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Found 831 results

  1. I was writing a... well, a fan-fiction for Malifaux, and I realized I wasn't quite sure where exactly the Breach was. I looked through the rulebook, but I couldn't find any definite answer. Did I miss it or is it still shrouded in speculation and secrecy?
  2. Hello, I first learned about Malifaux from the d6 Generation podcast. I tracked down a copy of the rulebook on ebay have enjoyed reading the book. I have not yet played a game but am looking forward to it. FYI, in Houston, Asgard games has some of the models and decks. They didnt have any of the Guild decks, worst luck, but several Unborn were on the shelf. Once payday comes around, I suspect that I will be picking up the Lady Justice starter. Im trying to get Montag's Games in Pearland to stock the game as it would be much closer for me than Asgard. Both are good stores.
  3. Hello All, Eric Johns kindly agreed to an interview on Livingdice.com regarding Malifaux and Wyrd Miniatures. I thought you might find it interesting. Here is the link: http://www.livingdice.com/2713/interview-eric-johns-of-wyrd-miniatures-publisher-of-malifaux/ Thank you, Trask www.livingdice.com
  4. I'm proud to announce my first Malifaux miniatures review: the Lady Justice and the Death Marshals box set. This popular stater set brings the Guild's most feared hunters of the undead to the tabletop, ready to treat their unnatural foes to an eternal dirt nap. These five characterful and super-detailed minis really show the level of sculpting that Wyrd is bringing to the Malifaux line. http://thescreamingalpha.com/2009/09/09/review-lady-justice-and-the-death-marshals-crew-by-wyrd-miniatures/
  5. Howdy Wyrd Fans, Eric and Dan were kind enough to sit down with us at GenCon and share the story of how Malifaux was developed, the challenges that were involved, and how it was received at GenCon 2009. Special thanks to both of them, for taking the time to chat. And thanks to the many members of the Wyrd staff that showed us the ropes of this amazing new game. Link the interview: http://www.thed6generation.com/index.php?post_id=517425 Oh, and a special shout out to old friends who we meet again: Redstripe: Great to put a face to a name after all these years! Ambrose: Nice to see you again, and thanks for that full playthrough.
  6. I've been checking the minis for a while and thinking into jumping into it for Christmas but the GF twisted my arm (it only took a little pressure) and convinced this was the game I wanted... So I'm going with the Cult of December for me and she wanted an all woman band that was not undead... since I need to shop everything at the same time I was wondering if this is legal (playable we will see later, she wants the pretty minis first): Viktorias (both) Taelor Misaki Rusty Alice Knowing if this is equivalent to the Cult of December starter will be awesome too. Do the minis come with cards? what about if they are part of some old stock from the online store I'm ordering? Thanks, Andres
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