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Found 512 results

  1. Question on Rougaru/Tooth Pounce timing: If Tooth lures uses her Challenge of Summer - and pulls the model in to Pounce range for a nearby Rougarou - does the Rougarou's Pounce take place before either of the attacks generated by the Challenge of Summer? Or does the Pounce not go off until after the entire Challenge Action is complete? If Pounce doesn't trigger until after the Challenge text is completed - assuming Tooth survives the swing from the enemy model - and then Tooth hits on her attack (generating a Push) - does the Rougarou then get two (2) Pounce attacks on the enemy model (One (1) from the Push from the Challenge, One (1) from the push from Blossoming Blade attack)? Thanks!
  2. From the album: Burnin' Coal

    Painters Challenge February 2018
  3. From the album: Burnin' Coal

    Painters Challenge February 2018
  4. So I decided to step across to the 10T forum, and came across a couple of threads which talk about Lynch's playstyle. The list building and synergies were much more varied over there. Lynch was my first master and will always be one of my favourites, even if he rarely sees play from me anymore. This is mainly due to his lists feeling quite dull, I had really good succes in a tournament game the other week, but he did what he always does, kill, kill a lot. My list was as it always is, with Nekima, Graves, Tots etc. So what I was wondering is, what kind of creative shenanigans have we got for the Gambling Man? Maybe WP based effects, such as Sorrows or Insidious Madness could kick in. A horror duel based list, with the Widow Weaver and Coppelius maybe? These lists will most likely be for fun, but you never know, we could stumble upon something amazing 😂 Cheers to anyone who comments.
  5. I just finished these as a commission for a local client here in New Jersey. He asked for a custom dreamer model, older than the child model currently available as he's now a teen in the fluff, styled after Alex from A Clockwork Orange. I used a wastrel model to start but he needed to be shorter, so I cut out quite a bit from his long legs and resculpted a portion of the pants. I also replaced his pick axe with a cricket bat. Now he's ready to take his monsters out for some of the good old ultra-violence. I hope you guys like them, and make sure to check out my other work at the links below. facebook.com/theartofwargamingminiatures www.theartofwargamingminiatures.com
  6. Although the starter set are all mercenaries my lady and I are sticking with Guild and Neverborn so we get an idea of how new characters will change our games...so...is there a list of mercenaries anywhere ?...or do we have to trawl through the books ? Many thanks
  7. Hi all, I've recently picked up the Titania box and after looking at her 'The Queens Champion' upgrade, I have been having a look at some mercenaries that would be good targets for this. With the new 'always' scheme making you drop two scheme markers a turn on the centre line, I think having something with blasts/long range would be really good here as the upgrade drops a scheme marker with anything that is damaged by the attack. My picks so far include: - A Trapper. The long range would help him quickly pick off something small to get the upgrade. He would then be able to spend the rest of the game with armour 2, double positive to hit and would be hopefully be able to target enemies near the centreline to drop markers. - Lazarus. Similar to the above except with blasts. This would allow me to drop several markers if i'm able to damage a group of enemy models. He has a good range so I could keep him back whilst Titania runs in the middle. He would also become armour 3 so would be super hard to put down, especially considering most players don't expect armour in Neverborn. - Hannah. The extra card in hand is always nice and I will always take the P.magic which allows me more from my control hand. Again the blasts would be nice but the only issue here is making sure that she is the first to kill an enemy. Armour 2 with the positive is always a bonus. The great thing about the above is that they are all cheaper than Nekima and with Hannah I could attach Malifaux Provides to heal her back up. Thoughts? Also, are there any others that you've considered for the Queen's champion?
  8. From the album: Burnin' Coal

    Painters Challenge Jan 2018
  9. Hi everybody, finally made some pictures of my Lillith crew which I painted last year. Sorry for some picture quality issues, it's the best I could get from my current camera. Hope to paint Nekima and Mr. Graves in some near future.
  10. Hey, so there's been a lot of negativity around certain factions and how they weigh up in certain scheme pools. So, rather than focussing on the disadvantages, I thought I'd make a thread highlighting tactics and benefits we learnt from the new schemes and strats as time passes. I had a game today, testing out a list for a tournament I'm participating in next weekend. The strategy was Ply For Information, so I ran Lilith, Graves, Doppel, Tannen, Lilitu & Barbaros, with a couple of other models. I feel that Barbaros is really strong here, I cheated iniative with the Doppel, before putting up Barbaros' challenge aura and gaining intel from a model around him. This meant the enemy model couldn't interact with Barbaros, and to gain intel, they usually had to pass the TN 14 WP Duel, which became a way of depleting the opponents hand. When combined with Rooting, Tannens Cooler (he was killed first after my opponent realised how frustrating Chatty & Cooler were) Lilitu's 4' whip and other elements, it was interesting to see how it played out. I haven't really tried any other tactics for the new year, but how is everyone else sizing up these new schemes and strats? If you have any good concepts, tactics or just advice for everyone, feel free to share. Hope this thread helps
  11. Hi, we are Agent(s) of the Breach, a couple who are starting to play with Neverborn. We love to have a painting thread of every game we play because, not only It keeps us motivated, but also, it’s always interesting to have different points of view of the things you are working on and share ideas. So, please, feel free to comment or ask whatever you want, we’ll try to keep this updated At the moment, we’ve been focused on painting Zoraida’s box (testing colours and doing some brainstorming), so we don’t have much to show yet; only an (almost) finished Silurid. The idea is that the Silurid had to look as froggy as possibly, but with a spice of lizard in it. Like we said, it’s not finished yet; we want it to have a brown pattern in her back. Something like these: Usually, the base is the last that we (she, in this case) paint, but we wanted to see how it was going to look. It tries to be an autumn swampy zone. Seeing the photos, we have realized that it's a little dark, so we still have to work it a little more. Malifaux it’s a strange game; coming from Warhammer and Infinity, we are kinda used to paint “armys of”, but every single miniature here looks like a separate challenge. We’ll see how this work!
  12. Hello friends, new to the forum, and to Neverborn. Thinking about picking up Zoraida and I had some questions about Changelings and Voodoo Dolls... Firstly, how does Copycat work with Hem? Hem specifically states that a model "gains the following Condition until this model takes this Action again or leaves play." Soooo, if a Doll Hems something, and then a Changeling Copycats Hem onto something else, you should now have two models with the Sewn Fate condition, right? As written models only lose the Condition if "this model" takes the Action a second time. Not any model. This seems pretty good for multiplying the Doll's mischief. I understand I will need at minimum an 11 of Masks for this to work, but assuming I have it in hand this seems like a good time to use it. Nextly, I hear people like to take a Nurse to..."treat"...the Voodoo Doll, and this seems awesome. With Copycat you can stack insane Poison on a Doll and its related Sewn Fate friends, and with no real downside as Syringe is a Ml4 unsuited Action anyway. In a reasonable turn with just one Nurse and Changeling you should be able to get to at least Poison +16...right? Then I thought, does anyone ever take a Performer to then "pop" that insane Poison bomb (on the Sewn Fate target, not the Doll) to do like 16ish dmg at 12 inches? Also, assuming you don't kill the target due to Hard to Kill, they still take 1 dmg when the Doll's Poison ticks down at the end of turn. This seems goodish, and possibly unexpected...especially against a crew with little condition removal. Thoughts? I am thinking something like this to start, based solely on models I own plus Zoraida crew if I get it... Zoraida with Hex Bag (for Burning or blocking SS use) Barabaros with Thousand Faces (to gum up the middle with challenge...though I would consider another model here) Illuminated x 2 Performer Nurse Changeling x 3 (this could also be one Changeling and some Tots...or something else, but I love a good Changeling or two, especially following an Illuminated around) Anyway, looking for answers to my Qs, input, etc. Thanks!
  13. Hey chaps, I am aim to buy lucius' box but i play neverborn. So i have some questions on how to buy guild models for his "surprisingly loyal" upgrade. Question: do you think this upgrade really adds some value on neverborn playstyle? And if yes, then what models are worth collecting/painting. I intent to collect all neverborn models so i want peoples opinion before i start collecting out of faction models. Thanks!
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