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  1. Thanks for all the insights guys! My friend was using the GG1 errata cards, so no worries there. We're all semi-newbies when it comes to Malifaux in my group, so finding ways to deal with certain crews is still a thing (Jack, Levi and Tara being the big names right now). I think being overly aggressive with positioning and cards, in combination with not knowing how to correctly respond are the main reasons I got beat so badly. Your point of focusing on the points is a good one - I try to keep the mantra in my head with every AP spent: "Does this score me points?" (I just need to listen to
  2. Good advice! I'll ve the first to admit that my own bad plays are a big part of this issue 😅 Especially the card draw trick with Necrotic Machine sounds very strong (when applied correctly ofcourse). I'll give the Marshal another go. I had horrible luck the last time I used him (also against Tara), when he only summoned ONE Rabble Riser the entire game. But with better hand and draw management, that should change. Just "One More Question" (sorry 🤣😞 you mentioned that I should usually be able to win initiative. In the games that we played, Aionus generated him a ton of passtokens
  3. Since we're all relatively new to the game, we're still trying stuff out. But this is the first crew I (we) have come across that we don't see any counterplay to... In the games we've played, he used basically the same list: Tara Karina Scion Aionus Talos Nothing Beast Hans Prospector As of now, I've only played Molly against him, with either a more 'minion Molly' crew (Archie with GST, Marshall with Whisper, Rabble Riser, Night Terrors/Crooligans, Effigy) or a more 'elite Molly' crew (Rogue Necromancy with GST, Archie with GST, Philip for anti-fast, Night Terrors/Cro
  4. Hi guys, I'm really struggling against Tara and her Obliteration crew. I've played a couple of games against her now, and I just don't see it... Anything that comes close ends up buried (and is then beaten up by her entire crew beforen it can resurface again). And if I try to accomplish something for strats or schemes, it's either buried and put back in the most inefficient spot possible, or there will be one of the Obliteration models innthe way, because he unburies it in front of me... The crew seems to be too good at making it's own models crazy efficient because they don't n
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