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Found 56 results

  1. Was reading through Avatar Marcus again and had a couple of questions pop out at me. I'm not sure if they've been answered on another thread yet, or not. If so, please point me in the right direction, thanks. Manifesting vs Jackalope Due to the Jackalope's Ability of Multiply (from book one, since I don't see a v2 version on the pdf), it'll still be able to return to play at some point later, right? The wording in the book is: Multiply: When a non-Jackalope Beast is killed or sacrificed, before it is removed from play, you may push this model into base contact with the Beast. If this model was previously removed from play and is currently not in play, you may summon it to the Beast before that beast is removed from play. As other avatars, such as Colette and the Dreamer can still summon new copies of their totems after manifesting, and Leveticus still gets his Waifs, pseudo-totems that they are, I'd say the Jackalope still gets to come back. That is, if anyone even plays with it. Only one of our local players even has Marcus, so I've yet to even see him in action. Second question, regarding Instinctive Behavior. It reads: (1) Instinctive Behavior Target non-Master model with the Beast Characteristic receives +0/+2 Wk/Cg, -2 Df, and its melee Attack and Damage Flips receive until the start of the Start Closing Phase. Target then immediately performs a (1) Action or a Charge controlled by this model's Controller. The Action selected may not cause the model to be killed or sacrificed as part of the Action. This spell may be cast only once per activation by this model. Now, this isn't quite the same as chess where your King cannot move into check, and there are a quite a few situations that will cause a model to be killed or sacrificed due to a (1) Action or a Charge indirectly. It doesn't preclude any of those circumstances from happening, correct? Just a few examples: I have any ol' non-Master model that has the Beast Characteristic, or that Marcus has given the Beast Characteristic to, while low on wounds perform a melee attack / charge on a model with Black Blood, it's still going to die from those wounds. Same goes for any other defensive damage or wound ability. If we use a model like Desolation Engine with only one wound left, that due to Unstable Creation suffers 1 Wd when it performs any Action Costing 1 AP or more other than Pass. It'll die. Examples like this are perfectly fine, as we're not killing or sacking the model as part of the cost of the action, right? But with, say, the Hollow Waif's version of Magical Extension, (*) Empty Being, in which it can Cast one of Leveticus' spells. This model may use a Soulstone to change its starting total when casting this spell. Sacrifice this model, we cannot do it because it would directly kill or sacrifice it, correct? Those were just some examples that came to mind. I'm sure there are countless others.
  2. The Lawyer is really a good model. No really, I swear, I have faith in this. I mean, he doesn’t do any damage, but he can control models to a high degree. So I’ve been thinking of ways to further justify his existence, and I came up with one that really stands out. Censure is nice if you can censure a meleer’s walk and strike, then the opposing model is all but useless, unless the opponent wants to drop his control hand, which you are also okay with. Against a caster, well, two cards isn’t a small amount either, which they almost always would be willing to lose. Defense can keep your friendlies alive, certainly. Cross examination can be good, but there are soooo many models out there that are immune to morale duels, and the cost is high unless you are casting as Myranda in Shikome form. Closing Argument almost never happens, at least in my play, because if the Lawyer ever gets into melee, he’s dead. What I’ve been thinking is that where his real strength lies is in combating those nasty tricksters that control the metagame, such as Levi or Hamelin, in his spell, Prosecute. I’m brainstorming ways that Prosecute can win you the game or at least give you a defined advantage, and there are more powerful ways out there than I had initially thought. Have you guys found any good use for this power? Scenario 1: You are playing Levi, and prosecute all of his Waifs. He now no longer has a way to get back into play. At range 12, you should be able to get a couple of them, and with Myranda in Shikome form, she can fly up and toss these out like candy (as can the Lawyer when he gets a frigging move-on). With Marcus, you may want to Howl first to bring their WP down to (ONLY… good god) 6 or send in the Night Terrors and/or use your Night Falls Trigger to give them -2 WP as well. With a Guild master… dunno, don’t play Guild. Once the Waifs are the bad guys, Levi loses his most powerful tool asset, and his lifelines. Scenario 2: You are playing Hamelin, and cast it on his The Stolen, to much the same effects as above. Except this is better since The Stolen only has a WP of 4. A Howl never hurts though . Scenario 3: You are playing the Dreamer, and cast it on a bunch of his larger nightmares, such as Coppellius, Leelu/Liltu, or daydreams. The Dreamer can now no longer bury them, and the Daydreams can’t bury/unbury anyone using magical extension. The opponent has now lost a large chunk of his mobility. Against Copp, a friendly nightmare can now no longer make a healing flip. Against Leelu/Liltu, the obvious thought is that they can’t get healed at the same time, activate simultaneously, and they take 3 Wds at the Resolve Effects Step for not having a friendly counterpart in play. Scenario 4: You are playing Raspy, and don’t want to have Ice Mirrored spells on you anymore. Simple fix. Any other thoughts? These are the first ones that come to mind.
  3. Mind you, the only time where these guys can combo is in a Marcus crew, and it just so happens that that's what I was thinking of putting them in. Anyway, scenario: 1) Lawyer prosecutes Cass (She is now non-friendly for the rest of the game) 2) Random friendly (say... cerberus) gets wounded 3a) Cass Elegances her "enemy" cererbus, healing at least 2 wounds. Marcus gains an SS 3b) Raptor beastizes Cass and Marcus can alpha her (as an enemy beast). Are these outcomes possible? I've been scowering the rules and the forums and haven't come up with a definitive answer. I've read solid arguments in both directions. On the one hand, Cass would still meet the requirements of "friendly" (she was hired by Marc's crew and it under his control). On the other... the Lawyer's ability has to have some effect on gameplay. Where does that effect stop? It would prevent me from Myranda/Marcus-healing her, pack-leadering her to make her activate next, or Shikome-Hunting Partnering her. The question is where exactly the line is. The more specific question is this: Is "non-friendly" equivalent to "enemy?"
  4. I was putting together my marcus army and wanted to proxy up Rouge necromancy. Since I had purchased the box set and had no intention of using the Sabertooth Cerberus I decided to turn it into my proxy. I decided for one I didn't want it to be a tiger, I was bored of seeing the tigers, so I settled on Leopard, then since it was necromancy UNDEAD leopard. I love the way he came out :]
  5. Hey guys, I've been lurking for a bit and have decided to jump in. Can Marcus use Howl + Feral + Alpha to control enemy Masters, assuming all appropriate duels and spells go my way? I can't see anything in the errata, rules or posts I found via search that says I can't. There are posts saying that it is ok to do this to enemy models but it seems a bit too much to do this enemy casters... That being said I REALLY want to do it them especially since most will have a WP or 4 or less... Whose your Alpha daddy!:slap: Once I have Alphaed an enemy model is ok to use them to harm themselves with Strikes or Spells? Once a model is Alphaed it is considered friendly right? If so: Do I get any cards it should be able to draw? (Yes?) If it has use soul stones, it can use MY soulstones right? (Yes?)
  6. Hey I'm posting to see if anyone has any pointers on playing Marcus. Currently I'm running with a 25 point crew: Marcus Myranda Sabertooth Cerebus 2x Hoarcat Pride I have another sabertooth and Hoarcat on order and am thinking about getting a pack or two of molemen for lager battles, though right now 25 points is what is used for most games.
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