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  1. After the discussion around here I think that is pretty close to what I'm after (I wasnt sure If you used this terminology around here). Zipp looks funny, even if the Infamous models like a cohesive appearence (IMO). I will give their cards better look! Sadly Outcasts is the factions I have the least interest in (except for Tara, model wise), but Bayou have some other interesting options.
  2. That sounds like exactly what I'm looking for, so I'm in for the challenge! Oh I see, but I think it is an interesting way to show that the game system allows you to play in a diferent way too. Like, even if a model has a big sword it can be used to control the board in other ways than just attack everything until your opponents models die.
  3. I think the problem with the definition is happening because I'm trying to avoid the denial aspect of control, that is generally important part of the startegy. On a broad sense control for me would be a strategy focused on dictating what happen in the game and when. To archive this you generally try to stop your opponent actions, react undoing what they did or make them inneficient. Together with this you generally try to make your actions more efficient, by generating more resources than your opponent, to make sure you are in a better position to keep your control of the game. As I'm tr
  4. You are absolutely right! EVs is probably the keyword I liked the most after reading the lore and seeing the cards on the app! If they would be released this or the next month I would totaly get them, but sadly with no release date on the horizon I will need to get something else... I like Marcus himself, but the other models look a little bland (mostly seens like they move and they attack). Rasputina is one of the few masters I don't like the models, so will probably pass her. Zipp looks funny, I will give him a better look. The activation control looks really interesting, a
  5. Oh my bad, I should have been more specific. I'm looking more for the aspects of creating a advantage for myself (trought card draw/selection, extra activations/positioning of specific models) and a disvantage in specific places of the board (like don't go around this model/don't hit this model). I'm trying to avoid denial of actions/resources as I fell it would be a little frustrating to face. Debuffing should be ok as long as there is a way around it. An extra note, we will be playing mostly on keyword for some time (core box + a couple extra boxes).
  6. Hi Everyone! I'm planning to get started in the game with a couple of crews to be able to play against my boyfriend. I'm have much more experience than him with miniature/skirmisher games so I'm trying to pick a keyword for myself that don't end being unfun for him to play against. The problem is that by what I've read/listened/watched about the game, I liked the summoner and control masters playstyle in general. I'll avoid summoners for now, as they need most of their boxes to work well. Which leaves me with the control masters. So I would like to ask the more experienced folk, there is
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