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Found 274 results

  1. Good Morning Wyrdos, I made a couple faction-specific tape measures that I wanted to share. The faction logos are cold-cast bronze weathered w/ washes and shoe polish, then sealed w/ matte varnish. The tape measures are just little chrome-plated ABS Stanley ones. I used fine steel wool on the Gremlins, and 600 grit wet/dry sandpaper on Guild to knock down the shine. Thanks for looking.
  2. Merris and her booze powered rocket taking off. My gremlin take of Wyrd science, since really anything gremlins do is wyrd.
  3. So after a number of years playing Gremlins with Somer Teeth, I dipped my toe into the muddy waters of piggy-gremlin fun, and this is the result. It's missing my lovely old-version Pigapult because it's back in the UK and I am currently not. Am I a pro painter? No. But I am pretty pleased that I've finally completed another crew, hurrah! (and I can nudge my 'gremlins' section on my painting tracker up a bit...
  4. Does anyone else need music in the background when they're painting or playing? I do. So I made this Malifaux playlist, months ago. Thought I'd share it with the group.
  5. Deciding to kick off a progression thread of my Malifaux now I've gotten to the stage where I'm not swearing at tiny limbs falling into carpet covered in plastic glue. Starting off with a couple of the colour primes and basecoats i've thrown down in the last two days. More to come as it occurs / if there is interest. *edit* hit the spoiler tags to check out the starting point Open Spoiler
  6. Had a situation tonight which confused me and an opponent regarding a Bayou Gremlin's Whoops, Ricochet trigger going off. I read that models can see in any direction at any time. The Gremlin in question was within LOS to 3 friendly models, depending on how you say he was facing. Obviously he's shooting a particular direction - is that what you use to determine what model is in LOS for the Whoops, Ricochet? Or are any of the three models fair game? (Two were beside him, one a little above, one a little below, with Somer quite far above him, call it North, but still within range.) For purposes of our intro game I thought the most logical course was for Somer to be the friendly target, as he was in the direction I'd been trying ot get the Gremlin to fire. But I wanted to see how it is supposed to actually play out for future reference. Thanks in advance for any help!
  7. Anyone have any oddball lists that you take for specific matchups and/or strats/schemes? I am definitely not talking about a take all comers list, but rather any full rosters that are built around executing a specific game plan.
  8. My entry for Round One of the 2016 Iron Painter. It's based on the idea that there's always one dude in the gym who is bad enough to wear a pink tank top to work out in, and he is NOT someone you want to mess with. Hope you enjoy!
  9. Paul7926

    Intro post

    Hi all Just found my old gremlin models from M1.5E during a recent clear out so decided to grab the M2E rules and the first gremlin deck of cards so that I could start playing again. I've pretty much forgotten what models I had and lost the cards but I know I had the Ophelia box from way back. I've added a picture but it's not the best for identifying them. I didn't play all that much before in all honesty. I'm busy reading the rules and just signed up here to say Hi. With all the 'new' stuff out are there any 'must have' inclusions for an Ophelia crew these days? Please bear in mind that to me 'new' stuff is anything past around the start of M1.5E !!!!!!
  10. Hi there. I'm selling off my Gremlins. Poor bastards have stood in the closet for ages now, so if there's anyone out there who wants to give them a new home, I'd be happy to let them move on. There's a bunch of old metal ones and a complete Somer plastic set plus a few of the newer plastics, and an Old Grumpy (or whatever his name is) proxy. There are a few NiB [PIC] A Pig-a-pult [PIC] Some pigs [PIC] .....and all the rest [PIC] I'd very much prefer to sell them off as one lot. I'm looking for around €160/£120 + postage for all of them (I think theres more than 30 all in all) but if you don't agree with my price estimate, you're always welcome to give me a bid. Just don't expect me to accept it if we're too far apart ? The paintjob isn't shabby but it's not a work of art either. NB) Some of the little piglets have fallen off their bases but a dollop of glue should fix them right up. I'm currently interested in: ~ Old Guild Austringers ~ TTB Hannah
  11. Hello my fellow bayou residents! I recently got my first few crews for malifaux. Neverborn ( lynch) and gremlins ( Ophelia) now im itching to expand my available modles. So what are models I should look into getting for gremlins? I already plan to get slop haulers, and am very heavily considering the Som'er crew box. Mostly to have Lenny, but also to maybe play Som'er. Speaking of Som'er I guess most people play him as a summoner and just try to abuse dumb luck everywhere? I have some interest in Gracie and maybe Burt Jebsen, but not sure. Also with Som'er's crew what are good expansion for that? I plan to use a lot of the Lacroix ( love them so much) but figured they could easily play into each other for crew options. Anyway im just rambling at this point, but thanks in advance for any help.
  12. Hello all, as the title suggests, I'm looking to expand my Bayou presence here soon, and I'm looking for more experienced recommendations to aid me in my nefarious, green-skinned plans. Currently, I have the "Closing Time" Brewmaster box, Burt, Trixie, Nurses I'm turning into "bar serving girl" slop haulers, a whiskey golem, and a lot of Arcanists, which I mention for merc-Performer purposes. My next step is to get Wong's box and Gracie for sure. Also thinking about Sammy & Merris. I know I'll get them eventually, just not sure if they should be an immediate purchase or if I should wait. So what would you recommend beyond that to work well with one or both of those crew boxes, and why? Piglets? Stuffed Piglets? Bayou Gremlins? What crew boxes would you suggest after Wong? What are your thoughts concerning Sammy & Merris? Lay it on me!
  13. I have another topic for my neverborn ( which I plan to add to hopefully in the near future) and since I got my gremlins I figured I'd share my progress. so here is Raphael Lacroix as the first finished model along with a group shot of every one else ready to be finished
  14. I found some Goblin miniature, and converted him to make Old Cranky. Just thought I would share.
  15. I know back in March of 2015 Wyrd posted about the new release of Trixiebelle. Anyone have information on when this littl'gal will be available
  16. We just started a campaign with the new rules and last game this question arise. Is it possible to use the Bayou Two Card ability for Finished Off-flips or is the relevant model already considered dead and as such it's abilities out of play?
  17. Played in a tournament yesterday, and round 2 I got absolutely destroyed by gremlin....was 9-1 in the end I think. How on earth do I handle Gremlins??? Strat: Interference Scheme pool: Murder Protege, Alits, breakthrough, bodyguard....don't remember the others. I took Murder and Bodyguard (Killjoy), declared Murder (Fingers was the target). Opponent took Breakthrough (declared) and bodyguard (Fingers) I took both Viks, Librarian, trapper, Student of Conflict, 2x Freikorpsmann, Librarian and Killjoy (buried) He took Som'er Jones, Trixiebelle, Fingers, and a bunch of other Gremliny things....... Trapper was in a good spot, but his pot shots were fairly ineffective. Freikorpsmenn pushed up hoping for cover behind a wall, but they got picked off almost as soon at got to the wall. The others....terrain wasn't really my friend. Som'er summoned a few gremlins in turn one then pushed out into the open on my right turn 2. There was some angular cover in the middle, then open terrain until the next lot of cover. I could get my viks from cover to cover without being exposed to Som'er, so I chose to hid behind the cover and take my chances against his blast (bad choice). Turn 3 Som'er pushed out down to the same side a bit more into the open, I tried getting Pokey Vik across, but she was ineffective . She got killed, so I brought out Killjoy (Librarian was already dead) By the time turn 4 came around, all I had left was my trapper still trying to shoot Fingers, Student of Conflict, and Shooty Vik. Shooty Vik ran across the left to try and engage Fingers, SoC also ran down to help out. Killjoy moved up to kill Taelor and to claim 1VP from Bodyguard. Turn 5, Killjoy died, Fingers was still being invincible and we wrapped it up. So, basically, it took until turn 3 to kill anything, and that was Killjoy killing Taelor (who didn't matter in this game anyway). The Squeel trigger just destroyed me, couldn't get more than 1 hit on anything, and it would just run off and heal. So, given that, what on earth could I have done this game? How do I handle gremlins? In hindsight von Schill might have been a better choice...but really, no idea how I could have done anything effective. I just couldn't get anything going at all. Doesn't help that for the first 2 turns I not only didn't have anything higher than 10 in my hand, and I also didn't flip anything higher than a 10 at any useful point
  18. Burt jebsen has slippery that when targeted by an attack action, he may pick another target within 2. Vendetta reads, if noted models frist attack is against noted model, in this case burt, score 1 vp. How does that resolve? Is burt no longer the target or is he still "targeted" and i get my 1 point?
  19. So I'm rather curious why humans get all of the gremliny copy-cat attention. The fluff states that after humans arrived in Malifaux the gremlins started to mimic their farming practice to try and take over their pigs, develop moonshine, and fire boomguns. But haven't Neverborn been around for at least as long as the Gremlins? Aside from Sammy imitating Zoraida, why aren't there other green versions of Neverborn stuff? An easy answer is that Neverborn have a malleable appearance, and only look the way they do now because of the presence of humans. But we also know that Black Blood can be implanted (or is maybe even infectious?), so it's still possible for there to be an acid-blood goblin. Similarly, they love to get intoxicated, so there are likely some gremlin Illuminated/Depleted floating around (though I totally get not making a model for that as it would span 3 factions). In addition to that, it's also rather interesting that the gremlins seem to be immune to the necromantic voices that seem to seep into human minds in Malifaux. I know there are people who want a gremlin Resurrectionist, but I think it could be a cool plot point that gremlins cannot hear those secrets. Any thoughts? Or perhaps stories which I don't know of which go into some of these details?
  20. So I just finished up my lucky effigy and am bummed that he's more of a side grade (different role) to a BG rather than an upgrade despite costing a stone more. He has his place with brewie forcing WP tests and Ophelia because she flips so many cards, but who do you take him AGAINST. My immediate thought is ressers because they are going to force more flips w/ HtW etc., and they also have lower than average Df possibly making his Ml attack viable. Also his higher Wp might help set him apart with all those terror duels, and he could even stand up to a belles lure with the benifit of liquid bravery. So what say you? Any other insight with him is appreciated as well because I'm pretty bummed about him not having many use cases.
  21. So i'm getting The Brewmaster crew for Xmas and while i'm seeing how the crew works though their entries in the core book i'm sure i'm missing something with fingers... He stacks poison really well for the upcoming paralyse or brewmaster tarpit but is there something else other than the chatty and scheme marker manipulation that makes him worth 10ss?
  22. Bad things happened to me... well to my wallet, since I recently acquired the Closing Time Starter Box, a Dawn Serpent. a Fate Deck and the small rulebook and here I am turning to you for further advice to acquire the additional miniature... *gasp* So let's start by the beginning, no we won't discuss the creation of earth, the extinction of dinosaurs and apes turning into men... we go a tiny bit further in time. I recently fell in love with some drunken gremlins... I mean, come on, what is NOT to like here? - anyway after getting it to a testdrive (with a nice and very helping henchman), I decided I need a little punch, that will cause my opponent a bit of trouble and a dawn serpent was added to the crew... but we can't leave it at that, shall we? Currently I run the following list... The Brewmaster -> Running Tab -> Binge -> Hold their hair back Aprrentice Wesley Fingers -> Drinking "Problem" 3x Moon Shinobi Dawn Serpent 3 x Soulstones The most flexible thing for me to do is removing the Dawn Serpent (and Running Tab, so I can get the Gremlins), but the Dawn Serpent is one of my major damage dealers and a nice headache for my opponent... (also it gives Poison+2 in melee, must be drinking before the fight). Though I currently think of either: a] Add a Whiskey Golem instead, though I loose the ability to nuke stuff from afar. I could switch Running Tab for The Good Stuff and get an additional Soulstone and the Golem might be good enough via Nimble to wreck havoc... b] Add 2 Rooster Rider, removing the Dawn Serpent and Running Tab c] Look further in the box of the Ten Thunders. Though I am hard presed (and not experienced enough) to know what might work... Also I might want to remove Fingers for another Henchman. Fingers is nice (especially seeing my opponet after all his damage went into nothing and the Poison condition he applied helped on of my Moon Shinobis to get into Melee range with 11", which was nice to see... but the problem, if I play the Dawn Serpent (and declare The Brewmaster drinking for Ten Thunders (like I currently do (this why Binge)) I can't take another Gremlin henchman. One of the solution might be McTarvish (Hey, Wyrd where is the plastic?!?!???!) and add two Bayou Gators along with it... but as I already lamented, there is no plastic model for him. Though eating some pesky markers and playing Fingers game in another way, sounds fun, though the heal is gone *gasp*. Another one, would be a henchman that works well with some Roosters... having a 21" charge just sounds so funny... But maybe you have something completely different and wyrd (yeah... I had to do it, now that is out of the way, we all can move along) for me. Before you give me some advice, here are some things I kindly ask of and it might sound wyrd (ok, I stop now, I promise), but it is for the sake of my wallet, finding the time to paint my stuff and getting to know what I already have... a] Not another Starter Box, so please give advice of things that can easily acquired without getting a Starter... yes this SADLY means Wesley can't hook up with Trixie Belle (damn she's so hawwwt!11!1). I first want to master my current master and get comfortable, before moving on... b] It should be readily available (or at least not too much to proxy)... it's not funny not having a nice model, which you can paint up, after a nice game c] Not change the list completely, again, I want to learn my master and some major players within the box... changing a model here and there is nice... but if the list only consists of the Brewmaster and no other model, it would me do no good d] Explain why you suggest a model, or two. It doesn't help me typing out some names and not why you suggest them. It would be easier for me to add models I know what to expect... and frankly, you are getting your point much more accross. e] I want to go either more into Ten Thunders or Gremlins... so I am hard pressed for Outcasts, but hey, if you have a REALLY goood point, go for it. f] I just love The Binge upgrade. Who doesn't like to see your opponent discarding a hand card, they can't use and get a debuff of some sorts on top of it! In the end, all I can do is say, thank you for reading the thread, take your time to type out a reply and help a new player having more fun in the wy... (I know, I promised) ... mysterious (happy?) world of Malifaux. - Kobayashi
  23. Sorry if this is already a thread, I saw there was that one about Wong up fairly high, but I think most threads revolve around actually using models in game and their crew building. I'm more curious about his story, or what he's doing. It's a fairly open question, but I'm just curious what he's about, or from whence he came? He clearly uses magic, but how did that come about? My other more broad curiosity is about Faction X Arcanist crossovers, namely the notion that anything that can cast spells might be related to Arcanist. Is this how people generally view the Arcanist Faction, as the primary "Casters"? The alternative, that I subscribe to (Which better explains why Wong would not be Arcanist), is that Arcanist happen to be comprised of many mages, but represent more of an ideal or mentality, a group bound more by shared interest than vestment in the arcane. Does this seem reasonable, or is there a good reason Wong could be theoretically clumped into Arcanist? I'm just curious what the defining trait why or why not a model might be partially woven into the Arcanist (Other than purely that being their design), and the general story around Wong and any connection he has to magic or the Arcanist (Does he like them, hate them?). Thanks for the know how, half-stock-green-kin.
  24. So, if you sacrifice a Stuffed Piglet to the Pigapult's "Bacon Load", is there any way to avoid the "Stuffed with Explosives" ability, or do you just have to suffer the -1 to shooting in exchange for tasty, tasty blasts?
  25. Hi guys. I'm I'm the UK and have just started collecting Malifaux and in particular gremlins. So far have picked up som'ers, wong's and ophelias crews as well as a hog whisperer, piglets, pigapult, war pig, lucky effigy and some extra lightning bugs. Also just ordered lots of things in the black Friday sale (who doesn't like war rabbits, nightmare golems, sammy and gators!). Now it's time for me to start gaming and was wondering what you guys thought would be a good place to start with what I have to start with? Any help and suggestions are appreciated including must buys for when I ever have money again lol. Slop haulers are definately on the list. Sam
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