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Found 271 results

  1. Hi everyone First post for me, but i've been lurking since i started Malifaux. I own a Wong crew box, which i expanded with Burt Jebsen and the Slop Haulers. I've found it to work well, and i'll eventually get Gracie and Sammy Lacroix, but i wanted to get a second master now in order to have more variety and the possibility of chosing after seeing which strategy and schemes i'll have to play with. So, as i own this pieces, what would be a good Crew box to get that complements well with what i have? I'd like to avoid buying loads of stuff right now, so i'd prefer to limit to only a crew box. Was looking at Som'er, but if i read it correctly he needs many models to summon, right? Maybe Ophelia? My doubt about Ophelia is that her ranged playstyle might be too similar to Wong's, so i would get little benefit in owning just these two? Thanks in advance
  2. Hofidas

    Preparation for Turnament

    Hello Guys, I'm going to a Tournament and thinking about some Lists. So I just post my first ideas and hope that you can give me some good advices. Gremlins - 50ss Crew The Brewmaster -- 3SS Cache +Binge - 1ss Apprentice Wesley - 3ss Fingers - 10ss +Drinking Probelm - 2ss Moon Shinobi - 6ss Moon Shinobi - 6ss Performer - 6ss The Sow - 8ss Trixiebelle - 8ss I hope I should not say any about this. Gremlins - 50ss Crew Mah Tucket -- 4SS Cache +Know The Terrain - 1ss +Out For Blood - 2ss The Little Lass - 4ss Bayou Gremlin - 3ss Lenny - 9ss Rooster Rider - 6ss Rooster Rider - 6ss Rooster Rider - 6ss Slop Hauler - 5ss The Sow - 8ss Little Lass get's "Lead Lined Aproned" so I can Sacrifice her when necessarie, same for the Bayou. So all my heavy hitters get their positive flips. The Sow can provit form Rams on ini flip. Gremlins - 50ss Crew Somer Teeth Jones -- 4SS Cache +Can O' Beans - 1ss +Family Tree - 2ss Skeeter x 2 - 4ss Bayou Bushwacker - 6ss Bayou Gremlin - 3ss Bayou Gremlin - 3ss Bayou Gremlin - 3ss Lenny - 9ss +I'll Love It And Pet It... - 1ss Piglet - 4ss Slop Hauler - 5ss Trixiebelle - 8ss +A Gun For A Lady - 1ss I'm not sure about the Piglet, but it's a way to move my Gremlins. I hope that this list can easily out activate the enemie and the waves of Bayou Gremlins can get the Schemes and Strategies. Trixi and Lenny are great together, with her "Gremlin Lure I can push Enemys away, Slop Holer an Lenny close and Piglets deeper to the enemies. Hope that you like my ideas and wan't to hear some critics.
  3. Realized afterwards I put Badge of Office on Francisco when he wasn't my leader... should have been Wade In. It wasn't relevant in the game... but was a booboo.
  4. Grumpy Strongman

    Brewmaster avatar for campaign

    I am looking for an avatar proxie or ideas to make the avatar for the campaign. Anyone have any good ideas, examples, or ideas to purchase?
  5. Grumpy Strongman

    Brewmaster avatar for campaign

    I am looking for an avatar proxie or ideas to make the avatar for the campaign. Anyone have any good ideas, examples, or ideas to purchase?
  6. JudgeDread

    Thoughts on Wong

    this week I will pick up my Wong Crew Box and was just wondering what people feel about Him as a master and what good add on's are to his Crew? I feel like McTavish could be good with his hunting screen and Wong's own Iron Fan of Tsu Li "Poof" trigger having a crew that is pretty hard to get a bead on. I have read PMF and know about the Glowie KillJoy Etc. but wanted to hear more real experience thoughts with the Crew.
  7. David brings his freshly (and beautifully) painted Gremlins in to face my Guild in his first 35SS game!
  8. Elessarion

    The Bayou's Most Wanted

    Hey guys! I'm starting a new series of blog posts about key Gremlin models that maybe sneak under the radar a bit. My first post has gone live today and I'd love to hear your feedback as well as any suggestions for future models to cover in this series http://abnormalifaux.blogspot.co.uk/2016/03/the-bayous-most-wanted-mancha-roja.html
  9. Just finished my very first Malifaux faction in time for BKFaux this weekend. Complete with display base (turns out it might have too small... or my crew too big... oops). Anyhow, just wanted to share the Bayou's Brightest with everyone!
  10. Good Morning Wyrdos, I made a couple faction-specific tape measures that I wanted to share. The faction logos are cold-cast bronze weathered w/ washes and shoe polish, then sealed w/ matte varnish. The tape measures are just little chrome-plated ABS Stanley ones. I used fine steel wool on the Gremlins, and 600 grit wet/dry sandpaper on Guild to knock down the shine. Thanks for looking.
  11. Merris and her booze powered rocket taking off. My gremlin take of Wyrd science, since really anything gremlins do is wyrd.
  12. wobbly_goggy

    Ulix and co.

    So after a number of years playing Gremlins with Somer Teeth, I dipped my toe into the muddy waters of piggy-gremlin fun, and this is the result. It's missing my lovely old-version Pigapult because it's back in the UK and I am currently not. Am I a pro painter? No. But I am pretty pleased that I've finally completed another crew, hurrah! (and I can nudge my 'gremlins' section on my painting tracker up a bit...