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  1. After playing a number of Resurrectionist crews at at UKGT I decided that the way forward was to do my own crew, especially after winning a sexy Dead Justice set... This is where I am at with them so far... I have painted up 2 nurses, a flesh construct and McMourning himself... Thus far!
  2. I have just seen a video dating to 1940's Russia, which details the reanimation of a dog's body (in whole and in literal parts). For those who wish to see this video, be warned as it is rather disturbing, and details what can be considered cruelty to animals. I do not endorse such things, take note; I just want to gauge people's thoughts on the matter. The video link extension for YouTube is here: /watch?v=HkBiflN1dF4 Allegedly this was a real, and successful experiment. Others were able to replicate results and modify the experiments to end up with two-headed dogs, an ape with the body
  3. Hey guys, I have played some games before but took time off for school and now that I'm returning I see McMourning can now manifest and get a bigger flesh construct! I was wondering if you can slice up your dogs or another character on your side to get Simulacrum 29 out or does it have to be an enemy unit? Responses would be much appreciated!
  4. Rafkins ability Preserve bodies allows him to gain a body part counter whenever a corpse counter is discarded or sacrificed. Does Mcmourning exchange of corpse counters for body part counters count as discarding the corpse counter? Or is the keyword here "exchange"
  5. I'm playing Dr. Douglas McMourning more and more lately. The more I play him, the better I get. It's a great vicious circle. Anyways, critique my P.H.D. (Dr. Douglas McMourning...P.H.D...lol) 35pt General List: Master: Dr. Douglas McMourning (6 Cache) - 2 Body Part Counters, 4 Soulstones Totem: Zombie Chihuahua (1 Cost) Minions: Canine Remains (2 Cost) Canine Remains (2 Cost) The Hanged (8 Cost) Dead Rider (10 Cost) The Drowned (4 Cost) The Drowned (4 Cost) Rotten Belle (4 Cost) 35pt List vs Summoner: Master: Dr. Douglas McMourning (6 Cache) - 2 Body Part Counters, 4 Soulstones To
  6. As I am needing to tweak a really hurty list I figured I'd post my thoughts here for critique and suggestions. Not worried about objective grabbing as I have lists I'm comfortable running in those circumstances this is strictly slug fests against other killy crews like the Viks. Douglas, 8 SS Chihuahua Canine Remains Dead Rider Shikome x 2 Rotten Belle Totem and Canine for quick body parts to get a Rogue Necromancy to hunting partner with the Shikome. Dead rider to Drag Douggie forwards for a turn 2 scalpel to the face if they leave themselves open to it or to string them out if t
  7. Here's some pics of my McMourning stuff, really can't wait for rogue necromancy to come out as a model, also a guild autopsy just cause. And before you ask, I pulled my Miss Pack IN my McMourning boxset by sheer luck. http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v73/Animal_Delos/Malifaux/?action=view&current=Ressurectionists.jpg http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v73/Animal_Delos/Malifaux/?action=view&current=CanineCorpses.jpg http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v73/Animal_Delos/Malifaux/?action=view&current=McMourningandNurses.jpg http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v73/Animal_Delos/Malifa
  8. So, anyone had any experience with those (yet unreleased) models? They seem like they'll mesh really well with Resurrectionists, and especially with McMourning. They cost 2 SS, and when they die, they give you a corpse token. Thus far, you lose nothing compared to the K9s, which is already important. If you hurt them some, they get +flip, and you can get some body counters from them with the good doctor this way. You can use a Belle to pull them ahead early game, or pull an enemy to them so they won't need to spend any AP on moving before they begin on shooting. Now, we get to
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