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  1. I'm having troubles figuring out how to base 2 particular minis from the Witches and Woes set. Both are Sorrows, one is the scarecrow with the scythe, kind of floating off to a side; their little tendrils simply aren't enough to support them. The other is the hooded scarecrow with it's arms spread wide, sickles in each hand; their base is HUGE and has roots flowing over it's seemingly meager 30mm base, and the roots themselves don't seem to touch anywhere but the raised edge of the bases provided. Help please!
  2. Just trying to understand this interaction a bit more: Reaching Tendrils Attack Action states that the target is pushed 6" in any direction. The Rip and Tear trigger states that you can then take a melee action targeting the same model that was pushed. Does the pushed model have to be in range of the attacking model in order to actually do the Attack Action, or is it a "freebie" in terms of range due to being a trigger? Basically: can I push someone away say... 6" with Reaching Tendrils from Asami Tanaka, then hit them with Another Mouth to Feed via the Rip and Tear trigger? Or do I need to
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