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  1. Hello again! Rather than clutter up the board with a series of new threads, I've decided to compile all my posts from now on in this one. This is Suzanne, a Performer in Collette's troupe of illusionists: You can see more pics and some painting notes here, as well as follow my progress as I finish these beautiful little sculptures. http://valeuretdiscipline.blogspot.com/2011/02/deadwood-dedications.html
  2. When: Every Monday Night at 6:00 p.m. Where: Brookhurst Hobbies in Garden Grove, CA What: Open Games We want to play Malifaux, and we want YOU to be here! No special requirements... Have gear? Bring it! No gear? We can get you started! These are casual games, so there's no fee to play. Our goal right now is just to build a community - more players means bigger and better events.
  3. Morning all, New to the forums and thought i'd start off showcasing the new table that I am currently working on for my Malifaux customers. I was inspired to start the table by Kaine's fantastic work (I have his pump station board sat in my shop at the moment). He has kindly lent me his Hirst Arts moulds and i've started work on the first section of my city board. <br><br> <br><br> I just need to finish flocking the board and then start adding the detail. Got lots of the wryd lamposts to the board, gravestones to the graveyard and I need to make a few market stalls to go in the square at the end. Also if anyone knows where I can find 28mm furniture then please let me know as I think a few extras here and there will really work.
  4. The Haunted Game Cafe is running a miniatures night every Tuesday evening. We'll be giving Malifaux demos starting at 6pm. We've got spare minis and fate decks to lend to new players and there is no cost for these events. The Haunted Game Cafe 3307 S College Ave Fort Collins, CO 80525 (970) 402-2466 www.HauntedGameCafe.com
  5. Borderlands Games’ first Malifaux Brawl Tournament! Saturday, October 30th 1:00PM Tournament details: Each player brings a 25 Soulstone Crew (with 1 Master only) and enters the tournament by making a purchase on the day of the tournament of $20 or more (x1 prize raffle ticket will be earned for each $10 spent on entry). -Terrain will be set up before the event on 3x3 tables by the event facilitator. (No Special Terrain features will be used at this event). -The event will run using 4 rounds of Swiss style pairing. -Victory Points are earned as per page 94 and 95 of the Malifaux rulebook. -Games are limited to 1 hour each. -Strategies and Schemes are determined as per pages 93-95 of the Malifaux rulebook. -Deployment Areas determined as per page 92 of the Malifaux rulebook. -At the end of 6 turns the games will end and Victory Points determined. Prizes are awarded by a raffle system and are based on attendance. A $50 credit GRAND PRIZE is awarded with 16 or more players. If less than 16 players the GRAND PRIZE is a $30 credit. Plus there are even more prizes (how many more is based on attendance). Please submit lists 48 hrs prior to the event. Lists may be handed in at the store or emailed to borderlandsgames@yahoo.com Borderlands Games 546 High St NE Salem, OR 97301 503-485-2554 www.borderlandsgames.com
  6. (authors note: Story contains mature content, including mature language and themes. Reader discretion is advised. Also note, liberties have been taken with certain characters that may or may not reflect cannon. I hope however that you are entertained with my portrayals.) The smoke drifted up in lazy little rings, eventually disappearing into the haze above the fogged-over streetlamp. Old force of habit that came mainly from being lost in thought. She blew the rest of the smoke out in a huff, crushing the cigarette against the streetlamp. It didn’t even taste right. Not tonight. Her eyes fell back the weak line of illumination disappearing around the corner of the foggy street. #&(% Samael. Her brows drew together in an angry crease, and she pushed off the streetlight with a snarl. It was across the street and into the pub that had been cleared out by the Guild earlier that day. The light through the windows from the streetlamps outside could have passed for moonlight, stretching shadows of tables and chairs across the floor in strange, eerie patterns. None of which caught Sonnia’s eye. She went straight to the washroom, pushing through the swinging door with a surprising amount of silence for the amount of force used shoving the door, as it caught on it’s hinges and lightly creaked back, then back again several times before coming to rest. There was only enough light to see because she had become used to the dark. “You indiscriminate soulless STUPID bitch!” she screamed, the only witness the age-smudged mirror in front of her. “Why not let the rift just rip you a new asshole? Did you even think beyond the capacity of a lilly-brained schoolgirl? #&(%! That assaholic! Ego-maso-#&(%in-cistic! Man! No, wait. No, #&(% YOU! You’re the dumbass might-as-well-be whore who can’t let well enough alone!” she screamed at the mirror, her face distorted in passion and rage and bitterness, making angry pointing motions seemingly at random. The one thing no one could see. Must never see. She leaned in closer to the mirror and her own tortured reflection. And wiped her eyes clean from the mist of not-quite tears. The anger broke, and she heaved a broken sigh, letting her knees give, easing herself against the sink, sliding to the floor. Banging her head lightly against the cabinets several times. It was supposed to be distant past. Before her great change. Things like… trusting, or …admiring… those don’t belong any more. Wanting. She buried her forehead in a gloved hand, rubbing along one brow. “I’m …losing it.” There had been a time, long ago, she had been called Livian. Another when she had been Samantha, a passing memoir of the younger sister she once had. Samantha had hated her name. Had gone by the name Sam J. Sonnia now had her real name back, but she hated it just as much as Samantha had hated hers. And their last name… The corner of her mouth curled up in a leer without her even realizing it. It was easier in those days, in some ways. Those days between. Between the catalyst and the Creed. Her head tilted back, and she stared past the ceiling, off somewhere into the past. Once she had stayed with a gambler. In those years when she had tried to lose her identity, had handed out lies as often as she smoked cigarettes, had leeched from the souls of both good men and those stained… or perhaps they had been stained by her presence. Whether they turned sour before or after she ran from them didn’t matter. Everywhere, inescapably, was her own failure. Both to save the innocent bits of the world she loved that, bitterly, always would lose their innocence at some point, and to ultimately fulfill the vow she had made. Her Criid. “I will scour the stains from the soul of this earth. I will live until all is as clean as at birth.” She spoke into the darkness, softly, passionately. The moment stretched on, until her sword settled, slipping slightly upon her back. Sonnia frowned. For years she had been trying to exorcize the world of the monsters that ripped at reality. Cheating fate. Destroying her fate. She had been happy as a girl. Well, happy enough. Even if she had been corrupted by lesser evils all too young. But it would have been a life. A worthwhile life. Hell, maybe she would have grown up to have married a man by now, have a family… She turned her head to the side suddenly, violently. Stupid thought born in ignorance. Who could say it wouldn’t be much the same? Maybe worse. She was the one touched by the demon, wasn’t she? And something caught the corner of her eye. A pair of small, bare feet under the swinging door in front of her. “Yes, you are the one Sonnia.” It said from the other room, the voice of a little boy. “And you know why we come, don’t you? That little spark of hope you have, that soft spot for children. That love for men who deserve nothing and deserve far better than you. Until these die completely, we will come to you like a moth to a flame. It is anathema. It is beautiful. It burns and hurts and you wield this, so we wield you.” “You lie like a clockwork whore, D.” she said softly, with a strange hint of compassion edging her tone. And sighed deeply. The demon out there, that Neverborn, had taken the likeness of her little brother David. She couldn’t be certain if it had been the demon itself that had possessed her brother, or her brother who had created the demon… blood dripping from his hands, eyes closed, calling out as she hid under her bed in desperately frightened tones about the monster in his closet. So long ago, and none of them had believed. Chompy Bits, he had called it. He had walked down the stairs… and fallen. She had escaped onto the roof, run to the authorities. But he hadn’t been there when they returned. Apparently, instead, he had chosen to haunt her. But only when she was alone. Only when there could be no witnesses. The medallion around her neck always grew uncomfortably hot, but never actually removed the presence of this particular perversion. “You know you haven’t come just to bruise my ego, D. Not a hell of a lot you can do about that. So what’s the news this time?” “He comes. But not alone.” Her eyes widened. “You’re sure? How is it you always know what’s on my mind, anyway?” “I want your dreams more than any other. Until you let them go, they are not yet mine.” “So why don’t you crush my hope and lie to me?” “They draw me because all the little dreams you discard so readily make me see how delicious those you hold on to will be when you eventually give them to me. Why take them before they are ripe and rotten?” “I #&(%ing hate myself, you know that?” Sonnia said, figuring her own personal demon as good an audience as any. “I get my head messed up about a man after I foreswore men, love, my old life, my old way. I’m supposed to burn you to ash. It’s what I’ve sworn. It’s my Criid. But it’s me, D. I’d have to give you up. And somehow you have me thinking I’d screw myself over if I forsook one of the few things left that defines my humanity. Sometimes I think it’s the humanity that needs to get burned out of us all. Sometimes. But then I remember. People like Sam and you and dad. Or who you used to be, anyway. And I think of other people. Hell, I do sometimes think of Sammael. Even if I’m the worst hypocrite on Malifaux, I’d die before giving up on them. Potential, I suppose you could say. And I hate it. I hate the people who abuse it. People and #&(%ing… people that shouldn’t be called people, twisting and perverting… making the lie real. Doing the same damn thing I did back before I understood the things I needed to learn. Idiot girl that I was. Why the #&(% didn’t you just let me die, D? Why couldn’t you have just let me #&(%ing die?” “I love you. You keep the monsters away.” Sonnia’s brow furrowed. She didn’t understand. “Like hell. You are a monster, you little shit.” Just then, the medallion on her chest pressed into her bosom with a painful weight and there was a silent sort of thump from the other room. “YES, AND SO ARE YOU.” Spoke a voice pulled straight from your worst nightmares, a huge silhouette rising even above the top of the swinging door. Before it was gone after she blinked. “#&(%.” She swore, rising to her feet. Pushing through the pub in a rush back to the street, the mist had thinned and the light from the streetlamps seemed much brighter than before. She had just enough time to pull out a cigarette and light it when she saw the silhouette in the mist coming toward her from the end of the road. “You BASTARD!” she yelled at the approaching silhouette. “Next time, you say when you want to meet you’d by all the rifts better be FIFTY MINUTES EARLY!” “Sorry Sonnia. She got away. I only managed to off another of her golems, and had to catch the next train. If it’s any consolation, I learned they make great icecubes for margaritas.” A witchling trailed out of the mist behind him, eerie shriveled little thing that it was. “So why do I put up with you? Give me some sign way above Guild level or so help me, Sammael…” “Whoa, speaking of Guild level authority, boss, I’ve got a request. Seems like there’s a new Neverborn around they’re calling Dreamer. Got the tags, time to bag.” Sonnia rubbed her temple. Sammael actually took a few steps backward. “Sonnia,” croaked the witchling, “I feel something near here, like you…” “You are in violation of your privelages!” Sonnia snapped acidly at the witchling, flicking her hand at it and snapping her fingers. The witchling burst into a ball of eerie pale flame and was gone. “I don’t like to repeat myself. To you, I am Master. I #&(%ing hate my name.” she said, tossing her cigarette aside not even half finished. “Come, Sammael. We have a lot of work to do.”
  7. Hey everybody, I was just thinking about the Malifaux bag that recently came out and would like to know the opinions of the lucky people who got it. Are you lucky to have it? Is it worth the money? How big is it? Do the minis fit well? Any other thoughts/advice for someone thinking about getting one? Can't wait to hear back.
  8. Ok Here is the voting thread. Please post your final finished entries here before Midnight the 16th. Anyone may then on the 17th post their votes for the winner. For your vote put your TOP THREE choices for each category Game Balance, Originality, Creativity, Theme and Fun. You can't vote for the same entry twice in the same category but you can vote for them in different categories. Balance 1. 2. 3. Originality 1. 2. 3. Creativity 1. 2. 3. Theme 1. 2. 3. Fun 1. 2. 3. Note: I will try to go back and add the posts from the previous thread if they are not put up by their owners on the morning of the 17th.
  9. The Haunted Game Cafe in Fort Collins does open gaming for Malifaux on various nights and the store has a set of figures that can be loaned to new players. www.HauntedGameCafe.com (Sorry for the commercial, but how 'bout a retail locator for the site?)
  10. I've been working on and off on a fan-based RPG for Malifaux. So far, I've got some very basic notes. I've posted them up here for you to see, and give criticism to. The game would use the same combat system and fate decks as the miniature game. Without further ado: Suit Scores 2 Soulstones per Point. Max Score = 5. (0-Deficient, 1-Poor, 2-Sup-par, 3-Average, 4-Good, 5-Excellent) Ram :rams [buffs, Healing, Physical Damage, Willpower.] Crow :crows [Armor, Death, Decay, De-buffs, Undead, Wounds.] Mask :masks [Control, Deception, Defense, Speed.] Tome :tomes [Constructs, Elements, Magical Damage, Magical Ability.] Combat Modifiers 1 Soulstone per Point (Total Modifier = Relevant Suit + Bought Mod.) Cb [How accurate you are with physical weapons. Based off :crows ] Df [How well you can avoid being hit. Based off :masks ] Wp [Your ability to resist magic. Based off :rams ] Ca [Your ability to use magic. Based off :tomes ] Passive Modifiers Total based on Suit Scores. DMG Modifier (Phys) [Adds to damage from physical weapons. Based off :rams ] (See Chart) DMG Modifier (Magic) [Adds to damage from magical attacks. Based off :tomes ] (See Chart) Wounds [The No. of wounds you can suffer before going unconscious. Based off :crows ] (Total = :crows times two.) Speed [How fast your character moves in combat. Based off :masks ] (Wk = :masks , Cg = 1.5Wk rounded down) DMG Mod Table Score | Modifier 0 :-fate 1 2 No Mod. 3 No Mod. 4 5 :+fate "Skills" A. Make up a skill. B. Show it to your GM. C. GM decides if it's a broad or limited skill, and which suit it would go under. D. Buy ranks in the skill. For each rank, you get to any flips to do with that skill. A broad skill covers several different things, Ex: Thievery. A limited skill covers fewer things, Ex: Lock-picking. It costs 3 soulstones per rank for a broad skill, and 2 soulstones per rank for a limited. Both of these examples would be :masks skills, because they relate to Deception and stealth. If you get the right suit for a skill ( :masks in the example.) the total gets a +2 bonus, even if you don't have any ranks in the skill. Skill Difficulty Weak (1-5) Ex. Hopping over a low fence while jogging. Moderate (6-10) Ex. Climbing over a five foot wall. Severe (11+) Ex. Climbing to the top of a two story building. Situational Penalties Distracted It's hard to pick a lock in the middle of a gunfight Injured Or when there's a knife stuck in you. Terrain Or when it's raining. Incredible Difficulty Or while you're standing on one foot. These stack, and each is worth Flipping a Joker in a skill test is equivalent to either an amazing success (Red) or a spectacular failure (Black.) That's all I have so far. Spells and triggers have proved an incredible challenge to theorize, and I haven't play tested this system at all yet. I look forward to hearing everybody's thoughts.
  11. I'm not 100% sure that this is the place for this post, (and if not I apologise) but it is a Malifaux matter as opposed to fanfic or modelling or introductions matter, so Ive stuck it in Malifaux Matters! I was reading a piece of Malifaux fanfic (on this very forum!) entitled 'A little bit of steampunk' by Redben (which I would urge people to read) and in it the author talks about the political climate in western europe. It got me thinking; 'I wonder what the rest of the world is like outside of Malifaux and how the rest of the world has reacted to the emergence of soulstones and this great new demand for magical power'. I've not thought too deeply about it yet myself but certainly will be an was hoping that if anyone else had any ideas they might share with me (us?) what they think the world would be like with magic or how the Guild has affected other parts of the world. I've not yet scoured the forums searching for this and haven't read the rule book or associated fluff (gotta wait for payday!) so please don't jump down my neck if there is already reams of this stuff out there already, just let me know where it is! Thanks Jamie
  12. Good evening Malifans! My name is Jamie an I'm from sunny Stoke-on-Trent in the UK (although I'm originally from Nottingham, home of Robin Hood!). Back when I was 13 (half my life ago) me and my friends were introduced by some spotty, nerdy types to a miniature wargame called Warhammer 40k. We swiftly built and rather choppily painted models (Blood Angels for me, thanks!) for about a year until we got distracted by other facets of teen-age such as growing mustaches and kissing girls. But in those 12 months, me, and one of my closest friends James, really developed something of a passion for the hobby which would lay dormant in both of us until we moved into our late twenties. About four months ago we started up armies again (Tau this time!) and have been painting and modelling away since with a view to getting some serious games on. We went to Warhammer World (about 5 minutes away from James' house, which is odd because the first time we were into 40k we lived 5 minutes from the old Citadel factory in Eastwood, Notts!) last week and battled for hours on end, loving every second! While looking around for other ways of getting my hobby geek on (namely browsing iTunes for some good 40k podcasts (I'm loving 40k radio at the mo)) I stumbled across the D6 Generation. I joined the D6G fanbase on their 50th show when they reviewed and talked (at some length!) about Malifaux. The second they began talking about the game they became so excited that I wanted to play before I'd heard more than the name and that it was a steampunk/Victorian horror melange of pure awesome. I've bugged my girlfriend into letting me order the rule book and I can't tear my eyes away from the pictures of the minis. I've not worked out what faction or crew I want to play, but I'm already recruiting my friends and making them as excited about this as I am! In other news, I'm a huge lover of movies, books, comics, videogames and just about anything sci-fi. I also do a bit of writing, fantasy/sci-fi world creation, and make films (I have a ba (hons) in media production and worked for four years in a production company in Stoke as an editor, producer, writer and director). I'd love to have a go at being a DM, and have tried to find a decent Firefly game to play (incidentally, I think that the Malifaux mechanics and some of the characters would fit in well with Firefly, so I'm going to try and work something out once I've gotten the hang of it!). My girlfriend is in love with the USA so we might be looking to move there in the future. We have a mental cat called Walter (the missus tells people that he's named after Mr Disney, but I tell folks he's named after the awesome Walter Bishop!) and a rabbit called Goliath. I think I've said enough for one day! If you are a bit of an information freak, ask me for more and I'll probably tell you! I look forwards to meeting all of you and hearing more of your travels in the wonderful world of Malifaux! Toodleoo! Jamie
  13. G'day guys, I am from Indonesia, and as you might have deduced, I am a friend of xankriegor. I found this game through his... incessant browbeating about how good the game is, and I gave in and tried the game and what do you know.. Like it.. I feel that this game is a minis with CCG aspect combined, which hits my spot.
  14. So, I've finally finished my first crew; gremlins. It has been 3 or 4 years since I've last painted something, so I had to practice again! =) For all the pictures: http://s994.photobucket.com/albums/af61/Demonickyo14/Malifaux/ What do you think? *sorry for the bad pics..* Group photo So'mer teeth Warpig Gremlin ^^ And a little conversion I did for the hog whisperers.. First time I've converted a mini,, and, while it's not that spectaculair, I'm pretty happy about how he turned out ^^ C+C more than welcome!
  15. Was flipping (well, scrolling really) through the Wyrd Chronicles eZine Issue #1 and saw something beautiful. Apparantly, there is a comic "Like I've Never Read Before!" Action, Gunfights, and Horror are advertised, so I was wondering if anyone knew just how long it would be before I could give someone lots of money for this comic. Thanks in Advance!
  16. I was writing a... well, a fan-fiction for Malifaux, and I realized I wasn't quite sure where exactly the Breach was. I looked through the rulebook, but I couldn't find any definite answer. Did I miss it or is it still shrouded in speculation and secrecy?
  17. Hello, I first learned about Malifaux from the d6 Generation podcast. I tracked down a copy of the rulebook on ebay have enjoyed reading the book. I have not yet played a game but am looking forward to it. FYI, in Houston, Asgard games has some of the models and decks. They didnt have any of the Guild decks, worst luck, but several Unborn were on the shelf. Once payday comes around, I suspect that I will be picking up the Lady Justice starter. Im trying to get Montag's Games in Pearland to stock the game as it would be much closer for me than Asgard. Both are good stores.
  18. Hello All, Eric Johns kindly agreed to an interview on Livingdice.com regarding Malifaux and Wyrd Miniatures. I thought you might find it interesting. Here is the link: http://www.livingdice.com/2713/interview-eric-johns-of-wyrd-miniatures-publisher-of-malifaux/ Thank you, Trask www.livingdice.com
  19. I'm proud to announce my first Malifaux miniatures review: the Lady Justice and the Death Marshals box set. This popular stater set brings the Guild's most feared hunters of the undead to the tabletop, ready to treat their unnatural foes to an eternal dirt nap. These five characterful and super-detailed minis really show the level of sculpting that Wyrd is bringing to the Malifaux line. http://thescreamingalpha.com/2009/09/09/review-lady-justice-and-the-death-marshals-crew-by-wyrd-miniatures/
  20. Howdy Wyrd Fans, Eric and Dan were kind enough to sit down with us at GenCon and share the story of how Malifaux was developed, the challenges that were involved, and how it was received at GenCon 2009. Special thanks to both of them, for taking the time to chat. And thanks to the many members of the Wyrd staff that showed us the ropes of this amazing new game. Link the interview: http://www.thed6generation.com/index.php?post_id=517425 Oh, and a special shout out to old friends who we meet again: Redstripe: Great to put a face to a name after all these years! Ambrose: Nice to see you again, and thanks for that full playthrough.
  21. I've been checking the minis for a while and thinking into jumping into it for Christmas but the GF twisted my arm (it only took a little pressure) and convinced this was the game I wanted... So I'm going with the Cult of December for me and she wanted an all woman band that was not undead... since I need to shop everything at the same time I was wondering if this is legal (playable we will see later, she wants the pretty minis first): Viktorias (both) Taelor Misaki Rusty Alice Knowing if this is equivalent to the Cult of December starter will be awesome too. Do the minis come with cards? what about if they are part of some old stock from the online store I'm ordering? Thanks, Andres
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