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Found 114 results

  1. Hey there! My friend and I have recently started a blog called Tactifaux, we're doing battle reports, tactical articles, and will be offering more in the future. My friend is currently setting up an overarching website that will house Tactifaux, our podcast, and the player resources we're working on behind the scenes. After reading other battle reports I will be making some changes as new reports come out, I'm new to blogging so still growing there. Format wise I write reports 1 turn at a time to get a little more insight into the game play and decisions made. I literally just published Turn 2 of my first Battle Report in this format. That could be your thing, or could not! I encourage you to stop by www.tactifaux.com sometime and check out what we have. It's only been live for 4 days now, but we're pushing out new content as often as possible. I'm in the process of extending a series I'm working on about Applying Pressure and Proactivity vs. Reactivity on the table. Thanks for checkin' us out, don't forget to swing by our Facebook page as well! Alan
  2. Using Rasputina's Freeze Over cast action can you target your own engaged model and hence paralyse the enemies in base to base contact? If your friendly target has Frozen Heart are they then immune to the paralyses but the enemies still get it? Also, if you're interested, I'm relatively new to the game and I've joined a shifting loyalties campaign. Time to buy a master but I've got a mixed crew of arcanists: Joss, Kudra, Mech Rider, Arcane Emmisary, 1 Oxfordian Mage, 2 December Acolytes to choose from. The masters I can choose from are Rasputina, Sandeep, or Ramos. One problem is that for this game week I can only afford the master and not any upgrades (you even have to pay scrip for 0 upgrades). I'll have to face Asami and a ten thunders crew in one game and Nicodem with some rezzers in another. Reconnoiter, Distract, Vendetta, Assasinate, Bodyguard. At the moment I'm thinking Rasputina and the Wendigo to paralyse and eat things. The acolytes can be her ice mirrors and she can give out frozen heart and armour +2 if needed. If anyone can see a better course then feel free to illuminate me.
  3. Here's a Carlos Vasquez, in his "American Showman-themed" trousers. The stars are from a sheet of 10mm scale US Army tank markings I happened to have lying around...it's always good to recycle ! Full set of pics on my blog, from a page which also has some gaming-table-quality Oiran on it too.
  4. Yesterday was Spring Down, a 3 round 50 ss fixed faction GG17 event. I secured a pass for the event and drove down with my clubmate joe. he decided to play Collodi whilst I decided that I'd stick with Arcanist, and see how the day turned out. There are no photos, but games one and two were on wild west town boards (different boards, but largely they all seem to be similar) Game 3 was on a dried stream bed board (The one I played on twice in Lost love 5) The event itself was run on Bag o Tools, which means I didn't walk away with all the schemes for each round, so I've only recorded the ones I can remember. I also took no notes so I am missing most upgrades from my opponent. (and expect a few things to be slightly wrong) Game 1 Collect the bounty vs Tara (Darren) Flank deployment Dig their graves, Claim Jump, leave your mark, Marcus (Damage upgrade)(Arcane) Jackolope Shuistarya Guard War Wabbit Luther the Pascha Hare (well rehersed) Boris the circus bear Moleman Hoarcat pride He took Tara Scion of the Void Nothing beast 2 void wretches Death Marshal Aionius Turn 1 I used the jackolope and Boris to give the War Wabbit options where to go. He moved the bulk of his models (Scion, tara, nothing beast, Aionius and a void wretch) over to 1 side roughly where I was heading the bear. I moved Luther that way, and dropped a scheme marker for the moleman to move up and they hid behind a building from the main block of Tara. The death Marshal shot at the bear, slightly hurting it. The Shystar guard pushed the Wabbit towards Boris and then went off to try and start scoring leave your mark. The Wabbit charged Boris, pushing him and making him furious. It also made the scion in range of my second charge. The Wabbit hit the scion and hurt it a fair chunk. Marcus had gone over towards the death marshal. Turn 2. Tara lost initiative despite the bonus flip, so the Wabbit went to town, killing a void wretch, hurting the scion a bit more and and hurting Tara. I was hoping for slightly better, but you take what you can… Tara kicked off her fast aura and attacked the wabbit. I had foolishly moved Marcus to far away to Alpha the Wabbit so I pushed him nearer with the Guard, who also got into position to drop Leave your mark markers next turn. The nothing beast went to town on the Wabbit, leaving near death. Blessed went up and dropped a scheme marker near enough to get me a graves point. Scion kills Wabbit. It does empty hi hand to do so. Boris charges Scion, but fails to kill. Marcus Alphas Boris and this time he kills the scion. Aionius scores claim jump. Death Marshal charges Marcus, but he survives. Tara re-activate kills boris. I score Bounty and Graves, He score claim jump. Turn 3. Void wretch fasts Luther and charges him. He becomes buried. The Horcats charge the void wretch, but leaving him on 1 wound. Aionius goes and kills the buried Luther from fully healthy so I can’t use well rehersed. Marcus goes after Tara, and kills her. Moleman gets a marker near the nearly dead void wretch. Jackolope gets the kill on the void wretch. Guard drops a scheme marker for leave your mark. I score 3 points. Turn 4 Marcus kills the Nothing beast, and the jackolope kills the death Marshal. Aionious drops a mark for claim and a mark for leave your mark (due to his pushing markers action) I score 2 (failed to dig graves) he scored 1 We didn’t start turn 5, but I couldn’t get Aionius and he was the only model he had left, and couldn’t score anything. End score 7-2 The Bear and the Wabbit did roughly what I wanted as tough minions that took most of his crew to kill. I probably should have got more out of them, but it turned out to be just enough. If he had realised he couldn’t bury the scion with 0 cards in and, he might have played turn 2 a little differently, but I think it wouldn’t have made a huge difference as I think the last card he cheated saved something else from dying. I didn’t pay enough attention to Aionius’ damage, it was a lucky severe that killed the blessed, but I should have paid a little more attention to the down sides of being buried rather than just thinking it would be good to have a fast blessed released when I killed something.
  5. Has anyone got a Cujo card/2 Molemen cards for sale/trade please? I`m based in the UK
  6. I've started painting a new crew: Colette's Showgirls. I've started with some of her constructs: Mannequins and Mechanical Doves. I'm looking forward to painting the rest of this crew. It's a good spot to try some bright and vibrant colours. Move pictures here and here.
  7. Trying to thin my collection a bit: MALIFAUX - Dreamer Crew + Lilu & lilutu (metal) + teddy £45 (Lilu is missing one of his arms) (crew and teddy primed grey) Sommer teeth jones crew + warpig £34 (mostly unbuilt) Ophelia crew (NOS) £25 Burt, Gracie, Wong £15 Hoffman Crew £27 (assembled, watcher has had it's wing modified to fix the perspective issue) Pathfinder & clockwork traps (NOS) £10 Sullirids (NOS) £10 Old Ashes and Dust (assembled) £15 Old Mechanical Rider £10 Rasuptina crew (Ice golem + ice gamin painted. Missing Wendigo) £20 30k: The Horus Heresy - Legiones Astartes: Age of Darkness Army List (newest version, mint) - £30 WARMACHINE - (purchases of £100 or over will receive an additional 5% off) Cryx army - £525 for the whole thing Denegrah 1 (Resin, Painted) - £7.50 Denegrah 2 (old sculpt, painted) - £7.50 Asphyxious 3 (painted) - £16.50 Sturgis (Kickstarter exclusive + coin) - £10 Skarre 1 (newer sculpts) - £6 Skarre 2 (newer sculpts) - £8.20 Witch Coven (egregore is damaged and requires rebasing) - £9.70 Goreshade 1 (newer sculpt) - £12.70 Goreshade 3 - £22.50 10 Bane Thralls (painted, resin) - £30 Bane officer & standard (painted - £15 10 Bane Thralls (resin) - £30 10 Mechanithralls (painted) & 3 Brute Thralls (painted) - £30 5 Bane Riders - £40 Blackbane's Ghost Raiders + spare raiders - £23 Withershadow combine (painted) - £12 necrosurgeon + stitch thralls (painted) - £6.50 Cephalyx overlords (painted) - £10 6 Bile thralls (painted) - £12 10 Satyxis Raiders (painted) - £29 Satyxis Sea Witch (Painted) - £5 Satyxis Raider Captain (Painted) - £5 2 Deathrippers (resin, 1 painted) - £12 (both) 1 Defiler (resin) - £6 1 Death Jack - £35 1 Nightmare - £24 1 Erebus (painted) - £20 1 Harrower (painted) – £20 1 Kraken (Painted) - £60 1 Reaper (painted) - £20 1 Seether (metal, missing base) - £10 1 Cankerworm (painted) - £10 Skarloc thrall (painted) - £5 Madelyn Corbeau (painted) - £5 Ogryn Bokor (converted + painted) - £10 Bane Lord Tartarus (painted) - £8 Darragh Wrathe (painted) - £15 Pistol Wraith (painted) - £6 Machine Wraith -£5 Necrotec + scrap thralls - £5 Warwitch Siren (painted) - £5 Cryx MK2 Tokens - £5 Buyer pays postage
  8. Hey! I am painting my miniatures again after my daughter get well after hard illness. First of all I finished this base for Malifaux Raptor (1 of 3) and started the female Guild Guard. It was hard to start this base because of it's size and different details which I don't know how to paint. Then I decided to make one base from this and one ready more easier miniature from my main fractions.
  9. I've been looking for a summoning master and Ramos' has piqued my interest. I love the whole idea of a swarm of spiders just spawning out of one scrap marker and oppressing the enemy, plus, his crew box would go nicely with my Ironsides crew (having Joss and Howard can never be a bad thing). Only one thing is kinda making me reluctant to buy him: I really dislike his fluff and his character... In all of the stories I've read, Ramos is always betraying people, or trying to deceive people. He doesn't even do it in a way that makes him interesting (eg. Lucius) and I just can't attach myself emotionally to him. Am I missing something? Is there a nicer side to Ramos that I just haven't noticed? If I can't find a way to like Ramos I might just proxy/convert my own Ramos impersonator but I really want to like him. tl;dr I'm thinking of buying Ramos but I don't like his fluff. Can anyone convince me that he is cool and ,if not, any suggestions for possible proxy/conversion ideas? Any replies are appreciated!
  10. Hi folks, After a long hiatus, "Play It Like Beatdown", my blog about playing Malifaux badly, returns! In the olden days it was pretty much all about playing Marcus, but recently I've mixed things up a bit and started using Kaeris, plus I've got Sandeep on the way too. So if you want something to read which is certainly not going to make you the world Malifaux champion, why not stop by? https://playitlikebeatdown.wordpress.com/ Enjoy Dave/sssk
  11. From the album: LowRes Paint

    First of three Malifaux Raptor base

    © Ask Your Fox

  12. From the album: HighRez Paint

    Another part of my metal collection. It was alone, it was send my like another stolen or something else when I bought my Hamelin. (my husband bought it for me when we began to meet)

    © Ask Your Fox

  13. From the album: HighRez Paint

    My shelf with my part of Malifaux miniatures, my husband miniatures are upper

    © Ask Your Fox

  14. So I have an odd problem - namely, I found a 1e Sue miniature lurking in my Deadlands stuff. When I went to the Print on Demand website Wargame Vault that 10 card minimum stumped me, because I already FOUND an Arcanist Wave 2 box which had everything I needed for the one Crew I own (Colette's) with the other odd mini (Gunsmith) also covered by that box. So I started looking at the Upgrade cards from the Wave 1 box I was missing and it's got all the good generalist stuff - like Imbued Energies - that I'm not sure IS available in an actual boxed set. That got me to thinking about what generalist upgrades to print out for the OTHER factions. At this point, I could see myself at least a dozen other Master boxes (Seamus, Molly, Kirai, Rasputina, Marcus, Pandora, Dreamer, Lynch, Viktoria, Misaki) and, uh... more than a few other boxes. But I have to focus, more's the pity. So, what upgrades would you guys recommend printing off to at minimum fill out the other 9 cards, for Arcanists and Neverborn at first with an eye towards Resurrectionists and Outcasts after that?
  15. I love tabling people as Sonnia, and so after taking a look at Rasputina, I'm interested in blowing a couple hundred on models to fill her out given her similar schticks ala Ice Wall spam, indirect fire, blast templates and so on. I'm familiar with the usual array of tips from PullMyFinger, but I'm wondering if some veterans of the master could provide some extra/unusual insights. So far as a baseline list goes, I'm thinking: Rasputina: Seize the Day, Armour of December, Cold Nights Wendigo Snow Storm: Sub Zero (would Armour of December be better? Imbued Defenses?), Imbued Energies 2x Silent One 2x December Acolyte Ice Gamin Other models I plan on purchasing: Arcane Emissary, Ice Dancers, Arcane Effigy, Essence of Power (for Shattered Heart/blasty Rasputina), RoF Carlos Santana (for more blocking markers), Kudra (Illusionary Forest + Ice Pillar synergy). I already have Mech Rider. Any recommendations as purchases go, including mercs?
  16. I thought I would post up my Beacon of Knowledge paintjobs. I haven't seen may yet.
  17. Hi! I spent some time in painting from may 2016. It is important for me because it was my first good paint untill I became a mother of some wonderful daughter. She is elleven month now, and I have some free time at night to my hobby. This is my new album here The LowRes Paint where I and my husband wont to represent our processes in painting minitures, making terrane, and many other things we want to do. I'a a main correrctor of russian language Malifaux Wikia, and I want to make it a strong platform of Malifaux not only in Russia, but all over the world. Thank you. Special thanks to Wyrd for Malifaux!
  18. From the album: prof_bycid's 2016 Painting Challenge

    My 2016 painter's challenge finished models for August, and pledge for September.
  19. From the album: prof_bycid's 2016 Painting Challenge

    My 2016 painter's challenge pledge for September.
  20. Malifaux Tournament Report! So Dawn McCormack Plunge decided nicely to let us practice on NOVA Open scheme pools, which I was happy to have the practice. I walked in today with Arcanists ready to go. Round 1 was: Corner Deploy Guard Stash Convict Hunting Party Show of Force Leave Your Mark Occupy Territory. My opponent Sam Newman brought Titania, Aslyn, 2 of the Knights, Johan, Doppelganger and a Primordial. (Don’t remember upgrades) I took Rasputina (December’s Pawn, Cold Nights), Snow Storm (sub zero), 2 Acolytes, 2 Silent Ones, and an Ice Gamin. The terrain was an ice board, perfect for me to block his line of sight and push him over towards one side of the board and a clump up, which he did. He did manage to kill an acolyte and a gamin quickly, but after that Raspy started blasting in, denying him any points for Guard the Stash. Unfortunately, I took hunting party, not realizing the Knights were minions too and cost myself points there. My opponent and I both weren’t familiar with Titania and figuring out how things worked cost us some time. We didn’t finish Round 3 before time and he came away with a win. It was a tight game that probably would have gone to more of a route as the game went on. All in all, fantastic game! 4-3 Highlight of the Game: Watching my opponent ‘s grin as a Red Joker/Black Joker damage flip didn’t mean 0 damage. Round 2 Standard Deploy Headhunter Convict Show of Force Exhaust Forces Detonate Charges One other I can’t remember My opponent, Kevin, took Dreamer (Summon Upgrade), 2 Knights, Candy, Angel Eyes, and a day dream. I brought Ramos (Under pressure, Combat Mechanic, Field Generator), Joss (Powered by Flame, Bleeding Edge Tech), 2 Coryphee, Arcane Effigy, Electric Creation. And Brass Arachnid. We were playing on a table with a large opening in the middle and my opponent spent a lot of the turn summoning alps from behind a screen. I went to the middle and quickly started spitting out spiders while the Coryphee went around exhausting things and killing Candy. Eventually my opponent went for a desperate gamble and tried to get Dreamer close to pop Chompy. He failed his summon and didn’t get the Awakening though and Joss was able to finish Dreamer off. From there on, the game went pretty much in my favor. 10-7 Highlight of the game: Double positives on coryphee attack and def thanks to Ramos’ auras Round 3 Flank Deploy Stake a Claim Hunting Party Show of Force Set UP Public Demonstration Convict Labor My opponent Thomas Geater, brought Nico, Phillip and the Nanny, Emissary, 2 Necropunks and Mortimer. I brought Colette (Shell Game, Choreography, Nothing Up My Sleeve), Myranda (Imbued), Captain (Patron), Performer, Mannequin, acolyte, Dove, Silent One. Right from the start I knew I needed Pressure on the Emissary or it’d cause problems. Myranda did just that, Mauling it down to 1 HP before it got to activate and take her down. Captain finished the job with some burning from air burst, and prompting from Colette made it possible to drop early claim markers. Meanwhile, sneaky Necro punks dropped markers for Set Up. I missed a 2nd turn chance to claim Hunting Party, but set up Convict Labor without a problem. By the end of turn 4, I had lost captain and any chance to gain more hunting party and the massive ball of necropunks my opponent summoned allowed him to tie up the score. 7-7 Highlight of the game: Phillip and the Nanny dropped a Red Joker on the captain, taking him down and forcing the silent one to do the rest of the work. All in all it was a fun tournament, I came away with a 1-1-1 rating but won a raffle prize of a Mat By Mars. My opponents were all fun to play and great sports. I’m looking forward to bringing my Arcanists to NOVA and trying my luck in the Open.
  21. From the album: prof_bycid's 2016 Painting Challenge

    My models for the August 2016 painter's challenge.
  22. Hello there! Looking for just one December Acolyte. Need worldwide shipping (to Russia). You may announce price here or by pm.
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