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  1. Mama Z And The Slinkies (Neverborn) Size: 50 - Pool: 6 Leader: Zoraida Hires: Gautraeux Bokor Silurid The First Mate Serena Bowman Hooded Rider Will o' the Wisp References: Voodoo Doll Wanga Mojo Curse so first crack at a list - Serena could be swapped out for another silurid or swamp mother. Comes back to how important is that condition removal. Or if the curse isn’t that relevant - could swap out the WoW and play off of 2 or 4 stones with either a second silurid or swamp mother.
  2. Amazing to hear everything and thanks all for the input!! Appreciate the time you all put in to writing points up. How much resource would you put towards using totem and landing mamas curse on jack daw, then using will o wisp to stun, slow, distract him? Also putting single points on him could be nice (with the dolls own trigger) and I could always heal the doll then hit him with other models Staggered seems to be key - makes me think about taking Serena for healing and condition removal. Some discard pressure and placement tricks in there as well to control the tide with her gun w
  3. Hi Folks New NB player - jumped onto M3E this year and getting to grips with Mama Z and Tatty. I am probably playing Jackdaw next week and was keen to tap into the NB wisdom web to get some tips on how you approach this one! i have heard Jack is a wonderful play experience, and I sure I could figure it all out at the table ( ) but thought it would be worth seeing how the more experienced folks tackle this one. He is in Ressers. Setup is: Symbols, Corner. Scheme Pool: Detonate, Outflank, Death Beds, Breakthrough, Catch and Release. I have declared Zorida. How have you folk
  4. Love this! Just new into the game and this is ace for starting out in the current strange times. Thanks for the efforts folks - appreciated for sure! R
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