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Found 41 results

  1. It isn't much, but it's the first painted terrain piece of a batch I'm building. so far I've got 4 hills, a Mine entrance, A well, and a water tower. But this one's the only painted one so far. It may be small, but what do you think about it?
  2. I havent seen many photos of this model, heres mine. She will have a place in my Kirai crew (obviously) and Seamus said she could come along too so they could share some serial killing stories over tea and biscuits. I painted the base using dark green and blotches of medium blue and then built up 3 layers of pva glue to create my water/swamp effect. The leaves are from gw basing range. Personally she is now one of my favourite models and she has come out exactly as I had hoped for.
  3. I painted the Enslaved Nephilim last Saturday. I used 2 different washes for this model. I used GW/Citadel Blue wash on the Nephilim skin and I'm happy how the blue brought out the details of the muscles and skin. For the hair, metals and the lower body, I used GW/Citadel Agrax Earthshade. I'm happy on how this totem came out. What do you think? Comments, suggestions and questions are welcomed.
  4. Hi everyone, I got just my latest order of Malifaux minis and was able to use the weekend and a few days I was off from work (I got sick and I got bored so I was able to paint a bit) to paint the Exorcist and the Brutal Effigy. Here's the Exorcist: I started by painting his coat black (to differentiate him from the regular Death Marshalls) and just gave the leather treatment to his holster and storage pouches. I colored the cuffs of his coat red just add a color contrast. I ended up not happy with the result. The all black coat looked boring so I added touches of blue on areas I thought the light would hit and then washed the whole model in GW Agrax Earthshade. For the base, I mainly built in greenstuff with the exception of the triangular rock. It took a while for the green stuff tombstone to dry up and harden and i used some extra Infinity Pan-Oceana crocmen and bagh-mari fins/antenna as smaller grave markers. All in all, I think my Exorcist looks great in the end. Here's the Brutal Effigy: With the Brutal Effigy, I followed the color scheme of my regular Death Marshalls. For the body, I decided to make the Doll part more obvious by matching the color scheme of Constructs I made for Hoffman. Furthermore, I decided to make his coat a darker shade of brown in order to make the whimsical gun and puppet/construct colors pop. Finally, for the base, I applied a ton of green stuff to produce a mound that would hold the mini. I also used some discarded flashes from the blister box to add texture to the scenic base I was making. For finishing touches, I used powdered snow to emphasis the colors on the mini. any comments and suggestions are deeply appreciated.
  5. I finally painted my Desperate Mercenary duo. I gave the dude a white coat that looked old and dusty. Perfect for the broke-down his luck look. The female Desperate Mercenary was a bit tricky. I think I put in too much flesh paint and it made her look like she had too much make up. So I decided to make her look like a washed-up aging dancer who turned to a life of being a mercenary to pay the bills.
  6. It took me a while, but I finally finished Lucius' crew box. Do you use all of the models in the box? The box is 26 ss, what would you replace in a 25 ss game? What will you add/replace for a 30 ss game? What schemes and strategies would work with the Lucius box? Any tactics? finally, here's Lucius and the gang (I'd appreciate comments, suggestions, etc): Lucius (I went with the British Redcoat officer theme - Inspired by this thread ) Lawyer (I made him look like a carnival performer (or carrot top)... no offense to real lawyers out there) Guild Guard Captain (with his movie poster pose) Guild Guard [female] (again, I went with the British Red Coats theme) Ryle (Made him as pale as I can and had his bandages still soaked with dried blood)
  7. I finally got to paint my Guild Hounds and 1 Austringer. I have the other Austringer drying up and still needs a few layers. This batch also was the first time I used GW's Agrax Earthshade (the new Devlan Mud) wash and boy I feel stupid for not using it sooner. It made the Austringer's Raptor look like a living bird of prey. So here are the pics... due to the size of the hounds, it was a bit tougher to focus. Hound 1 I painted with P3's Bloodtracker Brown with a Rhulic Gold mask. Based it with Ash grey. Hound 2 I painted with P3's Rucksack Tan with a Pig Iron mask. Based it ash grey. Hound 3 I painted with P3's Coal Black with a Pig Iron mask. Based it with white snow. The final Hound I painted with P3's Frostbite with Rhulic gold mask. Based it with white snow. Hounds 3 and 4 were washed with GW Blue Wash... The Guild Austringer 2 model I picked Skorne Red as his coat color. I was inspired the Lucius Red Coat theme I saw on the forums. So basically all my Guild Guardsmen minions will have the Skorne Red color as part of their theme. Besides, my Lady J and Sonnia models already have the Skorne Red color (see my albums). I drybrushed and washed the Raptor with Cygnus Yellow, Menoth White Highlight and Rucksack Tan (All P3). I used Ember Orange to paint the beak and feet. I was beginning to become worried until I washed the bird with Agrax Earthshade (devlan mud)... this made the bird great looking! As usual, comments, suggestions, tips and etc are deeply appreciated. Aside from the other Austringer, I still have 2 Desperate Mercs and the Lucius crew box set to paint. All are primed and ready. I should be done by mid May.
  8. This crew took me a long time painting. Since each family member is unique I tried to give them their own identity but still stay within a common theme. Here's Perdita: I was inspired by a few painted Ortegas crew in the forums. I chose to paint her tank top pink and decided to paint her hair black - I was planning to give her red highlights but the black turned out good enough and it gave the model a good contrast with the colors. I chose P3's Khardic Flesh as her (and her family's) flesh tone. It gave a slightly tanned hue without making the model too Jersey Shore-like. Santiago: This dual wielder was a bit tough to paint. especially the hair and mustache. But I think I did a good job with the model. Francisco: This guy was fun to paint. I finally got the jeans look I want by adding a thinned P3 Frostbite wash over the Cygnar blue painted pants. I painted the facial and head hair with Jack bone and gave him a whitish blonde look. Nino: This cousin was tough to paint.. I couldn't see his glasses so I painted a new one instead. Balancing him on the base was tough so a bit more green stuff was use. Papa Loco: I painted Papa Loco last and did not actually spend a lot of time with him.. I just painted his strapped jacket with Jack Bone and gave him leather boots. The model came with an extra dynamite so I decided to light it up and put it into his mouth cuz he's Loco like that. All in all, this crew was fun to paint and did not give me head aches... I'm happy with how they turned out and I can't wait for Saturday to put them on the gaming table. As usual, any comments, suggestions and tips would be highly appreciated.
  9. So I finnally finished my Sonnia Criid crew. As of now, they are pre-washed. I'm thinking black GW wash on Sonnia and Samael and blue GW wash on the Witchling Stalkers. Here's my Sonnia Criid. I chose to paint her coat red and painted her hair orange. I'm going for almost devilish look and the Wyrd Flame base insert and accessories really gave her the inferno look. I'll probably try to have the outlines "pop" with the GW black wash. Here's Samael Hopkins. He kinda gave me a hard time due to the detail of his clothing. But I think it came out well. The red poncho kept to the "red devil" theme that Sonnia had. Again, I hope to "pop" the outlines with a black wash. My Witchling Stalkers almost became a disaster. I initially painted their cloaks in 1 color (brown) and they came out boring. So I decided to "wash" the lower cloak area with a darker shade of brown and used a tan wash for the upper cloak area. The end product reminded me of an old Jedi robe. The swords I painted with P3 Pig Iron and washed it with Arcane Blue giving a "runed" light saber-y effect. The eyes I decided to color green instead of yellow - I didn't want them to look like Jawas. I'll wash them with GW Blue to hopefully give the blue hue effect. I hope you like my crew. Suggestions and comments are appreciated. I'll post the post-washed models soon.
  10. Malifaux marked my first effort to actually paint miniatures (instead of just base coating and calling it a day. I shudder now to look back at what I used to think was a passable paint job!). Below are my first three finished miniatures. Faces are a real challenge at this point. Taelor's was the first attempted and it turned out awful, Gun Vik was next and I just used flesh tone shading to 'pretend' she had eyes and Johan was the latest which I think turned out alright (all the gory details are visible in the picture but as long as you don't get THIS close his eyes look good) and the secret was using a Pin instead of a brush. The Group: Taelor Johan Gun-Vik
  11. Not putting all 16 pictures up, but if you want to see all of them; they are here or on my blog. Image intensive, so stay with it. Full Crew - Kirai - Oniryo - Datsu-Ba - Seishin -
  12. I finally got my Colette crew painted and based. I received the crew from my brother as a birthday present back in July, and they've been sitting on my table in various states of assembly and repair for months. This is the most ambitious project I've attempted with a crew so far, thanks to the bases. Each is a wooden coffee stir-er, widdled down and glued to the base, and then stained with two-three coats, before the painted lasses were attached. I'm especially proud of Colette and Cassandra due to the accessories I put on the base. The stage lights are bits from Warmachine that I cut up and glued to a metal bit. The copper and gold dry-brushing that I put on Colette looks like rubbed off paint in the picture. Cassandra's microphone and speaker were a pain and a half to assemble. The base is a piece of plastic I cut from some old nail accessory thing, the base is a piece of paper clip, and the microphone is a sniper sight widdled down and shaped from some extra Warhammer bits. The wire is actually from drilling a the speaker, the plastic twisted around the drill bit and instead of throwing it away, I used it instead. The speaker itself is actually a heavy duty nail head, painted black and then dry brushed copper, cut down and placed in an accessory from an old 40k bit. So, without further ado, I present the Star theater's main attraction, Colette du Boise!
  13. Recently, I was looking for someone to paint my Pandora - Bringer of Woe (Avatar form). I'm not a bad painter but have less time to paint and looking for a commission painter to work on some possible future projects. I've tried a few painters a couple of years (e.g. Blue Table, local guys, etc) but haven't been completely 100% satisfied. Luckily the last year or so, with the advent of blogging, have produced a great amount of quality small commission painters. After hearing about The War Gamer hub on the 11th Company podcast, I did a little research checking out his website and blog. I liked the quality of painting that he seemed produced for the price plus the ease of the shopping cart had some appeal too. I did the level 2 with light affect as I thought it be be awesome to see some OSL come from the spirits. Attached are the results or you can check out their blog as well Overall I would have to say I was quite pleased with not only the model but the level of customer service. Turn around time time was about two weeks from when they received my model. Plus I got weekly update with clear pictures asking for any input or request with the progress. I wasn't expecting this level of service and would recommend to anyone else looking for a commission painter.
  14. Hi here are the first pics of my December Cult Crew. Bases still need snow and Rasputina an the Acolyth will be painted this weekend. So still WIP and with no good camera. Better pictures this weekend. Ice Gremlins Wendigo Ice Golem
  15. So I got most of these models months and months ago and I've finally finished some of them (enough for a 25 or 30ss game). There are a lot of pictures in the gallery that the photo will link to and I've got a forum log on DakkaDakka where I put up pics as I work. Hope you enjoy the 'Viktorias' Vicous Vixens' crew (name pending) oh, I am just getting settled in in Hermitage UK so if anyone sees this, I hope to get these girls out to the Newbury nights for the Newbury and Reading Wargames club if anyone plays Malifaux out here.
  16. Hey guys Here's my first venture into painting Wyrd stuff - Victoria - with - a gun: Let me know what you think (o: Now to figure some way of getting her sisters teeny-tiny hands to stay attached ..
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