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  1. Played to a 6-6 tie with LJ, Scales, Pale Rider, Lone Marshal, 2 Domadores and a DM. general strategy was avoid and ignore his models, scheme and strat, pick off scheme running IMs when and if possible.
  2. Insidious Madness and Stitched spam. Even minions are 7 wound incorporeal, or 6 wound armored. And the card manipulation makes rounds 3-5 unbearable regardless of schemes and strats. Exorcists and Jury are a good idea. Thanks. I was just wondering if there is a balance issue seen by others.
  3. Bass Creed


    One in our group plays him. Admittedly just got back into the game with 3e. But none of us understand Dreamer from a balance context. His crews just seem on another level. We have Guild, Arcanists and TT. What are we missing?
  4. Oh so it’s just a new sculpt and the card is the same statwise? Thx!
  5. Thanks. But if he’s legal, why isn’t the card in the app?
  6. I understand there is dead man’s hand, but is it acceptable to use the old Judge as a proxy for the new one? Anyone see a TO having a problem with that? TIA.
  7. Thanks all. With him being Df 5 and considering his role, it seems fairly useless. I guess just a top deck “ha ha got you,” not something you would cheat for. I wondered if the melee attack qualifier made some difference to when triggered. Seems not, that’s just to differentiate from ranged. Thanks!!
  8. Seems a little odd. Does it have to succeed to resolve? TIA!
  9. Can he cheat the damage flip on his demise ability? Also, does he have to remove a condition on Dispel Magic to get the focus trigger, or can he just use it on a friendly without a condition to get the trigger? TIA!
  10. On the trigger, can she push the Dust under a friendly model? For example be behind Cornelius, and push it underneath him? TIA!
  11. Does Smothering Flame affect the Walk action? Seems so, but want to be sure. Also for blasts, what effect against incorporeal? TIA!
  12. Doe anyone understand what it does? The italicized text makes it confusing to me. Who can it target? TIA!
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