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Found 28 results

  1. Hi everybody on Wyrd! I have played about three games using my Lucius starter box and I am currently looking for more minis to buy and paint. I know I should probably stay with Lucius for a while longer. However, I have a yearning for more minis and was thinking about getting another box of a master or some more minis. Problem is I don't know who could "Compensate" for Lucius in a tourney setting. Lucius as I understand it is a lot of support and laying down schemes quickly. Seems nice for scenario play. Now who could compensate for harder hitting power in certain schemes? or should I just get more minis to play around with in my list, in that case which ones? I currently have: Lucius box set Austringer Dashel (old name i guess) and 2 extra guild guards. I also have the Lynch crew box so technically I could go neverborn as well. I was looking into McMourning as he seems crazy fun, also Sonnia for witchling stalker summoning games. Any and all suggestions are welcome!!! P.S. might b worth to inform you that I have played a lot of wargames before including Infinity (scenarios heavy game), warmachine and ye old horrendous 40k
  2. Hello! I brought out my ten thunders for Me2. I usually play ressers but have dabble in Thunders in Me1.5 and beta. My great fondness for Miasaki and her flexibility in taking on various schemes are what drives my hand in picking Thunders! The 50SS list is pretty much her box sett, 1 ten thunders archers and Yamaziko. This is the point were things go south for me. I feel that my 3 Torokage an Ottoto never really do any thing( particulary Ottoto) . They are usually the victim of spells our lead poisoning around turn 3, in 4 games the 3 torokage have killed: 1 mechanical pigeon, 1 ronin. Ottoto have killed a ronin. The Torokage have saved me a game by dropping a lot of scheme markers for a line in the sand game 3, even though any non peon would do the trick. I try playing them as some sort of flank killer is that a tactic which they are not suited for?The Torokages stats makes them excellent killers on paper but I feel they lack any movement ability to make them actual ninjas instead of well trained goons in pjs. Pleas do any of you fine gentlemen have a good suggestion for the use of Torokage and Ottoto in a Miasaki list?
  3. Hey all. I wanted to ask some help from you amazing painters out there, I am about to embark on a nerve shattering journey of painting up my first Rider, The Pale Rider, I would like to hold on to the whole 4 Horsemen theme at least a little bit, so I suppose that the Pale Rider would be death? So I would need to know how to paint a Pale Horse. I mean I really need help as in what paints to use, if someone can throw them out from the top of his/her head? I have access to Vallejo, GW and Army Painter in a store here and will be able to order online if needed. So what paints and washes would I use to paint a pale horse? Also I have ordered these ancient bases for the Riders, even though they break the whole in faction base theme, I rather still keep the Riders on the ancient ruins riding forth. What paints would you use to paint something like this but maybe a tad bit more darker and apocalyptic:
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