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Found 49 results

  1. Here's a week 2 game from our Shifting Loyalties Campaign! My Outcasts vs. Adam from Greenleaf Terrain (who has made a ton of my studio's lovely Malifaux terrain) and his Arcanists Arsenal.
  2. Chris and I go through the new Shifting Loyalties Book! Chris and I play our first Nythera / Shifting Loyalties game!
  3. Chris is getting ready for Lords of War Weekend and has been busily painting lots of models. He's back for anther 50SS game! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fdDi2W7j67o
  4. Here's a narrative battle report I finally finished for a game a couple weeks back. It was a fun game with a new strategy. http://malifaux.battle.directory/battle-report/ten-thunders-jakob-lynch-vs-neverborn-the-dreamer/view-full/158
  5. WARNING: Some adult language. I realized too late that I cut off the beginning of the video but.... Deployment: Flank Strategy: Reconnoiter Scheme Pool: ALitS Distract Assassinate Protect Territory Cursed Object His Schemes: Protect Territory (Revealed) Assassinate My Schemes: ALitS (Revealed) Protect Territory (Revealed) His list: Leveticus -- 3 Pool +Desolate Soul [2] +From Ash [2] +To the Earth Return [1] Hollow Waif X 2 [0] Abomination [4] Ashes And Dust [13] +Scramble [2] Lazarus [10] +Oath Keeper [1] Rusty Alyce [10] +Desolate Soul [2] +From the Aether [2 My List: Lucius -- 7 Pool +Aether Connection [1] +Secret Assets [2] +Suprisingly Loyal [1] Primordial Magic [2] Captain Dashel [9] Guild Lawyer [6] Guild Rifleman [5] Guild Rifleman [5] Gupps [4] Young Nephilim [6] Young Nephilim [6]
  6. Greetings all! We have another Video Battle Report starring our very own MaliDave! Again, any comments, suggestions, and critiques are welcome. Let us know if there's a specific Master you'd like to see us tackle as well. Thanks for watching!
  7. Hey - my name is Bret, and I recently piloted Colette to a 5-0-0 second place at the Adepticon Masters of Malifaux with my “Big Rig Colette” crew (my thought process behind the crew creation is available here: http://wyrd-games.net/community/topic/100241-colette-%E2%80%93-the-adepticon-almost-master-of-malifaux-crew-creation/) against some top-quality players, and I’d like to recount my battle reports from the event to give some hard evidence to back up the Theoryfaux. The crew I ended up using on the first day looked like this: Arcanists Crew - 50 - Scrap Colette Du Bois -- 5 Pool +Cabaret Choreography [2] (for Dove summoning) +Practiced Production [1] +Shell Game [1] (for the Surge trigger on Prompt) Coryphee [7] Coryphee [7] Howard Langston [12] (Who I will continuously refer to as Miss Step, because I prefer that model) +Imbued Protection [2] Mechanical Rider [12] Mobile Toolkit [3] Amusingly, Imbued Protection is actually a mistake. For some reason, I thought the +1 DF upgrade was the one that could be discarded for Fast, so I was very confused when I tried to discard it, and the upgrade said something about preventing damage. By the way, the full rules and strategy/scheme pools for the Adepticon Masters is available at: http://www.adepticon.org/14rules/2014malifauxmaster.pdf Round 1: For the first game of the tournament, I’m playing against Victoria, who is conveniently playing the Viktorias. Going in to the tournament, my plan was to identify every model that could potentially threaten one of my constructs, so I look at her cards and go, “Alright, Bishop is a threat, he has to die first. Johan is a threat, he has to die first. Viktoria of Ash is a threat, she has to die first. Viktoria of Blood is a thre…. uh-oh.” Even worse, I find myself on an indoor terraclips board with a big raised area in the center that has exactly one entrance that can fit a 40mm or larger base. Thankfully, I won the flip to choose deployment sides, and choose the side that allows me to actually access the Turf War marker. Even more fortunately, the scheme pool includes Protect Territory, so I choose that to go along with the ubiquitous A Line in the Sand. After a humorous mishap where Colette is blocking the critical central entrance and I’m forced to use the Mechanical Rider to hit her to trigger Now You See Me... to get her out of the way, I manage to get Miss Step and both Coryphees on the Turf War marker while the Viktorias and friends move up the left side of the board dropping schemes. So now the real game begins. I have control of the center, and I’m setting up my scheme marker bunker on the centerline so that I can score Line in the Sand and Protect Territory and I just wait for her to commit something. Bishop is the first to wander too close, so Miss Step Nimbles in and kills him (in one shot - Red Joker on the first damage flip is a good way to start the day) and then is pulled back to “safety”. Unfortunately, Vanessa pulls in Miss Step, and the Viktorias cut her down. Vanessa is now well within my threat range, so the Coryphees slaughter her and push away - giving her a point on Frame for Murder. Johan dies next because he was standing right behind Vanessa. The Viktorias then proceed to sit outside the door, and since the Coryphees can’t fit through our models just look angrily at each other for the next 2 turns - and I end up winning 10-8. Amusingly, I actually considered dropping at 1-0 because, and I quote, “Look, I already had a game where my theoryfaux played out perfectly on the table - all I have to go from here is downhill.” Man, am I glad that I didn’t end up going through with that. Round 2: Next up, I get paired against a Pandora player (whose name I forget…. Sorry!) who’s using a very similar crew as mine (all the big heavies he can take - including Nekima, Teddy, Coppelius and Baby Kade), I assume in preparation for Reckoning. I choose A Line in the Sand, like always - and pair it with Spring the Trap, expecting Pandora to cross the center line eventually. We’re on the dreaded sewer table, but thankfully the doors and buildings are now wide enough to fit bases larger than 30mm. My crew is significantly faster than his, so I manage to claim the open central platform between all the buildings, and start setting up my Line in the Sand. At this point, my opponent decides that he doesn’t want to just charge in and watch his stuff get slaughtered, so he sends Nekima flying way around the flank, and literally backs up into his deployment zone with everything else. I’m more than happy to just sit and wait and win 3-0, so I start summoning Metal Gamins and Mechanical Doves. By turn 4, he’s finally had enough, so Nekima runs in, and Miss Step and the Mech Rider both commit to killing her (but can’t do it in one round), and everyone else just charges the main platform. The Coryphee Duet dodges around Pandora and chooses to kill Baby Kade instead so that I can Spring the Trap on her. I get three points from Spring the Trap, and I unfortunately forget that Deliver a Message was an option, so Colette doesn’t run away fast enough, gets Paralyzed by a Horror Duel and then has a message delivered to her. I almost threw away a sure win, but at the last second I managed get a fourth scheme marker on the center line, and win 6-4 (with neither of us getting a single point from Reckoning….) Round 3: This one requires some setup. Two Adepticons ago, I was running Rasputina in my first-ever Malifaux tournament and I managed to pull off a 2-0 until I get to the finals in an Arcanist mirror match against someone else named Bret (and he even spells his name right!), where I proceed to get absolutely stomped (or, at least, that’s how I remember it - he claims it was closer than that). So, when I hear that I’m in for another Bret vs. Bret match, I’m already worried about my winning streak getting stopped again. Then I look at the table - and it’s this horrifying forest of doom that is at least 75% forest terrain - and nothing else. He declares Guild, and ends up taking Perdita/Francisco, and then a bunch of cheap, significant models (Austringers, Guild Hounds, Brutal Effigy and four Clockwork Traps). I’m confused by the Traps until he deploys them on 4 out of the 5 Squatter’s Rights markers - and my face falls even further when the Austringers Deliver Orders to the little scraps of metal, and they take over the Squatter’s Rights markers despite never being able to activate. Again, I get fortunate and I draw the Plant Explosives scheme in addition to, of course, A Line in the Sand. This game starts with an extremely costly mistake. I send a Coryphee up to about 4~5” behind the centerline so that I can teleport the other one up and try to claim a Squatter’s Rights marker or two extremely early on. I then learn that Perdita can basically threaten the entire board, and is more than capable of killing a lone Coryphee, as she kills it in a forest with an AP to spare. I realize that there’s absolutely nothing I can do to kill a DF 9 Perdita, I’m again worried that I’m going to lose the game - but I decide to keep on trying anyways. From this point on, I don’t even bother trying to kill Perdita, I just start feeding her models on the left side of the table (where most of our models are, and where I control 2 of the 5 markers), and she kills both Miss Step and the Mobile Toolkit by herself (as well as the remaining Coryphee that was trying to run away) - but I manage to stall her from reclaiming my Squatter’s Rights markers until Turn 4, at which point, the Mechanical Rider, and her bevy of summons (well, the ones who survived the hail of raptor fire from the Austringers) finally manage to kill all the Clockwork Traps and Guild Hounds (creating a hilariously high total of 11 scheme markers on the centerline, 4 of which went into scoring me full points on Plant Explosives, thanks to the Clockwork Traps never being able to move). On turn 5, it’s coming down to the wire, and Perdita is forced to run over and engage a Metal Gamin to keep him from claiming the Squatter’s Rights marker I need to win - but she has to use 2 AP to get there, and only gets to shoot him once, triggering his Hard to Kill, but not actually killing him. Colette then Prompts him out of melee, and he grabs the last marker and I win the game 8-6. At this point, I’m really lucky that there’s only 3 games on the first day, because I am literally shaking with relief after winning a game against the player I feared most going into this tournament, especially since I made what I thought was a game-losing mistake ten minutes into the first turn. Anyways, the first day is over, and since I’m sitting at 3-0, I spend the whole night picking out schemes and strategies for the next day (and, of course, pick up some delicious Italian Beef at Portillo’s since I was back in Illinois). I’m really worried about day 2, because I have to play through Reconnoiter and Stake a Claim, neither of which my crew is really prepared to handle, and worse yet, the round 5 scheme pool is the worst I can think of: Breakthrough, Assassinate, Deliver a Message, and Cursed Object. I’m comforted by the fact that if I somehow manage to sneak my way through those two games, I get to win the finals in a hilariously favorable Turf War/A Line in the Sand/Protect Territory game (like in Round 1) I was really worried about Reconnoiter and Stake a Claim, so I decided to drop the Mobile Toolkit, Imbued Protection and the remainder of my extra cache in order to get Angelica and Arcane Reservoir - reasoning that I needed more significant models to compete on table quarters, as well as getting some extra mobility for Stake a Claim. Here was my crew for the second day: Arcanists Crew - 50 - Scrap Colette Du Bois -- 2 Pool +Arcane Reservoir [2] +Cabaret Choreography [2] (for Dove summoning) +Shell Game [1] (for the Surge trigger on Prompt) Angelica [6] +Practiced Production [1] Coryphee [7] Coryphee [7] Howard Langston [12] (Who I will continuously refer to as Miss Step, because I prefer that model) Mechanical Rider [12] Round 4: So, starting fresh on the second day of the Masters, I eventually get paired with (another person whose name I can’t remember, but who goes by Valhallan42nd on this forum - and had this amazing quote about our game: ) Anyways, I somehow get placed back onto the forest table of doom - and my opponent drops Kirai with as many significant models as possible. It was at this point that I realized that I had completely forgotten that the Mechanical Rider had the Unimpeded rule, and therefore didn’t have to spend nearly as many walk actions as I did last game. Oops. We both announce Power Ritual (which is pretty easy on Flank deployment, and especially easy for Crooked Men to score), and I also choose Protect Territory, but don’t reveal it. And yes, this is the first and last time this tournament where I didn’t pick A Line in the Sand. I end up splitting my forces - sending the Mechanical Rider and Miss Step to the top-left corner, and both my Coryphees to the bottom-right, leaving Colette and Angelica in my deployment zone, just over 6” from the center and in a scheme marker bunker. I actually forgot to leave a scheme marker in my deployment zone’s corner, so I have to send a summoned Dove back there, and use Practiced Productions to summon a scheme marker back there. Kirai and most of her heavy hitters move to the bottom-right corner to hunt the Coryphees that manage to stop him from laying down a scheme marker, and are apparently trying to claim the Power Ritual on their own. But this is all a smoke screen - as soon as I looked at Kirai’s cards, my entire plan for the game changed to “Let’s see if I can win this game without making an attack” - since I have absolutely zero desire to let him summon an Ikiryo at any point. So the Coryphees keep dancing away, only attacking if there isn’t a Lost Love or Kirai nearby (which, to his credit, is almost never). On turn 2, I fail to stop the Crooked Man from dropping a scheme marker off in the top left corner, but I drop off a Metal Gamin to clear it up eventually. He summons a Hanged, and the Coryphees just run away continuously. I manage to claim both left-hand table quarters, and he claims the right-hand ones, so we both score. On turn 3, I get the scheme markers I need for Power Ritual, and clear his in the top-left corner. I manage to clear out the top-left corner, and score it with just a single Metal Gamin, and I actually manage to take control of the top-right and bottom-left corner, since most of his crew had committed too far to the bottom-right on the previous turn. On Turn 4, I actually use Angelica’s Hooked Cane to push two of his significant models into the center of the board, thereby preventing him from stealing either of the left-hand corners, but we both score that turn - while his Hanged deals half of Angelica’s HP and he summons another scary spirit. In the meantime, the Mech Rider has moved all the way to the top-right corner, and begins punching everything that doesn’t summon an Ikiryo when hit, and spawning 5 or so scheme markers around it. We don’t manage to get all the way through turn 5, but I manage to take control of three of the table quarters again, and I remove one of the scheme markers he puts into my deployment zone - so when time is called, he doesn’t score all of Breakthrough and I’m another point up on Reconnoiter - and I win the game 10-6 without ever making an attack that could possibly summon Ikiryo. Round 5: About halfway through this round, the TO’s decide that staying up all night the night before to run the story encounter is not the best way to remain sane through the last 8 hours of Malifaux that weekend, so they end up canceling round 6. In what eventually becomes my last round of the Adepticon Masters, I get paired against Mike (oldmanmyke on these forums), who ended up taking third place overall. He’s playing Collodi (with Vasilia, a Stitched Together, a Pair of Effigies, and a bunch of unidentifiable dolls) on Stake a Claim, so I panic and drop my original plan of taking Breakthrough (reasoning that I won’t be able to sneak past the wall of dolls) and end up taking Cursed Object instead - to go with A Line in the Sand, like always. This board is actually a reasonably open Wild West-themed board. The game begins with most of his puppets running to just on the far side of the centerline - so Miss Step Nimbles up and charges the Stitched Together (mostly because I still live in fear of how powerful it was in M1E). Angelica then uses Give Them an Encore to pull Miss Step back to “safety.” This ends up backfiring horribly, when I realize that she is now within 2” of Angelica - so at the beginning of turn 2, Collodi and Vasilia together force Miss Step to attack Angelica at least 4 times. After burning through all of my cards, protecting her, only one attack manages to get through - leaving Angelica with 1 HP. Miss Step then gets out of friendly fire range of Angelica and kills a random puppet. The Coryphees duet up and assassinate the Arcane Effigy. The Mech Rider runs way past the centerline and summons a Gamin on the far-right side of the table. Unfortunately, he manages to out-activate me and sneak a Marionette past my lines and scores the first Stake a Claim point - as well as getting Cursed Object on both Miss Step and the Coryphees. He’s now up two points, and things are starting to look a little grim. Things look even grimmer when he activates Collodi and manages to slow each of my 12+ soulstone models. Fortunately, the Coryphee Duet is swift, so it uses it’s entire activation to Stake a Claim, and the Gamin that was summoned last turn Stakes another (and then uses Magnetism to start murdering dolls as a 0 action). Miss Step Nimbles up to the Marionette on my side of the table, and gives it a Cursed Object. Vasilia then charges up and finishes off Angelica, removing Practiced Production from the game - and then Colette kills her with a single Sabre Trick. The Mech Rider summons another Gamin, and uses it’s 1 AP to shoot a puppet and create 2 scheme markers on the centerline. So now I score a point on Stake a Claim, and another on Cursed Object. By the end of the next turn, Only Collodi and the Marionette I’m keeping alive for Cursed Object are left - so I end up winning 9-4, and going 5-0-0 overall. All in all, my crew performed WAY better than expected, and each and every one of my opponents was extremely kind and gracious - and both of the opponents I played against that I went into the tournament fearing complimented my play. To say that I couldn’t be happier with my performance is a bit of an understatement. Thanks for sticking with me through this and my previous posts - I hoped you learned something about a new and interesting way to play Colette - and please feel free to ask if you have any questions about this crew, I love talking about Colette.
  8. Hey guys A buddy and I played a game on Saturday, my Viktorias against his Mei Feng, 50 soul stones. It was really fun and thematic. I wrote it up in "story style" from the perspective of the Viktoria crew. Deployment: flank Strategy: Sabotage with set up camp for defender (Viks attackers, Mei Feng defender) Viktorias schemes: Plant evidence, bodyguard (Johan) Mei Feng schemes: Plant evidence, bodyguard (Kang) Result: 9 - 8 to Viktoria Enjoy! ENTER THE DRAGONS Viktoria received an anonymous envelope with a letter, and a small amount of soul stones inside. On closer inspection, The letter was a contract, asking her to destroy one of the Arcanists supply warehouses along one of their railroads and make it look as if the Ten Thunders did it. If she accepted, she was to accomplish it in two nights time. After successfully completing the mission, she'd need to meet at the Star Theatre the night after to receive the rest of the stipulated lucrative amount in soul stones from a man in red, who would approach her. Viktoria thought to herself, why red? Red? A Guild guardsmen, or just a gentleman in a red suite? It must be the guild, or at least whoever planned this wants her to think it's the guild. She decided to do it. If she could help increase the tension between the 3 power houses of Malifaux, in anyway, then so be it. Especially if she earned a large amount of soulstones from it. --- The night air was brisk, Vanessa could feel the change in season coming, even through her duster coat she could feel the chill. Next to her was Johan, in his thick hooded cape with his massive glowing hammer resting over his shoulder. Just ahead were two Ronin - Tasha and Lisa, both carrying Ten Thunder standard issue dynamite and fuses, some would be used to to blow up the warehouse, some would be used to plant as false evidence. The small group were silent as they approached the point on the map the Viktorias told them to be. The area was close to southgate station, bordering the Quarantine zone. They came up towards an old ruined building on their left and a large dead tree, similar to the hanging tree, on their right. The soil was barren, but Vanessa could feel the energies of a leyline. Not too far ahead, to the right, Johan pointed out the warehouse, "I think that's what we're here to blow up". "Yes, we're in position", replied Vanessa in a whisper. She signalled to Tasha, and with that, Tasha pulled out an old pocket mirror, which she used to flicker some moon light off into the distance. Viktoria saw the flicker she was waiting for in the distance to her right, exactly where she expected it to come from. "Dependable as always", whispered the other Viktoria as she readjusted the straps slung over her shoulders, holding the sheaths that carried the two masamuni swords. Viktoria readied her clockwork pistol, pulled out a small mirror from her coat and looked back over her shoulder, her sister in spirit was there, both hands now moving up from the straps over her shoulders to unsheathe the two masamunis slung across her back. Next to her was the nameless girl, their small protégée, which they now just call, 'the student'. Just behind them crouched Alice, a freikorps librarian, who's arcane abilities have saved the sisters lives many times before. Viktoria flickered some moonlight off the mirror back over to Vanessa and the others on the opposite side of the ruins, signaling to approach the warehouse. As she put the mirror back into her coat, she heard voices coming from the tall ruins on her left behind the tall rock formation jutting out of the earths surface. "Bollocks!", exclaimed Viktoria in a whisper, "Why can't it ever be easy?". "If it was going to be easy, they wouldn't have hired us to do it", replied the other Viktoria, peaking over the small wall they were hiding behind. "I see two men, with construction tools as limbs. A taller man, with a massive shovel. A smaller man pushing a wheel barrow. And a woman followed by a, a flame?" "Mei Feng and her Ten thunders rail workers", said Alice cautiously, "they fight just as well as they build". "Bollocks!" extorted Viktoria as she quickly ducked behind the wall again, "they have a rail golem with them!" As Viktoria ducked down, the massive construct, three times the height of a man, stepped out from behind the ruins with steam billowing out its back on their far left, holding a piece of rail steel the length of two men in it's red hot, iron grip. "We have to go! We have to go now!" shouted the student jumping up. Before the other woman could react, the little girl sheathed her sword and started running into the open towards the warehouse ahead of them. The rail workers saw her, "Mistress, what do we do?" "Catch her!", exclaimed Mei Feng in a calm demeanor. One of the rail workers started running directly for the student, while the other started running to his right towards the wall the others were still hiding behind. "Go! Go! Go!" Shouted Viktoria, as both sisters stood up and started sprinting with unnatural speed towards the student. "Here we go", said Alice as she ran behind the two blondes, trying her best to keep up. --- "What's going on over there?" asked Lisa. "I'm not sure", replied Vanessa, "but it doesn't look good! Lisa, Tasha, Johan, you three run over to the warehouse and do what we came here to do. I'm going to make my way over towards my sisters there, looks like they could use some help." "Yes ma'am" replied Lisa with a sarcastic salute. "I'm coming with you Vanessa", instructed Johan. The two Ronin ran past the large, dead, hanging tree look-a-like and into the tall dry grass behind it. Vanessa and Johan jumped over the rubble they were hiding behind into the open and started running towards the sisters. "We're on a leyline!" said Vanessa. "What's that mean?" asked Johan. A long grin appeared on Vanessa's soft face, "You'll see!" --- As the beautiful blonde twins ran past the tall rock formation on their left, the rail worker running straight after the student came up through the trees next to the rock formation, meters away from the two of them. Viktoria paused, raised her clockwork pistol at the half iron man and released two shots, both hitting him. One shot ricocheted off his steel chest, only winding him and the other exploding a small chunk of flesh off his shoulder. After regaining his balance, he kept running. A blue ball of light hurtled past the two Viktorias on their right with such speed, it almost pushed them to the floor. The ball of light blasted into the rail worker with a blinding flash of light, exploding the man into bits of flesh and steel which landed with splashes and klanks around the twins. "We've got your backs!" Viktoria looked back over her shoulder, running up towards them into the open was Vanessa and Johan. Lisa and Tasha made it out of the tall grass, the warehouse not far away now. "Should we go over there and help?!" Lisa asked Tasha. "No, someone needs to do what we came here for!" With that, Tasha threw a stick of dynamite onto the ground and pointed at the warehouse. "Let's blow that building sky high, get paid and make the Thunders answer for it." --- The student carried on making a beeline for the warehouse, both Viktorias close behind her on either side, reached out and grabbed the little girl on either arm. "What are you doing?!", yelled one Viktoria. "You want to get killed?!" Yelled the other. "Wait for me!", Alice was struggling to keep up with the sisters. Both Viktorias turned around to see how far behind Alice was. Just as they turned around, Mei Feng flew into the librarian, slashing at her with catlike claws, ripping through the freikorp armour. Alice fell to the ground with a piercing scream. Thinking the librarian dead, Mei Feng turned her attention towards the sisters, "What are you two doing here?!" With Mei Feng focused on the twins, Alice focused her mind, closing her wounds with healing energies, pulled out her hunting knife and slashed at the back of Mei Fengs legs with a miss as Mei Feng intuitively dodged out the way. The Viktorias drew their swords and charged towards Mei Feng with a roar. Vanessa readied her arcane staff, Mei Feng was a sitting duck. Just as she was about to unleash a leyline charged ball of arcane energy at the foundry leader, Johan slapped down onto her staff with his hand, "Stop! You could hit Alice!" Vanessa froze in shock, "I, I didn't see her!" "We need to help her!" exclaimed Johan as he lifted his unwieldy hammer and started to run over to Alice and Mei Feng. "Aaaahhh!" Johan swung round to see Vanessa was now on fire. Mei Fengs totem, the emberling had charged at Vanessa out of nowhere and was swirling around her. As Viktoria was about to leap at Mei Feng, both masamunes drawn, she saw something massive rocketing towards her on her right. The rail golem came crashing out into the open through the trees with the speed and power of a freight train, slamming his rail line of a club into the ground, inches away from Viktoria, the force of the slam knocking Viktoria off her feet. She looked up and saw the club coming straight for her head, with inhuman dexterity, she flicked herself out of harms way and back onto her feet. She glanced to her left, her twin and the student had made the charge and were locked in melee with Mei Feng, swords and claws slashing and clanging into each other. She turned her attention back at the behemoth coming at her for a second round. She mumbled to herself, "Time to keep my oath" and leaped out of the way of the rail line steel that came crashing down towards her. Then, before the golem could stand up straight from its own arching swing, Viktoria had leaped onto its back and buried both magical blades down through its neck, into its torso. Viktoria somersaulted off the front of the golem ripping out both blades, sending a swirl of hot coal and fire into the air behind her, whilst the golem let out a deep groan and slumped into the ground. Viktoria landed on both feet and leapt into melee to aid her sisters against Mei Feng. --- Johan dived into Vanessa, exploding through the swirl of fire created by the dancing emberling, sending himself and Vanessa crashing into the dirt. Johan sprung to his knees, whipping off his cloak and used it suffocate the fire engulfing Vanessa. He grabbed his relic hammer and swung around onto his feet, hammer stretched out, but missed the elemental. Vanessa, angered by the emberling, stood to her feet with her short sword drawn and lunged at the fiery aggressor, stabbing it and sending out a spew of hot coal and fire out its back. The emberling let out a high pitched scream and spat out a ball of fire onto Vanessa, setting her duster alight again, though this time Vanessa kept fighting the elemental through the burning. She swung at the emberling again, slicing through its head, causing it to explode into black smoke. Johan glinted through the black smoke to see a scrawny man with a wheel barrow, then a cylindrical red object landing not too far from him and Vanessa. "Fire in the hole!". BOOM! --- "What was that?!", Lisa and Tasha thought they were the only ones using explosives. "I don't know" said Lisa, "but we better get on with it". The two ronin had reached the warehouse and 'dropped' enough discriminating evidence against the Ten Thunders on the way. "I hope we have enough dynamite left after dropping so many on the way here, this warehouse is sturdy". "That's why we throw the dynamite inside, stupid!" exclaimed Lisa. Lisa then carefully pried open a window with her short blade, trying not to make as little noise as possible, in case someone or something was inside. --- The student swung her sword with all her might at Mei Fengs legs, but missed as the martial expert jumped over the blade, twisting into a jackhammer kick that sent the little apprentice flying through the air and into the dirt with a thud and puff of dust. "Oh no you don't!" exclaimed Viktoria at Mei Feng, as she slashed with lightning speed at Mei Feng, who managed to side step most of the blow, with the sword only skimming her side for minor damage. Mei Feng retaliated with cat like swipes of her smoldering metal claws, slashing both Viktorias. The twin with both swords swung at Mei Feng with a whirlwind of steel blades, cutting Mei Feng across the chest with the first blade, but missing with the second as Mei Feng misdirected the blade off her steel claws into the other Viktoria. Viktoria staggered and fell to one knee, bleeding profusely out of her stomach. --- Johan found himself on the ground covered in dirt, he pulled himself up along the shaft of his hammer that stood upright, head in the ground. He could see Vanessa lying in the dirt, just outside the crater of the explosion. She looked dead. Off to the distance, he could see the scrawny man planting dynamite in the ground. Johan didn't care what Willie was doing, he wanted to get Vanessa and get her to safety. He staggered towards Vanessa, picked her up, she was black all over and bleeding from the head. Johan slung Vanessa over his shoulder and made a run for safety through the tall grass towards the rendezvous point. --- Lisa and Tasha positioned themselves defensively outside the window, each of them lighting a fuse attached to a kindle of dynamite. The two young mercenaries threw their charged bundles of dynamite through the window of the warehouse in unison. And then ran as fast as they possibly could into a safe distance from the building. "Ten, nine, eight, seven", Tasha started counting down, anticipating the explosion, "six, five, four " BOOM! The dynamite exploded, blowing out the entire back of the warehouse in spectacular fashion. The two ronin then headed for the rendezvous point, which was in the direction of the Malifaux Exploration Society. --- Alice had managed to bring herself to full health while Mei Feng was occupied with the sisters, and now, the sisters needed her help. One of the twins was flat on the ground in a pool of blood. If she could heal her, she knew the twin would be okay. She had seen her survive worse. Alice walked towards the melee with both hands out uttering an old language. Healing energies flowed out of her hands and into the twins, closing up the cuts on the twin still fighting Mei Feng, but no movement was coming from the sister on the floor. Then, just as Mei Feng was about to send a burning steel fist through the standing sisters chest, she was floored by a sweeping kick from the sister on the floor, who then sprung to both feet. "It's done! The ronin have done it! Let's get out of here!" shouted both Viktorias in unison towards Alice, and with that, they leaped out of reach of Mei Feng, who was still getting back onto her feet. One of the twins picked up the unconscious student as they ran towards the rendezvous point. As they were running, the Viktorias looked back to see if Alice was behind them. She was not. Through the smoke and the flame of the burning warehouse, they could see the larger rail worker with the massive shovel dragging Alice's body away. "We need to get her! She could still be alive!" Shouted Viktoria as she pulled out her pistol and started towards the fiery seen. "No! She's gone! Leave her!" Johan's voice came out of the dark, Viktoria turned around to see him pointing to the far right, where dozens of rail workers were running to the scene of the crime. Behind Johan were the two Ronin and at his feet was Vanessa, "We need to get her to a healer, now." End.
  9. Malifaux Summer Campaign - Battle Report 1. Liason at the Mercer Inn. This is the 1st of 4 battle reports from a summer campaign I’m doing with a friend. The battle report (and the campaign itself) is very narrative driven, and each battle report to follow will have an increasing amount of narrative to go with it. The main plot-line is planned out, but the outcome of the games changes the who and how. That way the Scraps themselves are determining the story. It’s also worth noting that we are using some of the M2E Beta rules such as Strategy & Schemes, pre-measuring & soulstones, but not the individual character stats. As well as that, we are using the campaign rules found in Wyrd Chronicles v5, which includes injuries and upgrades. This means that the heroes (or villains) will return, if they survive! Finally, there are some hidden meanings or easter eggs dropped in here and there. If you spot them, leave a comment. Enjoy! Chapter 1 Under orders directly from the Governor’s Secretary, Lady Justice has been sent to meet with a Guild agent at the Mercer Inn in Downtown Malifaux. The agent has information regarding the location of a Resurrectionist lab in the Quarantine Zone, home to the once famous magician, psychic and telepathic Berren Down. Berren was a huge attraction, performing at most of the major establishments throughout Malifaux. He shocked and awed audiences, yet always retreated into secrecy at the end of the evening. No-one could work out the secrets behind his acts, nor put a personality to the performer. That is, until a Saturday night audience including the Judge and 3 seasoned Death Marshals let the cat out of the bag. Berren’s ‘trick’ was manipulating spirits & communicating with the dead on stage. The Marshals wasted no time, letting lead fly and storming the stage to apprehend Berren mid-performance, but Berren was always prepared. Clouds of thick green gas surged from hidden vents amongst the props and containers, leaving those in the theatre bewildered and nauseous. As the gas cleared, Berren was gone. Lady Justice has been sent to meet with the agent and establish the whereabouts of Berren’s hidden lab. At this point, it would seem like a simple liaison for the crew, but the Neverborn are after Berren as well... 25ss Scrap. Guild vs. Neverborn. Strategy: Turf War (centre point being the agent) Guild Scheme: Bodyguard (Judge) Neverborn Scheme: Outflank Deployment: Standard Guild Crew: Neverborn Crew: Lady Justice Lilith Judge Lelu 2 x Death Marshals Lilitu 2 x Guild Riflemen 3 x Terror Tots 6ss Cache 6ss Cache ******************************************************************************************************* The fog encroaching on Downtown Malifaux was beginning to clear. Warm light beaming from the windows of the Mercer Inn and the gentle murmur of diners & drinkers was a welcoming sanctuary from the sinister surroundings of the evening. This was where Lucius said his agent would meet with Lady Justice and her crew, to reveal information regarding the whereabouts of the wanted Resurrectionist Berren Down’s lab in the Quarantine Zone. “Judge, take Doherty and Cogburn, secure the perimeter”. “Yes, my Lady”. ******************************************************************************************************* The Mercer Inn was certainly one of the nicer establishments to be found in the city. A warm hearth, oak tables, clean floors & real ale. The barman greeted the trio with a fleeting nod upon entering, respectful and reserved; they were here on business, and he knew it. A few customers were at the bar, another dining alone over documents and reports. In an upper-market establishment such as this, customers understood the value of privacy. A final customer occupied a table in the corner, motioning to the empty chair across from him. The agent. Marshal Regan took a seat at the bar whilst Marshal Thadius rested against the windowsill. “Lady Justice, an honor. I must say I’m mildly surprised to be meeting with you directly. A drink perhaps?” “As surprised as me. Now tell me what I need to know,” she replied. ******************************************************************************************************* Riflemen Doherty scanned the fog through his scope. A quiet night. He was one of the many new Guardsmen being brought through the Breach to bolster numbers in the Guilds ranks. Ever since the Governor General declared Martial Law, recruits were flooding through. “Tell me, why is it that we get the dirty work, standing out here in the cold, whilst Lady Wonderful and the Crazy Gang get to sit in the warm with a steak and an ale?” he muttered under his breath to no-one in particular. From across the street, the Judge’s gaze seemed to clear the fog itself. “Watch your tongue whelp, or I’ll have it out.” “Yes, Sir” said a flushed face Doherty. “Be thankful I am more forgiving than Our Lady. Now back to work”. The streets were quiet bar the odd couple heading about their evening business. None paid any mind to the armed presence of the Guild. It was quite a common site nowadays, especially Downtown, where an image of control and power was paramount. “Its too quiet, sir” said Riflemen Cogburn. A veteran of the force, Cogburn came through the breach early on. Life Earthside wasn’t anything special for a widowed army veteran like himself. Kids he never spoke to, grandchildren he’d never seen, all that was left for him was his work, and he sure as hell knew how to do that. An experienced and loyal soldier, his strength of character often saw him assigned to Marshal duties. With a thick mustache, greying hair and a voice that had tangled with a few scotches over its time, he was quite the opposite to the fresh faced Doherty. “Be vigilant then gentlemen”. The Judge withdrew to the rear. “Hey Cogburn, check out the talent, 10 o’clock!” said Doherty. “Can it, newboy”. “Ah don’t be like that! You must be dying for a little female attention at your age! Lets just go talk to her, the gals love a man in uniform. Everything is fine here anyway.” “Return to your post, Riflemen,” said Cogburn, making no attempt at masking his growing impatience. Casually swinging his rifle over his shoulder, Doherty approached the lady through the fog. “Excuse me miss, can I have a minute?” As Doherty drew nearer, the figure grew. Tall and imposing, Doherty was transfixed. He was being lured... The crack of Cogburn’s rifle tore him away from Lilitu’s spell. Her head snapped back, recoiling from the critical hit Cogburn had placed right on her temple. A brief moment passed where Doherty shook himself free of the spell, when a nightmare erupted from behind a crate of barrels. Ambush. The beast before him bellowed as it charged towards him, his thick red muscles barreling forward like a ram. Lelu crashed into Doherty, battering him off his feet and sinking his fangs deep into the rifleman’s neck before he had time to hit the ground. Cogburn reloaded and sighted Lelu. The monster turned from his prey, crimson dripping from his chin as he scanned for a new challenge. From behind him, his sibling Lilitu rose once again, her barbed whip whirling over her head, graceful and poised where Lelu was brutish and violent. With a shot to the temple, Lilitu should have been out for good. Cogburn exhaled deeply. This was going to be a tough night. He trained his crosshairs over her heart. Time slowed. This was what he lived for, his bread and butter. That millisecond between the faintest pressure on his hair trigger, to the impact of lead on flesh. He let fly. The bullet struck home for a second time, searing straight through Lilitu’s chest and into the Nephilim Tot behind her. With that, Lilitu was down for good. ******************************************************************************************************* The crack of gunfire drew everyone’s attention inside the inn. Everyone silently exchanged glances before Regan approached the window that overlooked the street outside. “Neverborn”. “Barmen, get everyone in the cellar now” ordered Justice. Without any disagreement, the room was cleared leaving Justice, the Agent, Regan and Thadius. “Regan, cover the windows facing the street. Thadius, barricade the front door”. Turning to the agent, she said, “The location. Now.” “Sector 7d of the Quarantine Zone. By the old Aqueduct, there are ruins where a fort of some kind once stood. Within these ruins lies a small wooden shelter. Your man has been using this to keep his head down. Here, I’ve marked it on a map”. Justice turned to Thadius, who hadn’t moved from the windowsill since he had entered the inn. His body was trembling. Schooled in Necromancy to better fight the Undead, Marshals showed no fear. This was something else. Suddenly he lurched, wretching a sickening thick black ichor upon the floor. The floor hissed and smoke rose from the mess. His knuckles were white against the windowsill, and a guttural groan escaped his lips. He turned to face Justice, revealing himself. Horns had protruded from his head, his eyes gone a glossy black. Fangs hung over the bottom of his mouth, his gums bleeding from the fresh growth. Justice drew her sword in an instant, but Thadius leapt through the window with a speed not-human. Justice grabbed the map and ran for the rear door. Crashing through into the night, she found Judge with his bloodied blade dripping onto the cobbled street. Around him were the bodies of 3 dismembered Nephilim Tots. Justice traced the line of carnage. Across the street lay Riflemen Cogburn. He was badly wounded, but alive. “We were attacked My Lady,” said the Judge. “Neverborn. I suspect there are more, but they withdrew, the Red Beast with them”. “It seems that they have what they came for. Thadius. He is one of them.” “What?!” “Quite. Horns and all. We move on Berren. Now.” “J, would it not be best to wait for reinforcements? We don’t know how large this brood is.” “No questions, Judge. Now Thadius knows where Berren is, he will be leading them there. I don’t know what the Neverborn want from him, but Berren is mine.” “Yes My Lady”. “And Judge? I want Thadius’ head on a plate before dawn.” ******************************************************************************************************* The end, for now The game was set up with a large 2 storey building in the centre of the board that was the Mercer Inn. In this building was the agent who was our Turf War objective. As you gain 1 VP for every turn that you hold the objective, it translates really well to ‘questioning’ time, so the more VPs you get, the more information you get. We found it quite amusing thinking about how the Neverborn ‘questioning’ would go, something along the lines of “TELL ME WHERE HE IS BEFORE I PULL YOUR ARMS OFF!” I sent Justice and the 2 Marshals into the building to secure the objective, then set up the Riflemen to cover an entrance, shooting anything that came close. Judge was an inch or two behind for a counter-attack if anything threatened the Riflemen. My opponent sent Lelu, Lilitu and 3 tots towards the Riflemen, Lilith headed towards the building for some Master of Malifaux trickery to come! Lilitu then did an epic Lure on one of my Riflemen, moving him 12” toward the brood! That was Doherty blindly wandering off to pick up a bird! Lelu was now in range. He pounced and wiped the rifleman out no sweat. Ouch! The other rifleman did MILES better! 2 shots at Lilitu, first was resisted, second got through with a cheatable damage flip. Here’s the best part, I had a red joker in my hand! Boom! Severe and weak damage! That was Cogburn’s head shot. But it doesn't end there! Turn 2, I drew the red joker again! This time played it on the duel, getting through and finishing off Lilitu. I added a mask to the duel (from the joker) and damaged a Tot behind her too. Top man! Inside the building I secured the objective & started adding VPs. Lilith sneaked about a bit and did her attack through walls trick (the worst rule I’ve EVER heard of in any table top game! So pleased its not on the M2E beta!). Also made a lot worse by her wicked ability meaning she can damage disengaging models, so there’s literally nothing I could do but wait it out! She killed one Death Marshall through a wall (Marshal Thadius), but more on that at the end! With Lilitu now dead, my rifleman got one shot on Lelu so my opponent withdrew him fearing the damage he would take with Lilitu gone. He pushed his tots forward, who swarmed Rifleman Cogburn and took him down (boo!), but the Judge counter-attack worked a treat. He wiped them out in return. I had also revealed the Bodyguard (Judge) scheme by this point too, so it was a deliberate “come get me” set-up! For the final turn my opponent spread out to secure the edges of the table for the outflank Scheme, I remained in the building for the Strategy VP. The game finished 7 VPs to 2 VPs. Victory for the Guild! Now as we were playing a campaign, we had to flip on the injury chart for any models killed but not wiped-out. Marshal Thadius (who was killed by Lilith), flipped the worst card possible. The BLACK JOKER! Which is the TRAITOR CARD! My opponent gains this model for his crew for the REST OF THE CAMPAIGN! Wow! So I took a bit of writers liberty when working that one out! Rather than trying to bend physics (i.e. Lilith being able to attack through walls. Pffft.), I wrote it as Thadius had turned to the Neverborn, Tuco-style, and was a mole in the crew. Over-hearing Justice and the agent, he revealed himself and is now leading Lilith & the brood to Berren’s location. Pretty cool hey?! How the game dictated that for the story, its mental! Great stuff! Hope you enjoyed it! This is my first go at battle reports and writing a narrative, so comments appreciated! Gotta say its made playing Malifaux so much more fun (not that it wasn’t fun in the first place ), so I will definitely be posting the next 3 once they are done. The length of narrative will probably increase proportionally as well, as its going to get grander! Thanks for reading. Chapter 2 is now up: http://www.wyrd-games.net/showthread.php?46004-Lady-J-vs-Lilith-August-Narrative-B-R-The-Disappearing-Act
  10. Once again here is another battle report, that I am doing so I can get an achievement in the escalation league I am in. This time it was a 15 soulstone game. My crew consisted of: Yamaziko (Leader) Otototototototototo - Yamaziko's right hand man Oiran - Otototototototototototo's main squeeze My Opponent's crew: Candy (Leader) Iggy Sorrow Primordial 'Puke Snake" Magic This Battle Report is brought to you by The X-Wing mini Y-Wing. (My friend Photobombed my opponent's crew when I was attempting to take a photo of it. Not really trying to promote X-Wings whatsoever.) The strategy was Reckoning, therefore I led with Oiran who lured Otototototo, who then proceeded to move forward. Yamaziko moved behind the crowd and Braced Yari to protect everybody. Iggy gave Otototototo some burning, which would only anger him. The Sorrow was next to Otototototototototototo....etc. but as you can see he is not there, that is because he got smashed like whack-a-mole, close but no cigar Sorrow. Meanwhile Candy decided to run to the side of the board and stay as far away from Yamaziko and company as possible. (Later found out that my opponent had chosen Entourage) To remedy this I sent Oiran and Yamaziko after her. Unfortunately this planned backfired since Oiran got paralyzed and Yamaziko flipped a Black Joker and lost the attack duel. Now that Ototototototo was left alone with Iggy, we all knew what time it was... HAMMER TIME!!! and bye bye Iggy, only before giving me a horrible burn.... next target... that puke snake looking thing over yonder there known as Primordial Magic. Oh wait there he is.... and he soon went bye bye to an enrage mad man. Yamaziko and Oiran tried one last time to take out Candy and yet again it failed miserably. That little she-devil was quite tricky to get rid of. In the end I ended up losing 6-5, things I would have changed would have been if I would've known Candy would sneak her way around the board I would have split up my crew instead of going head on to Sorrow and Iggy. Thoughts? Concerns? Comments? Captions? GO CRAZY PEOPLE!!!
  11. Hi, This thread would be mostly for my painted Malifaux minis. I'll also post some terrain and battle reports.
  12. I put up this video before, but just realized that I did it wrong. I looked for it to edit, but couldn't find it, so I'll just repost it. Here was the battle report for our game of Lilith v. Rasputina. We did it at Friday Night Dice in Burbank, California. Happy gaming everybody!
  13. So..... I lied and I apologize, however I figure the title would at least give the viewer a gander into this battle report. Again I apologize because this battle report is quite a small, but hey short, sweet, and too the point right? The real reason I am doing this battle report is because there is an achievement in an ongoing league that I am in, in which I needed to post a battle report with photos so here it is. (You're welcome BruglyOther) The above photo is setting up the match. Deployment: Flank Strategy: Squatter's Rights Another stipulation to the league was that we are starting off with a 2ft x 2ft playing field and that we play a 10 stone game. I had chosen Yamaziko (Leader) and Otototototototo, while my opponent chose Vic B and Taelor. To switch things up we decided to play using each other's crew (Another Achievement) As the game progressed we ultimately aimed for the same markers so it was going to be quite the upcoming battle. Yamaziko was able to strike first damaging Vic B a bit, and Taelor doing the same to Otototototototo. However ultimately Vic B cast her 0 Lonely path and won the attack flip and pulled a red joker to pretty much kill Yamaziko in one strike. Ototototototo was below 6 wounds and was now enrage which just made him an even more ridiculous beat stick then he already was and was able to flurry Taelor and smack the crap out of her. In the end, my opponent ended up winning because he had won initiative flip and barreled down on Vic B. The only for her to survive the onslaught was for Ototototototo to flip a Black joker either during the Attack or Damage flip. That was not the case and he was able to claim another victim. Because of This I was now tabled he was able to trot merrily around the board completing the strategy along with his schemes that he had chosen which I do not remember what he picked but he ended up winning. Overall I am hoping this Battle Report will give you a laugh. And if you have any thoughts comments or concerns it would be greatly appreciated, and hey if you want to throw in a story/narrative to go with the pics that would make this Battle Report even more humorous in my opinion. Enjoy!
  14. Malifaux Summer Campaign - Battle Report 2. The Disappearing Act. This battle report is chapter two from a four part summer campaign I’m currently running. The first report can be found here: http://www.wyrd-games.net/showthread.php?45681-Lady-J-vs-Lilith-July-Narrative-B-R-Liaison-at-the-Mercer-Inn I highly recommend that you read chapter one first, as the story and the characters follow on from that game, and this battle report won’t make much sense unless you’ve read chapter one already! The game itself was actually quiet a small one with low SS on the table. Due to the amount of units that were wiped out last game, it really was a small skirmish with only 2 major battles over the game. I’ve put a lot of emphasis on these battles in the write-up to make up for this. (Next game we are adding another 15SS for model hiring to boost the numbers again!) I’d also appreciate any comments, be they positive or negative, so please feel free to drop a line at the end. I’m putting a lot of effort into the narrative and want to improve, so if it’s boring, be honest and tell me! Cheers! Chapter 2 With a tread of asperity, Lady Justice leads Judge and Marshal Regan to sector 7d of the Quarantine Zone. With the two moons lighting their way, the map guides them to their destination. Beside an old aqueduct in the ruins of a fort lies a small wooden shelter, tucked away and out of sight for those not looking for it. Outside the shelter are strange white markings on the stone floor, akin to some kind of ritual. They are accompanied by copious notes and drawings, pinned down by stones and rubble. The party form up at the door, weapons drawn. Upon entering, the most obvious detail is the lack of inhabitants. Embers on their last legs glow faintly in the small hearth, and a nearly finished glass of wine nestles amongst yet more notes & books on a small desk. The room is decorated smartly, but precisely. With the bedroll gone, it would appear that Berren hasn’t gone for a late night stroll about the Quarantine Zone. The team set about examining the clues inside and out to establish a trail. Turning, Lady Justice finds something nailed to the back of the door. It’s a flyer for one of Berren’s first shows Breachside. It reads ‘The Humiliat Theatre proudly presents Berren Down and his spectacular new show ‘The Disappearing Act’. ******************************************************************************************************* All is queit. 6 shadows atop the aqueduct overlooking the shelter go un-noticed. “We must not let the humans learn what is down there. Destroy it all.” With that, the Neverborn descend. ******************************************************************************************************* Guild vs. Neverborn. Strategy: Destroy Evidence - Neverborn attacking Defenders Strategy: Blackmail. Guild Scheme: Protect Territory Neverborn Scheme: Entourage Deployment: Corner Guild Crew: Lady Justice Judge 1 x Death Marshal 6ss Cache Total: 13ss Neverborn Crew: Lilith Lelu 2 x Terror Tors 1 x Death Marshal 6ss Cache Total: 19ss ******************************************************************************************************* After searching the shelter, the party moved out to inspect the strange markings and symbols outside. Lady Justice looked down at one of them. They were equations. An endless line of numbers and symbols, lines and lines of them spiraling inwards, a level of math far beyond normal comprehension. At the centre of the spiral was a strange symbol (see below!) This area of study was beyond the Death Marshals. They had been sent to apprehend Berren for crimes of Nercromancy, but this was something else. Lady Justice turned to the Judge. “We need Sonnia or Hoffman to take a look at this. When we get back to…” Justice was cut short by a cry of unadulterated rage, high up on the aqueduct to the rear of the shelter. The Neverborn had come. After a brief pause, she drew her greatsword with a practiced flourish. The ring of steel echoed amongst the ruins, a pitch of resolute purity that answered the guttural challenge from beyond. Her amber-brown hair reflected off the polished blade as she turned to face her Marshals. “Defensive perimeter, gentleman. Let’s give our Neverborn friends a Marshal welcome, one of lead and steel.” Galvanized into action, the Marshals established their positions. Judge moved to the right, dropping in behind some rubble. Regan withdrew into some ruins on the left flank, his Peacebringer covering Justice as she withdrew to the centre. There they waited. (See image below!) Thadius was the first to appear. He rounded the corner of the shelter on the right, his Peacebringer leveled and shaking in his hand. His body was still undergoing the transformation into Nephilim. His horns were beginning to twist back in on themselves, just like a ram. It was an irony not lost on the Judge. He rose from cover. “Thadius! You traitor! I’ll carve those words into your back before you see the end!” Thadius responded with his Peacebringer. Both bullets struck the rubble as the convulsions proved too much for the traitor Marshal to control. The Judge advanced. From the shadows came a horror. With a scythe the size of a man, Lilith, Mother of Monsters, struck. She swung like the Reaper, slicing the Judge across the chest and knocking him from his feet. In the same movement she drew her Scythe high above her head, an Angel of Death ready to deliver judgement. Judgement came, and it was one of Justice. As Lilith brought her Scythe down for the killing blow, the greatsword of Lady Justice swept in and parried, saving the Judge from death. For a brief moment, two titans regarded each other, then blades sang once more. Justice struck. She moved in low and stabbed up with her blade, forcing her opponent onto the back foot. She then rised, her hair sweeping out like a Phoenix as she drew her greatsword high above her head, and then down. After parrying Lilith’s scythe out of the way, she immediately reversed, slashing Lilith deep across the shoulder in one brisk movement. Her opponent recoiled, clutching her shoulder as black blood spewed between her fingers. (See image below!) Then came the Onslaught. Justice turned a full 360, cycling her blade halfway through to draw it above her head with both hands. She planted her feet as the killing strike came down, a power blow aimed for her opponent’s neck. But Lilith was not to be undone. Shadow once again descended and Justice carved through air. Lilith was gone. The sound of gunfire added to the cacophony of battle simultaneously. Regan fired upon the approaching Lelu from cover in the ruins. The shot struck the monster in the shoulder, a good hit, but not enough. In a berserk fury, Lelu threw himself forward, aiming a spear tackle for his opponent’s chest. As the Nightmare dived through the air, Regan launched himself upwards, leaping over Lelu’s charge as he passed underneath. Both landed and turned to face each other. Lelu advanced once again, his claws reaching into the ruins to pin his prey down. Regan dived backwards, his Peacebringer barking in defiance. (See image below!) He landed on his back, gunshots still ringing, as Lelu dived forward, head first into the lead-storm. The Red Beast descended upon him, sinking his fangs into the Marshal’s neck. As he gorged himself on blood, his flesh knitted around the bullet wounds, his body healing from the damage dealt. Regan was still trying to fire his Peacebringer at point-blank, the firing pin clicking dry as all his chambered rounds had been spent. Lelu then rose from the injured Regan, blood dripping from his jaw and regarded his prey in a brief moment of contempt. With that, he was gone. Regan would live. Utterly spent, he pulled himself up onto the ruins to regard the scene. The Neverborn were retreating. Two Nephilim Tots were hastily defacing Berren’s markings on the floor, destroying the evidence. Regan looked over to the right and saw an injured Judge pointing his bloodied sword at a retreating Thadius. The Judge was normally a much needed source of composure amongst the Death Marshals, but Thadius’ betrayal had hit him hard. Whilst bellowing a string of hate-filled profanities at the traitor, the Judge held up his hand to reveal a gore-spattered horn, carved from Thadius’ head. Justice guarded the last of the evidence, as graceful as ever. She turned to Regan. Despite her blindness, Regan felt Justice look deep into his eyes. She sheathed her sword and approached. “Marshal Regan. Excellent work”. She gripped his shoulder firmly and smiled down at him. With that, she went to check on what was left of the evidence. It was brief, and it didn’t seem like much, but to Marshal Regan, those moments meant the world. He would walk through fire for that woman, and back again. The party took a few moments to gather their breath, and then gathered in. Justice patched up Marshal Regan’s neck wound and the Judge’s chest wound. As the only member of the crew unscathed, the others looked on at their leader in awe. “Let’s finish up here, find what we can, and get back to Guild Headquarters,” she said, eager to divert their attention. “In the morning, we will move with reinforcements and find out what the hell is going on. Regan, you will return here with Sonnia, show her everything. Perhaps she can make some meaning of this.” “J, the trail is dead. We don’t know where Berren is,” said the Judge. “Not so” she replied. She reached into her back pocket and pulled out the flyer that was pinned to the inside of the door. She turned it over to show the others, and on it was a note that read: The time will be 1.17am when you invite yourselves in to my humble abode. Alas, my hospitality will be somewhat lacking. I don’t have Time you see, although I do hear it won’t be a grave loss, as your company is notoriously unfulfilling. Nonetheless, I like to impress, so I extend my hospitality to you further. We have much to discuss. Consider this your clue. Until next Time. Berren. “The flyer is from the Humiliat theatre,” said the Judge. “That’s in Renwood, a day’s ride from the city”. “We ride light.” ******************************************************************************************************* The board was organised with the shelter in the centre, and a raised walkway (the aqueduct) around the edge, with ruins and rubble dotted about. For the mission, Berren was long gone, so Lady Justice and her crew, as the first to arrive, are trying to establish where and why. In Blackmail, the defender protects the evidence, which were the strange markings on the floor. The Neverborn, as attackers, are trying to destroy the evidence so that the Guild are thrown off the trail and can’t figure out what is going on. I positioned the Judge in cover on the right flank by 1 evidence marker and the Marshal to snipe from cover on the left by another evidence marker. I threw Justice forward to the final evidence marker as a feint, drawing 2 tots and Lelu around the left side of the shelter before retreating back to the centre to charge where needed. Essentially a defensive perimeter around 2 evidence markers, ignoring the 3rd altogether. Lilith and the traitor Marshal Thadius came down the right flank towards Judge. There was a purchased companion upgrade, so I knew it was going to hurt! Thadius popped out and fired a shot, but missed, then Lilith pounced. 2 attacks on Judge, I cheated the first duel with a high card to save him, but the next got through reducing him to 3 wounds. This was Judge being completely beaten by Lilith’s charge and being saved from death by Justice’s timely intervention! Close one! On that note, Justice counter-charged Lilith. With a +2CB upgrade purchased before the game, and Sword Style casting Onslaught (get another attack), Justice’s charge worked beautifully. Down went Lilith! Stepped in to save the day like a boss! To wrap up this side of the board, Judge then moved out and battered Thadius with 1 hit! Right flank secured. On the left flank, Lelu and 2 Tots moved up towards a now-abandoned Marshal Regan in the ruins. He got a shot off damaging Lelu before the brute used flight to move over Regan’s head and into the ruins behind him for a melee expert attack, which missed. This was Regan’s theatrical dodge of Lelu’s spear tackle! Next turn, Regan strikes first & nearly takes Lelu down with melee attacks, his backwards diving lead storm. But then Lelu gets his turn. He strikes back at Regan, taking him out & healing in the process. With the game now in turn 5, the tots take out the middle and left flank evidence marker, whilst Justice and Judge consolidate their position on the right flank for 1 evidence marker protected & scheme markers completed. The game finished 4 VPs to 2 VPs. Victory for the Guild! I was behind on strategy VPs, buy my scheme saved the day with a full 3 VPs. ******************************************************************************************************* Epilogue Lilith showed no sign of discomfort as Zoraida finished healing her shoulder. Soulstone was on the air, its healing properties turning a deep wound to nothing but a faint scar. “You underestimate the humans,” said Zoraida. “We have seen their growth since The Event, and the Blind One is one such instance. You are not your sister, Lilith. Composure, restraint, poise, all qualities you must demonstrate if you wish to lead.” “I didn’t come here for a lecture old woman.” “But it’s one you shall have nonetheless. I see the Blind One has tested your nerves. Put it behind you. There is much ahead that will require clear judgement, for the winds of fate are shrouded on this. Berren is getting closer to his goal. I can feel it. We must stop him Lilith. If Chronos is released from his prison, he will use his power to bend the past. The fates themselves will be challenged, and I know not the fallout of this.” “But how do we find him?” “Use the humans. The Blind One is most persistent, she will not give in so easily. Follow them, and they will lead you to him”. Silence descended briefly on the pair as they contemplated the importance of the task at hand. Zoraida was the first to break it. “What do the humans know? Do they know of Chronos?” “I suspect not.” she replied. “Thadius tells me they still believe they are after a rogue Resurrectionist. We destroyed as much evidence as we could at the shelter, but I suspect it is only a matter of time before they realise something more is at stake”. “Only a matter of Time! Ha!” Zoraida cackled her mad laugh, an odd response to the sombre nature of Lilith’s visit thus far. “Follow the humans. Kill Berren”. *******************************************************************************************************
  15. Here's my battle report I'd like to present to you and to hand in for the battle report contest. Feel free to comment and make remarks. I did not remember every detail of the game, but I think I can present the core of it. We played a 35SS Scrap at our local gaming group in South-West Germany, Tübingen, to be precise, where our Henchmen often presents us with very nicely arranged tables to play on. I was playing Viktorias in my seventh game, while I faced Lilith, played by an opponent in one of his first games. Outcasts Crew - 35 SS - Scrap Viktoria - 6 SS Pool Student of Conflict [3SS] Von Schill [9SS] Convict Gunslinger [5SS] Freikorps Librarian [7 SS] Ronin [5SS] Neverborn Crew - 35 SS - Scrap Lilith, Mother of Monsters - 7 SS Pool Desperate Mercenary [2SS] Desperate Mercenary [2SS] Nekima, The Dark Sibling [13SS] Terror Tot Nephilim [3SS] Terror Tot Nephilim [3SS] Terror Tot Nephilim [3SS] Young Nephilim [6SS] We flipped for Strategies from the Core Chart: Shared Destroy the Evidence. Schemes: Viktorias: Thwart, First Blood Lilith: Bodyguard (Lilith), Breakthrough Here's a look at the board after the first activations: [Turn 1] A few Evidence Counter were on the table and I was sure to reach them with Von Schill quite fast and to activate. Not really knowing what to expect, I wanted to rush towards the shared counter in the middle. Yet I knew, that I had to expect a grow-list, therefore, I chose First Blood. I took Thwart to give it a try, yet it turned out to be quite challenging. The Student of Conflict activated, giving Von Schill Fast so he could reach the counter in the middle with three moves. My opponent started his grow-activation quite promising, damaging his Desperate Mercenary. Activating von Schill, I let the Librarian activate right after Von Schill, so I could move him up as soon as possible. Von Schill used his Flight-Ability and moved three times, standing right in front of the counter, though not being able to activate it. Running the Librarian up right behind him, I hoped to play her right this time and I think throughout the game I made less mistakes than before, though still making some. Continuing his grow-activation, my opponent continued hitting his own models. My whole crew moved forward, spreading out as follows: My Ronin accompanied the Convict Gunslinger, while the Student and my other two Viks pressed up the righthand flank, targeting Lilith and the second Evidence counter. Then, Lilith tried to do her magic tricks, trying to transposition Von Schill, but the old stubborn devil withstood all three attempts to be transpositions, though using a soulstone in that way. Whether I could activate the counter in the next round would be determined by who will win the initiative as I was pretty sure I would be able to pull this type of resistance off again. In the meantime, I already aquired the first two Points for completing the Scheme First Blood, which was pretty easy, when the two Desperate Mercenarys bit the dust. [Turn 2] With both players spending a Soulstone each, I unfortunatelly lost the initiative and it came as promised: Von Schill was transpositioned into the middle of the Lilith crew, where some Nephilim already waited for the guy. Von Schill took some beating from the Nephilim that had been grown, though he survived with 2 Wounds left on him, enough for me to withdraw him in my next activation. With his activatin, he retreated, had the Librarian activate right behind him and heal him up again. In the end, I had not lost much by having Von Schill in the middle of the enemy crew, but the Terror Tot was able to activate the counter, getting Victory Points for it. Lilith continued with her Grow-List, while my Viktorias placed themselves to activate the counter next turn, while the Gunslinger and the Ronin continued their advance, already being close to their evidence marker. But with the Nephilim Crew already being built up, I had to act. And it was only a 2:1 at this point for me. [Turn 3] Von Schill started advancing towards the evidence counter I placed in my opponents deployment zone and the old guy had to take that one by all means. One of the Mature Nephilim was also already on its way towards the Ronin and the Gunslinger and, worse: my deployment zone with all its counters. The Viktorias activated the counter in front of them, while the Ronin hit the Gunslinger with her Melee Expert-Attack, pushed herself forward and came into base contact with the other counter, activating it with her two action points left. Another point for me. I needed the push since I ended my last movement 2" in front of the counter. Lilith's Crew moved towards the counter in her deployment zone, trying to bind Von Schill and stop him from activating it by all means. My opponents plan was to bind him there and force me to support Von Schill and then flying beyond my crew into my deployment zone. The Gunslinger was the first to go to the ground versus a Mature Nephilim that approached the two models. [Turn 4] Lilith used Earthquake to push Von Schill away from the counter and created a forrest near it so that the direct way for him was blocked. Another Nephilim blocked one side of the counter so that there was only one free edge... enough for Von Schill, though. Von Schill activated the last evidence counter, granting another two victory points. So the plan was to keep my opponent from breakthrough and bodyguarding Lilith. Even though I already had a chance of attacking Lilith in the third round with my Viktorias, I wasn't sure to finish the job at this point with only my Sword-Vik attacking her so I moved back instead. With my whole crew retreating towards my deployment zone, I left Von Schill behind, again trusting his taking-abilities. But with a Black Joker on his Slow To Die action when performing a healing flip, Von Schill went to ground surrounded by two Young Nephilim. But he had done his job quite good so far. Then the Ronin went to the ground, being struck by the claws of the Mature Nephilim that had already killed the Gunslinger. It was for the last rounds. My Viktorias were back in the deployment zone, when another Nephilim showed up at one of the counters. One companion activation later and the Counter was all mine again, being guarded by the swords of my ladies. [Turn 5] With the Neverborn Crew up ahead, my opponent became a little bit too risky, positioned Lilith a little bit up too far and one full Companion Chain with the Student of Conflict later, she was lying in the dust, where a Red Joker on a Damage Flip had sent her from my Sword Viktoria who also managed to attack the Mature Nephilim who was responsible for taking down the Ronin and the Gunslinger. Bodyguard had been prevented. But then I lost my Sword-Viktoria against Nekima and the Mature Nephilim and also my Pistol-Vik was quite wounded. Therefore, the Librarian had to hold the deployment zone. It was a 5:1 for my at this point and I needed to keep it that way, with the Student of Conflict and the Freikorps Librarian facing two Mature Nephilim in Charge Distance each. [Turn 6] With a Diving Charge, the Student of Conflict was killed by one of the Mature Nephilim. The remaining Viktoria killed Nekima, though would not be able to reach the deployment zone in time. But it was time for the Librarian to make a decision: Either attack the Nephilim that was damaged by the Sword-Vik or retreat a bit to deny the deployment zone. I decided to attack, but failed the Terror-Check. Forgetting about the consequences (negative flips for the next turn), I decided not to cheat it in order to cheat the defensive flips that were about to come. Having the Librarian standing at the edge of the board, I tried to deny the breakthrough. Flipping for our next round, we flipped a 12 and I was sure not to be able to save my 5:1 that was at this point. [Turn 7] One Nephilim activated the counter within my deployment zone and with a quick and dirty diving attack, the other charged my librarian, taking him down with his Melee Expert attack and standing in my deployment zone with the half base . It would have been better to attack the Nephilim with my librarian, trying to kill it, I suppose, but this way, the game ended in a 5:5 draw. A very impressive game, showing me that I need to work more on the rules when trying to play the game. Both my opponent and I had a lot of fun playing this very interesting game and I look forward to understanding the Viktorias more and more in the future.
  16. We made it a quick and simple game – because an interested but inexperienced Person watched. BattleReport: Molly Squidpidge VS Lilith 20SS Ressurectionists: à Molly à Rogue Necromancy 10SS à Madame Sybelle 6SS à Rotten Belle 4SS à Crooligan 4SS SS left: 1SS Mission: Supply Wagon (we used the small crater for that) Neverborn: à Lilith (Cache 4SS) à Mature Nephilim 10SS à Terror Tot Nephilim 3SS à Terror Tot Nephilim 3SS à Terror Tot Nephilim 3SS - SS left : 1SS + Cache = 5SS Mission: Treasure Hunt (fist we used the stone pylon and switched it to the “stonesnake” because we decided to use the pylons as corpse counters) Deployment: The Brood was close together, where Molly’s Undead were more spread out with the Crooligan next to the Arc de Triumphe. 1. Turn: entering the Battlefield Lilith won Initiative. All of the Models moved towards the treasure in the middle. Lilith casted a Forest (yellow blast thingy) in the corridor where the Ressurectionists wanted to go. After that she made Blood from Stone and one Terror Tot Nephilim grew into a Young Nephilim (which we proxed). Sybelle run forward and called the Rotten Bell towards her and placed her near the middle place. A Terror Tot sprinted and stopped in front of her. After she activated Terror Tot had 3Wounds the Belle 2 (Black Blood). The Rogue Necromancy tried to outflank the Nephilim and stood on the other side of the house. End of Turn 1 Molly Point of view: everything looks fine! Turn 2 the killing begins Molly had Initiative and the Rotten Belle killed the Terror Tot, which caused all the Brood to move 6`` to the killer (the poor Belle). Suddenly the Place was crowded with Nephilim. Now the big Murdering started. Lilith killed the Rotten Belle and smacked Sybelle. The Mature Nephilim smacked Sybelle. She attacked the young Nephilim 4Wounds + he wasn’t so quick anymore. Molly walked into the Forest and saw the Mature Nephilim and tried to cast shocking truth (flipped badly – And had really bad hand all the time!). Meanwhile the Terror Tot Nephilim picked up the Treasure. And the Crooligan began chasing him. The Young Nephilim killed Sybelle (got a Blood Counter) and finally the Rogue Necromancy came around the corner and attacked Lilith twice thanks to the ThreeHeaded Actions and did a good amount of Damage. End of turn 2. 3. Turn Molly struggles Molly won initative The Rogue Necromancy tried to finish off Lilith – but flipped pooly (Bad Handcards again) – Lilith cheated and soulstoned away the Damage and now started slicing the undead Chimera to death. The young Nephilim grew into another Mature Nepilim and attacked Molly as well as the other (only one pitiful did work) because of the lack of good handcards and no soulstones left. Molly survived and failed in reviving Sybelle. The Terror Tot Nephilim with the Treasure ran to his Deployment zone followed by the Crooligan. End Turn 3 Molly’s Point of view: Not looking good – two Mature Nephilim 4.Turn Lilith won Initiative The first Mature Nephilim punched Molly three times. She manages to just survive but using almost all of the good cards. Then she revives Sybelle and fails again with every other Spell. (Molly really had bad Luck). Then the other Mature Nephilim killed her (then we stopped using CorpseCounter), destroyed the Supply Wagon. and managed to hit Sybelle pretty hard. Sybelle meanwhile killed Lilith. The TerrortotNephilim with the Treasure punched the Crooligan who tried to fight back but failed. End of Turn 4. Two Mature Nephilims – more then enough to kill Madame Sybelle Turn 5 Nephilims show their Value Sybelle died again. Then the Mature Nephilims flew towards the treasure. The Crooligan just managed to hit the Terror Tot Nephilim once with weak damage and got 2Wounds herself. Turn 6 Nephilim looting the wagon and spending all the money from the treasure. The last turn was rather predictable. Team Nephilim won initiative and killed the Crooligan. End of Game Ressurectionists: 0VP (Wagon destroyed) Neverborn: 4VP (Treasure in the Deploymentzone and carried) It was a fun game though for both sides. And I saw the mistakes I made with Molly: taking too few Soulstones; should have focused on killing the mature Nephilim and played more defensive. Hope it was an interesting read Best wishes, Glassquid PS: Do Crooligans have 5 or 6 wounds? that’s not clear on the card under Wd is 5 but there are 6 small circles on the left. Edit: Don't get confused as I was, when writing this Rep - it was a 20SS Game, but after Molly is a Hench(wo)man5 she has 5SS more. So ignore the 25SS in the Topic and imagine it's 20SS^^
  17. As a quick heads up, this is my first battle report ever, so I hope this is acceptable. Hoping that for future games having a more legit board and a better camera, but with my house under construction, my Terraclips and other pieces are boxed away somewhere. Set Up As part of an Achievement League going on at my LGS, my friend and I played a 25 soulstone game, Ressers vs. Arcanists. We flipped to get standard deployment, and chose to avoid really doing special terrain. For schemes, the Arcanists got Turf War while the Ressers got Supply Wagon. This is where things got interesting. For crew selection, in order to get an achievement, I showed the Resser player who I was taking before he chose his crew: Kaeris as my Master, two gunsmiths, Johan and my newest toy that I was excited to try out, Willie the Demolitionist: There weren't any fire gamin taken as I was doing a crew-build achievement for having nothing for less than 6 soulstones in my hiring pool. This gave me a full 5 soulstones for a henchman cache. In response, to get a very tough achievement, my opponent allowed me to design his crew. He chose his Master, Kirai, to which I promptly decided how she would do without her spirits: A Flesh Construct, the Carrion Effigy, A Punk Zombie, Canine Remains and Sebastian followed her into battle, giving her a SS cache of 4. I decided to leave in another summoning model just to give back some options after being given such a way to hamstring the opposing team. Schemes were chosen: Arcanists went with staking a claim on a large rock to the right side of the enemy's boardside, and also kill protegee on the Flesh Construct. Ressers chose Assasinate and Hold Out for theirs. It was time to fight! The Fight Turn One The first turn actually became a bit of a standoff. With the Arcanists having few models, and the Ressers having an odd crew selection, no one wanted to run up too quickly. The gunsmiths moved up behind walls, but out of range to fire, while Johan and Willie ran up the right side to find cover and hopefully find a way to pinch in to the middle in later turns. Kaeris flew up and dropped a flame wall near the stone to make sure no snap shots or summoned models could push up too quickly. Meanwhile, the Resser player figured out a way to fix his spirit problem: While his Effigy took purchase in a tower and other minions pushed up, Sebastian spent a turn butchering his own dog and then re-summoning it. This gave the nearby Kirai a seishin... for the remainder of the game, this became a routine to give him some extra juice and generate power for his crew. The first turn ended with both sides positioning for a way to start the fight, but unsure how to do so. Turn Two Winning the initiative, Willie quickly proved his worth by using the Bombardier trait on the Flesh Construct hiding around the side of the rock. At 4 combat, it was still enough to beat the low defense of the flesh construct...at which point, the red joker appeared, causing 7 damage on the monster and blowing up the nearby Seishin. Willie through another stick to chase the first one just to make sure... promptly killing the construct entirely. To add insult to injury, Willie's "Set Charge" ability was used to lay down a mine near the stone, hopefully to prevent other attempts to get to him and to lock down that side of the board. For the Ressers, they moved up closer to the middle without stepping out from their cover. The gunsmiths fired at the Carrion Effigy and missed, or fired into the woods after the punk zombie but didn't have LOS. Meanwhile, the wagon moved forward, now guarded by a new Onryo crafted from Sebastian's dog-part factory. Things were primed for a show down. Turn Three Winning initiative again after burning a soulstone on the flip, Johan made use of his magical hammer and his high melee range to charge the Onryo at the edge of the woods. Burning all my high cards, the spirit was smashed in one severe swing. Unfortunately, it was still close enough for Kirai to get a new seishin out of the deal. The fight on the left escalated. The punk zombie threw out a self-mutilate from his safety in the woods at a gunsmith, hitting it while the carrion effigy wounded it also. Retaliation came in a stream of armor-piercing bullets, bringing down the effigy and the punk zombie was nicked by Kaeris as she flew in, her Immolate resisted. Kirai healed up using one of the generated Seishin, and then brought out Ikiryo behind the wagon in the hopes of defending it and taking out threats. This is when Willie made his move to dash forward: something had to be done about Kirai's spirit factory before wounds started piling up on the gunsmiths and Kaeris: Willie has a fun trick called wheelbarrow of doom: during the second move, two blast markers fall off the wagon in a direction of your choice. Anything hit must make a defense 12 flip or take damage. The seishin that had been hiding nearby was blown away by this dash forward, and Willie then got very aggressive, placing a mine close to the seishin next to Kirai. This caused worry: if the seishin moved, or anything moved within 2 inches, the mine could possibly blow up... dealing enough damage to kill Kirai and deal damage to Sebastian as well. ​Turn Four This turn turned into maneuvering for both sides. Kirai, safely out of range of the charge going off, fled to mid-table behind the wagon and the Ikiryo. This led to Willie's Bombardier ability being used, throwing dynamite at Kirai with all my high cards to deplete what was left of her soulstone cache as well as nicking her down to 3 wounds left. A mine was placed... right at the feet of Ikiyro. This led to a long debate about risking a move or not with the model, as the blast would take out the weakened Kirai right next to her. She passed rather than charge. The gunsmiths had no luck, as the injured one was killed off via self-mutilate and the other one spent its turn moving closer to close in on the wounded Master. Kirai resisted attacks by Kaeris as she flew in. Sebastian by this point had released the canine remains that he had made, each charging to try and take out Willie before he could unleash more havoc. It brought him down to 4 wounds left, but not enough to kill him. (Continued Next Post)
  18. So a buddy and I threw down a couple Book 1 crews and had a 30 SS game tonight. We flipped Shared Claim Jump. There was lots and lots of terrain on the table. Crews were selected: Me: Raspy, Silent One, EoP, 3 Ice Gamin, Soulstone Miner. (8 stones) Blessings of Dec, Kill Protege. Him: Lilith, Twins, 3 Tots, Cherub (not sure on stones) Reclaim Malifaux, Breakthrough We called it after 3 turns. Basically he zipped around the board claiming terrain. If I got into a fire lane with Raspy- he dropped a Forest on top of me. Nothing died and I only cast Northwind to try to build up my hand. Otherwise- blah. I think people have forgotten there is a speedy Book 1 master. And she's still pretty good!
  19. This was a narrative battle report I wrote for my local club's Malifaux campaign. I'll post the actual forces, strategies etc at the end, and you can tell me how well they came through in the report. Some aspects of the game may have been embellished in the interests of story, and the narrative obviously includes both a prelude and an epilogue that were not part of the actual game. This was quite a bit of fun to write - I liked the challenge of trying to come up with decent fluff reasons why Von Schill was on both sides of the battle. --- Blood in the Snow --- Viktoria locked eyes with her identical counterpart, and a silent communication passed between them. As one, they turned back to the third member of their clandestine meeting, a smiling, bearish man with thinning grey hair and an outrageous moustache, and nodded. The man’s grin broadened. “It is a deal, then, ja? You fine ladies vill help me vith finding my old friend. Gut! Ve should celebrate!” The women did not speak, but the tall German’s keen senses noted a narrowing of their eyes, a hardening of their features, and subtle shifts in posture. Each had a hand resting, seemingly casual, on the inlaid hilts of their matching swords, and he decided not to press his luck. “No? Ah vell. Take this, then, vith my compliments, and guten Abend. I vill seek you again in the morning and ve vill start the search.” He held out a bulging canvas bag, unsure which of the women he should hand it to. Viktoria took it from him and briefly checked the contents while her twin kept her eyes fixed on the man. After she drew the bag shut again, he doffed an imaginary hat to them and strode quickly down the alley, the leather plates of his elaborate armour creaking in the evening chill. As he turned the corner, he looked back, briefly. The women had vanished. --- Von Schill lowered the brass spyglass from his eye and carefully collapsed it to fit into one of the many pouches on his belt. “So, it’s true. Haken is here in Malifaux, and recruiting. Very bad.” He gazed out over the rooftops of the city toward the sunset, absently scratching the stubble on his chin. Then, seeming to remember his companion, he added, “You’ve done well, though. He’s not an easy man to follow.” The other, who wore the same design of armour as Von Schill himself, visibly swelled with pride at the compliment, though his expression did not change. He waited silently for further orders. He waited for quite some time, trying not to shiver in the bitter wind that whistled around their high vantage point. Von Schill seemed lost in thought, and the Freikorpsmann wondered exactly who this Haken could be, to vex his commander so thoroughly. Eventually, the mercenary captain appeared to reach a decision. “We can’t deal with this right now, not with our recent losses. We’ll head out into the mountains, lay low for a few days. At least out there, we’ll see him coming.” The Freikorpsmann tried to hide his surprise. They were running? Something must have given him away, because Von Schill turned to him with weary eyes and laid a calloused hand on his shoulder. “Believe me,” he spoke in a low voice, “this is a fight to avoid if we can.” --- Von Schill sat hunched in his armour, willing himself to ignore the chill in his bones and the ice that was forming in his moustache. The meager heat from the tiny camp fire - as large as he was willing to risk, to avoid notice - did little to help. Around the fire, three of his Freikorpsmanner sat on their haunches, shivering visibly. Next to him knelt his Librarian, her gloved hands shaking as she turned the pages of her grimoire, her blue lips silently practicing the incantations that he hoped would save their lives. Above them, two enormous spears of ice towered into the sky, providing the only available shelter from the heavy snow. Von Schill hoped that the snow would mask their trail, that the blizzard would hide the smoke from their fire. These were slim hopes - mostly, he hoped that they would not freeze to death before Haken tracked them down. The Librarian’s head snapped up, the ancient words silenced by a sound only she could hear. Von Schill was already on his feet by the time she had whispered, “The wards...” His men scrambled to join him, hastily checking their clockwork pistols and shaking the stiffness out of their muscles. Hugging the frozen pillars, Von Schill positioned himself so that he could see the approach in the direction the Librarian had indicated. Five figures were visible through the storm, advancing on their position with alarming speed. Von Schill immediately identified Haken and the two mercenary women, but the other two puzzled him. Their armour was almost identical to that of the Freikorps - in fact, he was sure that it was genuine Freikorps armour, albeit with slight modifications. Surely Haken could not have turned some of his own soldiers against him? With a sinking heart, he remembered how it had been in the old mercenary company, back Earthside. Haken had always been the personable, affable officer, the smiling face, the deal-closer. Von Schill had the presence, the threat of precisely applied physical violence, but where he was feared and respected, Haken was genuinely liked. Everyone always underestimated how ruthlessly brutal Haken could be. Yes, Haken could definitely have turned some of the Freikorps loyalists. Von Schill took a second quick glance to confirm his suspicions. The losses they had suffered recently were not casualties, as they had been assumed - quite reasonably, given the usual fate of those who disappeared in the Quarantine Zone. Worse, Von Schill considered, as his trained eye instantly registered the arcane accoutrements of one of the Freikorps traitors, they have a sorceror of their own. --- Viktoria and her twin ran behind Haken as he barrelled on through the blizzard. She was honestly amazed at his energy - he looked almost sixty years old, but his endurance and agility would have been impressive in a man half his age. They were struggling to keep up, and the armour-clad soldiers he had insisted on bringing with them were already falling behind. At least the punishing pace was keeping them all relatively warm. Perhaps it was exhaustion, or the blinding wind, but Viktoria didn’t notice the enemy until after the attack had already begun. Two figures appeared on the trail ahead of them, the cracking reports of their pistols barely audible through the storm. Viktoria saw Haken’s armour throw off its light dusting of snow as the bullets impacted squarely into his chest, but instead of falling as she expected, he accelerated, surging toward his quarry with huge, loping strides. With a glance at her twin, Viktoria shrugged and followed. She didn’t particularly care if Haken lived or died, but at the very least she would retrieve the remainder of their payment from his body. Right now, he was providing the perfect distraction. --- Von Schill calmly reloaded as Haken sprinted at him, the blood from his wounds freezing quickly across his breastplate. Haken’s weakness had always been his bloodlust, his preference for the intimacy of hand-to-hand combat. At the last second, Von Schill gave the signal, and his three Freikorpsmanner pounced on Haken and surrounded him, combat knives drawn and ready. They attacked in concert, and Von Schill allowed himself a moment of satisfaction as the fire in Haken’s eyes was replaced by the sudden realisation that he was wounded, outmatched, and alone. Confident that his men would be able to handle the aging mercenary, Von Schill turned his attention back to his primary concern, the mysterious women Haken had hired. One was still advancing, sword and pistol ready, too close for comfort, but where was the other...? Von Schill’s breath caught as three and a half feet of glittering Masamune steel emerged almost soundlessly from his chest. Time seemed to slow, and he watched, mesmerised, as his blood flowed smoothly across the blade and dripped from its razor edge into the snow. Almost as an afterthought, a second identical blade slid between his ribs to take its matching place on the other side of his chest. The air didn’t seem so cold any more. A warm darkness was enveloping him, creeping in from the edges of his vision, promising him rest. He longed to let it take him. --- Viktoria withdrew her swords gently from the man’s body, a deft and practiced flick of each wrist shedding the blood from their blades. She waited for him to fall, but he stayed resolutely upright, bright blood gushing from the mortal wounds in his chest. Curious, she stepped around him to look into his face, expecting a rictus mask of pain. Instead, she saw... indecision? Mercenary life did not lend itself to a fondness for the unexpected. Just as Viktoria raised her blade to decapitate the man, he appeared to reach a decision. Lashing out like a striking snake, he pushed her aside, and she heard the distinctive crack of a breaking soulstone in his other hand. The milky-white energy absorbed into his body, and he took a ragged breath. Then, to Viktoria’s amazement, he took off at a dead run, vaulting impossibly over the towering ice pillars, and disappeared into the blizzard. Viktoria’s twin appeared at her side, shaking her head. Viktoria pointed to the vast quantity of blood that stained the snow at her feet. “Did you see that? He was as dead as you can get.” Her twin nodded. “Clearly.” “Remind me why we do this, again?” Viktoria asked with a grimace. The other Viktoria raised her katana, its mirror-polished blade reflecting her perfect smile. “What in the world would you rather be doing?” --- Von Schill allowed himself the luxury of a few seconds’ rest. The soulstone’s power had stopped the bleeding and restored some of his strength, but there was blood in his lungs, and the exertions of his desperate flight threatened to reopen his wounds. As the cold seeped back into his bones, he momentarily regretted his decision to cheat Death yet again, but banished the thought back to the darker corners of his mind. He had to keep going. His Korps depended on him. Ahead, through the howling storm, he spotted a figure - one of the traitor Freikorpsmanner, searching for him, trying to cut off his escape. Suddenly, he had a focus for all the tortures that Haken had brought by following him to Malifaux. All the pain, the frustration, the sense of betrayal, the spectres of the past, and the thought of the four good men and women of his Korps who would die on this forsaken mountain today... Von Schill forged it into a weapon, as he had been trained instinctively to do, and loosed it upon the traitor. The man’s agonised screams blew away in the wind. --- Haken’s body was covered in cuts where the Freikorpsmanner’s vicious knives had snaked past his guard, but the final, telling blow had yet to fall upon him. The three men circled warily, nursing wounds of their own. He could see they were signalling each other, coordinating for a final, decisive assault, and he tried to steel himself for the end. Too rash, too rash... “Need some help, old man?” The mercenary woman’s voice could have been an angel’s, Haken thought, as she and her twin appeared out of the blizzard, almost casual, but poised and ready. One of them was drenched in blood, and he wondered if it was Von Schill’s. An instant later, he marveled as a sensation of strength and vigour rushed through him, and over the wind he could just make out the mystical chanting of his tame sorceror as she directed her healing magic to his wounds. As the Freikorpsmanner adjusted to face these new threats, Haken saw an opportunity and shoved roughly through them, launching himself at Von Schill’s Librarian. Seizing her with one hand, he tore off her mask to bring the two of them face to face. Her eyes were wide, and as blue as the ice that surrounded them. “Such a pretty thing!” Haken hissed at her. “I bet you are his favourite, ja?” The woman gritted her teeth and swung her gloved fist, connecting solidly with his jaw. He shook his head to clear the stars from his vision. “Hoo! Gut, gut. Glad ve understand each other. Now,” he said, once again locking her gaze with his own, “give a message to my old friend Von Schill for me, vill you?” With a sudden, violent motion, he forced his dagger between her ribs, twisting it, feeling her warm blood run over his hand. He savoured the look in her eyes, the shock and pain and fear as the life flowed out of her. When the moment had passed, he cast her body aside. --- The storm passed as abruptly as it had started. Von Schill watched from a safe distance as the mercenary women butchered his remaining men. They were fearsome warriors, dispatching their opponents in a blinding-fast dance of cut and thrust. As the last of the Freikorps fell, Von Schill wondered how things might have turned out differently. If only he’d had a chance to talk to the women, to reveal to them exactly what manner of man they were working with... he wondered if they would have cared. He closed his eyes, and said a silent prayer for the souls of the soldiers he had lost. The Freikorps would have to regroup, recruit... they would face this threat, as they faced all others. He had been a fool to think he could avoid this conflict. No more running. The sun broke through the clouds as he began the long, solitary trek down the mountain. --- “Ladies, you have my most sincere thanks. Truly, you are as gifted and deadly as they say. Please, vith my compliments, the remainder of your payment.” Haken held forth a bag of soulstones. “It vas a shame that you vere not able to actually... finish the job, as they say, but ve vill call it even, ja?” The twin gazes of the women sent a chill down Haken’s spine, and he fought to maintain his genial expression. He saw in their eyes his inevitable, unspeakably violent and increasingly imminent death. “Understand, Mister Haken,” the Viktorias spoke together, perfectly synchronised, “that you are alive only because it would tarnish our reputation for us to personally kill an employer.” Their voices were low, and they advanced slowly, drifting slightly to either side of Haken. He flicked his eyes from one to the other, sweat beading on his brow despite the freezing air. “We saw what you did to that woman,” one of them whispered. “Y-you killed three men!” Haken protested. “But only for stones,” the other Viktoria hissed in his ear. They were on either side of him now, and he had to turn his head to see them as they spoke in turn. “Not for the thrill of power.” “Not to make them helpless.” “Not to watch them die.” “Not like you.” There was a flash of sunlight on metal, and Haken was sure he could hear the steel of the Masamune blade ringing out his death knell as it pressed against his throat. He swallowed, and a trickle of blood ran down his neck. These women were angels, he realised - the Angel of Vengeance and the Angel of Death. “Once we are back in the city, we are no longer in your employ,” whispered Viktoria. “See to it that we do not cross paths again.” It took Haken several seconds to realise that his eyes were shut tight and he had stopped breathing. He took several gasping lungfuls of air, his vision swimming, before he managed to regain his composure and check his surroundings. The women had vanished. ------------------------------ So, the actual game: Kadeton ---------- Viktorias Von Schill (Gustaf Haken) Freikorpsmann Freikorps Librarian 5 Soulstones Strategy: Contain Power - 0 points Schemes: Bodyguard (Viktorias) - 2 points, Kill Protege (Librarian) - 2 points Opponent ------------ Von Schill Freikorpsmann x3 Freikorps Librarian 4 Soulstones Strategy: Deliver the Message - 0 points Schemes: Bodyguard (Von Schill) - 2 points, Frame for Murder (Librarian) - 0 points 4-2 Victory to the Viktorias.
  20. (Click here for part one.) (Read part two here.) This 25ss game is one that I got to play against Flagstaff's Henchman Placidemu. This game was one that took place between my Pandora and his Seamus. Though one of the Guild’s greatest of threats had been subdued, (at least for the time being,) the threat of genocide still existed. Just one hindrance would not be enough to prevent the vile Earthsiders from trying to eradicate Pandora and her kin. She needed something else to at least divert the Guild’s attention from their present plot until something more sufficient could be devised, but what? Time was short and quick thought was imperative. Pandora knew that the Guild planned to act in ten days’ time so she could spend no more than five days deliberating. The next day she would consult with both Lilith and Zoraida. Zoraida loved her games. She would play and gamble at any opportunity. This did not exclude those of the spoken word. Riddles of the tongue were perhaps those that she played most and, as such, always took time in deciphering. Lilith was seldom a woman for words. The lingual arts were never something that she favored so long as her blade was sharp and her body in good health. She was impatient and preferred action over discussion. That said, this pair never made planning very comfortable, especially whenever time was imperative. However, even amidst Lilith’s zealous shouts and Zoraida’s bemusing chuckles, along with Pandora’s mediation, some valid thoughts did come to rise. The conclusions of this meeting: to draw the Guild’s attention away from their kin with the actions of some other undesirables. It had been decided: Lilith and her tots would raid the morgues of Malifaux so that the bodies may be found missing, Pandora would play her part by sepulcher and cemetery, planting corpses and cadavers to be found exhumed, and Zoraida would make her role pulling at the strings of fate, weaving the Resurrectionists into their farce. The three Neverborn witches would avert the attention of their self-righteous persecutors with the fabricated acts of those Earthsiders who intrude upon the very history of Malifaux. The ladies of the Mask would blind the Rams with a shower of Ravens’ feathers. ***** It was only a few days after the ruse had been initiated and Guildsmen had already been swarming over empty embalming tables and desolate graves. Lilith had acted quickly and efficiently, (however much it had pained her not to make a spectacle of her presence,) had left her portion of the work completed. Pandora, who preferred a more gentle pace in life, was left with just one graveyard more. The grand conflict of this matter, unfortunately, was that the grim breath of December had descended the night prior, and with it fell a vast cover of snow and frost to stiffen the soil. The ice-hardened ground presented more labor to Pandora than she would have liked, so in the spirit of conserving energy she left her Teddy to do the digging. Three bodies had been uncovered from the colorless shroud already, Teddy seeking a fourth, as an ornately garbed woman shot from the haze of the early morning and into the snow nearby. The lady stood erect and popped her pink parasol open. Pandora caught herself bewildered by the sight and was about to investigate when another woman, blue ribbons trailing behind her, tumbled to a stop in the snow not five meters in front of her. This lady, too, stood tall, peeking ever-so-delicately over her fan. Pandora let open her lid. The sound of heavy footsteps in the frost grew close, and with each crunch of ice the foreboding silhouette to whom they belonged became all the more tangible. That was, until the leather-clad monstrosity could be distinguished. It wore one knee-high boot and stockings from hip to toe. Most of its girth was precariously encased in a leather corset, cut and torn. Its scalp shone brightly, even in the murky cloud cover. It carried a rider’s crop in one hand and in the other, propped upon its shoulder, was another parasol-bearing maiden, this one wearing green. From behind this beast of a woman, (or at least what one could infer to be a woman, with its lacerated breasts fighting against the corset,) emerged a smirking man and his beautiful, albeit vomiting, companion. “You’ve been causing quite the trouble!” declared the man. He spoke in a tone similar to that as one might imagine one would speak to a naïve child. Pandora responded with only a cold gaze. “Oh, pardon!” The man bowed, sweeping the air before him with his grand hat. “M’name’s Seamus.” The only sound the man got in response was that of his bare-headed mistress’s jaw falling slack and gurgling in her own saliva. “Well,” Seamus began, the lightheartedness of his voice beginning to fade, “perhaps we can lighten the mood with a bit of dancing. Madame Sybelle.” As if saying the name was trigger enough, the goliath lurched forward to fling the lady in green into the snow at Pandora’s feet. The figure rose to bear a face that one should never wish to be able to discern. “Be careful not to bruise her too much,” Seamus called. “She is a cute one, after all!” Seamus proceeded to slap Sybelle upon her tremendous rump to set her on a course towards Pandora. With each heavy step, ripples of fat and flesh consumed her body and challenged the corset’s every stitch. Seamus wrapped his arm around his young companion’s waist, (who did promptly expel another stomach-full of blood as she seemed to do periodically in short intervals,) as if to watch the day’s entertainment. Teddy and two sorrows converged upon the advancing Sybelle while Pandora paralyzed her adversary-in-green with thoughts of torment and suicide. If only the rotten belle had had enough mind left to comprehend the cerebral images and done away with herself. Pandora watched as the quarrel between Madame Sybelle and her woes was fought. Teddy added to Sybelle’s collection of scars in such great numbers that the giant fell. Satisfied, Pandora surveyed the area to make note of where the two other Rotten Belles were, only to find that they had spent their time out of the fray to set the inanimate corpses that Teddy had unearthed prior back beneath the soil. Out of her peripheral, Pandora saw Seamus raise one hand, (the other never so much as shifting away from his young companion’s butt). What drew Pandora’s eyes off of Seamus was the fleshy clap that sounded and what had caused it to do so: Madame Sybelle, her massive thighs shuddering together, rose again. Pandora quickly assed her present situation, noting that dwindling the numbers of the Resurrectionists did little more than expend her own forces’ energy. Several meters to her left stood a rotten belle who had just finished burying on of the corpses that Teddy had exhumed. Just in front of her was another belle cradling her poor, misshapen head. Not much further ahead was leather-clad mammoth and the third of Seamus’ rotten belles (who also had just finished burying a corpse). And just a meter behind of Sybelle chuckled Seamus and his lady-friend, the likes of whom was amidst entertaining herself with the expulsion of more of her innards than one could even imagine would be able to fit into her petite frame. Pandora also made accounts in her mind of where her companions had stationed themselves. To her left was the Doppelgänger who, despite the lack of mention, had been making use of herself by echoing Pandora’s tormenting whispers to all who would rather not hear. Far to the left near the first of the belles was one sorrow. The other two sorrows took post at either side of Teddy, creating a wall of woe to divide Sybelle and the other two belles from Pandora. With everybody mapped out in her mind, Pandora made change with a new plan of action. The voice of sorrow was hushed for just an instant while she used her mind’s larynx reach Teddy, who did as was demanded. Pandora let the screams of woe penetrate the belle’s mind again. Teddy sprouted a pair of great black wings and propelled himself skyward. As the plush beast ascended, Seamus gave orders to one that he had not yet spoken to. “Molly, my dearest,” he said, “see to it that our flying friend doesn’t complicate things too much.” As though by the turn of a faucet, Molly’s vomiting ceased and she took off after Teddy. The two sorrows nearest persisted in tormenting Sybelle and the adjacent belle while the sorrow farthest off confronted the belle most distant. The Doppelgänger darted after Seamus while Pandora did little more than stand where she was, her mind screaming into that of the belle just before her. Teddy was almost shrouded entirely by December’s fog, but his silhouette was distinguishable enough to see that he was digging furiously. The Doppelgänger dealt one frightening psychological blow after another upon Seamus, incessantly tormenting him as Pandora herself would have delighted in. He was quickly reduced to his knees and seemed to only be capable of wailing. All the while, Teddy took off deeper in the haze to exhume the fifth body of the day. Everything was going just as she needed it to be. Or at least it was until Pandora felt a terrifying blow across her cheek; it stung like fire and hit her quicker than lightning, and the force of the strike was nearly enough to make her drop to the ground. Distant wails distorted themselves into hysterical hoots. Towering over Pandora was the ever-more hideous Sybelle, rider’s crop in hand. Seamus set himself proper upon his feet yet again, laughing as though he lived for the pain of others. A leering grin consumed his face as he seemed to have found himself excited and rejuvenated. Power had shifted in favor of Seamus, that was undeniable. One of the sorrows that was keeping Sybelle at bay had fallen and the other was left preoccupied with a rotten belle which had allowed Sybelle to advance in Pandora’s moment of distraction. The Doppelgänger was not being subdued by Seamus, his grin ever widening with each strike he laid upon her, and Teddy was so far from combat that he could do nothing to shift this balance. All was going very poorly until- An array of excited shouts and hollers permeated through the fog announcing the coming of the rambunctious Guildsmen who were perpetually on the hunt. Pandora took this opportunity to recede into the haze, riding upon waves of despair once more. Seamus and his Redchappel Gang took off in Molly’s direction, the same in which they had come to confront the Neverborn gravediggers. Though Teddy would need to find his own way back to Pandora, all that was left upon the field of combat were the footprints of Seamus’ fleeing crew and the two bodies that Teddy had dug up. This is what the coming Ortegas were left to find, coming just in time to relieve Pandora of her uphill battle., and she was thankful of it. Never before had she been grateful of Perdita’s presence, but today would be an exception. So, here's the breakdown of the game as I can recall it. The tournament's objective here was for one player to 'plant the evidence' while the other 'destroys the evidence'. I was on the offensive, planting the evidence. My second objective was breakthrough. My third, I think, may have been assassinate, but I cannot recall. Deployment was standard. Turn 1- Madame Sybelle companioned the three belles, and with the movement aids of Seamus and Miss Squidpidge, the belles flew across the table and were in position to destroy two of the three pieces of evidence the next turn. Molly, Seamus, and Sybelle were also sure to advance. I linked two of my sorrows to Teddy and sent the group of three alongthe center of the table to confront the two belles there and to set up a point that Sybelle could not pass. The remaining sorrow went off to the left to try to cause conflict on that front. I spent most of my time with Doppelgänger expirimenting as I am very unfamiliar with how she operates. Pandora took a couple of steps ahead, but I keept her happy and out of the fray. Turn 2- Teddy and the two sorrow put a lot of damage on Sybelle this turn. It had been so long since I had used a melee model like Teddy, though, that I had forgotten how to initiate damage flips. Manny was very generous here and aided me through it. (Thank you.) Sybell was not at all shy to reciprocate the damage, though. Two of the belles destroyed some evidence and the third got into position. Seamus and Molly got even nearer and I sent the Doppelgänger towards him, (still experimenting with combinations of Pandora's abilities.) The third sorrow also confronted the leftward belle here. Turn 3- Teddy takes down Sybelle and the two sorrows attempt to afflict the belle, bit to little avail. The third belle buries her piece of evidence and starts off towards Pandora. The Doppelgänger begins dealing some wounds to Seamus, who makes work of resurrecting the recently-felled Sybelle. (That was depressing.) Turn 4- Teddy and the sorrows begin to try to leave combat to plant some evidence. (I forgot that the sorrows were insignifigants, but I was reminded of that in the next turn.) They fail at wiggling out of melee, though. The belle coming after Pandora engages her in combat, but fails at landing any hits. (I later learn that this was done so that the belle could hit Pandora with disengaging strikes to prevent her from setting any evidence.) The Doppelgänger brings Seamus down to one or two wounds. Turn 5- Teddy manages to squirm out of melee and sets one piece of evidence on the other side of the table. Molly is sent to follow. The sorrows stay behind to keep Sybelle in melee, one of them falling to Sybelle's rider's crop. Seamus simply annihilates the Doppelgänger and recovers with 'Lives for the Pain'. The sorrow to the left remains engaged with the belle until the end of the game, neither of them killing the other off or gaining any sort of advantage. Turn 6- Teddy invades Manny's deployment zone and plants a second piece of evidence, earning a few victory points for me. Molly persists after Teddy, but fails at getting too near. She was likely sent out to keep Teddy from achieving breakthrough. Seamus slaps Pandora and recovers the remainder of his health, and all other sources of combat remain at a draw. Here, the game ends. I achieved about half of the victory points I went after, Placidemu achieved most, if not all. To those of you who have read all of this, thank you. Any comments that you may offer and those that already have been are certainly appreciated.
  21. (Click here to read part one.) Here I offer part two of my adventure through the tournament that I had taken part in last night. This was a 30ss game which took place between my Pandora and my friend's Sonnia Criid. The asterisks are to denote the division between the bridge from the first match to the second and the narrative of the actual match. Pandora awoke, the world blurred. Her head was dizzied and her limbs tingling from prolonged inactivity. She shifted, tried to roll over, and- “Ouch!” From her side she extracted a pin. Her vision cleared to reveal the inside of Zoraida’s cabin. Pandora sat up and rubbed the last of the haze from her eyes. But wait a minute! Hadn’t she lost an eye? Never before had she had one plucked from her face before. Although, perhaps it was a dream. She had seen Nytmare. Was he toying with her? Floorboards creaked under scuffed hooves; the hag entered the quarter in which Pandora had been sleeping. “You heal quickly,” the crone informed. “It has only been two days and you’re rested to good health.” She grinned crookedly. “What happened?” Pandora inquired, her memory still piecing itself together. “Fate favored you enough to let you live.” Pandora groaned, still sore. “I found this stuffed into your empty socket.” Zoraida passed a bloodied and crumpled parcel to Pandora. The note within the envelope, when smoothed, prominently bore the Guild’s insignia on its surface. Despite the amount of blood present to obscure it’s exterior, there was no mistaking the grand ram’s head. When unfolded, the text within said simply: “Sonnia Criid, Prepare yourself to hunt the Neverborn in a fortnight.” Zoraida gave a sickly chuckle. “It would seem that fate meant this message for you in the end after all.” Pandora stood from her bed, vertebrae cracking, stiff. “I shall see to it that she won’t be bothering us.” “Before you go,” Zoraida interrupted, “take these.” With Candy at her side, her box in hand, and a set of flints pocketed, Pandora made off for the Witch Hunter. ***** Pandora found Criid and her Witchling Stalkers making their preparations in some old, uninhabited structures. One of Perdita’s kin, Niño, was informing them of the the mannerisms of the Neverborn and the tactics that were best in hunting them. From a safe distance, Pandora scouted the areas that Sonnia had claimed as hers. One could observe a fair number of crates placed nearby the scarred and crippled buildings that made up the desolate neighborhood. The crates were, without a doubt, gifts from the ever-adoring Papa Loco. Pandora let the seal binding her box shut loosen, and from its depths appeared a bare-skinned woman with ambiguous features and her favored bringers of despair. Pandora gave the orders and she, Candy, and the Doppelgänger parted ways, each accompanied by an ethereal woe. Pandora and the Doppelgänger were the first to reach their crates, each within eyesight of the other divided only by a narrow street. As the Doppelgänger peeled the lid from her crate, she jarred herself against the wall that it was set against. Loose brick tore free from cracking mortar and the wall collapsed on itself. The humans learned of their guests. Sonnia, Niño, and the witchlings rushed to the source of the sound. Pandora released her beloved Poltergeist to greet them, and it did do so with a wail. The Poltergeist was silenced abruptly by a well-placed bullet from the Ortega boy and one of the witchlings advanced. It was around this time that the Neverborn child found a box of goodies that had already had its lid discarded. Candy felt a malicious giddiness well up inside of her. “We’re going to make this bad mommy really sorry!” she giggled. Before the mommy could be punished, though, she had to be patient. Candy sat against the open crate, her diminutive posture hidden behind it, so as to wait for Pandora’s signaling call. Both Pandora and the Doppelgänger remained next to their respective crates, their accompanying sorrows converging on the nearing witchling. While this witchling remained occupied, Pandora struck out against Niño psychologically, the Doppelgänger mimicking this act upon Sonnia. Whispers of self-loathing began to torment the Ortega boy while Sonnia found herself questioning her reason for living. They fought against thoughts of turning blade and bullet upon themselves. Sonnia shouted above the voice of depression, demanding of her two other witchling companions to slaughter those with dominion over the mind. Just then, Niño let fly a round into the body of the witchling already in combat, detonating it, and dispersing both of the obtrusive sorrows. “No!” he chuckled. “This Neverborn is seldom without her children. Send one to seek them out.” With a nod, Sonnia revised her orders, sending one of her arcane servants to seek out any child within the ruinous town, the other to deal with the mimic. Pandora stood. The blast of the witchling had swept her from her feet, but had done little more. Taking note of her advancing foes and her dwindled forces, Pandora cried out. Both she and the Doppelgänger took up their flints and sent showers of sparks upon the fuses within their respective crates. Fuses lit, the witchling came upon the Doppelgänger. As the Doppelgänger fell to the witchling’s blade, Pandora let her box open one last time and let herself drift away on fading memories. Candy heard the call and jumped atop the open crate. Below her feet lay and incomprehensible number of cylinders almost as bright in color as the vibrant sweets in her basket. In her moment of distraction, Candy was seized from behind but a darkly cloaked man bearing a tarnished blade. Candy reached into her basket and thrust the most vile of her bitters into her captor’s face. The cloaked man recoiled, dropping Candy back into the crate. As she landed, sticks of dynamite spilled out, disturbed from their repose. The witchling stalker wheezed violently as if the mere scent of the gummy green candies had made him ill. Candy used this time to strike her flint over the fuses and run from the alleyway. Pandora swept up Candy as she passed and the pair drifted away on a tide of woe. As plumes of fire and shrapnel rose in the distance, Candy let herself enjoy another giggle and the satisfaction of knowing that she and Pandora had successfully punished a really bad mommy. So this game was between a friend of mine, Kelvin, and myself. We had 30ss to comprise our teams with. Now I must apologize, I did not take note of what had actually happened in each turn, so I cannot tell you exactly what happened. I can tell you, however, that the chief objective was shared line-in-the-sand, myself taking on the offensive. I also had the schemes of Hold Out and Pandora's special. The terrain effect was rockslide. I will recount what had occurred as I recall it to the best of my ability, though. Turn One- I deployed Pandora, Candy, a Doppelgänger, three sorrows, and my Poltergeist. My first three activations were the sorrows, each of whom linked to a signifigant model on my side. The third sorrow linked to Pandora and used Melancholy on her so that she may drift 4" on Fading Memories. Next, I activated the Poltergeist and double walked ahead. Pandora activated and walked six inched forward. The Doppelgänger walked parallel to Pandora. Candy double walked forward and to the left, away from Pandora had gone, focusing on another of the fuses. Turn 2- Pandora moves again on Fading Memories, then she and the Doppelgänger moved ahead at a leftward trend, stopping in base contact with markers 1 and 2, using their second actions in the turn of their activations to set the fuses. Candy moved herself into base contact with marker 4 and lights her fuse. The sorrows take position in front of Pandora, Candy, and the Doppelgänger to try to obstruct some line of sight from Criid's ranged fighters. The Poltergeist takes a position between Pandora and the Doppelgänger and casts Tantrum. Unfortunately, Niño made quick work of the Poltergeist. Turn 3- A witchling stalker engages Pandora and the Doppelgänger in combat while Niño fires into their quarrel. The Doppelgänger copies Pandora's Emotional Trauma and Self-Loathing, then she and Pandora attempt to force Sonnia and Niño to hate themselves a little bit. The sorrows, at the same time, barrage the opponents with a few will tests with Melancholy. Not too many of them were successful, but it was enough to take out the Stalker in melee (with Niño's help.) The detonated stalker kills off both of the sorrows. The turn prior, a stalker had gotten into base contact with Candy's marker. Candy poisons him with Bitters. He, then, defused the marker. Turn 4-The stalker at marker 4 moves out of base contact with it to get a vantage on Candy. Candy soaks the hits with martyr, killing off her sorrow, and she lights her fuse again. Niño kills the Doppelgänger. It is here that time runs out and we use up the rest of our activations for the turn, but nothing her made any relevant imapact. This left me the victor with seven Victory Points, simultaneously marking my first win! (Keep on reading here for part three.)
  22. This tournament was run as a showcase of all that Book II has to offer. Thusly, many proxies were played by most of the participants. I played with my Pandora crew whilst my opponent had The Dreamer and a slew of Alps. Here is the first game, played with 35ss. (The ending between turns is broken up by three tildes.) Zoraida had instructed her to deliver the note. That is what fate had demanded. As such, the woman walked across the cracked cobblestones of the unkempt streets of one of Malifaux city’s outer regions, cradling both box and parcel. What that parcel contained, she did not know; she just knew that she was to deliver it to the Earthside child. To accompany her on this mission were her children, if one could refer to them in such a manner: the able-bodied infant known as Kade and his elder sister, Candy, who has an undying love for her sweets and bitters. The trio walked until they spied the human. He was a small boy, blond, and he seemed to have nothing with him save for his blanket and the nightgown which he wore. Even so, he bounced into the air as though the ground was made of springs to propel him. Pandora opened her box. From the vantage of one of his many bounds he spotted glow of what appeared to be luminous people emerging from a diminutive container. “Oh, cool!” the child exclaimed. “You have friends too!” ~~~ “The Dreamer,” as they called him, sent himself aloft towards his new playmates, soaring on the wings of his own imagination. “Let’s play ‘Monster’!” he dictated as he descended. Before he even hit the ground, a great many horrendous wonders materialized around the boy. The worst of these beings to appear was one that Pandora had been familiar with prior. Nytmare was his name. Almost as quickly as the dreams had appeared, one of Pandora’s sorrows whisked the parcel from her hand, promptly pinning it to Nytmare’s calf with a pin. (As it were, one could never part from Zoraida’s home without later finding a number of needles stuck on their person.) Nymare reacted to this violently. One mighty clawed arm struck the sorrow with such a force that, if the building that surrounded them had windows, they most certainly would have shuddered. With another swipe, Candy was sent flying into obscurity. The boy’s imps that surrounded them, called alps, took to the excitement with such a malevolent glee. Whenever a companion of Pandora’s would try to act, an alp would hop onto his face and suck the breath right from his lungs. The ethereal woes began to vanish almost as rapidly as they had appeared from the little box. Urgency became incredibly pertinent to Pandora as the alps rampaged. She turned quickly back the way that they had come to retreat, only to be met by the intrusive fingertips of Coppelius’ greedy hands. Everything went black and Pandora dropped to the ground. The last thing that she would hear before losing consciousness would be the melodic gloating of a joyous young boy boasting “I win!” So here's how the game went, thaehl and I were playing a 35ss game. The chief objective for both of us was to deliver a note to the opposing master. Turn 1- We deployed from the corners in the terrain of 'ruins'. I sent out Pandora, Candy, Kade, the Doppelgänger, the Poltergeist, and three sorrows. Thaehl sent forth The Dreamer. Buried was Coppelius and as many Alps as he could manage. Turn 2- Thaehl got initiative and landed the dreamer directly in front of my cluster of models and released his around all of mine, Bits popping up Between Candy and Pandora. Bits bites Pandora, giving her two wounds and poison 2. He then begins an onslought: He hits Pandora for four (two of those wounds passed to a sorrow,) then gets the trigger to attack again for free. He violently lashes out against Candy with the same trigger, using 2 action points to kill her and the sorrow that she had been passing damage off to. It is my turn, and I choose to activate a sorrow, an I make sure that he passes all of his will tests to avoid being slowed. The sorrow's action ends with passing the message to Bits. Coppelius activates and spends his activation passing off the note to Pandora and by striking her for the last two of her wounds. For the rest of the turn, thaehl's alps fail their attacks against my models, but all of my models fail their checks against being slowed upon activation and promptly die. The remainder of the game (four turns) involves thaehl leisurely claiming his other objectives. (Continued in part two here.) (Skip ahead to part three here)
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