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  1. Here's a week 2 game from our Shifting Loyalties Campaign! My Outcasts vs. Adam from Greenleaf Terrain (who has made a ton of my studio's lovely Malifaux terrain) and his Arcanists Arsenal.
  2. Chris and I go through the new Shifting Loyalties Book! Chris and I play our first Nythera / Shifting Loyalties game!
  3. Chris is getting ready for Lords of War Weekend and has been busily painting lots of models. He's back for anther 50SS game! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fdDi2W7j67o
  4. Here's a narrative battle report I finally finished for a game a couple weeks back. It was a fun game with a new strategy. http://malifaux.battle.directory/battle-report/ten-thunders-jakob-lynch-vs-neverborn-the-dreamer/view-full/158
  5. WARNING: Some adult language. I realized too late that I cut off the beginning of the video but.... Deployment: Flank Strategy: Reconnoiter Scheme Pool: ALitS Distract Assassinate Protect Territory Cursed Object His Schemes: Protect Territory (Revealed) Assassinate My Schemes: ALitS (Revealed) Protect Territory (Revealed) His list: Leveticus -- 3 Pool +Desolate Soul [2] +From Ash [2] +To the Earth Return [1] Hollow Waif X 2 [0] Abomination [4] Ashes And Dust [13] +Scramble [2] Lazarus [10] +Oath Keeper [1] Rusty Alyce [10] +Desolate Soul [2] +From
  6. Greetings all! We have another Video Battle Report starring our very own MaliDave! Again, any comments, suggestions, and critiques are welcome. Let us know if there's a specific Master you'd like to see us tackle as well. Thanks for watching!
  7. Hey - my name is Bret, and I recently piloted Colette to a 5-0-0 second place at the Adepticon Masters of Malifaux with my “Big Rig Colette” crew (my thought process behind the crew creation is available here: http://wyrd-games.net/community/topic/100241-colette-%E2%80%93-the-adepticon-almost-master-of-malifaux-crew-creation/) against some top-quality players, and I’d like to recount my battle reports from the event to give some hard evidence to back up the Theoryfaux. The crew I ended up using on the first day looked like this: Arcanists Crew - 50 - Scrap Colette Du Bois -- 5 Pool +
  8. Hey guys A buddy and I played a game on Saturday, my Viktorias against his Mei Feng, 50 soul stones. It was really fun and thematic. I wrote it up in "story style" from the perspective of the Viktoria crew. Deployment: flank Strategy: Sabotage with set up camp for defender (Viks attackers, Mei Feng defender) Viktorias schemes: Plant evidence, bodyguard (Johan) Mei Feng schemes: Plant evidence, bodyguard (Kang) Result: 9 - 8 to Viktoria Enjoy! ENTER THE DRAGONS Viktoria received an anonymous envelope with a letter, and a small amount of soul stones i
  9. Malifaux Summer Campaign - Battle Report 1. Liason at the Mercer Inn. This is the 1st of 4 battle reports from a summer campaign I’m doing with a friend. The battle report (and the campaign itself) is very narrative driven, and each battle report to follow will have an increasing amount of narrative to go with it. The main plot-line is planned out, but the outcome of the games changes the who and how. That way the Scraps themselves are determining the story. It’s also worth noting that we are using some of the M2E Beta rules such as Strategy & Schemes, pre-measuring & soulst
  10. Once again here is another battle report, that I am doing so I can get an achievement in the escalation league I am in. This time it was a 15 soulstone game. My crew consisted of: Yamaziko (Leader) Otototototototototo - Yamaziko's right hand man Oiran - Otototototototototototo's main squeeze My Opponent's crew: Candy (Leader) Iggy Sorrow Primordial 'Puke Snake" Magic This Battle Report is brought to you by The X-Wing mini Y-Wing. (My friend Photobombed my opponent's crew when I was attempting to take a photo of it. Not really trying to promote X-Wings whatsoever.) The st
  11. Hi, This thread would be mostly for my painted Malifaux minis. I'll also post some terrain and battle reports.
  12. I put up this video before, but just realized that I did it wrong. I looked for it to edit, but couldn't find it, so I'll just repost it. Here was the battle report for our game of Lilith v. Rasputina. We did it at Friday Night Dice in Burbank, California. Happy gaming everybody!
  13. So..... I lied and I apologize, however I figure the title would at least give the viewer a gander into this battle report. Again I apologize because this battle report is quite a small, but hey short, sweet, and too the point right? The real reason I am doing this battle report is because there is an achievement in an ongoing league that I am in, in which I needed to post a battle report with photos so here it is. (You're welcome BruglyOther) The above photo is setting up the match. Deployment: Flank Strategy: Squatter's Rights Another stipulation to the league was that we are start
  14. Malifaux Summer Campaign - Battle Report 2. The Disappearing Act. This battle report is chapter two from a four part summer campaign I’m currently running. The first report can be found here: http://www.wyrd-games.net/showthread.php?45681-Lady-J-vs-Lilith-July-Narrative-B-R-Liaison-at-the-Mercer-Inn I highly recommend that you read chapter one first, as the story and the characters follow on from that game, and this battle report won’t make much sense unless you’ve read chapter one already! The game itself was actually quiet a small one with low SS on the table. Due to the amoun
  15. Here's my battle report I'd like to present to you and to hand in for the battle report contest. Feel free to comment and make remarks. I did not remember every detail of the game, but I think I can present the core of it. We played a 35SS Scrap at our local gaming group in South-West Germany, Tübingen, to be precise, where our Henchmen often presents us with very nicely arranged tables to play on. I was playing Viktorias in my seventh game, while I faced Lilith, played by an opponent in one of his first games. Outcasts Crew - 35 SS - Scrap Viktoria - 6 SS Pool Student of Conflict
  16. We made it a quick and simple game – because an interested but inexperienced Person watched. BattleReport: Molly Squidpidge VS Lilith 20SS Ressurectionists: à Molly à Rogue Necromancy 10SS à Madame Sybelle 6SS à Rotten Belle 4SS à Crooligan 4SS SS left: 1SS Mission: Supply Wagon (we used the small crater for that) Neverborn: à Lilith (Cache 4SS) à Mature Nephilim 10SS à Terror Tot Nephilim 3SS à Terror Tot Nephilim 3SS à Terror Tot Nephilim 3SS - SS left : 1SS + Cache = 5SS Mission: Treasure Hunt (fist we used the stone pylon and switched it to the “stonesna
  17. As a quick heads up, this is my first battle report ever, so I hope this is acceptable. Hoping that for future games having a more legit board and a better camera, but with my house under construction, my Terraclips and other pieces are boxed away somewhere. Set Up As part of an Achievement League going on at my LGS, my friend and I played a 25 soulstone game, Ressers vs. Arcanists. We flipped to get standard deployment, and chose to avoid really doing special terrain. For schemes, the Arcanists got Turf War while the Ressers got Supply Wagon. This is where things got interesting.
  18. So a buddy and I threw down a couple Book 1 crews and had a 30 SS game tonight. We flipped Shared Claim Jump. There was lots and lots of terrain on the table. Crews were selected: Me: Raspy, Silent One, EoP, 3 Ice Gamin, Soulstone Miner. (8 stones) Blessings of Dec, Kill Protege. Him: Lilith, Twins, 3 Tots, Cherub (not sure on stones) Reclaim Malifaux, Breakthrough We called it after 3 turns. Basically he zipped around the board claiming terrain. If I got into a fire lane with Raspy- he dropped a Forest on top of me. Nothing died and I only cast Northwind to try to build up my han
  19. This was a narrative battle report I wrote for my local club's Malifaux campaign. I'll post the actual forces, strategies etc at the end, and you can tell me how well they came through in the report. Some aspects of the game may have been embellished in the interests of story, and the narrative obviously includes both a prelude and an epilogue that were not part of the actual game. This was quite a bit of fun to write - I liked the challenge of trying to come up with decent fluff reasons why Von Schill was on both sides of the battle. --- Blood in the Snow --- Viktoria locked eyes with h
  20. (Click here for part one.) (Read part two here.) This 25ss game is one that I got to play against Flagstaff's Henchman Placidemu. This game was one that took place between my Pandora and his Seamus. Though one of the Guild’s greatest of threats had been subdued, (at least for the time being,) the threat of genocide still existed. Just one hindrance would not be enough to prevent the vile Earthsiders from trying to eradicate Pandora and her kin. She needed something else to at least divert the Guild’s attention from their present plot until something more sufficient could be devi
  21. (Click here to read part one.) Here I offer part two of my adventure through the tournament that I had taken part in last night. This was a 30ss game which took place between my Pandora and my friend's Sonnia Criid. The asterisks are to denote the division between the bridge from the first match to the second and the narrative of the actual match. Pandora awoke, the world blurred. Her head was dizzied and her limbs tingling from prolonged inactivity. She shifted, tried to roll over, and- “Ouch!” From her side she extracted a pin. Her vision cleared to reveal the inside of Zora
  22. This tournament was run as a showcase of all that Book II has to offer. Thusly, many proxies were played by most of the participants. I played with my Pandora crew whilst my opponent had The Dreamer and a slew of Alps. Here is the first game, played with 35ss. (The ending between turns is broken up by three tildes.) Zoraida had instructed her to deliver the note. That is what fate had demanded. As such, the woman walked across the cracked cobblestones of the unkempt streets of one of Malifaux city’s outer regions, cradling both box and parcel. What that parcel contained, she did not know;
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