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Found 83 results

  1. Battle report between friends on 1/24. His comments are in red. We both wanted to practice some new/old masters and just get some games in as we had done one game in two months together. We flipped, Close Deploy. We've both never done this before. I'm thinking Molly. We flip for schemes and strats Squatters Rights Breakthrough Protect Territory Plant Explosives Entourage Line in the Sand I decide against Molly last second. Despite that she would have an easier time here, I feared only bringing a couple models to squatters rights, and I was also expecting Marcus/Mei Feng, and they frighten Molly. So I went McMourning with Breakthrough revealed and Plant Explosives. He had Entourage and Breakthrough revealed. McM - 7ss cache -Plastic Surgery -Moonlighting -Decaying Aura Zombie dog Sebastian -Those are not Ours! Testing this one out. It's at least nice for pitching mid crows to get a free dog out of it, or worst case, eat a near dead model for a SS and a card -Transfusion Rafkin -Transfusion Guild Autopsy Guild Autospy (I would have gone 2x Flesh Construct, but with close deploy, their 12" range is just gravy) Flesh Construct Belle Nurse I wanted to use a high cache to save MCM/Sebby, and if I needed a better hand to pull off Transfusions/Expunges. I have alot of issues running McM except against newbies, so I figured it would work out. This was my 3rd time playing Kaeris, and I’m still learning the ins and outs of building a crew with her. If I remember right, my final crew list was: 5SS Cache Kaeris +Arcane Reservoir +Grab & Drop +Blinding Flame (The triggers for this one actually never came up: I was a bit disappointed in it) Malifaux Child The Firestarter +Warding Runes (My opponent is quite well known for taking belles in each of his lists, so this was a tech choice) Mech Rider +Imbued Energies Gunsmith Fire Gamin Rail Worker x2 My thinking was to use the rail workers to tie up his front line while my fast moving models & fliers took squat markers, while also providing ranged support. I really should have taken some condition removal in this list, as I know Rezzers fond of slow, paralyze, poison, and all that jazz. The terrain had about equal cover on both sides, but the river cutting through most of the middle was hazardous terrain and severe terrain for moving through. There was a house on one side that you could see in and out of with a second story, but that side had less actual cover than the other. It was also easier to get at some of the markers, so I decided the house would be ideal for Sebby to hide in and the easy markers would be ideal for an early rush and then just try to tarpit to keep the points. I lost the flip to deploy, so he made me choose. I made him take the River with a little less cover. I took the side with the house per above. I deployed like this: *!* is a marker bridge bridge RHINO HEAD OPEN SPACE OUT HERE River criss crossing with markers around it Rhino head 3" blocking b*!*dge *!* !*!bridge !*! HEADDDDDDDDD !*! 1" hardcover Houseeeee r H Sebby H ve Houseeeee 2"Co McM Totem Fleshie Belle Rafkin 2" sniper nest 2" Guild Autopsy 2" Nurse 2" Guild Autopsy 2" This isnt a great outline but it works. He deployed to counter mine. On my left was a Gunsmith, the Mech Rider, and a Rail Worker. Down the center, through that path he had Kaeris, the fire gamin, firestarter, and the malifaux child making sure i couldnt just walk up and claim the MiddleLeft and Middle markers, despite them being a tad bit easier to get at. A final rail worker was off to the right behind the head as well. I thought that by threatening my Right flank with the Mech Rider & Gunsmith, that I would scare Sebastian & MCM off that flank and down the middle. The rest of my crew was more centrally positioned, since Kaeris & Firestarter could quickly respond to any shenanigans. Turn 1: I played conservatively not knowing what to expect from Kaeris. Sebastian soulstones for the crow for his anti-shooty aura, since kaeris has so much shooting and he can catch the belle, fleshie, totem, nurse, and mcm with it. He walks down to the bottom of the house so he can see out both sides (but not too far out both sides) and tranfuses poison from the flesh construct to McM. The rail worker double walks up to the left marker. Guild autopsy walks up behind the 1" hard cover since she would be at a negative flip to walk and see the rail worker. Kaeris has a few things in the back line activate and pass out burning, then activates her and draw some cards, walks over and shoots my autopsy dead. Rafkin double walks next to the marker near the rhino head. Belle walks and drags the Rail worker into the water, causing it some hurt due to severe terrain. Nurse charges the flesh construct and throws 8 poison on it. Fleshie walks up near the middle marker. Fire gamin shoots and puts some hurt on it. Mech rider walks up, as does the gunsmith, and tries to shoot the flesh construct and belle to no avail. To end the turn, McM got a free push, threw some poison on the rail worker, then expunged it, granting me a flesh construct in return. The construct walked up next to the middleleft marker. The Autopsy on my left was quite a nice target. Once it dropped, I saw that the left flank was quite weak, so I started moving stuff up there. I also figured that the center was a bit of a death trap, since he could converge on the central bridge just as easily as I could. In hindsight, I committed too much stuff to the left flank, and should have either spread out more, or pulled my right flank back. You’ll see the consequences of that on Turn 2. Belles yanking stuff around is a pain, even more so when hazardous terrain is involved. End of turn 1, a Railworker died, Flesh Construct was summoned, and a Guild Autopsy was killed overall. Turn 2: Flesh Constructs claim markers and plant scheme markers on the centerline (within 6" of his deploy). Mech Rider runs up, claims the left marker, summons a fire gamin, shoots and hits McM, I spend a SS to prevent 2/4 damage, trigger to plant a scheem behind him. Gunsmith shoots my belle and hits it for 6 damage. Rafkin walks over and plants a marker just outside of the Rail workers range, and throws poison on Kaeris. Firestarter and malifaux child put some wounds on it, as does the rail worker. With the belle, I just remember I was gonna lure Rafkin out, but I didnt want my opponent to just remove the Explosives marker. I think she tried to lure the gunsmith twice and got it into the water on the second lure, dealing a few points of damage off a red joker! The nurse gives the zombie chihuahua +2 walk off a mask trigger and walks toward the marker. Kaeris deals 3 damage to the autopsy with no poison on it, and gives it Burning 2, so it's as good as dead. Sebastian walks up within 6" of the Mech Rider and transfuses poison from McM onto the rider. McM charges the gamin and two shots it, healing a few points. He then throws some poison on the Mech Rider, and Expunges it, reducing it to 2 wounds. Zombie dog ends the turn by walking up to the gunsmith, who is now near MiddleLeft marker, and gives it poison 2. I had a bit of a brain fart, and completely forgot that Plant Explosives was a thing, and that it doesn’t benefit from being revealed. When he declared that 1 scheme was unrevealed, I should have figured that’s what was coming up. I didn’t react to it at all, and gave him an easy 3 points. I also got too greedy with the Mech Rider, and should have held it back further. I wanted to lay a claim & scheme marker early to force a response, but it dropped insanely quickly, to nobody’s surprise but my own. It’s a setback, but at this point, I’m still fairly confident that I can get full points, and I just need to try denying points right now. Reactivate happens due to my opponent having no cards in hand. Hell, neither did I! autopsy does nothing of note, flesh construct from the rail worker engages the gunsmith, the other moves to the right flank to tie things up there. End of turn, Autopsy and Mech Rider fall. My right flank is weak, with just a belle and Rafkin, and his left flank has completely fallen save for an engaged Gunsmith. I flip Plant Explosives, as Firestarter, RailWorker, and Kaeris were all within 3" of Rafkin's Marker. 4-1 Turn 3: This turn I was able to get swipes in at the gunsmith, and move the flesh construct over to the right flank. Firestarter jumps over the rhino head and shoots the belle dead and flips a marker. Rafkin gets murdered by an early kaeris activation, so my right flank is suddenly exposed, save for the single construct. left flank: sebastian flips a marker, moves poison from the construct to the gunsmith, and plants a scheme marker. gunsmith murders the dog and hits the construct lightly. Nurse walks over and paralyzes the firestarter with a 13 of crows. my opponent isnt impressed, but thinks it was a hilarious play. Mcmourning runs through the severe terrain taking 2 damage (prevents two of a soulstone) and murders the gunsmith off a charge, healing back to full I believe. I pushed the flesh construct south a bit to plant a marker (mistake, forgot I needed to be at least on the line for breakthrough), and threw some poison on it to heal it when it triggers EOT. Good play all around on this turn, I think. I was personally very confident in sending the Firestarter up to deal with the belle, but the cheated 13 for the Nurse’s paralyze really set me back. Take condition removal, kids! 5-2 Turn 4: This turn my opponent came back from his losses last turn. Despite firestarter being paralyzed, my entire right flank was gone save for the flesh construct. Kaeris disengaged from it with Drag and Drop and hopped up to where I deployed my guild autopsies, planted his third breakthrough marker (so i couldnt remove the one on my left flank and prevent him from scoring), and she was in range for Entourage. So he had those points secured! Rail worker and the fleshie on the right flank slapped each other a bit but neither fell. Sebastian summons a canine remains, walks. It walks a bit. I think I had both my breakthrough markers at this point so the Flesh Construct on the left flank just walks to the right flank and flips his marker that firestarter flipped earlier. McMourning charges firestarter. Due to some cheating and damage prevention, he lives. I 0 to make the second flesh construct in the center move next to the Firestarter. After ending the turn here, I notice that my remaining Rail Worker isn’t covering the left-of-center squat marker. I knew, at this point, my priority was to either cover both of my markers, or to flip another marker so he couldn’t deny me points. I’m not sure if I could have won it, but damn it, I was going to do my best to tie. 6-3 Turn 5: I had a nuts hand from last turn I didnt expend as I didnt need to expunge anything. You actually went first this turn: on initiative flips, you flipped a 6, while I flipped lower. I used my last stone to re-flip, and got a 1. Firestarter attempts to disengage. He tries the first time, I cheated in some 13's for McMourning. After 2 AP wasted trying to do so, my opponent conceded, as I had flipped 4/5 markers for the strat at this point, and he only had a rail worker, the child, the fire gamin (too far away at this point), and Kaeris left and Kaeris couldnt move too far away from the Entourage point. 10-9 was the final total. I scored all 3 for Breakthrough and Plant, plus I had 2 markers during turns 2-5. He scored 3 from Breakthrough, 3 from Entourage, and 3 from the Strat for turns 2-4. In hindsight, I think surrounding Rafkin's marker with my unrevealed scheme wasnt the best play, as I love taking Plant Explosives, especially with McM with his 0 to walk a thing into combat and drop markers. I hoped to at least bait some points with it, like 1-2, but it ended up netting me more. I think he was also a bit too aggressive with the rider on the left flank. While he should have let it fall, running the rider up so far wasnt the best move. Same with the rail worker. Given I was playing McM, you should make me come to you, but not expose yourself unless you can counterattack and hurt me more than I hurt you. Also in hindsight, I should read cover rules better so my autospies would have deployed better for turn 1 shots without overexposing them. My opponent and I both corrected each other often on plays and rules, which is always a bonus for friendly games. I also had a takeback or two on flesh construct plays and took a while to decide on actions. McMourning is one of those masters I play slowly due to how squishy his list is, and having to be sure of every move I make. I appreciate my opponent's patience with my decisions. But overall it was a very close game the whole time. I ended the game with just MCM, Sebby, Flesh Construct x2, and Nurse on the table. He ended with just Kaeris, one last railworker, the child, a lone fire gamin in the back, and firestarter.
  2. Hello everyone, I'm new to the game and I would like to try playing McMourning. I'd like my crew to be all plastic. I have no desire to own or hunt down metal models. I'm posing this question because I've noticed a lot of people take Guild Autopsies and Rafkin in their lists, which won't be available to me. Does excluding these models mean I need to move away from the poison build? His other playstyle is sort of a melee powerhouse, correct? What sort of models do you take in that build? Could poison be done without Autopsies and Rafkin? I'm trying to get some ideas on what I could purchase to create a generalist 50 SS crew. Budget is not a huge concern. Thanks guys!
  3. Ratty

    Gen Con 2015

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  4. Hi there, having just received my Black Friday order, I started assembling the McMourning Crew. Whilst the Chihuahua gave me the fits just because of its components' size (about 1-2mm...), I can't seem to figure out how Sebastian's arms and buzzsaw are supposed to be put together. The 3D image and the artwork are not identical. The 3D rendering shows his left arm to be above the buzzsaw's heck, the artwork suggests, that he *might* be holding it by some kind of handle (which the buzzsaw doesn't sport in the 3D image). There's (sadly) a little wiggle room with the arm joints (even more so after if cemented it together and had to tear it apart again, since it didn't work out at all), so that was no help, either. While it's not completely impossible that he isn't actually holding the saw by a handle, it seems fairly impractical and the sculpt almost looks like he is missing his left hand (or his fingers at the very least) if put together this way - afaik the fluff doesn't support this (and the metal model shows him having two hands, as well). Any help with this guy? I want to get on with my other Ressers : / Maybe a pic of a work in progress of the actual model or even a description of your own experience would be awesome. Thanks a lot! edit: I'm 100% positive I haven't mutilated either of his arms when cutting him out of the frame, I checked it more than I dare to admit.
  5. Hello, I'd like to clear out/trade some of my spare crews that I don't really have an interest in holding onto and pick up one that I do. Pictures are available upon request! If you don't like my prices, feel free to make an offer. If you have something else I might like, let me know! Haves: McMourning Crew (Body of Evidence box, assembled, unpainted/stripped, includes M2E cards, PENDING): - Mcmourning - Sebastian - Zombie Chihuahua (Lost the tail, green stuffed it in, price adjusted accordingly) - 2 Nurses - Canine Remains X1 - Flesh Construct (Also including the head from Mcmourning's tray, in case you might like to do a headswap). Please Make me an Offer. Wants: Oiran Dawn Serpent Dark Debts box Ten Thunders Brothers Anything else? PM me! Thanks! -DoctorWhat
  6. Hello! I've watched this forum for a long time. I love to play puppet wars and evil baby orphanage, so I thought I would try Malifaux. I bought three starter sets on Black Friday and finally got a chance to paint one master. I assembled the rest of his crew and posted them next to him. Looks really nice. I was afraid of so many parts and how well they would turn out but it was easier than I thought with more skin intact than I thought too. This is my first miniatures game. I normally play board games. Over the last year I've been trying to improve my painting- there are a lot of amazing artists on this forum and I love to look at your pictures. I really have enjoyed all the tidbits of information and tips that you all leave here and there. Mako's guides are really awesome and helped me understand a lot of subtle ideas/concepts. Please, C&C welcome. I love to learn what would make something better. I wanted to keep the colors on the mini close to the box art. I like the box art a lot. Basing is something I have never done. So I think for now I want to keep it simple. I got "green stuff"-like stuff and then used a stamp to make the tile flooring. My mom is a scrapbooker so I stole some ideas from her for Ramos's and Lynch's bases. They are plumber's tape rolled through this thing that imprints a design. I sculpted Seamus's bases from a tutorial I found here! http://boardgamegeek.com/geeklist/159382/my-painted-games-wip-pic-heavy :Here is my journal of painting as I try to learn more and improve my painting if anyone is interested/would like to give me some pointers. Thanks for looking!
  7. Luisjoey

    Mc Mourning

    From the album: Luisjoey's Machinations!

    comments on the doctor?
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    From the album: Luisjoey's Machinations!

    Mc Mourning Crew Henchmen
  9. Got my Through the Breach kickstarter, but already had a Rasputina starter from the clear plastics. Anyone interested in a swap? --Edit; Trade has been completed
  10. So last night I played a game of Malifaux versus Thomas at Guardian Games. Love this place, one of the few game stores where you can play Malifaux while enjoying a beer. Can't beat it. Anyway Thomas had asked me if I could send him the final beta cards for the Avatars earlier in the week and after I did so I asked him if he wanted to play a game using the avatars. He agreed and so we met up for the game on the open gaming night. Unfortunately I was the only one that decided to bring an avatar to the game as he did not do so. So the strategy was Reconnoiter with the schemes being : Line in the Sand Bodyguard Spring the trap Outflank Distract My crew consisted of : McMourning - Moonlighting - Evidence Tampering - Avatar Upgrade Sebsastian -Transfusion -Those are not ours Zombie Chihuahua Rafkin -Transfusion Guild Autopsy Flesh Construct Arcanist Performer Crooligan Nurse I believe this was 50 Stones and therefore I started with a Cache of 4. Thomas' Crew Zoraida - Crystal Ball - Animal Shape - Pact Bad Juju - Eternal Fiend Doppelganger Waldgeist Silurid Silurid He had a cache of 4 stones to start the game. So my initial thoughts on the schemes were blech. I am not really a fan of any one of these especially with Recon as the main strategy. Distract seems awful in a strategy where you are trying to control quarters, and not being able to kill a model just to get a point seems very counter intuitive, so I was definitely not taking this. Spring the Trap is one I feel that is fairly easy to recognize as it is happening and with all of Zoraida's abilities to Obey and Raven's Form didn't really think this one was feasible. That left me with bodyguard, line in the sand, and outflank. I really didn't want to do outflank as that was also going against the main strategy and so I ended up taking Bodyguard on Sebastian as I figured it would be a good way to teach me to be a bit more careful with him as I have had an issue with running him into the thick of things a little too soon. And then I took line in the sand as I figured that would be decent enough to accomplish with McMourning's 0 action to push models and make them place markers (emphasis on place). Placing markers is fantastic as it allows you to ignore the 4 inch scheme marker rule....I also had to select a manifest and I initially wanted to do the 3 vps but none of the schemes would happen until the end of the game other than spring the trap, so I decided on the sacrificial summoning as I figured I could sac the crooligan early, or possibly summon a canine remains to be manifest fodder. To talk through my crew selection a bit we will start with McMourning. I feel like Moonlighting is an auto-include as it gives him the ability to expunge and make Flesh Constructs, and if models within 8'' dies from poison you get a canine remains. This is so powerful, and especially with the main strat being Recon it provides you with the ability to make more significant models. I also took Evidence Tampering because it seems strong, but with the schemes involved in this game it probably wasn't the best choice, and with mcmourning already having 2 very powerful 0 actions I never did use scalpel slinging once. So that was a bit of a throw away and I will attempt in the future to be more aware of what schemes are there and if this upgrade is merited. Onto Sebastian, I took transfusion as he and McMourning are the best of friends on the battlefield and you need to be able to move that poison around and get off those expunges with Doug. I also took Those Are Not Ours with the thinking that I could use some corpse markers to make canine remains as again it is bringing in more significant models to count towards Recon. The Arcanist performer is something that I have really enjoyed having as she gives you another model on the table that allows you to expunge with her lure and the trigger is built in. I have read the other views that state how this isn't as good because you aren't getting the Doug expunge with the flesh construct popping out, and to that I say, Doug can't be everywhere and also there are times when things just need to die. I also knew with Recon that it was going to force me to spread out so I would want to have this ability on either side of the table. Everything else is fairly straight forward, I gave Rafkin Transfusion to have that extra ability on the other side of the table as well so I could essentially set up two poison groups. So deployment was standard, Thomas won the flip and allowed me to deploy first. I deployed McMourning Sebastian Flesh Construct and a Nurse on my left flank and the rest of the crew on my right flank with the crooligan starting near the midpoint of the board in hiding. Thomas set up a gup and a silurid across from my left flank, Zoraida and Doppelganger in the middle and a silurid and Bad Juju across from my right flank. He was experimenting with bad juju starting on the table right away to see how that played. Turn 1 saw me load up the Flesh Construct with poison thanks to the nurse and move it forward and then eventually shove it all the way forward with mcmourning's 0 to drop my first scheme marker on the center line near the center of the table to hopefully set up for some turn 2 poison shenanigans. Thomas sprinted forward with his silurid and gup straight up the board and dropped a scheme marker on the center line, and walked bad juju in behind the leaping silurid on my right flank at the center line. I noticed that the silurid and the gup on my left flank were kind of seperated from the rest of the crew and decided to send mcmourning over to deal with them. I was able to walk up into Rancid Transplant range and this one's ready into base contact with the gup which put me into engagement with both the gup and the silurid. On the right flank I used the zombie chihuahua to load up poison 2 on the guild autopsy, rafkin, and performer, and tried a potshot from the autopsy to the silurid and also a lure. Neither were successful but I was able to charge the silurid with my crooligan to be a bit of a speed bump on the silurid and keep the rest of that flank open and free to set up for turn 2 poison slinging. The waldgeist had also moved up near the center and put up his forests to block line of sight through a narrow passageway but with my push my flesh construct was in the middle of the forest near it at the end of the turn. Turn 2 I won the initiative and in a bit of a blunder activated the crooligan first to get some more swings in when I think I may have been better served activating something else, but the crooligan whiffed and then was destroyed by bad juju, but it was a trade I would gladly make as it took up the activation of said juju. Zoraida meanwhile raven formed up onto a cliff in the middle and nicely asked rafkin to beat the stuffing out of my performer who had taken a wound from poison at the end of turn 1 and managed to straight flip the severe damage to kill her. I could have cheated it to a negative flip, but I was low on cards and still had McMourning to activate and so I took the chance. My nurse meanwhile charged sebastian and put 8 poison on him which he promptly walked up and passed it off to the silurid and made sure he was within 6 inches of the silurid and gup. The doppelganger moved up and then I got my first expunge of the day as I activated mcmourning and finished off the silurid and made another flesh construct. I then surgical implemented the gup getting a straight flip and flipping a severe which i promptly cheated down to weak to leave the gup with 1 wound left and 2 poison so that I would get my canine remains when it activated this turn and died from poison. I then walked away from the center line to claim the bottom left corner quarter. My flesh construct in the middle retreated into the back right quarter to help me claim this quarter. Rafkin and the guild autopsy ganged up on the silurid that had leaped into my backfield and managed to take it out. So at the end of turn 2 I had brought in a flesh construct and a canine remains and denied my opponent a Strategy point. Turn 3 my opponent won the initiative and activated Zoraida to bewitch and obey rafkin and take a shot at my guild autopsy. This did a fair amount of damage and gave him some extra cards to work with. I had enough models on the table to out activate him fairly easily so I put Rafkin on the extreme backburner to save for my last activation. On the left flank McMourning and his dogs and flesh construct proceeded to beat down the waldgeist leaving him with 3 poison and 2 wounds left in range of sebastian's induction and so another dog was born on his activation. Before Mcmourning did this I had the nurse charge the flesh construct one more time and then sacrificed her to get my simulacrum 29. Unfortunately with this flank decimated he never got a chance to do anything, but it was fun seeing him on the table. On my right flank I ran up the zombie chihuahua to get poison 2 on the doppelganger, bad juju, and zoraida. Also during this turn I was able to drop the other 3 scheme markers I needed for line in the sand. Turn 4 began and zoraida made a voodo doll of Rafkin and bewitched him. I got to use the chihuahua again and yapped at the doppelganger unsuccessfully, but did put 2 more poison on every1 there. I was then able to charge the voodoo doll with my flesh construct and he promptly ate it. After eating the voodoo doll the doppelganger decided she was hungry and borrowed the devour ability and scarfed down my chihuahua. This was the highlight of the turn and upon surveying the board we agreed to call the game. I managed a 9-0 victory and really learned alot about the intricacies of setting up the poison kills. I am glad I took bodyguard on sebastian as I did a much better job of keeping him out of range and moving him up later in the turns towards those models that had poison on them. I owe part of this new found knowledge to my friend Adam who plays what he refers to as a very elegant pandora, and he is very correct in how he is able to position and move sorrows into range at just the right time to protect them and cause his opponents major headaches. Thomas played well but he is still trying to get a handle on zoraida as a whole and we agreed that he probably held her back a little too long at the beginning. She seems to function best when she is up in the thick of things, and even if it does get a bit hairy she has some options to get out of range quickly. And he is also still looking for a list that he feels confident with, we will continue to work on it. I hoped you have enjoyed this report and I welcome any comments questions, or what were you thinking there replies. Pictures of this game can be found on my twitter @danissome1. Thanks for reading.
  11. This is my second Malifaux Crew (the first was the Relic Hunters). There are finally a few people in my local meta getting into the game so I decided to try out some of the new models. Hope you enjoy and let me know what you think! (All these models were assembled, painted, based, including cemetery terrain.... in 24 hours o.O)
  12. EDITED: I´m posting this topic here because I did it in a wrong sub-forum earlier. .-.-.-.-.-.-.--.-..-.-.-.-.-.-.--.-..-.-.-.-.-.-.--.-..-.-.-.-.-.-.--.-..-.-.-.-.-.-.--.-..-.-.-.-.-.-.--.-..-.-.-.-.-.-.--.-..-.-.-.-.-.-.--.-..-.-.-.-.-.-.--.-..-.-.-.-.-.-.--.-. Hi all! (sorry for my bad english..) I´m starting in MX and I´m decided to play with Ressers, but not sure about the master: I like Seamus and Mc Mourning for different reasons, but I also have some doubts on both of them. So, I´d like to have your advice about which one would be more Competitive and more kindred to my way of play; considering this facts: 1 . Competition In my gaming Club I´ll mainly have to face: 1. Lady Justice 2. Victorias 3. Ten Thunders (Misaki) 4. Nicodem 2 . My gaming style I like Ressers for affinity (creepy… jeje) and the game history. Talking about style, I´d like to combine summoning and melee. This is where doubts come to my mind, for example: Seamus Pros: He´s a decent melee guy and have a simple kind of summonings. Fun to play for what I´ve seen. Seamus Cons: Like his history, but not that much.. Don´t like to much the "attack and run" style… Mc Mourning Pros: LOVE his history and miniatures! =) Mc Mourning Cons: Poison Based Strategy… This is the main reason why I still having doubts on him. Feel like the poison technic is quite complex and boring to play; don´t like the idea of being poisoning around, waiting for the enemies to die and escaping meanwhile.. What if my opponent can make a full "Poison Immune" crew? … Well, this is the question. As a note, we are ok to play with proxys, so there´s no problem about how many and which miniatures I´d need to get for each one. I just want to decide based on this two points; all opinions are welcome! Thanks in advance guys =)
  13. Hi all! (sorry for my bad english..) I´m starting in MX and I´m decided to play with Ressers, but not sure about the master: I like Seamus and Mc Mourning for different reasons, but I also have some doubts on both of them. So, I´d like to have your advice about which one would be more Competitive and more kindred to my way of play; considering this facts: 1 . Competition In my gaming Club I´ll mainly have to face: 1. Lady Justice 2. Victorias 3. Ten Thunders (Misaki) 4. Nicodem 2 . My gaming style I like Ressers for affinity (creepy… jeje) and the game history. Talking about style, I´d like to combine summoning and melee. This is where doubts come to my mind, for example: Seamus Pros: He´s a decent melee guy and have a simple kind of summonings. Fun to play for what I´ve seen. Seamus Cons: Like his history, but not that much.. Don´t like to much the "attack and run" style… Mc Mourning Pros: LOVE his history and miniatures! =) Mc Mourning Cons: Poison Based Strategy… This is the main reason why I still having doubts on him. Feel like the poison technic is quite complex and boring to play; don´t like the idea of being poisoning around, waiting for the enemies to die and escaping meanwhile.. What if my opponent can make a full "Poison Immune" crew? … Well, this is the question. As a note, we are ok to play with proxys, so there´s no problem about how many and which miniatures I´d need to get for each one. I just want to decide based on this two points; all opinions are welcome! Thanks in advance guys =)
  14. From the album: The Coroner & Assitants

    The "good" doctor. Second crew I picked up and one of my favorite Malifaux characters.
  15. Well I keep starting new threads and filling up Facebook with pictures of models I've painted, converted or sometimes even just found as a bargain on eBay which is mainly because I've just moved away from mates and it's easier than texting each of them new stuff... Being that we are all geeks we are always eager to show each other the nerd stuff we are working on... Especially as i'm painting most of Ozz Malifaux at the min and its easier to show him how I'm getting on than send his models back... After all I can't play with him if I return them now can I? lol With M2E about to launch I have been bouncing back through my vast collection of Malifaux models trying to decide what crew I want to use, whether that be Ophelia and her crazy family or Ramos and his army of constructs, and to be honest at the min virtually everything in between... figured the best thing to do was just paint up everything and then decide what I like once completed... Ramos using bases by the fantastic http://www.dcbminiatures.co.uk/ Dark Debts Collodi and his Puppets part 1 Gremlins So far!!! McMourning so far! Random others I am currently working on a number of models such as those filthy Ortega's and my Collodi part 2... Once my bases have arrived I will be putting together and painting up my new and improved Captain america based show girls inspired by The Captain America and the most fun game I played at GT on the Sunday morning!!! The one thing I have realised, whether well painted or crap the one thing I need is a decent camera as the one on the iPhone maybe HD but it is crap for capturing miniatures!!!
  16. The last couple of years or so have been busy on the Malifaux front and I just thought I'd share a few pics of where I'm up to with my Ressers! Taken with my phone so the pic quality isn't great but you get the idea! Seamus McMourning Nicodem Kirai Some Minions The Big Guns! Included Killjoy here as I never use him with my Outcasts (which is just Viktorias at mo). Hope you like, more coming soon!
  17. So, not only am I new to the Resurrectionist's but I'm also new to Malifaux in general. I want make a decent McMourning crew and I have already started collecting models (mostly stuff I thought looked cool) and I'm hoping that you guys can give me a bit of advice on what I should get next for my crew. Here is what I've got so far: 1. 1x Dr. McMournng 2. 1x Molly Squidpidge 3. 2x Nurses 4. 1x Flesh Construct 5. 1x Sebastian 6. 3x Crooligans 7. 1x Rogue Necromancy 8. 2x Night Terrors 9. 1x Bete Noire 10. 3x Guild autopsys Any advice for this absolute noob would be great, thanks!
  18. After playing a number of Resurrectionist crews at at UKGT I decided that the way forward was to do my own crew, especially after winning a sexy Dead Justice set... This is where I am at with them so far... I have painted up 2 nurses, a flesh construct and McMourning himself... Thus far!
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