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  1. It was a joke outside of me being the one making them, most likely. Lol. I am scrolling through th terrain section now! Awesome.
  2. @Maniacal_cackleTch... I'm in. Cool. Better get to putting some boards together. I find myself lacking terrain for minis, as I custom make all my maps for D&D on Clip Studio Paint. Do you have any recommended pieces that are fun for Ressers? If my play group is gonna put the onus of terrain on me, you bet your sweet Emissaries I'm gonna build towers at the perfect height for the Seamus Gat of the century.
  3. Is there a link I can hop into for one, or is it like a club entrance? If I make those threads and you the premier Molly player doesn't reply, then I will have to send you a strongly worded letter!
  4. I was curious the role Discord played. I know a LOT of forums have slowed down once it got popular, and I too was involved in quite a few that transitioned to it. Did a large chunk of this community forum transition to that as well? I would love to post some threads about that! I will take snap shots of Resser positions I am in that may be tricky, and then make myself a thread for it.
  5. @GrafI appreciate it! Thanks for taking the time to chat with me about it. I saw some of the guides, and the S&S Budget Guides were fairly interesting to look through. I am hoping some day, soon hopefully, to collect enough Resser data for us and contribute to them. Quite a lot of those RCT's seem to have slowed a fair few months ago. I am not fully convinced the discussions have been dove into as deep as they could've, and I love me some Excel tables, cup of coffee, and a slow afternoon with an open board. When I coach new chess players I position boards with puzzles and ask the group 'Where to from here?'. This falls more in line with what Graf was mentioning where there is a mental checklist you go through, and maybe we could add definition to that as it applies to Resser pieces: Is this a line of attack I am capable of maintaining? Do I really wish I had this specific piece out over something else when I find myself in a likely scenario? etc. Some format of snap shot theory that isn't designed to give people a 'Do this and that' methodology, but a 'How do I evaluate the board state effectively, and what Improvements to my mainline can I make' mentality. As someone who is really new to actually playing I know I would have loved to find a "Let's Analyze Together!" threads, because when I see a dedicated spot where there is high level talk is taking place I can see what the current players are taking into consideration when they play, and then adopt those myself to start. General threads like "Facing Guild" were nice to read through, but it didn't give me a feel of how that position would look like playing into it beyond anecdote; maybe if I saw that position myself, then maybe I could have found a to succeed it.
  6. What is "Rate"? I also see terms like "Tarpit", "Beater", and "Engine" which are pretty explanatory, but some oddball terms I have never seen used. @GrafI was pretty sure there wouldn't be to many certain opens. Mostly a way of gathering interesting best-practice data. Things like: When down in this position, a unit with (x) mechanic is much more valuable than (y) mechanic. So if your master has low tempo, it may be best practice to prioritize this strategy. Anyways, I digress from my own topic lol. I can make a new thread someday to discuss more prolific strategies. I should keep to ask entry level questions here: Are there any pieces a newbie would be wise to avoid? I saw a fair amount of people mention Lampads aren't have alternatives in most scenarios that outperform them, or feel much smoother.
  7. I looked through the forums and agree with the general sentiment regarding Necropunk. It feels like such a big cost. Assuming you don't cheat a severe card out for the leap suit, you are looking to split, on average, 2 leaps amongst all necropunks you decided to bring for the first portion of the game. It feels like such a heavy hit to anyone who liked running multiples. Summoning is interesting and I have no clue what tricks that change actually snuffs. For Molly is her Core Box/Crooligan the main focus? I think I have all the Resser versatiles other than Sloth and Grave Diggers. Is Call to Madness crucial? I suppose my next question should be: How deep of analysis do we have, as an accessible resource, of opening maneuvers? I'm thinking of putting together and running a bunch of mock Resser games and hunting for different strategies that can be pulled off on a general level that can be considered relatively universal opens for certain masters. I know there are opposing units that can provide pretty potent counterplay or strategies you must answer, but we can gather data on certain strategies that involve a small handful of units and success rates? Or is the scope of this task, when accounting for the potential schemes you may run into, so much to account for its barely worth it? I can imagine there must be some consistent opens hiding around. I am imagining a format such as 'If running Corners with (x, x, or x) strategies, and if the opponents deployment is missing (general mechanic), then this strategy can consistently succeed (x% of flips, or if you have y suits to cheat.), otherwise this reserved style has a x% success rate out of a 20 game sample size vs. (Insert Master.)'
  8. I usually follow aggressive and proactive lines w/e I play White/Black unless I am against a significantly higher rated opponent, so I am unsure how much I would enjoy a very reactive style, sadly, but I am more than willing to give it a shot in Wargames to see how it feels. I played 2e Corpse Reva total balls to the walls: The Upgrade for aggressive cross the map starting corpse candle, then I used that, Bete, Reva to obliterate a Henchmen while Carrion Emissary and pumped out some early mindless zombies to tie them up while the rest schemed. I was not a fan at how glass cannon it actually was, though, but I like to force openings and position the other player has to answer. How is Molly, Schtook, Daw at Scheme Running? I had, and see that Reva was fairly slow to scheme when I used her in combat: Her movement tricks were limited and I needed her actions available to dissuade enemy movement down firing lanes, so I played against a Nicodem that spammed a few Necropunks and they rolled me in schemes. Molly seems like she has a LOT of bases covered in her kit, but she herself does not have a delete button: Reactivates, Distracts, and focus; Things that I with my limited knowledge see as the core foundations of ruling the action economy. It does seem interesting. Yeah, I am trying to be personally careful with picking crews that feel like they directly counter the boxes my friends have. My friends all have 1 core box, and 2 expansion boxes for that masters keyword. The friend with the, imo, strongest crew grabbed Zoraida box, Silurid, Bokors, Adze/Willo. So I am using proxy pieces for them so they have access to whatever they want in, but the house rule is all proxies cost 1ss more. This let's our table have access to whatever they may want to try, but gives them an in game reason to still collect and play their own pieces. Only a few want to paint, but all of them want to assemble the pieces at least. 6 people are having me paint their boxes for about 10$ a box, so I can use that cash to fill the Malifaux wall with terrain, tokens, and more pieces. I hope, though, that they get into painting it themselves and that I don't simply act as a painting crutch, because to me painting is a big part of what drew me to the game, and lets me add personal touches to pieces. Yeah, Jack Daw seems like a tar pit nightmare to deal with, and the mobility seems super nice. How do you guys feel the errata effected some of the Resser pieces? I noticed the changes to focus and distract, and from the bit I saw trough schemes and stones I saw, pre the recent errata, that there was a lot of focus (lol) on pumping focus to Oblivion on some armies.
  9. I also see, scrolling the forum tonight,, you are on a lot of the threads like the tournament one, I think. Thanks for taking the time to chat. I saw one where you said you have a lot of Reva games. How is Reva RN? She was my first so I am biased. Lol. Also, you seemed versed in the Schtook, and he interests me a bit more than Yan Lo, however I do really enjoy Yan Los pieces from what I've read and painted of them. How are your Schtook and Reva match ups? What are counter plays to look out for, potential answers, and what is the mainline for them you envision? I am getting pretty hyped to finally dive into playing malifaux. Covid had me sad because I just started to get into it and the shops closed, but with things opening up again I'm ready. I've had to channel my War Mini acumen into Chess, the grandfather of War Minis, and finish getting that 2300 rating I've been working on for a while. Debating openings and mainline shakeup is some of my FAVORITE things, and I am just trying to soak up information so I can be a stronger contributor in the future.
  10. Damn! I read through Viscera and they seemed BONKERS on paper. I think that's my next snag then, I LOVE the transmortis Models, they are my second favorite behind Emissary (I just like the wide wings...) I like Ressers most because I feel their models are very unique, and the undead Aesthetic vibes since I was a D2 Necromancer fan boy. I've avoided Molly because a lot of her pieces are just generic spooky child, and those didn't vibe with me as much as necropunk metal/flesh!
  11. I also have Zoraida Core Box, Silurids, Bokors, Somer Core box, every Obliteration keyword, 2e Lilith core, Nekima core, Lelu/Lilitu, Changeling, 2e Dreamer Core, Insidious Madness box, Rasputina 2e core, Ten Peaks, Arcane Emissary, Misaki Core, and Perdita Core In the off chance there is something there that is worth focusing on, but I MUCH prefer resser models and enjoyed those more.
  12. OOK? So the tags are important this edition? I thought they were just for general themes among pieces so you knew what Aesthetic they fit in and some oddball card rulings. Oh damn, they cost more. Great to know LOL. My admission is that I only played about 5 rounds total with Reva, Emissary, Zombies, and Bete in mid 2019 then covid. So I have no actual idea what is good, or a strong grasp on the rule system as it is. I LOVED painting the Hanged. Really swell pieces. And yeah, it has been really awkward going from 2e into 3e with the pieces I had. There is a lot of doubling up and gentle piece shifts that make it very awkward. I already have 10x Mindless dead, and if I want Asura, then I would have 15.... I only wanted 10 Zombies for my horde. I loved spamming corpses with 2e Reva! I snagged pieces that were good for her in 2e, then just snagged most her keyword for this one. Mourners are next on my list because they are cheap and put me really close to finishing Reva AND Seamus. Reva was my first paint job, and I had to go back recently and re paint her because I used ENAMEL CAR MODEL paint for her and Vincent before I discovered greater and better things. LOL Would you say the last Wan Lo Box and last Von Schtook Box I need for the keywords are very impactful for the crew? I really like Study Group and plan to snag those at some point, but I can prioritize them if they are considered a key model. I know my Gaming Group that is getting into malifaux don't have a lot to deal with Corpse Markers, and that can get interesting until the Bayou player learns about Lucky Emissary charging them down.
  13. Howdy! I've been nit picking and collecting Malifaux models since 2018, and haven't had a chance to play beyond theory crafting in my own head. I took to just enjoying the models and Ressers were my favorite, although I have a fair bit of other factions (Neverborn/Bayou/Thunders). I just convinced my D&D group, consisting of 11 players, to try some Wargames out and we all agreed to go to Malifaux. I've always wanted to play more competitively, but had a hard time finding groups. Now I figure I can use this to spring board myself into it and go play some games at other tournaments post-covid. I am primarily interested in ressers, and have the following pieces in the attached screen shot. I am looking for: pitfalls to avoid, which pieces I am missing, where is a good direction to go, what pieces were most fun to paint. Thanks in advance! If you'd like to know my other models in case that's needed, just let me know. I am very blind when it comes to anything Malifaux related, and don't know how much interacts in game. Current Resurrectionists.pdf
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