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  1. Hi, I'm not entirely new to Malifaux as I had played 1st edition a few times with my old Lady J crew, but for 2nd edition I decided to play Ten Thunders. Admittedly, it was for the Asian themes which I love! I play Japanese Sectorial Army in Infinity and Mishima in Warzone Resurrection so you can see where my tastes lie. I've played Ten Thunders a couple of times in 2nd edition but haven't always found them easy to get to grips with. I think so far I've won two games out of about five and I know I still have a bit of learning to do. I'm also a bit of an enthusiastic collector and so far have amassed a reasonable arsenal of models! I'm looking for advice on what I have. Please stick to just this list as apart from the Rail Crew and Dark Debts (and possibly the Crossroads Seven) boxes I don't plan on getting anything too major for a while. Masters- Misaki, Lucas McCabe, The Brewmaster, Mei Feng, Jakob Lynch. Totems- Shang, Luna, Kamaitachi, Emberling, Hungering Darkness. Henchmen- Sidir Alchebal, Ototo, Yamaziko, Kang, Hungering Darkness. Enforcers- The Lone Swordsman, 3 Samurai, Yin the Penangalan. Minions- 3 Torakage, 3 Thunder Archers, 3 Tengu, 3 Wastrels, Dawn Serpent, 2 Komainu, 3 Oiran, 2 Katanaka Snipers, 3 Rail Workers, 4 Illuminated (one's purple), 3 Fermented River Monks. Not Exactly Ten Thunders Minions and Such- 3 Ronin, 2 Guild Guard, 2 Guild Austringers, 4 Guild Hounds, 3 Moon Shinobi, Apprentice Wesley, Fingers, Johan, Whiskey Golem. I was thinking of getting the Rail Crew for the more durable characters inside it (EDIT- Bought them!) and the Dark Debts (EDIT- Bought this too) boxes to try out the Illuminated.
  2. So on the drive back from the Scottish Doubles GT event, I did a spot of thinking about an idea for a themed crew for Misaki, and discussed it somewhat with my arch-nemesis and regular opponent Argentbadger (aka Paul). I tried it out the other night in a game against said arch-nemesis, and somewhat to my surprise actually beat him for the first time in my Malifaux career. (To be fair, he had handicapped himself by playing Levi, who he is less familiar with). So, I give you, The Seven Samurai! Misaki - Stalking Bisento, Recalled Training The Lone Swordsman - Recalled Training Samurai - Favour of Jigoku Samurai - Favour of Earth Katanaka Sniper Ronin Ronin Cache - 3SS Yeah, so technically Misaki probably isn't a Samurai but hey. The crew has good shooting threat with two gatling guns (One of which can fire without risk of ripping the poor Samurai's shoulder off if it misses), and the sniper, and the entire crew is a threat in melee. The Swordsman represents a serious threat, particularly if you can pull off a recalled training - charge - you shall not see another sunrise combo. (I managed it vs Argentbadger and it resulted in the death of Hannah and an opposing Ronin!). The Earth Samurai is a good solid tank to push forward with 9 wounds and armour 2, though you could swap him to Heavens if you needed more flanking/scheme running mobility. The Ronin do a pretty good job in the scheme-running stakes however. And Misaki? Well, she does what Misaki does. Highly mobile and very choppy. Overall it was quite a bit of fun to play and has a nice theme feel to it, so I figured I'd share. (That and I'm having a bit of a slow day at work). Enjoy
  3. Hey everyone! I'm very interested in Malifaux--the sculpts are beautiful. The master that I'm most interested in is Misaki. Unfortunately I don't have much income to throw around getting models I think might make a good list. So I'm here to ask for help! What do you y'all think I should get to start playing some Malifaux with a Misaki master?
  4. Hey all, and hi to everyone Recently people around me have started playing Malifaux and so I decided to join as well. I'm a former WHFB player and still enjoy 40k/HH games every now and then. So far I've had a Malifaux introduction game, I'm halfway through the rules book and I'm busy reading the Wiki and getting deeper into the game's lore, rules, mechanics etc. I chose my faction purely based on the models I like. I'll adapt to whatever playstyle is required rather than chosing a crew based on how I would like to play. That said, I went on a little shopping spree and now I don't know where to start :P. I thought Kirai was 10T/Resser and got that conused with Yan Lo. Now I have to chose which Crew I should start first. Which one would be better for a good learning curve? I have the following models available: - Misaki + Shang - Ototo - 3 Torakage - 3 Samurai - Izamu, the Armor - Kirai + Lost Love + Ikiryo - 2 Onryo - 2 Shikome - (2 Seishin) Izamu is ready for painting but I'm not sure whether I should start out with Ressers or 10T. There are already a lot or Resser crews around in my area (not Kirai though) but nobody plays 10T so I thought maybe I should start with these guys. I already have a lot of things on my list that I want for both Crews, so it's really just about where to beging with. All Input is highly appreciated!
  5. If Misaki kills a model, does she get to place the head before she pushes with Next Target (allowing her to go pick it up)? How does the timing work?
  6. Anyone run cutpurse to decent effect with Misaki? My typical upgrades are Stalking Bisento, Misdirection and Recalled Training. But with Sensei Yu/Kang, I've found I don't really NEED recalled training. It's kind of like bringing a gatling gun when I need a pistol... So i'm thinking about bring in Cutpurse instead. It seems like it's another way to make my opponent go "must cheat!" which only helps me assassinate. And if they don't, I get a soulstone... which helps me assassinate. While it needs a high crow to do this, I like the idea of charge, last stone for crow to trigger assassinate, second attack pilfer. If I get the soulstone, third attack is another assassinate. Doesn't seem like it's something to bank on, but if I don't need recalled training, seems like it could really just make my opponent psyched out a bit. Thoughts?
  7. Take the following scenario. A TT model on Misaki's crew is the victim of Obey and it forced to walk in the engagement range of a model causing Horror. Since your opponent is in control of the TT model they let them fail (or cheat in a card to make them fail) the Horror check. Can you use Misaki's Save Face ability to then not fail the Horror check? I think your opponent would be in control of the model until after the opportunity to use Save Face had passed, but it's not 100% clear to me. Save Face: Friendly models within 8 who fail a Horror Duel may suffer 1 damage to count as succeeding on the Horror Duel instead. This damage cannot be reduced. (1) Obey (Ca 7M / TN: 14M / Rst: Wp / Rg: 12): Target non-Leader model immediately performs a (1) Action chosen and controlled by this model’s controller.
  8. Hi again everyone, So I've been running into a couple of issues with Misaki as of late. I'm not exactly sure if it's my tactics, or if it's just bad luck, but in either case, some insight would be appreciated. When I first started using her, I went with "Disguise" as her limited upgrade a lot, but I think it's more because of my passive playing style. I was always afraid of her dying too quickly, and not being able to accomplish what I needed. That led to problems because I would still use her offensively, but not to her fullest potential (as in without "Stalking Bisento"). So I adapted to playing her with "Stalking Bisento" more, and after getting used to the mechanic (again), I found that she was indeed very powerful. But now my problem with her is that she's been dying pretty early in my games. The last 2 games I played with her, she died on turn 2 (one of which game she only got 1 activation). I don't feel that my target prioritizing was wrong (going after models with relatively lower defenses), which leads me to think it's more bad luck than anything, but I'd like to share my general strategy with you all here, and hope that I can get some helpful feedback in return. So when I use "Stalking Bisento" Misaki, here's my general tactics: 1. Sensei Yu is almost always with her now, and goes before she does in most turns. His first activation is always to use "Disciple" to "Stalk" a model that Misaki can get to relatively easily. He then casts any combination of "Airburst" and "Mighty Gust" to get her in position to charge said target. I'm certain that this is a pretty cut and dry tactic, and I'm sure a lot of people already use it. 2. Misaki is usually one of the last models on my first turn to activate. However, the problem I run into with her during this time is usually either A ) Not having the right cards in hand to cheat with or B ) not having enough cards to use at all. I usually run a cache of 4-5 with her to start, since she becomes so much better with 0 soul stones, but do any of you think it's a viable tactic to use stones on the first turn to draw the extra cards? I'm considering using Hannah with her crew the next time I play for the extra card draw (and plus you know... because it's Hannah). I've played the Emissary with her for the both games I recently played, and I imagine with Hannah, would make a great combination. Then after Hannah, the Emissary, and Sensei Yu, it would leave about 10-12 soulstones to fill out the rest of my crew. Here's a mock list that I put together for the sake of making one. While granted it's subject to change, depending on schemes and strategy, I think it's a pretty viable "All-comer list", if you will. Misaki (Cache: 4) - Stalking Bisento / Disguised - Recalled Training - Smoke and Shadows Shang Shadow Emissary - Conflux of Thunder Hannah - Hidden Agenda Sensei Yu - Wandering River Style Shadow Effigy Oiran At first glance, I'm not sure if taking "Smoke and Shadows" is worth having for only 1 Last Blossom minion, but it could prove crucial depending on the Strategy or Scheme pool, so my thoughts are mixed about it. Shadow Effigy is most useful when there's Scheme Markers to be dropped, especially if it's in pairs, so barring the possibility of no schemes needing them, he's a good fit for this crew. My biggest concern is if I use "Disguised" Misaki for running schemes for me, it leaves Hannah and the Emissary as my beatsticks, who while powerful in their own way, have limited range. Hannah's "Make a New Entry" would be great for copying the Emissary's primary attack though, and I'm thinking with the right combination, she can get quite a few blasts off her basic attacks too. Thoughts everyone?
  9. Hello, The Thunder Calls ability on the Conflux of Thunder upgrade for the Shadow Emissary reads: Friendly Masters within 8 of this model which kill or sacrifice an enemy model during their Activation immediately gain 1 additional general AP. The way I read it if Misaki kills an enemy she gains 1 AP, she could use that AP to attack and kill second enemy and gain another AP, and so on. So for example if Misaki kills three enemies in one activation and they are all in range of Thunder Calls she would gain 3 AP. So she'd have 6 general AP in that activation? Assuming the answer above is yes and I'm pretty sure it is, what if Misaki kills two enemies with one AP. Does she gain 2 AP? I'd say she does since she would "immediately gain 1 additional general AP" each time one died. Thanks
  10. hey everybody, during our last encounter we came across the following problem: are misaki and lilith able to charge up elevated terrain? considering "Diving Charge" and "master of malifaux" let them ignore terrain. the question is do they have to climb a HT 2" terrain piece during their charge action or are they even able to. what about models without special rules, can they charge up elevated terrain? thanks in advance for you help. greatings from germany! Lenn
  11. I'm not sure I'm understanding this correctly, so I thought I might ask my fellow 10T agents. I tested some of the beta materials and found Misaki's Emissary upgrade underwhelming (+ flips to attacks when she ends a charge within 8" of the Emissary, IIRC). Her manifested avatar, on the other hand, was brutal against an enemy crew that was bundled together, so I figured they sort of balanced. Now, though, it looks like a manifested Avatar Misaki with a Shadow Emissary with her upgrade in tow can generate utterly ridiculous amounts of AP. I wanted to check that this is correct: - Emissary activates, gives Misaki a push and Fast, does whatever else it needs to. - Manifested Misaki activates, expends her soulstone pool, gains Stillness and +2 AP. - Every time this 6AP Misaki kills something (she can only move from her Next Target trigger now, though), she gains another AP. - Since she has no stones left, she has a crow built in to every attack - All this plus Recalled Training. I'm worried that if this is correct, I may accidentally lose friends in the coming campaign, should I run Misaki. Please tell me I'm wrong here?
  12. What do you all like to do to handle shooting when playing with Ten Thunders, when talking about some of the nastier shooting crews that can get to their attack flips (lots of Guild, some Outcast such as Levi, others). I've had success with Mei Feng with the Wind Upgrade to double Vent and keep up with her crew bubble, as well as Smoke Grenades, but I got fairly rolled in a game versus Perdita last night (Misaki with Shang, Toshiro, Tokarage, Samurai), no Smoke and Shadows upgrade). I was thinking Smoke and Shadows, but that seems to require ol' Y carrying it so she can nimble walk the first turn then Smoke Bomb and let the others follow, so that they can move further upfield first turn.
  13. This time just my new crew. Already played and it's fun.
  14. I'm playing in a newbie league with Ten Thunders as my declared faction, and I'm currently painting The Thunder box for use. My question is, as Ten Thunders, given the bonus Misaki has for zeroing out on Soulstones, how many Soulstones do you usually take in her cache to start a game? Obviously soulstones confer benefits beyond what she gains from the passive ability, and any given TT henchman likes having Soulstone access, but less soulstones spent on cache is more available for hiring models or buying upgrades. I suppose one must also factor in the prospect of taking the Pilfer upgrade. I'm mostly interested in TT, but I also welcome comments on soulstone cache when taking Misaki as an Outcast.
  15. Howdy! Just checking in and letting people know I'm here. I'm Lord Byron from the Shieldbreakers battle reports. Relatively new to the game, although I've got almost two decades of gaming experience under my belt. I'm enjoying Malifaux immensely, and look forward to talking to you all later!
  16. Hey everyone, I hope it's ok to post my first completed (for now anyways) crews for my new found interest/obsession in Malifaux! I've been working on a Lady Justice Guild crew and a Misaki-led Ten Thunders outfit. I'm not the best painter in the world, but I had great fun painting them up! Apologies for the photo spam! I'd love to hear feedback, and if you want to see anything more like the terrain and other stuff, hit up my blog! (link in sig)
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