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  1. I currently own four Masters and most of their related models: McMourning, Nicodem, Seamus, Yan Lo. I mostly play McMourning and sometimes Nicodem, haven't played Seamus outside of Crew Box games for years, and never tried Yan Lo. I don't have any trouble against most Factions with McMourning, but some heavily Wp-focuses Neverborn lists really give me the fits. They usually include the Widow Weaver to reduce my already mediocre Wp and one or more Teddies which they can easily move into my face (via pushes from Daydreams or Tangle Shadows), thus usually getting the alpha strike on me and tying up my forces so I can't deal with the Weaver who just makes my Wp lower and lower, until the Horror Duels and their sheer hitting power overwhelm me. In my experience, the general lack of Armor and low-ish Wp really plays towards their strenghts. I'm curious who and what would you take against those lists. I've tried Nicodem against a Pandora list, but she and her little friends have engaged me before I could get the summoning rolling and I've lost, but I feel he might obviously have a better chance against them than McMourning, however he does not seem perfect, either. My ideas so far are: 1. taking a Lawyer with McMourning if I'm against Neverborn for the +ve flip in Horror duels (still not enough imho) 2. Anna Lovelace to counter Lilith's Tangle Shadows and make delivering Teddies harder (they can still charge though) 3. Johan, although usually I get Paralyzed during my activation which he can't help with, but a Relic Hammer can come handy 4. Giving Seamus or Yan lo a try against those lists, or getting another Master. What are your suggestions?
  2. Hey all, Had my first dreamer game last night with lots to learn, lost by 2VP. When it came to chompy, I felt like I could be overextending dreamer if I rush chompy in and then either choose, or am forced to bring dreamer back out - right in the thick of it. If things are looking bleak and chompy is on the ropes, can a daydream sac' itself to unbury the dreamer in relative safety (albeit slow)
  3. Just received the Dreamer Avatar I plan to use in as Mysterious Emissary. Wanted to say how awesome this model is: great concept, full of character, great posture of the models (love Dreamer's attitude, and how Lord Chompy's fingers are positioned, both in the hand carrying the bed and the one resting on the ground). Very, very cool model. Well done, Wyrd! Well, maybe there's a more practical subject to use this thread for: a modeling suggestion. Since the "wall" section is resin and the rest is metal, would you think there could be any issue in the resin part bending due to the weight of the metal parts stuck to it? Any experience from those already owning the model? In case, any suggestion on how to strengthen and support it?
  4. Got my first game in ever as the dreamer last night. It was a ton of fun, probably the most fun I have had playing as Neverborn.Corner Deployment Extraction Schemes were Deliver the Message, Body Guard, Protect Territory, and Spring the trap. I opted for Bodyguard on the Hooded Rider and Deliver the Message, both unrevealed. My list:Dreamer with Dreams of Pain, Otherworldly, and Wings of DarknessTeddyHooded Rider with Ret's Eye3 Day Dreams1 SilluirdHis list was Marcus with God's Domain, Arcane Reservoir and I can't remember what elseSabertooth Cerberus with Imbued EnergiesMiranda with Imbued EnergiesJohan with Imbued EnergiesJackalope2 Canine RemainsTerrain was kind of relevant, but kind of not. We had a river going down the middle to the left. There was a house close to the river and a bridge on both sides of the house. The marker was on the inside of the river with the house blocking it in. Whoever got that corner was going to have a huge advantage as the other corner had limited options to get around. We flip for deployment and he gets that corner. Great.He deploys the Cerberus on his left far flank with one canine remains and jackelope on the left side of his deployment. Marcus, the rattler, Myranda, and the other Canine Remains were centrally located.My deployment was Hooded rider on the left (there was a row of houses to navigate so I can flank) with teddy ready to run across the bridge. The sillurd was on my right part of my deployment. The dreamer was centrally located with the nightmares in a triangle pattern around him. My starting hand had 1 11 and the rest were below 6. Ok, no problem! Stone away and strike out. I get nothing but low cards. This bums me out a little, but I'd rather filter them now, I guess? The first round was interesting. I managed to use a stone to give myself positive flips on a summon flip and summoned in the twins with one lucky high card and cheated in the other, both healed to full. On my right, he threatened a Sabertooth to my teddy. He traditionally gets super lucky with the Sabertooth (he got like 8 attacks one time) so I am a little hesitant of it. We do a little dancing, but no engagements. The hooded was B-lining up the left side. Turn 2: I won initiative and cant remember the order of things, but I managed to get one stitched in and gave fast to the twins and moved up with the dreamer, being careful of my waking. The hooded popped one canine and the non-slow summoned stitched (because I hit the trigger) gambled and destroyed the other canine. This was good because it means I could start out activating, but he had more peeps around the marker to move it. I still got my strat point, but he moved it back to his corner a little bit. Not good. I managed to snag Johan with a lure and teddy brought Johan down to 1. He also got the drop on my teddy and took a big chunk out of him, but he managed to stay alive. Turn 3: I won initiative and finished Johan promptly with Teddy. His cerberus leaped over Teddy and got to deliver a message to Dreamer, scoring 2. Those keeping track, that makes it 1 to 3. I summon some Insidious Madnesses and rush the objective. I do a big chuck to his Rattler with my Rider as we dance back and forth. He isn't able to make a lot of the damage stick on the rider at this point. Dreamer also gave one of the twins fast, so Leilu activates, Lures myranda into the river (causing hazard damage), and double Whispers in Blood. Lelu then goes and takes a huge chuck out of Cerberus. He doesn't kill him, but he is hurting. I have more guys within the objective due to spamming Madnesses and get the objective to move back.Turn 4: He wins initiative and tries to put some damage on Lelu, but black jokers one and whiffs on the other. I leap my silluird into base to base with Marcus and do my own Message UPS. I finish off the Sabertooth and lure Myranda up more and do some major damage to her in hazardous terrain. He pops Myranda and summons out a Cojo. He is able to clear some area with his push, but it was a desperation move. I am able to do some major damage to him and keep him in the river, bringing him down to 1. The Hooded rider finishes off the Rattler. He is down to Cojo on one wound, Marcus who kills the silluird, and is Jackelope. Turn 4 ends and I reveal my other scheme. After asking if I have a way to heal the Hooded to above half wounds (which dreamer can do and could do easily), he says good game. End of game score was 9 to 6. he got 3 strat points, 2 points for Deliver, and 1 for protect territory. Turn 5 would have been me getting the last strat point. Things I have learned:Summoners are dumb. I hate playing against them. After playing AS one, I see the appeal. They are dumb. Dumb dumb dumb dumb. OMG dumb. There wasn't a lot he could do really. Maybe bring some deploy from shadows stuff to engage me? I dont know. It was rough for him. He had a blast, luckily. I didn't overwhelm him any one turn, but was able to stop him. Had I not rush the objective turn 3, he would have been able to just run back and camp points.
  5. hi, I decided to start my ventures into the lovely strange world of malifaux with the dreamer (not the summoner version, for now). I know that people seem to discourage beginners to pick up the dreamer first but I decide with my guts and have to go with the story of a faction/master. It has always been like this for me. So the dreamer is set. I'll order the Widow and Teddy with him. But I'd like to get a second master and maybe one henchman or minion more, if it's strongly suggested. From what I read on the wiki and here I assume that Pandora would get along fine with the dreamer. What do you suggest and what should I get in addition? Lucius and Lynch are not an option by the way, someone else in the group has plans to pick them up. So it's really between the ladys: Pandora, Lilith or Zoraida.
  6. When using the book 3 campaign rules, can I use Lord Chompy Bits as my henchmen leader even though he manifest from the dreamer?
  7. Here's a narrative battle report I finally finished for a game a couple weeks back. It was a fun game with a new strategy. http://malifaux.battle.directory/battle-report/ten-thunders-jakob-lynch-vs-neverborn-the-dreamer/view-full/158
  8. Like the title suggests, I question: Can Lord Chompy Bits be given upgrades? I would assume that because he is summoned he can't be given any upgrades prior to the game.
  9. I got bored while I was waiting for the Iron Painter round 1 results to be posted, so I decided to clear a few models from my WiP queue. This means that The Dreamer is ready to come out and play! I have several more angles of our favorite creepy little kid and his nightmare friends available over on my blog, Check it out!
  10. Hey, guys! A new recruit to the Malifaux game and world here, and I must say I'm very intrigued. The models touch my ideal kind of fantasy world, and even if I can't recruit enough players in my area I'll have some fantastic and imaginative models to paint for my personal collection. To begin I've chosen The Dreamer and the Neverborn. Although all of the Factions of Malifaux were interesting with a top-notch model range, the horrors of the Neverborn sit very close to my love affair with "anything goes" once I start branching out for conversions and the like. The following models are very much work in progress, and are still a few steps from hitting the painting table. I really enjoy the idea of this eerie, darkened home/orphange, and the theme of the bases stick close to the actual Wyrd Orphanage bases. I wanted a bit more room, literally, to allow some additions here and there, so I elevated the floors with a bit of cork. Dirt will fill the underside of the floor boards, leaving enough room for the green stuff that you see to be mystic, glowing energy and nightmare monsters lurking beneath the wood. Dreamer - I added a bit of a rug, but lifted up a section so I can have a deep shadow with eyes peering from beneath it. A ball sits next to him. Lord Chompy Bits has the same rug, but I omitted the monster/eyes, as LCB is more than interesting enough to not want to draw attention away once he's painted up. Teddy - I added a simple child's book just to fill in the area a tad. Idea was simple, and stolen from the official bases. Daydreams - These guys are great, and I wanted to keep them simple. One stands with tentacles reaching from beneath the floor boards, another is actually modeled to appear to be bursting from beneath the floor, and the last (the octopus-looking one) is sitting in a bit of cork where the floor has merged with the nightmare realm and will have some swamp and water effects. Alps - More great models with amazing personality. I wanted to add to it a bit, but still keep it simple to not draw away from them too much. The one with the cigar has a bit of the floor removed and it'll be a pretty sizable blood stain and whatever gore will make it look like he just bashed in someone's head. The bent over one seemed to be in a "ready to charge" but I added to pieces of chalk, one actually in his hand", because I plan to paint "LEAVE" on the floor in front of him as if he just wrote it. The running one was gets the tentacles reaching from underneath the floor this time. Coppelius - Little was done. I have some green stuff drying so I can carve some toys, and he might get one or two if they come out okay. I have a flat piece curing now to make into a puzzle, but I'm thinking I'll put that idea with Baby Kade once I get him together - I have Kade's older metal model and think it'll go nicely with him. So, here's the WIP picture. Sorry it's a bit small for the amount of stuff on the screen, but I was really hurting for time and had to leave for work ASAP. I still need to scrape off mold lines, fill gaps, cut the excess rugs to the shape of the base once it's dry, and add the dirt. And then it's paint time!
  11. Just finished up painting the new plastic Lord Chompy Bits! Check out some other angles of this tyrant over at my blog! I hope you all like this guy, he was a ton of fun to paint!
  12. Hey guys, So for my first forum post ever I came to the neverborn forums for help. SO let me explain: (TL;DR scroll down if you dont care about background story) So when I first started Malifaux with my friends I used to play Lilith with my friends during first edition. Due to a shortage in time (And $$$) i stop playing Malifaux for other minis I had more of and more people playing. Now when I had more time to play I picked up gremlins for the hilarity towards the end of 1st ed. When 2nd ed started I stuck with gremlins for a bit only to really get no support from Wyrd. I stop playing for awhile because of less time (And more college) and came back to still no support. While we recently start to get support (And still no brewmaster ) I really kinda stopped caring and started looking elsewhere. I collect a few guild models but i mostly use them to teach others how to play since they are pretty straight forward. And Istarted to miss Lily from back in the day. I bought some models and started the painting process but I want more crews than just good ol' Lily ) (TL;DR end) (Start paying attention again asshole! xD) So I got Lily but I want to play some Dreamer and Lord Chompy and am looking at what I need to pick up to run a good Dreamer 2nd ed army and what to get for a better Lily crew. I also think I'll get Pandora and Lucius as well (Since I have guild model for teaching) Here's what I got: Lilith, Mature Nephilim, 3 Terror Tots (the M1E box) 2x Young Nephilim 1x Cherum Mature Nephilim 3 Terror Tots Blister So I'm just wondering what I should get to run a strong Dreamer crew, as well as what I should get to help strengthen my Lily crew!
  13. Hello! I've watched this forum for a long time. I love to play puppet wars and evil baby orphanage, so I thought I would try Malifaux. I bought three starter sets on Black Friday and finally got a chance to paint one master. I assembled the rest of his crew and posted them next to him. Looks really nice. I was afraid of so many parts and how well they would turn out but it was easier than I thought with more skin intact than I thought too. This is my first miniatures game. I normally play board games. Over the last year I've been trying to improve my painting- there are a lot of amazing artists on this forum and I love to look at your pictures. I really have enjoyed all the tidbits of information and tips that you all leave here and there. Mako's guides are really awesome and helped me understand a lot of subtle ideas/concepts. Please, C&C welcome. I love to learn what would make something better. I wanted to keep the colors on the mini close to the box art. I like the box art a lot. Basing is something I have never done. So I think for now I want to keep it simple. I got "green stuff"-like stuff and then used a stamp to make the tile flooring. My mom is a scrapbooker so I stole some ideas from her for Ramos's and Lynch's bases. They are plumber's tape rolled through this thing that imprints a design. I sculpted Seamus's bases from a tutorial I found here! http://boardgamegeek.com/geeklist/159382/my-painted-games-wip-pic-heavy :Here is my journal of painting as I try to learn more and improve my painting if anyone is interested/would like to give me some pointers. Thanks for looking!
  14. From the album: The Dreamer

  15. Hi, Any plan for a plastic dreamer box? I like the tannen, dreamer summoner combo but tannen is not really in the dreamer theme, will there be a nightmare to replace him as a combo? Thanks,
  16. Hi all, after both running the numbers and a number of games I have reached a conundrum, namely when using Dreams of Pain Dreamer is it better to initially hire a bunch of cheap minions (Alps, Daydreams, Madnesses, etc.) and then summon in the heavy hitters, or vice versa, start with the enforcer nightmares and then summon in the cheaper guys. For me the question arises as while the more expensive Nightmares obviously require more intensive cards to summon (which you may not have available through the course of the game), they also heal up far quicker (The Twins in particular) and thus stick around longer and you get more SS worth of models for "free" per summon. I was just wondering if anyone else thought about this when forming their crew or if people's decisions where far more based on Strat and Scheme. Thanks in advance for any thoughts
  17. So I guess the Dreamer needs a summoning card too.. As he can dream of horrible things with tentacles to eat your face. http://wyrd-games.net/community/files/file/78-dreamer-summoning-card/ For those that don't play summoners, here is a brief rundown of what these cards are for Each of the masters I have done cards for can summon a collection of models and the TN of their summon is based on the cost of the model summoned. These cards show what models these summoner can create and what card you have to cheat in or flip to summon them. Molly has two cards as she has 2 different limited upgrades one which allows her to summon Horror Minions and one which allows her to summon Spirit Minions. So for example I'm playing Nicodem, the highest card in my hand is a 12 and I also have a 9 of Crows. I could choose to summon a Rotten Belle, knowing that if I fail to flip a 9+ of crows I can just cheat in my 9 of Crows, or I could spend a soulstone to get an extra Crow and go after a Student of Viscera, knowing I can cheat in a 12 and I have the crow from the soulstone.
  18. Apologies to my Twitter/Tumblr people (that'd be @infocorn and goawayskips respectively), but I wanted to forum-show my Dreamer crew. The theme for Bad Dreams was "Smoke and Mirrors." This was done with small dollhouse mirrors on each base (a not-always-perfect-but-workable concept) and polyfill batting (six hundred pounds for $2!). With the "smoke" in place, I teased it like Jersey Mall Hair in the 1980s, and then nailed it with professional-grade hairspray. When I go to dullcote the lot of them here, I think that will help as well. Or maybe make them explode. IDK for chemistry. While certainly not perfect, I was really happy (for once) with how I did here. My father suggested I start selling painted crews. I suggested he put the crack pipe down. But someday maybe (no). The Class Photo: Done. Stitched Together: background, coming out of a sewing basket all Circus-Tent style, fore Tim Burton Joker style on a sewing machine. Coppelius, here as a WIP, but I didn't get a good detail shot of him done. and lastly, Chompy and Dreamer... Up next are Freikorps and likely a stripping of at least Papa Loco (if not all the Ortegas) and the remaining Hoffstar pieces. I also have a HUGE Ramos mess to get sorted out as I kind of inherited two boxed sets, kept one, and discovered that in the offing, had lost his flame arm...only to realize I had all kinds of Reaper minis I could cannibalize quite nicely. GREENSTUFF.
  19. I see a lot of lists that include daydreams as part of the starting crew. I got to wondering. Since they can be summoned, wouldn't those soulstones be better used on a stitched together or something like that? What's the big bonus to having them start out in a Dreamer crew anyway?
  20. So I'm just starting The Dreamer and have a few questions on Shared Actions and One Master: 1) Does this work? I'm still trying to understand the shared action pool... Activate The Dreamer: (0) "I Can Fly!", (1) walk 7", (0) Nightmare Friend Chompy activates because of One Master: (+1) Melee Expert Strike, (1) Regular Strike with All Done trigger The Dreamer activates because of One Master: (1) walk 7" away (because "I Can Fly!" is still in effect?) 2) Say a Daydream then uses (1) Call Nightmares later in my turn to bring Chompy back out. Does Chompy reactivate with AP via One Master, or does he "activate," realizes he has no AP left, and then move on? 3) Say instead of the action chain listed above in part 1), Chompy only takes his Melee Expert Strike. So Dreamer and Chompy only use 2 of their 3 shared AP. Then part 2) happens (a Daydream unburies Chompy). Does Chompy still have that 1 AP saved, or was it gone at the end of their activation? I really dig the ideas behind the shared activation pool, just need some help wrapping my head around it. Thanks so much for the help!
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