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  1. I really like the color transitions on the ghostly part of the sorrows, poltergeist and the aversions
  2. I know your feeling about Teddy and Carver, finally got mine together with bearly together last friday. Really like the muted colors so far, espacially the blond hair of hamelin looks nice. Now i will look for your pandora crew ^^
  3. @butch and @caedrus, thank you very much for the help - i will keep you updated on this project
  4. Thanks for thia detailed description. I'm really flashed. Not really used to this active and helpful community ^^
  5. Thanks, i already found this video on my research but didnt bother to take a look at. Ahould have done that. Very interesting attempt. Will keep this in mind. Thanks a lot.
  6. Awesome paintjob - really like that style! ❤️ Edit: Just read your article on how to this scheme and... damn, i´ve honestly never seen such a good paintjob done with contrast paints. My respect for this, sir.
  7. I need your help regarding painting and color, guys! So, last friday my order finally arrived - absolutely made my weekend - and i finally got my bearly together models (damn, i love those creepy teddys). Here is the thing: I really like the art on their cards and on the pictures but i really dont have a clew how to achieve such vibrant colors like the purple in the image. Do you guys have any ideas for this?
  8. My Entry for January: Pandora: 15SS Sorrow: 5SS Baby Kade: 7 SS Candy: 8 SS Total: 35SS
  9. Hi there, im Sphynxy from Germany and i thinkt that this whole idea is really fun! So @Caedrus i will pledge for the Master level (16SS)
  10. The last one for now, my first Sorrow. I already finished the other 2, but i still have to take some photos of them. But there i will be able to show the remade bases im looking for:
  11. Let´s start with my Candy, shall we? I love this model
  12. Hi Guys, just wanted to share my Pandora Crew with you. I keep adding finished models and i´m open for your thoughts, criticism etc. I will redo the bases, where i´m going for an more lost place haven scheme. Greetings Sphynxy
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