with Rasputina against the dreaded Pandora and we have a full breakdown of Gaining Grounds 2016. http://midwestwargaming.com/podcast/episode-4-sorrow-sniffles/
  8. Greetings! A few long time gamers and gamer dads got together to podcast. Our first volume is all about Malifaux! Episode 1 is us talking about the history and background that got us into the game! You can find it at our blog: https://theveterangamer.com/2016/10/18/the-veteran-gamer-volume-1-episode-1-malifaux-the-beginning/ or iTunes https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-veteran-gamer/id1161796146?mt=2#episodeGuid=http%3A%2F%2Ftheveterangamer.com%2F%3Fp%3D282
  9. I'm pleased to announce the first episode of our new podcast, Dead Man's Hand. Here’s the outline of the episode, chapter by chapter. We hope you enjoy, and feel free to leave feedback here, on our website, on Facebook / Twitter or on iTunes (which should be live soon!) Intro to your hosts. The Pit: Teddy vs Izamu. Know Your Enemy: Ramos. Scheme Spotlight: Show of Force. The Foundry: Assembling fiddly models. I Pay Better: Big Jake.
  10. Our goal with this podcast is to help people improve their Malifaux skills, by publicly exposing two of our fellow Midwest Wargamers as they embark on a journey through the Breach and into the wonderful world of Malifaux. So join me, our ‘expert’ Henchman Joseph ‘Eldmor’ Menear, and our Fresh off the Train noobs Derek ‘Ergonomic Cat’ Kupper and Flynn ‘Flynnt’ Massanes for Lecture Notes from the Breach !
  11. Heya all, Just getting the word out about a Malifaux podcast we've been producing for a little while down here in sunny Australia. Unfauxcast: http://unfauxcast.podbean.com/ Myself, Pip and Felix talk all things Faux for a grand total of 8 episodes now... There's so much quality content about strategy, list building, how to excel at the game - so we're trying to take a different spin, discussing all things social conventions, the interactions with your opponent in game, the local scene, and the community side of the hobby that gets us into the game. We also talk a bunch about models, hobby, tournaments, and generally have a few beers and shoot our mouths off. It's probably now I should chuck in the strong language warning... Anyhoo, if you're chasing some Faux sounds to get in your earholes whilst painting, working, or whatever it is that tickles your pickle, feel free to give it a listen! Cheers all! Mouse
  12. Hi all! - tired of reading about all of the fine new models in book 4. I have just the solution for you! A new episode of Arcane Reservoir is out and available for your listing pleasure and this time they are talking all about the dead ones from wave 4. With 2 very good Resurrectionist players and one giant radioactive lizard its well worth a download! You can check it out here - http://arcanereservoir.podbean.com/ or through your normal means
  13. Hello all! Brian from the Critical Twits here. One thing I keep seeing come up time and time again in the Malifaux community is the question "How do I get started?" It's usually followed by "Which crew boxes should I get?" and "Should I get the starter box?" They're questions we've been battling with recently as we try to expand our local Malifaux scene and introduce new players to this wonderful game. So we decided to take the liberty of creating an audio beginner's guide on the podcast, with some bonus tips for those (like us) who are teaching the game to others. We'd love to know what you think, if there's anything you think we've missed, and to hear your stories of how you got into Malifaux. Thanks everyone!
  14. Hi all, Brian from the Critical Twits here. Our latest episode gives a potted history of our favourite deck-building games, from Dominion and Arctic Scavengers to Cthulhu Realms and Mystic Vale (which we loved, mostly, for its ability to change the actual cards themselves rather than just add new ones). I'd love to know about your own experiences with deck builders and if there are any cool ones we've missed. Thanks!
  15. Hi all! Brian from the Critical Twits here. First of all, a big thank you to everyone who listened to our last Monthly Malifaux podcast, it's been our most-listened to one yet and we're really chuffed that the forum has been showing us such great support. Anyway, now that the crying is out the way, our latest episode is all about flicking games, specifically Ice Cool, Cube Quest, and Terror In Meeple City. I'm really interested in finding out if anyone out there plays these kinds of dexterity games as well as their Malifaux fix, and if there are any similar games that they recommend. I know there was an attempt to marry wargaming and skill gaming with Warhammer Diskwars a while back, but it seemed to be universally disliked. I'm also interested in Flick Em Up and Catacombs, but both come with a hefty price tag so if anyone's played those and has a verdict then I'm all ears!
  16. Hi everyone! Brian from the Critical Twits here. We've gone through the seven new masters in Ripples of Fate (minus upgrades, sadly) and discussed them all in turn. If you have time we'd love it if you could have a listen and let us know what you think, whether you agree/disagree/want a biscuit, etc. But even if you don't, I'd love to know which masters people are most looking forward to and why.
  17. Hi all! Apologies first of all - I posted this in the news/reviews section first of all, which I then realised was probably the wrong place. Oops... Anyway, we're a British gaming podcast/YouTube channel and although we don't focus exclusively on Malifaux, we do a monthly Malifaux-focussed episode. This month we discuss the new Ripples of Fate masters and continue with our Shifting Loyalties campaign log, now in round 4 of 10. We'd love to hear what you guys think and what you'd like to see in a Malifaux podcast that's maybe not being covered at the moment. I'm also looking forward to getting more involved round here in general and getting to know people. Thanks everyone!
  18. Hi all! Brian from the Critical Twits here. We're a UK-based gaming channel and podcast. Each month we dedicate a podcast episode to Malifaux - this month we're tackling the Ripples of Fate master previews and continuing with our run-down of our Shifting Loyalties campaign. We'd love to know what you think and what kind of thing you'd like to see us cover, especially anything you think is missing from the current Malifaux podcast scene or anything we can tackle from our small-island point of view.
  19. Hello everyone. I've been meaning to put together a podcast for months now, and I finally got around to recording early last month. My wife and I present Steam Powered Scoundrels: A Malifaux Podcast. We're still trying to find our feet, but I think our first two episodes are a good start to what we want to present. We hope to focus mainly on hobby, fluff, alternative play, and the culture surrounding the game. Please leave a comment about anything you liked, things we could improve, or stuff you'd like us to cover. Podbean: http://steampoweredscoundrels.podbean.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/spsmalifaux/ Email: SPSMalifaux@gmail.com Twitter: @SPSMalifaux
  20. Hello everyone. Monsternoggin and I are pleased to announce that the Flippin Jokers Houston based Malifaux podcast is a go. We have our pilot episode, and our first 2 full episodes available for free download and streaming on iTunes and Podbean. Please everyone download and check it out on iTunes if possible. Check it out and let us know what you think. Like us on Facebook, email us at flippinjokers@gmail.com. Thanks for checking us out, hope you enjoy. https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/flippinjokers/id1057354777 https://flippinjokers.podbean.com
  21. Aaron from the Critical Twits here. We're a fairly new gaming podcast and YouTube channel who have begun the Shifting Loyalties campaign. You can have a listen here: We'd love your feedback on the episodes and any advice you can offer on the campaign system.
  22. @rancor709 (Joe) and I sit down with some friends and talk Henchman! @Arash_Suri, @Drool_bucket and Dan (BeforeWeBegin host) join us. The episode is a special edition CFR so we don't do a HAG (Hobbies Announcements and Games) but we spend just over two hours discussing 16 Henchman in a sweet 16 bracket. http://cheatedfatesradio.podbean.com/e/cfr-bracketology-101-the-science-of-henchman/ I am putting this here as a place for people to discuss the ep. What would your brackets look like if you chose a sweet/top 16? Do you agree/disagree on matchup outcomes? To understand how we did this, we had a survey filled out by about 8 players (we would have liked more but just didn't have the time). This survey resulted in ranking all Book 1 and Book 2 Henchman with a SS greater than zero (yes we missed Valedictorian). If you'd like to add to the survey now feel free to (survey monkey). This gave us our rankings. While we believe there were some glaring omissions in the top 16 we found the discussion to be quite interesting and exciting. We'd would like to do more episodes like this in the future. So let us know what you think. What are your top 16? Based on our bracket match-ups who do you think should have won over another Henchman and why? Give the episode a listen and let us know your feedback. Also please excuse some of the sound quality issues about halfway, its lasts for about 30sec-1min and then gets better. SPOILER FINAL BRACKETS AFTER RECORDING Here are the rankings results as of recording. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1BRt5Ems_VXCcvzA86u_lVenmgV8NC7opTxi6zXyobUI/htmlview
  23. Arcane Reservoir Good evening ladies and gentleman. People may recognise me from SMP Radio or possibly as one of the Malifools. Well I've started a "new" show. I use quotations as it is new but any listeners that enjoyed me on either of those shows can expect mostly more of the same. For those who have no idea who I am, what a Malifool is I guess I should explain: Arcane Reservoir is a podcast done by myself and will be typically co-hosted by Aaron (Forestreverie on the forums) where we talk about a whole host of Malifaux subjects. We avoid what many other great podcasts do such as personal in-depth battle reports between ourselves or model/faction spotlights. If you want the latter I would suggest season 1 of Malibites, Schemes and Stones or Before We Begin. We do cover battles occasionally and we do in episode one (or +1 as it is) where we speak about Dark Faux a tournament in London we both attended. The second episode (already recorded but not edited or released) we speak about the Scottish GT but there is another level to this outside of just our games, don't want to give too many spoilers. On a personal level Arcane Reservoir is the podcast that I want to record and would love to listen too (outside of my own voice). Not afraid to talk about the bad as well as the good, though luckily the latter typically outweighs the former. Aaron and I have been collecting and playing Malifaux since 1.5 and have been gaming much longer. However, I aim for AR to not only be a platform for us but for many of the players in and around the UK (and sometimes from across the seas) to have a chance to be heard. Top tournament players and other personalities with great experience and knowledge. People who may have listened to SMP Radio will have noticed a huge bunch of fantastic guests we had on. Adam of Cheated Fates speaking about Captain Con, American vs UK meta and much more. The Black Joker Society, including top players Mark Elwood and Maria Wieland who as far as I know haven't been on a podcast and are huge fonts of knowledge (Mark is currently ranked no.3 and Maria is no.6 in the UK) Martin Wodehouse and Luke Cocksedge, two similarly highly ranked players (7 and 24 respectively) both with big accolades and both players who have been a part of the Malifaux tournament scene since the beginning. David "Clousseau" Brown, TO extraordinaire and possibly the man who has ran the most Malifaux tournaments (in the world) Aaron Darland, you know, that bloke from Wyrd. We had him on to speak all things Wyrd and give what I believe was the earliest precise insight into DCR There may have been even more, but this is the sort of thing I like doing with the podcast as well as being able to help TOs (and myself admittedly) get a word out there about their events. For those who did listen to SMP Radio you are probably wondering about the change. For me, I have not fallen out with Ben or Oz, in fact while typing this up Austin has just text me. At time they have both fallen out of love with Malifaux, specifically when Ben dropped for a while is when I started "making calls" for guests and I saw a different future. The main reason, possibly selfish, is with Austin doing work on Wargamer Nation I am now the one doing the editing etc. and Ben being a busy man and part of that show it's hard for me to get everyone together on a regular basis and clear what we are doing. On top of this, Ben had stopped representing SMP at events, originally because he wanted to push TWC his local club. I can respect this but with a few others rarely making events just having two people as a team seemed a little pointless and means the show title made even less sense. That and those Black Jokers tried to recruit us (well maybe just Aaron). I hope to have both the lads on the show in the future. I don't like to be in control but hey, Arcane Reservoir is my baby, if it turns out a mess, it's my fault. The Future Well I spoke a little about +2 but I already have plans locked in for further. UK no.1 Greg Piskosz will be on the show, under the plan of speaking about GenCon but I want to find out even more from him. Dominic Westerland, the announcer of the Breachside Broadcast has asked to be a guest and I am definitely up for that. One of the UK's favourites Josh Fletcher (who has maybe been mentioned on every episode of SMP Radio) will make an appearance. Plus plans for The BJS to return as well as Luke and Martin plus many more. In the future I will hope to also get back into blogging, my blog formerly malibros.blogspot is now http://arcanereservoir.blogspot.co.uk/ I hope to tie this into the show and hopefully will do some more community projects. Tale of Malifaux Bloggers season 3 for example. Also competitions as many shows do, so look forward to the chance for FREE STUFF. Hopefully this is enough explanation, especially as it's mostly unnecessary. The link to the show is right under the banner and it will be on iTunes soon (just waiting for them to review it). Cheers Malifolks, Hope you enjoy the show(s).
  24. I thought I better start a little thread here about our show because, hey, feedback is always great and some people may not even be aware we exist. "What is SMP Radio?" A fortnightly podcast all about Malifaux and every aspect of the hobby. The show is usually around the 2 hour mark and we discuss; our hobby, tournament and battle reports, tactics, painting and much more. Each show we try to have 2-3 different style segments to hopefully include things that you (the listener) would want to hear about. Thanks to the fantastic Austin Capewell, the show is broken down in segments with nice little soundbites meaning that you can just check the show-notes and listen to what you want if for example you dislike painting, don't want to hear about UK events or whatever. Amongst the bigger discussions we like to get our "roving reporter" Mike Hutchinson out on the field and get interviews with people within the community, so far we've had a fantastic painting discussion with GT double paint prize winner James Reeves and Legendary Tournament Organiser Dave Brown about running events. On top of all this hobby chat, we endeavour to run competitions and our first competition "Faux Selfies" has gone down great. "Who are SMP?" Austin Capewell, "Chuckles", one of the funniest and most loveable people in the Malifaux scene. He's our sound guy with actual knowledge and education about this stuff, which isn't me mocking, it's just genuinely rare for a podcast. Also Austin is used to podcasting as he hosted Isle of Faux Records with another one of our hosts... Benjamin Crowe, "The King of the South", Ben is currently the no.1 ranked Malifaux player in the UK and winner of the last GT (soon to be UK Nationals), suffice to say he knows his stuff about Malifaux. Aaron Bailey, experienced in podcasting being on the Lost Lighthouse's Tabletop Project and Tale of 40k Gamers, Aaron is all around hobby machine. Painting award winner and one of the up and coming players. Me! Previously of Malibros and then Malifools, a lot of avid podcast listeners may have already heard from me. Midtable mediocrity is where I sit but I would say I am ever improving. I've been hobbying for a long time and I have done and listened to enough podcasts for a lifetime already. I just don't want to stop. Also, as well as the main crew we have: Mike Hutchinson, our roving reporter, a man with a lovely voice and a good grasp on the pulse of gaming. Mike is also a solid player, great hobbyist and also has a lot of experience with gaming too. Jan Proudley, like Aaron is also on TLL TTP and TO40kGS as well as formerly Malibros and Chasing Bacon that one time. Jan is a great laugh and a top bloke. Jake Barlow, I mention Jake as he is SMP to the core but, suffice to say bar a recent short interview he hasn't been on the show much yet, we are however only 4 episodes in. "All right enough, where can we listen?" http://smpradio.podbean.com/ That is the main address and we are also on iTunes. Also feel free to tweet @SMP_Radio if you'd like to get a hold of us there. Episode 4 is due out as I post this and if you want to hear what we are about then please go back and listen to the previous 3 shows. Thank you for your attention. Much love. -Ben
  25. Hello! I know we announced this on the Wyrd Place facebook group, but I also frequent these forums quite a bit, and figured I would make an announcement here as well. Alan (Al the Zombie) and I (Rudy (EntrepeNinja)) have started up a podcast called "Mistakes Were Made". Derived from something that I found myself saying after making colossal screw ups in games. "Mistakes were made, Dan. Mistakes were made!" So Alan and I started this podcast with the premise that we both have too many masters that we haven't played enough of, so we've started trying to make goals and learn from mistakes, chronicling the lessons we learn, and the games we play, and above all the mistakes. We try and produce every other week, we're three episodes in, recording a fourth tonight with CheatedFatesJoe (aka Rancor). Listen in, if you're looking for something listen to while driving, riding transit, painting, playing minecraft, whatever! EntrepeNinja LINKS! http://mistakesweremade.podbean.com/ https://twitter.com/mwmPodcast