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  1. Cards no longer display/listed. Toggle is on. Current version is downloaded (assumed, since Google play doesn't show that an update is available). This is also being reported by others on Facebook group.
  2. Noticed new version available this morning and reinstalled. Still continues to show cards available and initiates download of pending cards if "automatic download" is on in settings. I turned automatic off but posting this to share for 1.3.5 I'm not a programming expert but I think there's a conflict in merging mobile and desktop apps. Possibly card image extensions are conflicting..?
  3. Every time I access mobile app, it's downloading. Each time it resets to 650+ cards to download. (6 times so far this morning) I've cleared app data and cache, force stopped, uninstalled/reinstalled (×3 this morning) Uninstalled for now to save battery and data
  4. Did app update as prompted yesterday. Today: On home screen yellow exclamation mark on "news". Yay new announcement from wyrd 😁 Selected "news" and clicked through to wyrd home page. Read article Returned to home screen App still shows yellow exclamation mark on news when I return to home screen in app. 😕 Repeated above steps more than six times (not an exaggeration).🧐 Uninstall app reinstall app Yellow exclamation mark on "news" Select "news" click through to wyrd homepage more than three times in a row.🧐 Each time I return to home screen there's still an exclamation mark on "news".ðŸĪŠ
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