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  1. Thanks! Tried something new to achieve this, still working on it, but i get there where i want to be with this bright purple
  2. And here are my last 10 soulstones for the fulfillment of my henchman pledge
  3. Finally Teddy is finished and promised I mark @SEV for the final result. Really satisfied with the outcome, even if I had to redo the whole paint job - it's always unmotivating but sometimes worth the effort
  4. Teddy is finished, just needs basing and some decent pictures of him. So here is wip of my lord chompy
  5. Kingdom death has really nice minis. It's a shame that you only get them from the US and that the base game is so expensive. Don't get me wrong, I love all the minis and the style, but 300 dollar is just to much for me
  6. Looking forward to see the results
  7. The only problem i do have with malifaux is that i see any miniature and i instantly think: YES! This crew is gonna be my next one xD Very cool paintjobs, and cool basing
  8. Really like the transitions on chompy ❤️ Also the bases for your explorers crew fit quiet well in my opinion, like they are exploring foreign jungles in malifaux. Nicely done.
  9. Wow, 259 minis - amazing. I wish i could be this productive, unfortunatly im more productive in buying then painting minis xD Cool attempts of nmm on Darkoath.
  10. I really like the stockings on your doxy 👍
  11. To be honest, just finished them yesterday through basing and vanishing though. But I thought, why not Givin it already for February xD
  12. Thanks for all the effort, I will post the final result in my miniature showcase thread - will link you
  13. Sphynxy TV

    Sphynxys Minis

    Showcase of my painted minis
  14. The rest of the Pandora Core Box is done. Now there are Teddy and Carver in wip status. Unfortunatly i had to strip carver and have to start all over again because i was more then unsatisfied with him. Also waiting for paint are Iggy and Aversions + a whole Dreamer Crew with several options *yikes* Guess i have to live for Scott´s theme: Paint! More! MINIS!!! xD
  15. So, the challenge is definitly not achievable for me -since i dont have that much time to paint a whole mini on a single day.^^ But here is my first part of the 16 SS entry for february: @Caedrus Poltergeist: 4 SS 2 Sorrows: 5 SS each that means ... 2 more SS to go for february
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