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  1. Small update on that. I found that Scamper is similar ability to Made to Kill The difference is that the former specifies that it can be triggered after Ability and Action and says when it should be done while Made to Kill only described Place in context of Action. It really wouldn't hurt game devs to add this 'or Ability' to Made to Kill if it is suppose to work always.
  2. Hello, Should Made To Kill be triggered when Undergraduate uses By Your Side or only when it is summoned. Made To Kill: Once per Activation. After this model is Places, it may tak a /// Action after resolving the current Action The bold is mine. Summoning is an Action, placing from By Your Side is not an Action, it is an Ability. My reasoning is that this wording points to situation when model has been summoned (Action) and then Placed in which case it can do the /// Action or Placed from Action like Katashiro's Blown by the Wind and when Place is a results of an Abili
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