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  1. So I'm sure this is covered in the rules, but I've missed it, I'm afraid. If I have Ulix (Or Rocinante in this case as I've taken advantage of the ) and I force a piglet to grow to a Squealer, does he keep his upgrades? There's a 25/54 chance in a straight flip to get the necessary 8 to grow 2 points(So Piglet -> Squealer -> Boar -> War Boar), but I don't want to suddenly find out upgrades get deleted when you grow a model.
  2. This is the greatest thread in the history of Malifaux. We're starting to make some big assumptions on population density, so we're getting further away from hard facts, but some nice base assumptions. If there are 4.3 million Malifauxans, it would require arable land about the size of Washington State in Malifaux. Malifaux IS huge, though. So maybe? Now I want to know how big the 'Known World' of Malifaux is. We know the Ocean is huge base on what the Explorer Society book says, but how big's the land? (And this would be if they ate like early 20th century Americans. I wouldn't be surprised. It's rough and tumble in Malifaux)
  3. So this is a good question. The US, in 1910, had 6 361 502 farms: https://www2.census.gov/library/publications/decennial/1910/volume-5/volume-5-p3.pdf In 1910, there were 93,000,000 people. So about 1 farm for every 15 people. (Obviously, some farms were bigger or smaller). But wait! The US exported about 361 million dollars in prepared and raw foodstuffs: https://fraser.stlouisfed.org/files/docs/publications/FRB/pages/1915-1919/24528_1915-1919.pdf So it would require less to be self-sufficient. All told, about $60 a farm was exported. But wait! $60/farm works out to be $1661.14 in today's money. https://www.in2013dollars.com/us/inflation/1910?amount=60 That means that about 10 tons of wheat per farm was being exported in 1910: https://www.fwi.co.uk/business/markets-and-trends/crop-prices/wheat-edges-past-160-t-for-first-time-in-2020 (With apologies. It's not exact due to lack of information) Each acre creates 2.62 tons of wheat: https://www.answers.com/Q/What_is_the_average_yield_of_wheat_per_acre_in_the_UK Which means that roughly four acres per farm exported wheat. But wait! There's more! The average size of a farm in 1910 was 145 acres: http://lib-usda-05.serverfarm.cornell.edu/usda/AgCensusImages/1940/03/02/1275/Table-01.pdf Which means it took about 141 acres per farm to feed 93,000,000 people. So: To eat like an american required each farm feeding 14.619 people. Each person ate 10.3 acres of food a year. So just take whatever you think the population of Malfaux is and multiply it by 10.3 acres to be self-sufficient. It probably isn't a huge amount with it being only a single city with a few dotted towns. The woods to the northeast. The area near the wetlands but not yet the Bayou. Malifaux could be self-sufficient, or darn near close to it. You're welcome for the inundation of information.
  4. I "get" the desire to use Henchmen. I started the thread on Grimwell, after all. There is a difference, though: Grimwell gives access to Nurses, who have great condition control and there is no other way to fit them in with our Grimwell list unless you use Grimwell as your leader. Alan gives great conditions, but Agent 46 might be the better choice for henchmen in that group since it means you'll have access to Doppelgangers, which are great in a variety of situations and difficult to counter given they can do the same thing other things can do, but better in most cases. However, let's not cheat the question. Though you could toss out enough Slows with Doppelganger/46 and Alan to choke a horse, by taking Alan and 46 you can toss it out a max of 5 times. Not bad, but still less than the 7 you can toss out if 46 were your leader. This limits your in-keyword henchmen to 46/Greed/Grimwell, which I happen to love in combination, but would mean you're essentially running the Grimwell list minus the Nurse condition control and healing. So let's leave it just as Agent 46 so you can play up Alan's strengths. For Enforcers, you have a ton of points: You're going to take the Steward for scheme running. He's just too good not to in this list. He'll be out there dealing with your enemies scheme runners, or dying and taking out their scheme runner. That leaves you with 35 stones. You could go Rider + Peacekeeper + Effigy of Fate so that you have 3 absolutely brutal beatsticks on the board. Might protect Alan, since it's going to be hard to let those guys free and 46 has Stealth. You'd also have 12 stones left, which means you could get Undercover Reporter for a hilariously trolly first turn if your opponent is unprepared. You would be really unprepared for Conditions list, though. What were you thinking for a list?
  5. Oh, there's no doubt Alan would be brilliant for handing out Staggered. I'd have to dump the Reporter to do so. Same with the Investigator. The trifecta that can't be gotten rid of is Grimwell/46/Greed if I want to keep max damage. The real problem with the list is that there's not enough room to put everything in. If I dump the Reporter, I can up my damage, but I lose a lot of scheme control. What do you think would be best?
  6. So I love Grimwell. I think his 'crew' look spectacular, with nurses and orderlies. There was a topic on this about a year ago, but rather than necro that thread, I thought I'd start a new one. I think Grimwell would be fun and I'd like to get your input in to it. Here's what I was thinking of taking and why: Dr. Grimwell Brutal Effigy w/ Effigy of Fate Nurse Heartsbane Orderly Nurse Field Reporter Agent 46 Greed Soulstones: 6 Each model serves a purpose - Agent 46 can duplicate 'prepare for surgery' to cause an additional x damage, where X is the number of Asylum models that were within 6 as they push towards the model. Greed can then hit them with Unchecked Avarice to strip soulstones and cause damage equal to the number of models that were already tossed in. The Reporter passes out ranged Staggered, which really helps, and gives some much-needed scheme plays. On the other hand, if you're facing a high shockwave/blast army or an armoured army, the amount of Staggered you can drop (Not to mention the number of lobotomies with the Agent and Grimwell) can really limit their ability to scheme. There are things that can stop it, but I think it has an opportunity. Any advice?
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