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  1. Dang. I missed out last time Wild Ones were available. I could never justify the expense when I already had Wastel models. Figure now might be a good time to indulge and christen the new addition. Plus I bet the Ramones'll look great with V&W. I appreciate the thoughts from you two on Basse he's the last of the Explorer masters I've really looked at. Overall, do you prefer him in one faction of ther other? I know nothing about how the Guild plays anymore.
  2. I haven't tried this, I've never tried double master actually. But I'll add it to the list of things I would like to. I think you are right about Ivan making a good surprise inclusion given how strong and relatively self sufficient he is. What makes you think to pair him with McCabe specifically, though? Just to get the Umbra summons without the tax? Edit: I just realized you said that in your opening paragraph. Dummy, thy name is Don.
  3. I mean, I am a player that really likes to stay in keyword. That's probably why I am so frustrated trying to make her work. I really want to like her. She's a fun permutation on the pulp adventurer theme of the crew. She adds some dementionality by being ostensibly less cut throat than the others. I just wish, even if she wasn't a particularly obviously powerful choice, she had a mechanical identity that I could more easily grasp. But now I am certain I am just whingeing (as if I haven't been from the start) so I'll stop. But if anyone has any other compelling ideas about her, I'm st
  4. Yes. Dig is still pretty decent, but it is a bonus action, so it competes with Flare, not to mention then also competing with passing and using artifacts, none of which synergize with her kit all that well, if you can call that at all useful. Marker removal is actually a good new utility for Wastrel, I'll grant. And Harpooner just highlights the fact that the faction has the same gun but better on a minion. For one stat less you have multiple useful triggers with one built in that I think eclipses Jessie's own in most any circumstance. I know they are the same cost, but it is still a litt
  5. I just can't get a handle on the charmly befuddling lass. Her abilities seem halfway built for several different roles but don't seem to add up to anything. Depths is not useless, but she doesn't really have the movement tricks to add a lot of value to it. Evasive is a nice bonus against some attacks. Hard to kill is always nice, but the crews main source of healing doesn't make it super appealing. All in all the front of her card makes it seem like she wants to be on the front lines, but when the back of her card doesn't have anything to really capitalize on it. She only has range
  6. Well the mask is also pretty obvious, I think. You'll want it on McCabe at the end of your pass chain, or any other model who wants (or has) to be up close and tank. Life Leech is great, any damage transfer like that is, really. I think those sorts of abilities get undervalued by design teams pretty often as it really represents more than just a 2 health value, but I digress. It's value is compounded on any model with good defensive abilitites, natch. Consider the Samurai. One point of healing on Armor +2 is functionally 3 health against anything that can't ignore armor. Consider it with Silen
  7. *Jedza leans in* What's that you said, dear? Regeneration? Oh aren't you just the cutest little thing. Though, natch, you would never take those against her. Not much else to contribute. I only ever played the Lo-down master of funk in 10T back in 2e, so I can't say much, but having looked back into him I concur with the above. Thunders has some of the best options for versatiles, but ressers seem to have more focused support for some of his kit. Definitely agree about Toshiro. He seems really lackluster without the summoning support. Manos and Yin seem good out of faction, thou
  8. Man, I want to dive into this Keyword so bad now. But I gotta pace myself. I already overspent on getting my McCabe house in order and have set aside some money for Seeker when it comes. Looks like it's just back to proxies and digital for this one for now. Curious to see how people are doing with her st the moment though. Any good after action reports for my perusal?
  9. MC always here with the prompt and friendly rules discussion. Those keyword restrictions always trip me up. I've been playing a lot of McCabe again, think I am getting pretty good with him, yet half my games I find myself licking my chops ready to put that Timeworn Blade on some tasty ook beater and look up to see one of my usual opponents glaring at me and saying, "for the last time, Don, you can't give the Mech a magic sword!"
  10. I tend to be a pretty aggressive player with McCabe, when I can. Wherever the enemy is congregating, I want my horsie kicking about. The value of all of all the simple duels he can force on an opponent cannot be overstated. The enemy either drains their hand into cheating or takes a lot of chip damage. The name of the game isn't necessarily to kill enemies, just to put the pressure on early. Getting the Mask on him enhances this further and makes a real nuisance of McCabe, making the enemy waste further resources trying to deal with him. Plus leaving the enemy bloodied tends to be a great dist
  11. Hearing that Cooper isn't just played as a gunline is encouraging to me, as he was looking to be my least favorite Explorer master for that worry. I am going to try and get in a couple of Apex games this weekend to try them out myself, I'll report any interesting finds as I stumble about shooting at everything and anything (or at least amusing cockups on my part).
  12. They are posed more or less like their card art, so I can't say I was surprised. I actually like the pose on Maxine specifically. Just a casual lean as she's staring down the field at a Rogue Necromancy, Lord Chompy Bits, or whatever other silly nonsense she has to deal with that day. Personally, I think it fits, both in personality and still being a good looking model. That said, given that the personality in question has been criticized on this thread as not being interesting to some, I can see why not everyone would take a shine to that kind of blitheness in the models as well.
  13. No. I still have a big bug up my butt about taking ook without a specific plan in mind. But B&C seem great in just about everything. Their synergy with Wastrel seems even better than most with all your extra card draw and scrap for Calypso recursion. I definitely agree. Goodness and you could trade artifacts between them, couldn't you...disgusting, I love it (and hate it). Calypso with precise is just mean.
  14. Hmm. I figured it wouldn't stop working until the move was complete but I see why that would be wrong. Los wouldn't be lost until its base was already in the terrain, right? What would the rules do with a model losing the ability halfway through moving through impassable terrain? Abject horror from the rest of the crew as that Vasagi screamed, his body merged partway through a brick wall by the terrible, maddening power of the boilergoat?
  15. So having Swaggered down the table some more. I think McCabe is overall more effective in 10T, but I like a lot of what Explorers have. Their upgrades are aces, of course, and they've a good selection of versatiles (I particularly think I like Bellhop here), though there are no real replacements for some of what Thunders brings, I feel. I think I overestimated how many tokens the crew needs to be effective before, you generate plenty for looting purposes and still can chow down with Botanists and the like. I think I had greedy tunnel vision with my previous concerns. I'm still no goo
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