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  1. There's been a lot of chatter about Woe's issues with movement and I'm surprised the Lyssa haven't been brought up. They're a model that could certainly use a boost but they can help Pandora and Candy get around their movement shortcomings. 'Bring It' does a lot to move those two up the field, with little negative impact due to them not having a melee. The TN 12 makes that tricky but Startling one of them and ripping it off to gain a bonus does a little to get around it. Its not AP efficient but, 4 stones isn't a horrible price to pay to gain an extra Master/Henchmen movement AP. Assuming you
  2. In the wildly unlikely event that Pandora targets English Ivan with Self Loathing and copies his Runic Syphon, she gets the Mask for Crushed Ego and he's somehow stuck with two Crows, can Pandora use Ivan's Intercision trigger to summon her own Umbra Minion?
  3. You are very close to correct. The only thing you have mixed up is your soulstone use. If you wanted to use a stone to guarantee a mask on the flip you would have to do that before flipping. After you decide to flip all you can do is hope or cheat fate.
  4. No, no, no that's far too logical build the terrain that calls to you in your heart and then...um... uh.... I mean how much use do you really get out of "tables" anyways? And chairs are just fancy display stands, right?
  5. I feel a need to echo much of what's been said here, thank you all for running this it's been a great reason to push myself in painting and building and a wonderful way to get motivated in a year that's been seriously lacking in fun. Not to mention there are now so many pretty pretty things to look at and be envious of. Thanks Wyrd.
  6. Signed up! Thank you for organizing this.
  7. If one's interested in submitting a photo to a category, and also participating in "Show Your Support" would we have to comment on our own photos to preserve anonymity? In a similar vein, I assume we should wait until after the contest has officially ended to reply to any comments on submitted works?
  8. In following all your suggestions we tried a game with swapped masters today and boy running Mah into Pandora is brutal. It looks like at least some of our issues were from our match up so we're going to play around a little with different crews, and maybe try a few different crew makeups/tactics. But mostly keeping this match up on the backburner for a little. In terms of building our meta, while both of us would love to there doesn't seem to be much of a community in our area and Covid measures are making it difficult to build out. That being said we'll keep wedeling our frien
  9. We'll definitely try swapping our crews, and seeing if that helps. We're playing on Vassal so we've been trying a few crews, to predominantly the same effect. The podcasts are a good suggestion, I believe we've both listened to the relevant Harl'e'faux and Third Floor Wars episodes, but their certainly worth a re-listen as we get more familiar with the game. Adran, I love the idea of cutting down some of the elements to focus on specific skills and tactics, and building encounters to target aspects of the game. We definitely both have lots of room to grow in the game and that seems like a
  10. It's horrible...I love it. I wonder if they'll have any play with Widow Weaver or the Bandersnatch...
  11. A question for the beautiful Malifaux hivemind, what do you do to push a new player's skill level? I started playing Malifaux with a regular opponent about a month ago, and we're both loving the game, but we've reached a stage where I'm winning the vast majority of our games. What would you do to help level the playing field and build skill level? Thus far we've been doing some decent post game analysis and we've run through some crew building discussions. We've also discussed playing "open book" such that both our hands are visible and we discuss our tactics; swapping our main keyword
  12. Building on what Adran said, if you're finding you're getting picked off by shots from across the board the Aversions probably aren't doing you a ton of good. You need to be in pretty close range for them to get off their shenanigans. The Sorrows will hand out more conditions and be able to get into engagement faster. You might also try swapping out The Carver for The Hooded Rider. Pandora's crew isn't the fastest, and the Rider will let you get up in a shooty crews face very quickly. T&G Productions has a series of Pandora battle reports, including one against Parker which mig
  13. That's basically what I figured, but there's no worse feeling than thinking a model is designed to die and realising that you've been putting a glass canon out to pasture. My most common opponent mains Mah, and has a habit of sniping my Poltergeist immediately, so I wanted to ensure I wasn't missing out. Though it could be a lot of fun to keep it alive and watch those Gremlins squirm. Thank you for the quick tips!
  14. I find my sweet ghostly child gets picked off very early in most of my games, and while that makes it an excellent target for Hidden Martyrs, it can be be a little annoying to loose the ghost in the first couple of turns of every game. I do tend to keep the Poltergeist near the centre of the action so its aura's can help Pandora and Candy wreck things. While that is probably not the best for survivability, it does have its benefits. I was wondering if any of you more experienced players have tips for keeping Pandora's spiritual body guard kicking a little longer, or should I just resign myse
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