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Found 14 results

  1. Hey, Wyrdos! There are some models that have attack actions or triggers that say 'target suffers damage from the X condition'. In such cases, if that (extra) damage kills the target, is the attacking model or the condition that kills the target?
  2. My Vision of '0' abiity. I did not like the original head, hope you like new one :)
  3. Hi dudes! I have on mind playing Rail Golem, and need put burning on him. What are the best miniatures for it? I want play him with Colette, or Ramos so dont tell me Kaeris xD I'm thinking on Firestarter and Union Miners All advices are welcome!
  4. Hey wyrdos, the tricky question is here) Situation: The Sonnia Criid with Flaming Demise condition (This model gains the following Condition until the end of the Turn, “Flaming Demise: When this Condition ends, all models in p3 suffer 3 damage. If this model is killed, all models in p3 suffer 6 damage instead.” ) in btb with Lady Justice. 1" away from them is Purifying Flame (2 wounds left). At the end of the Turn resolved Flaming Demise and it kills Purifying Flame. When this model is killed, models in p2 gain Burning +2. Now LJ and Sonnia have Burning +2. Am I correct that burning resolve immediately, because that's the end of the Turn (and end of the upkeep phase)?
  5. A model with the burning condition is killed by it at the end of turn. Can Sonnia summon off of it or is did the model remove the burning condition before it died? I found an old question about this from 2015, but only two people answered and no consensus was reached. Before someone points to the FAQ there is nothing there about dying from Burning only about if a model without burning is killed when she declares the Consuming Flame trigger: This does not satisfy my question. Model A has burning and is within Violation of Magic's aura. Model A dies from the burning condition in the End of Turn step. What happens? Does Sonnia get a Witchling Stalker or is did the model remove the burning condition before it died?
  6. https://www.reddit.com/r/Malifaux/comments/4tfj39/rule_question_explosive_chain_reaction/ So the question came up on Reddit (see link) and it says you resolve end of turn effects in a chosen order but if both players have effects ending then player 1 gets to resolve theirs first. (Big book pg 35) In the situation at hand Sonnia's burning dmg would not be applied until after Pandora resolved her end of turn effects. Does this mean that she wouldn't take burning until next turn or that it would still happen at the end of this turn just in an odd order?
  7. Scenario: Lilith is within 1" of a Fire Gamin. Lilith has Burning +2 on her. The Fire Gamin has 1 Wd left. Lilith resolves the burning, takes 2 damage, triggering her Black Blood ability, damaging all models within 1". The Fire Gamin, being within an inch, takes damage and dies, triggering Flaming Demise. This causes 1 damage plus Burning +1 to all models within 1". So Lilith takes 1 damage (triggering her Black Blood again) and gains Burning +1. Do the effects of that burning resolve during that turn's Upkeep or during the following turn's upkeep?
  8. Hey dudes, just watched a batrep where something died from the burning condition and allowed Criid to summon. It was the burning that killed the model so I had assumed it wasn't possible (as you remove the burning to do taht fatal damage). however the more I look at it I'm convincing myself it is possible. model takes wounds equal to its burning condition > then remove the condition. meaning of that model hits 0 wounds sonnia can "step in" between those two steps and summon. Is this correct or have I been playing it right from the start?
  9. Okay, for example, I have a Carrion Emissary and Sebastian hiding behind his two Shard Markers. These markers are removed, per the rules on his card, at the end of the turn. Say I have two enemies in front of the shards, both with Poison. My question is, as I dont have the rulebook handy, in what order do End of Turn effects resolve? Do the markers fall off prior to Poison/Burning ticking? Or vice versa? Or simultaneously? If simultaneously, are they then also affected by Sebastians aura of adding +2 damage to poison ticks if they are within range?
  10. If a model with 3 wounds gets Burning +3 and survives to the end of the turn...does its death count for Reckoning? Burning is converted to wounds at the end of the turn, but players get a VP for killing at least 2 models *during* the turn.
  11. I just started playing through the breach with a tinker, and when it comes to combat my magic seems far more powerful than a lot of the other players attacks. So I wanted to check we weren't doing things wrong. First off, the pertinent character information. - My character is a tinker, with intellect 3, and sorcery 3. - My theory is Tradition magic, specialising in Sorcery with the paired skill of necromancy. - I have the specialised skill talent to add Tomes to Sorcery. - I have the Animate Construct and Elemental Strike Magia. - For immutos i have Fire, Reduce AP and Focus Object. - My focus object is a custom built full pneumatic arm. Giving me -4 to TN, calculated as -2 for commonality, -2 for portability (though not sure if this should be -1?) In combat I am therefor able to cast Elemental strike (base TN3 tomes) with the Focus Object Immuto (-4TN), and 7x Fire Immuto (+14TN), for a target number of 13. With my sorcery A.V of 6 (3 rating + 3 intellect) and the specialised skill talent adding tomes, I essentially only need to flip a 7 or more (with a positive flip from the theory). On a hit it will be 1/2/3 damage and 7 burning tokens. What it seems I can do with this is charge an opponent, hit twice with the ability above, and then use the reduce AP immuto to make a third (0) action, albeit at a +5 TN), totaling 1/2/3 damage 3 times and approximately 21 burning tokens. More than enough to effectively kill anything at the end of the round (boss NPCs included). Granted I can also reduce the target number on each attack by slicing a couple of fire immutos off (say 1 of each normal and 2 less on the 0 action). Are we playing it wrong? Or have I just capitalised on the system too much? The one downside to the fire immuto is the damage doesn't kick in until the end of the combat round and thus the opponent always gets to act, but its practically a one round kill, or if spread around in a tighter space up to 3 weaker npc minion kills a round. Thanks in advance for any help!
  12. Hey everyone. Would love some opinions on how to figure the following out: During the upkeep phase of the end step (p35) most conditions end. It states that if the order of conditions ending is important the first player that turn chooses the order. Can a model only resolve conditions only once per end pahse or can it happen multiple times in the same turn? Neither of these options are directly spelled out in the rules as far as I can see. The situation that prompted my question: Stalker is close to enemy model and both are burning. The stalker will die from its burning condition. So can I (1) choose to first have the enemy resolve its burning (and other stuff) and after that have the witchling explode to put more burning on it. As the other model has already removed burning this turn it stays on to make Sonnia see them for the entire next turn? Or (2) The enemy model removes burning, the witchling explodes putting more burning on my enemy, the enemy now removes burning a second time, repeating until no-one has any conditions left? Your thoughts?
  13. Hello, I recently played a game with Sonnia Criid vs Nicodem, and the game brought up a few questions. While i believe we ruled correctly in both cases, i just want to check. Sonnia's upgrade for reference: Violation of Magic: When an enemy model with the Burning condition within 10'(aura) of Sonnia is reduced to 0 wounds, Sonnia may spend a soulstone or discard two cards to summon a Witchling Stalker into base contact with the model before it is removed. Scenario one - A model with the burning condition is reduced to 0 wounds via the burning condition itself at the end of the turn (i believe it was a flesh construct on 3 wounds with burning +4). Can i summon a witchling when this model dies? We ruled that i was able too since the burning damage is done and thus the model reduced to 0 wounds before the condition is removed. Scenario two- A model on one wound is killed with an attack that gives burning (in the game believe it was a witchling stalker rushing to Sonnia's defence against a punk zombie. The witchling stalkers rules state that all models damaged by this model gain the Burning +1 condition). We ruled that the witchling would do its 2 damage from its melee attack to kill the model before burning was applied, thus i could not use Sonnia's upgrade. Thanks in advance for any feedback.
  14. I'm rather new to Malifaux (loving it btw), just have the Kaeris box set as you probably know Kaeris relies upon the spreading and detonation of Burning counter/tokens to do damage. However when resolving the burning counters do they stack? As you know if you have a burning counter when it comes tot he resolve effects stage you must choose whether to suffer slow or 1 wound. My question is if you have multiple counters does the damage stack? Example: Random has 3 counters, decides to take slow with one of them (I'm working on the logic that slow doesn't stack) does that mean that the remaining two counters are instantly wounds or if you take slow or does it cancel out the other counters all together? Or is it not possible to stack burning counters in the first place? If looked at other sites and they haven't been clear and I can't find anything about it in the rule book so I was wondering if anybody knew. If you plan to answer please explain fully. Thank you heaps
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