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Found 117 results

  1. Hey guys, for those of you that haven't seen the art work for both Ironsides and her buddy the Captain, go look it up, theres a thread floating around called Ironsides artwork. First of all I just want to say, they aren't bad looking, it's just not my style. So lets start with the easier one. The Captain. Now how many of you imagined the Captain to be an awesome pirate lady with a relic hammer? Well I did at least, and it makes a little more sense for her to be a pirate rather than a stuffy old bloke with a tank of something strapped to his back. Most of her abilities are based around storms and things (baring vapor trail which is a plane thing =/ ). Next is Ironsides, and she just completely misses the mark for me. She's meant to be the bruiser of the M&SU except she looks a little too slight for my liking, also not a fan of the clothes or her face. the only thing I can say that I like is her brass knuckles which are suitably brutal. So what my plan is, is to convert or find suitable alternate models for these two ladies, so starting with the capt'n then. This is more what I had in mind when I imagine the captain: http://s.cghub.com/files/Image/215001-216000/215418/036_max.jpg http://crabshackgallery.com/images/PirateStanding.jpg So I've dug around a bit and I've had a think, I think she'd be the easiest to convert out of say... the Viktoria's crew. I could either use Gun Vik's body and legs as the base and nab Taelor's hammer, give her a hat and change out the head. Or I could go for the full conversion and sculpt a jacket, corset, hat, gloves, trousers and boots onto one of the ronin (of which would probably end up horribly) and Ironsides. Honestly I have no ideas for her... Other than taking Mei Feng, reposing her, adding a jacket to cover up her armored gloves, bending the fingers into fists, change of head and adding some brass knuckles. Let me know what you guy's think, or if you have any suggestions, cause honestly, I need them
  2. I finally played my first game of Malifaux with my Rasputina crew yesterday. I had Rasputina, 3 ice gamin, ice golem and an essence of power, my opponent had perdita, ortega, 3 death marshals and a dude with a gatlinggun arm My whole crew felt highly impotent. Even when I got my spells off they didn't manage to do much. The rest of my crew did sod all. The golem killed one thing (already wounded) in combat and then got shot to death. I killed 2 deathmarshals total. Rasputina died easily. My main concern was that if I need line of sight then the enemy can shoot me back. If I move out into LoS I have less actions whereas my opponent doesn't need to move to shoot me. It seems like a fundamental flaw compared to something like Infinity. I have a sabretusk, a mauler, 2 silent ones and a chosen of december which I can use (I liked the models and they fit the 'icy theme' but like I said even with the core box my whole crew felt a bit useless. I don't think I get it. It was a bit offputting. Anyone got any ideas? I realise I can mirror through the ice gamin but its at -2 =( if I expose my caster she gets killed.
  3. So I picked up the 2e rulebook and the Rail Crew at Gen Con this year. I'm reading through the rules, trying to get a deeper understanding of the way Mei Feng interacts with her crew and her opponents and I've come up with the following questions: 1. Her Railwalker ability has a range of 6" and allows her to be placed into base contact with a scrap marker or a friendly construct. As I understand it, if there are neither within 6" she probably SHOULDN'T use that ability. 2. With regard to early game tactics, there probably won't be too many Scrap Markers out, so screening forward with constructs (a Rail Golem and Metal Gamin) is a good way to maximize Railwalker in later turns? 3. The Seismic Claws upgrade allows Mei Feng to throw out another Tiger Claw attack action if it triggers on a mask. Does this mean that the free attack action could trigger yet ANOTHER Tiger Claw attack action if you flip/cheat another mask? e.g. Is this pretty much a perpetual Tiger Claw generator so long as you have enough masks to trigger it? 4. What would be the benefit of taking the Express Line trigger to Railwalk again? I get the idea of Railwalking into base contact to Jackhammer Kick an enemy model 3" away, but the only reason I can conceive of is to basically give her a 18" (two 6" Railwalking + 3" threat range + a 30mm scrap or gamin base +50mm Rail Golem base) threat range by chaining her jumps. Am I missing something else? 5. Mei Feng is a dual faction Ten Thunders/Arcanist Master. If I take her as Ten Thunders, I have to infiltrate in Metal Gamin, a Rail Golem, and Miss Step/Howard Langston, but if I take her as an Arcanist, I only have to infiltrate in Kang as he's the only thing in the Rail Crew that isn't dual faction, right? Thanks in advance for any help/insight into play! I'll let everyone know how my first run with her goes!
  4. So I finally have a large majority of my Colette Crew finished. The only pieces left are an Oiran and a Performer, but I'm not sure if I'll need them for Adepticon so they're being set to the side temporarily. . You can read my thoughts/perspectives for these models on my blog, which you can find the entries for here: http://mydnightshobbycorner.blogspot.com/2013/03/the-show-must-go-on.html http://mydnightshobbycorner.blogspot.com/2013/02/dance-like-no-one-is-watching.html http://mydnightshobbycorner.blogspot.com/2013/01/are-you-watching-closely.html
  5. So I'm eagerly awaiting the release of the Rail Crew box set, and I absolutely love Mei Feng's sculpt. I know I want to include the splintered wood bits, but I have no idea what to do about basing... Just what is she bursting out of? I plan on doing the rest of the bases with fine grey gravel and the occasional bit of train track, to give the impression that they're still at they're work site, I guess. I have it all worked out: I'm just caught up on how to base Mei Feng. Anyone else have any cool ideas that I can draw on/flat-out steal?
  6. Okay, let me just give a bit of background before I do much else. I am horrible with Photoshop, and I LOVE my LARP group. I RP as a character named Kalkris Lobesson, a pseudo-steampunk character in a world of medieval fantasy. I got into Malifaux last semester and I was hooked from then on. Kalkris was raised by wolves and soon thereafter, adopted by a bio-alchemist. He joined a group called the Crusaders of the Crown who were some time after known as the Crusaders of the Council (but that is another story). Kalkris is proficient with twin bladed gauntlets (but if my LARP condoned gun projectile weapons, he'd have a pistol, too). One of the Crusaders who was very close to Kalkris, the aptly-named Lord James Arthur Wellington III, was killed before Kalkris's eyes, and from that point Kalkris decided to become a healer so as to prevent another death come to those he cares about. He also knows fire magic due to needing it in his line of profession outside of the work with the Crusaders. So, tonight out of boredom and hype, I decided to mix the two in holy-canoli matrimony. Open Spoiler I'm kind of wondering if he is OP and what y'all think should be recruitable by the Master, as well as what the stats for a Calanthan Wolf should be. I'm looking to make some sort of mini for Kalkris too (using GW Dire Wolves for Calanthan Wolves for now), and maybe use him as a custom Master casually. (Mods please don't kill me for having an unsolicited design on the forum!!!!) ~Kalkris (P.S.-- Can we have an Art subforum? Thank yuuuuuuu :3)
  7. Just wanted to post some progress on my Marcus crew. I'll be adding new models as I get to them. I finished these 3 today 8/21/12
  8. So I wanted to take a minute and write down a few thoughts about Marcus after failing horrifically with him, and then having major success. I want to take a look at the causes of the success, and the failures. I have owned Marcus nearly as long as he's been around. I however, just started playing him last week. This is by no means a definitive report on how to play him, and I don't claim to be an expert on him. I do however, feel the need to share a few thoughts and think it may be helpful to others. I decided I needed to learn Marcus a bit before a tournament so i'd have some more mobility options in a tournament I played in last weekend. I played 3 practice games against a friend and frequent opponent. I was crushed all three games. I then proceeded to play in the tournament and did very poorly, and finally played Marcus in the third and final round, witch some success, but still a loss. In the 4 losses, I learned a lot about what I couldn't do with Marcus. This is a great deal more helpful than learning what he actually can do. I realized that he just wasn't good at getting into combat and getting out alive, alpha striking, he's somewhat weak at 25SS in my opinion, and has a slew of strategies and schemes he's not suited to. Now I knew what NOT to do with Marcus. Tonight I busted out Marcus again, and this time, due to the strategy, and I felt I wanted to give him one last go. I won the game tonight with a fairly solid 8/0 Win. The Strategy was shared Distract, and the schemes were Sabotage on a close house on his side and Grudge on his Watcher. My opponent took Breakthrough and Stake a Claim on a hill near my deployment zone. I felt that the strategy was perfect for Marcus, when paired with some mobile models, and some hard hitting guys too. I took Marcus, Rattler, Steamborg, Joss, December's Acolyte, and the Sabertooth Cerberus at 35SS. My opponent had Hoffman, Guardian, Watcher, Peacekeeper, Ryal, and the Mobile Toolkit. I won't go into a long drawn out battle report, but needless to say, turn 2 I had my Cerberus viciously murder his watcher, and had Marcus fly across the board to grab my sabotage VP. I was already up 4VP. By turn 5's end, I had killed all of his models save the Peacekeeper and still had my acolyte and Marcus. I did have fairly good flips, and his were below average, but my control was garbage and his was great. So we were even as far as I was concerned on fate cards. I feel that Marcus is a GREAT master in certain situations, and he is great because he can accomplish certain things extremely well with little to no resistance when taken at the appropriate time. His other strong benefit is the ability to gain access to models the Arcanist faction doesn't normally have access to; IE: Night Terrors. I'm going to be picking these up to try with him, and I'm going to experiment with Molemen as well; but I digress. Marcus is a great master taken in the proper place. He excels at mobility and I found that it isn't so much him, but the crew he can build that makes him a great choice at times. The games that I lost were due more to schemes and strategies he shouldn't have been used for, and my trying to make a Model do something it just isn't meant to do, or proficient at. It's like trying to ask a Gas Station Attendant to design the architecture for a new skyscraper. They'd fail miserably, but they'll probably do swimmingly if you ask about the road conditions in the dead of a bad winter in the north where they live! You see my point. What I did right. I took Marcus in a game where he had access to models that would take care of the strategy and he could nearly single-handedly accomplish the schemes. While some may argue that Ramos would be a better choice to the strategy, I would say there's no point in arguing, I accomplished my goal fairly easily, thus either is a viable choice. I believe I had a better overall setup though with my schemes and the strategy as I didn't have to work at them after turn 2. I don't believe Ramos would have been able to do the same. I could be wrong though, it has happened before. In summary, Marcus is a great master when used at the right time, and for the right purpose. He is a terrible master when taken at any other point in time. What makes him a Master and not a Henchmen aren't his abilities, spells, or nasty dreadlocks. It's the ability to create a crew that no one else in the game can.
  9. Wanted to run this list by you guys and see what you think. I really think this could put the hurtin' on some folks and have great survivability. 35 SS Ramos + Brass Arachnid 4ss Johann (purchase cost reduced by 1 for having Ramos) Joss Guardian Gunsmith Steampunk Arachnid (optional for more stones) For 25 points, just drop Joss The thought behind this list is pretty simple. Ramos does great with a bodyguard (guardian), however he lacks the mobility to deal with mid-range threats. The Gunsmith gives him some mid-range firepower and allows for even more versatility. This also allows him to spend more actions creating spiders and elec. creations. Johann, well he's a discovery I had reading through the outcasts in my rules this morning. He is a melee powerhouse with range 4 melee. His attacks also have the chance to knock back anyone in combat with him allowing for more ranged death. Combine these two with the Brass arachnid's ability to reactivate and I have an incredibly flexible crew that I can adapt to fit whatever situation and allow for better chances in poor Strats for this master (ie plant evidence). The play style I envision is a slow, forward moving group centered on the master with the gunsmith flanking close and joss staying nearby as well. Move towards objectives and force the opponent to avoid you or try to deal with you head on. The Guardian will soak enough damage to allow Joss and the Gunsmith, Johann and if needed, Ramos to kill whatever threats are thrown his way. Hopefully with all the "firepower" around Ramos he's able to focus on creating spiders and electrical creations and I can add 1 or 2 arachnid swarms by the end of the game, or cover the area in individual arachnids to tarpit if needed.
  10. I've been fielding a Ramos crew and need to add some speed to it. I have Kaeris in the mail but am wondering which of these two I should get as an objective grabber. i am leaning towards the rider but I remember reading lots about the duet being unstoppable before. Advice?
  11. Here are a few of my arcanist miniatures. Sorry if some of the photos aren't the best, but they give a basic idea. First up, Sabertooth Cerberus:
  12. Not my best work, but this is what I get in 3 days of painting.
  13. Encouraged by everyone's kind words, I've gone ahead and done a second Showgirl ahead of schedule. Here she is: http://valeuretdiscipline.blogspot.com/2011/02/meet-trixie.html I'm not really satisfied with her dress, but other parts of her fell nicely into place, and anyway sometimes you just gotta move on
  14. As far as the rules go you can hire Masters across Factions according to Sketch. These lists may not be something you would take to a tournament, but are all legal lists that use specific model's abilities to hire across factions. These are all bare bones lists and may benefit from adding constructs. [Guild 32ss Scrap List] ** C. Hoffman (Guild) 04 Mobile Toolkit (Arcanist) 09 Coppelius (Neverborn) 10 Jack Daw (Outcast) 09 The Hanged (Resurrectionist) Choose the Guild as your Faction and hire C. Hoffman. C. Hoffman can hire Mobile Toolkit via Arcanist Ties. C. Hoffman can then hire Coppelius via Unexplained Connection. Jack Daw is hired as a Mercenary and The Hanged are hired via Jack Daw's "The Apple Never Falls..." This list is interesting because The Hanged, Jack Daw, and Coppelius are all Terrifying and C. Hoffman and Mobile Toolkit are Constructs which count as non-living models and are immune to Morale Duels. Remember, Coppelius loves it when you inflict Morale Duels. [Arcanist 28ss Brawl List] ** Colette (Arcanist) ** C. Hoffman (Guild) 09 Coppelius (Neverborn) 10 Jack Daw (Outcast) 09 The Hanged (Resurrectionist) Choose Arcanists as your faction and hire Colette as your first master. Colette can hire C. Hoffman via her Union Labor ability. The rest of the crew is hired just like the list above. This next list only uses 3 Factions, but follows the theme of Tales of Hoffmann. You can add Hamlin and have him recruit Canine Remains or go for Jack Daw and The Hanged again if you really want all 5 factions. [Tales of Hoffmann List] ** Colette ** C. Hoffman 09 Coppelius 07 Coryphee A Tales of Hoffmann List is any list containing C. Hoffman, Copelius, and a dancing Mechanical Doll (Coryphee) which are characters in the Opera and models in Malifaux. I'd recommend adding a Mobile Toolkit, another Coryphee, and other constructs to this list and keep Colette away from Coppelius.
  15. I cannot find the specific rulebook page, but I recall a few rules about totems. 1. A totem is linked to either a unique model by name or by faction. 2. A model may only have one totem connected to it at one time. 3. A totem that is not connected with an appropriate target it removed from the game. 4. Colette may have three Mechanical Doves connected at one time due to From The Hat. Ergo, the special rule supersedes the one Totem rule? Am I correct in my logic path? Thanks!
  16. ... is it just me, or does this guy just not fit into his base at all? Even before I assemble him, the back part of his tail collides with the base when I try to put his tab in the slot. I've tried a couple of different things, but I'm somewhat new at this. The only idea I came up with was to ignore the base's slot entirely, build up the whole thing with green stuff, and anchor the model straight in. It'll mean using a LOT of green stuff, but it's the only thing I can think of. This is for The Girlfriend's crew, not my own, so it's going to have to end up looking *nice*. Any suggestions?
  17. So I had been working on this a little while back, its mostly finished, so I figured I'd seek comments: Front Side Back I still have to tidy up the black ring around the base obviously
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