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  1. A_Rabid Nun

    Dio 8

    Thank you. This comment really helped to boost my moral for this piece.
  2. Congratulations to all of the winners. Some excellent and inspiring entries. Cheers.
  3. A_Rabid Nun

    FnS 8

    Ah yes. I thought that they were part of her hair or fur. *slaps head.
  4. A_Rabid Nun

    Dio 1

    This diorama is awesome. Alot of movement. The figurines are well placed to give them balance and character. Excellent result.
  5. A_Rabid Nun

    Dio 3

    Alot of detail and creativity in this diorama. I love the water effects and the rain (the droplets splashing in the stream are perfect). The natural feel to the plants and base. Almost wish a little rabbit was poking its head out of the hole under the root. Amazing.
  6. A_Rabid Nun

    Dio 4

    Amazing OSL on the Waldgheists eyes. The monotone colours of Candy are perfect. Gremlin Ross creatng a happy, colourful painting with a dark, gothic scene is hilarious. Only happy accidents. One of my favourites.
  7. A_Rabid Nun

    Dio 5

    I love this. Where to begin. The colours are amazing. Alot of contrast but subtle. The paint job is excellent. The concept of beating the moles out of the flower garden is original. The contrast of the flower vine and the backdrop works great. Overall excellent.
  8. A_Rabid Nun

    Dio 6

    What...is your name? Test subject 4301-513 What...is your favourite colour? Metallic What...is in my left pocket? A flower? Right..on you go then. Thank you very much. Love the theme. Would like to see another angle. Well done.
  9. A_Rabid Nun

    Dio 9

    Great addition of flowers and the creation of the stage. Amazing job. Congrats.
  10. A_Rabid Nun

    Dio 11

    Great scene. I like the theme. A little blurry for the figurines though.
  11. A_Rabid Nun

    FnS 1

    That is incredible water sculpture. So much movement. I love the koi and the small details. Very captivating.
  12. A_Rabid Nun

    FnS 2

    Bellissimo..well done.
  13. A_Rabid Nun

    FnS 34

    Super. The blues are sharp and the white is pure and clean. The flowers strengthen the colours. Well done.
  14. A_Rabid Nun

    FnS 35

    The concept is great and executed very well. Makes me ask what he is trying to catch and if he needs a bigger umbrella.
  15. A_Rabid Nun

    FnS 37

    Very nice details. Alot of movement and well balanced.
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