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  1. There was a rumour going around that the reason it took so long for Misaki to get back in stock was that her sprue was being redone. Organizing and collecting each model in one place, especially the Torakage so they could be sold separately. Has anyone picked up the M2E box and can confirm or deny this?
  2. So, this miniature has a very special significance to me and my fiancee, Nicole. First, a little backstory. About 4 years ago, Nicole was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. She struggled through the high-intensity chemotherapy treatments for 3 years before finally being declared in full remission. Fast forward to just recently. One of the people who follow my site offered me the chance to paint up a Malifaux crew for the "Clash for a Cure" charity event in Waco, Texas. I decided to do the color scheme in honor of Nicole (and at her request, to myself - she's just that kind of person!) The color for Leukemia awareness is Orange, and the caretaker color is Purple. I hope you enjoy it. You can see some more of my stuff on my Facebook site. https://www.facebook.com/pages/StudioSFS/128243560665352
  3. Keranis


    From the album: Keranis' Ten Thunders

  4. 35ss – Lady Justice (Guild) vs. Misaki (Outcasts) Strategy – Squatters Rights Scheme Pool – Line in the Sand, Breakthrough, Protect Territory, Cursed Object, Deliver a Message. Lady J’s crew: (played by Vaiuri) Lady Justice (with Line in the Sand & Breakthrough both unrevealed) + Last Stand The Judge + Plant Evidence 2 x Death Marshall Guild Guard (proxied by a Guild Rifleman) Guild Pathfinder Clockwork Trap Misaki’s crew: (played by Greg) Misaki (with Line in the Sand & Protect Territory both unrevealed) +don’t remember the name but it gave Misaki Disguised. Ototo 2 x Torakage Oiran Ronin (proxied by Alt. Perdita) Terrain: The board was set up using one of each Terraclips sets. Along one side of the board, taking about a third of the total board was a sewer complex made up of twisty corridor sections, tight rooms and a catwalk. There were multiple entrances/exits on to the streets and we ruled the whole complex was one large structure. The rest of the board was a long road and two medium sized buildings. We broke up the long sight lines with arches and a handful of trees. We decided that the effluent in the sewers would count as both Hazardous and Severe terrain; the pond on the centre line as severe, the individual trees as dense and soft cover, the buildings as structures (walls blocking and impassable) and any LoS through a door would count as Hard cover. Deployment: Vaiuri elected to deploy first and set up her crew spread out across the main road running the length of the board. She used from the Shadows to deploy her Guild Pathfinder quite close to the centre line, obscured by an arch and her Clockwork trap just inside the sewer complex right next to the central entrance. Greg deployed his Misaki, Ototo, the Ronin and the Oiran at the opposite side of the main road, but deployed both Torakage inside the sewers one of them up on the catwalk. Turn 1. Vaiuri won initiative and ran her Pathfinder out of cover up toward the closest Squat Marker, summoned in a Clockwork trap in base contact with it and then lined up a shot against the Ronin. The shot was a resounding success, causing severe damage to the Ronin and clipping Ototo with the blast marker. Somewhat concerned by the apparent bear with a shotgun plugging away at her, the Ronin activated next and ran into the cover of a nearby arch. Not to be outdone by the upstart Pathfinder, the Ronin took a shot back. The resulting hit and Red Joker damage flip made short work of the ursine trapper. Deciding that perhaps things were getting off on the wrong foot, the remainder of the models spent the rest of then turn moving further up the table with the Guild Guard taking refuge in the nearby building and Misaki and one of the Death Marshalls darting into the sewer network to cover their advance. The turn ended with both sides a little more bloodied than either of them had intended. (sorry Greg) Turn 2. Vaiuri won initiative again. The Guild Guard moved out from the protection of the building to drop a scheme marker next to the pond, meanwhile one of the Torakage moved up and secured the Squat Marker in the sewers closest to the board edge. The female Death Marshal trotted up and wading into the pond claimed the squat marker lurking in there. Lady Justice claimed a Squat Marker and took a pot shot at the skulking Ronin, determined to avenge the death of her loyal Pathfinder, but the Ronin, quickly ducked behind the arch and the shot missed. In response, the Ronin moved up toward the Guild Guard taking a quick shot at him, with some frankly astoundingly good luck she killed him outright. (At this point in the game it seemed that Vaiuri had something of a personal grudge against the poor Ronin as she spent at least one activation a turn attempting to kill her. Something she found increasingly hard to do.) The Oiran, hiding behind a tree close to Greg’s deployment zone began performing some sort of alluring dance, tempting Lady J away from her recently claimed Squat Marker and dangerously close to Ototo. Not wishing to see his mistress get brained by a giant with a club, The Judge moved out from behind the corner of the building he was hiding behind and lured her back with the promise of swift justice, then, for good measure performed some Plant evidence shenanigans on the Death Marshall in the Pond, moving her out and dropping a second scheme marker along the centre line. Annoyed by the loss of his target, Ototo strolled out from behind the arch to try to claim the squat marker recently vacated by Lady J, only to get chomped on by the clockwork trap waiting there. The Death Marshal lurking in the sewers moved up towards the approaching Torakage but kept himself hidden, unwilling to engage two of the stealthy assassins on his own. Meanwhile Misaki sprinted through the sewers looking to outflank The Judge, dropping a scheme marker along the way and smashing the Clockwork Trap in her way to pieces. Finally, the Torakage on the catwalks moved to support his brother on the lower level and dropped a scheme marker. End of turn score: Vairui 1, Greg 0 http://themostexcellentandawesomeforumever-wyrd.com/community/gallery/image/1120-turn2/ http://themostexcellentandawesomeforumever-wyrd.com/community/gallery/image/1121-turn2-2/ http://themostexcellentandawesomeforumever-wyrd.com/community/gallery/image/1122-turn2-3/ Turn 3. Greg won initiative but Vaiuri spent a soulstone for the re-flip and won. Seeing Ototo out in the open and unsupported, Lady J charged him and pretty much obliterated him. (This was Greg’s second game and in retrospect I should have pointed out to him that he could have spent a soulstone or two to prevent some of the damage Lady J inflicted thus saving him. But I was too caught up in the drama of a great game.) In revenge for the death of his Henchman, the Ronin waded into the pond and claimed the Squat Marker there. Perturbed by the proximity of the Ronin, the female Death Marshall nearby fired off two quick shots with her peacemaker, which the increasingly indestructible Ronin proceeded to avoid. Seeing that the gloves were now, indeed, off, Misaki advanced on The Judge and unleashed a torrent of attacks badly wounding him before pushing out of range of any reprisal. The Death Marshall in the sewers moved out of cover and dropped a scheme marker on the bridge over the effluent. Seeing this, one of the Torakage moved off and claimed the second Squat Marker. Judging discretion to be the better part of valour, The Judge ran off toward Greg’s deployment zone but not before claiming the central Squat Marker, leaving the last Torakage to move and drop a second scheme marker on the catwalk. End of Turn Score: Vaiuri 2, Greg 1. http://themostexcellentandawesomeforumever-wyrd.com/community/gallery/image/1124-turn3/ http://themostexcellentandawesomeforumever-wyrd.com/community/gallery/image/1125-turn3-2/ http://themostexcellentandawesomeforumever-wyrd.com/community/gallery/image/1126-turn3-3/ Turn 4. Greg won initiative and started the turn by hurling Misaki into combat with Lady J. what followed, was a tense exchange of blows with Misake landing one solid hit but getting a riposte in the face for her troubles. Vaiuri swiftly activated Lady J and finished the Ten Thunders master off with a series of devastating greatsword attacks. Sensing that this would make or break time, Greg activated the Ronin and charged the female Death Marshall, easily killing her in a couple of deadly Daito strikes. The Death Marshall dropped a scheme marker thanks to Finish the Job and I began to wonder if perhaps Greg was going to be able to stop Vai scoring the maximum points for Line in the Sand, it also occurred to me that Greg appeared to have forgotten about his Line in the Sand Scheme as all his markers thus far seemed to be placed for protect territory. Casting this thoughts aside I watched as Vaiuri activated the Death Marshall lurking in the sewers who promptly swallowed up one of the Torakage in his Pine Box. Seeing his companion disappeared into some hideous eldritch prison, the Torakage on the catwalk rapid fired at the Death Marshal, using his Leaf Step trigger to move back down the catwalk towards his first scheme marker. Seeing an opportunity, The Judge dropped a scheme marker dangerously close to Greg’s deployment zone and ducked into the sewer complex. This only left the Oiran to activate, she dropped a scheme marker and jogged back into the middle of the street to better secure Protect Territory. End of turn Score: Vaiuri 3, Greg 2. http://themostexcellentandawesomeforumever-wyrd.com/community/gallery/image/1127-turn4/ http://themostexcellentandawesomeforumever-wyrd.com/community/gallery/image/1128-turn4-2/ Turn 5. Vaiuri won initiative and although Greg dropped a stone for the re-flip was unable to stop Lady J sauntering up to the stalwart Ronin and slashing at her repeatedly. Amazingly none of the frenzied attacks managed to connect and the Ronin lived to see another day. Unable to interact with the various markers nearby and fearing the deadly riposte of Lady J the Ronin chose to do very little. With only a handful of meaningful activations left on either side the dying moments of the game were: The Judge dropping a second Breakthrough scheme marker inside the sewer, the Boxed Torakage breaking free, only to be snapped back up a moment later and the Catwalk Torakage hurling another barrage of shuriken at the Death Marshall to little effect. We flipped for a sixth turn but came up short, the game was over. As the dust settled we took stock of the board and started counting up the VP’s http://themostexcellentandawesomeforumever-wyrd.com/community/gallery/image/1129-turn5/ http://themostexcellentandawesomeforumever-wyrd.com/community/gallery/image/1130-turn5-2/ http://themostexcellentandawesomeforumever-wyrd.com/community/gallery/image/1131-turn5-3/ Final VP’s Vaiuri: 8 4 from Squatters Rights 2 from Line in the Sand 2 from Breakthrough Greg: 6 3 from Squatters Rights 3 from Protect Territory 0 from Line in the Sand. A hard fought victory for the Guild. http://themostexcellentandawesomeforumever-wyrd.com/community/gallery/image/1112-finalpositions/ Looking back I can see that some scheme markers were placed without me really paying attention as to when or by whom, so I must apologise if the final pictures look a little different to my description. Final Thoughts I had the privilege of watching this game without having to worry about playing in it, and as such was privy to some great moments. As far as tactics and such go, I think Vai picked more appropriate schemes and models for her crew, she was persistent in scoring every turn, laying down markers for LITS and getting The Judge into a scoring position. I think she got a little over-eager with the Pathfinder in shooting at the Ronin on turn one as I think he would have been better served running the board and dropping traps on Squat Markers. The Plant Evidence upgrade was a nice little threat throughout the game and was probably responsible for more scheme markers getting placed than I remember, and Lady J is just a bad-ass. When it comes to dealing with her I think Greg would have been better off trying to double team her with both Misaki and Ototo instead of splitting them up, as it was Lady J was able to deal with both of these powerhouse models one at a time. From the Outcasts point of view it’s important to remember this was only Greg’s second game and his first using the full panoply of upgrades, schemes and soulstones. As such I think he’ll remember to use ‘stones on prevention flips a lot more from now on. He was very crafty with his scheme marker placement, particularly the two on the catwalk although I think he did forget about Line in the Sand, at least it looked like he had. The Ronin was a complete star, killing a Pathfinder, A Guild Guard and a Death Marshall while hanging precariously on one wound the while time. Also, disguised is brilliant. If I were to give Greg any advice it would be score VP’s first, kill models later as it seemed he was quite eager to get stuck in when he could have been claiming markers or dropping schemes. I’m sure the guys will have their own thoughts on the game now I’ve finally posted the battle report and I look forward to our next game. Watch out for the report next Monday. Cheers, Swiglitz
  5. SOOO i have been playing Misaki by proxy, waiting and waiting to get that email saying they are back in stock. But when i went to offical malifaux site. Misaki's box set is not even listed. Now i know they are probable out of stock and that's why its not showing up but she is out of stock everywhere. Just wondering if anyone had any info as to when they tend to restock or *i hate to say it* are they putting the 1st waves box sets on hiatus till they release the 2nd wave.
  6. Played two games in a row as Misaki: Game 1: Misaki (10T) vs Seamus (Res) Squater's Rights Misaki schemes: Make them Suffer and bodygaurd(Ototo) Seamus schemes: Kill Protagee(Ototo) and set trap or something to do with a scheme marker. all unrevealed. i just did her box crew Seamus took 2 belles, Cybell, 1 Nurse, 1 Flesh Construct also it should be noted that we had a Ancient Monument (+2 Ca to any model within 2") that i placed near me. Basically I expect Ototo to be a very durable heavy hitter, confident enough to give Bodyguard and charge in and claim a squat maker. But Seamus was there waiting with his big gun and silly hat. 6 damage 1st turn and hard to kill saved me the 2nd. I then run back to heal at my shrine because needing a 6 is better than an 8. Ototo spends a turn or two just healing. I got back up to 5 Wd so i still got enrage. My friend really wanting the VP for Ototo he bring his flesh construct in just in time for me to strike and kill the flesh construct with Ototo. One classic Malifaux turn for the worst and Seamus' big gun was back with his stupid hat and got me down to 1 when i was slapped by a belle and died. Game 2: Misaki(Out) vs McMourning (Res) Turf War Misaki schemes: Assassinate and Break Through McMourning schemes: Distract and set trap or something to do with a scheme marker. all unrevealed. I went outcast taking Shang, Lazarus, 3 Torakaga, 2 void wretchling McMourning took Yippy Totem, Sabastine, 1 Nurse, 1 Flesh Construct, and 1 Belle, he focused on summoning it was brutal. So i don't care what you say "Scramble" (+1Wk/+1Cg,cost 2SS) is the best general upgrade Lazarus took it and Misaki. It gave Lazarus the speed boost to keep up with the action (the only thing i was kinda worried with him) and Misaki, whom i love, got a 6 Wk and a 9 Cg! with diving strike and next target... lets just say Break Through. So not only did Lazarus also kill the Flesh construct single handedly he did it at a distance and also hit Mcmourning with a blast. He also never once went under 9 Wd (out of 10). His Heal flip doesn't have a Cast required. The whole idea behind the enrage champs like Ototo and SRM look great on paper but the high Wds and hard to kill just don't give you the same sustain as Armor. But i save the best for last, last turn Lazarus kills the ratdog but also a nurse and a belle with 2 Ml attacks at moderate with them both flip/cheating a ram. Lazarus is everything i want Ototo to be but better. Same SS cost, and even though i lost out on a upgrade slot by taking an enforcer instead of a henchman was worth it to get Scramble.
  7. Hi all, recently gotten into Malifaux and am really enjoying the game. After a few demo games with the local henchman I've ended up with the Misaki box set, Yamaziko and three Oiran in my crew. Whilst I have a few beatsticks in they group already (literally for Ototo!) I'm finding the torakage and Oiran don't synergies well with my units. They don't seem to pull any weight in the crew. my next purchases are going to be the archers and mini rulebook. Has anyone got any suggestions of where to go from here with this crew? I'm trying to stick to ten thunders theem still but I'm not afraid to touch outcasts such as Ronin etc. Finally I see in the wave 1 cards there is a Gatling gun wielding samurai dude, any ideas if were getting a model of him soon 'cause he look sweet! Thanks again! GC
  8. I haven't had the chance to play it out yet, but it seems like fun. My friends usually run around 50ss games, so here is my crew that I put together. Misaki - 5ss for the cache -Stalking Bisento (2) -Untouchable (1) Ototo (10) -Call the Thunder (1) -Smoke and Shadows (1) Torakage (6) Torakage (6) Torakage (6) TT Archer (7) TT Archer (7) The Archers can slow stuff to make Ototo bamf, while the torakage help move Misaki and Ototo into range. Otherwise they work covering the archers to keep them out of trouble. I'm pretty new to this game though, so if anyone has any feedback, let me know! Thanks!
  9. Hello world! I'm thinking about getting into Malifaux together with a friend of mine. Looking at those box sets, the Ten Thunder one caught my eyes because I really love the asian flair. Reading more about Misaki, Mistress of the Ten Thunders, she - and the box - becomes even more interesting. The wiki says: "Misaki's box set comes with 29ss worth of models - 3 Torakage, shang, and Ototo. This is a nice basis for a crew, and easy to expand upon. ... There are some support models you could also get. Yamaziko is a 6ss model, which would take your initial crew up to 35 with a single purchase." That sounds reasonable and nice. And even the rest sounds nice as I'm a big fan of melee ... and not so interested in range. So, besides the box and Yamaziko, I'd need a fate deck (I really like the retro one), and a rule book. Questions: 1. Is Misaki a good starter in general? Is she somehow special? Hard to play? Is it hard to get into the game with her? 2. Does the box contain stuff I'm still going to play in 12 or even 24 months? 3. Is Yamaziko a good addtion? 4. Would you build a totally different (starter) crew for Misaki? Why? How? 5. If I get it right, the box and Yamaziko don't add any range weapons to the game. How important is range in this game? Is a crew without ranged options playable? 6. Which rule book(s?) do I really need? 7. Why does Ten Thunder have such a small choice of models compared to the other factions? So new? Does this cause any problems? 8. My friend thinks about the Von Shill box as a starter. Is Misaki vs. Von Shill a bad matchup or somehow boring for anyone of us? Should we think about something different? I'm really looking forward to read your answers, ideas, suggestions!
  10. I'm a newbie that just got into the game. Can anyone please definitively answer the following question for me? 1) In an email I just received today, wyrd now has a new "Children of December" (Rasptina) crew, and a "Guild of judgement" (Lady Justice) crew. I have recently purchased the Lady Justice AND Rasputina crew. Are my two existing crews now outdated? As I have recently discovered Malifaux and put a lot of money in what I have already...hopefully everything so far is playable in 2.0. 2) For playing in rules 2.0, do I need new cards for compatibility (for any or all my characters)? 3) Perhaps as a tie-in to my second question, for playing rules 2.0 are there any confirmed characters that will no longer be usable? I heard Misaki is one...which is a favorite of mine from the 10 thunders set.
  11. I had a search of the various forums but couldn't find anything on this, so apologies if I've missed it somewhere. Misaki's Foresight ability states: "In any Duel, when the value of this model's starting total Fate Card is the same or 1 lower than the opponent's, choose either this model or the opponent to discard their Fate Card and re-flip." The way this works in opposed duels such as when attacking or defending seems clear enough, but is Misaki able to do anything when resisting a spell? It seems to me that the spell's Casting duel is already finalised, and the Resist duel's starting Fate Card therefore has no opposing Fate Card to compare to, but I would appreciate some clarity on the subject. If Misaki can use Foresight in a Resist duel, can someone explain how it works? If not, what duels can she actually affect with this ability other than attacking with or defending against strikes? The phrasing "any Duel" seems to suggest a broader application. Many thanks for any clarification.
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