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  1. You might want to check out the Malifaux QC Facebook Group there seems to be a decently active meta around Montreal. A few of us a working on getting something going in the Ottawa-Gatineau region now that restrictions are easing and we'll be sure to post if we have any events coming up.
  2. Mages don't have a projectile attack so they ignore friendly fire anyways, and the Queller gives out Adversary (Witchling) so they're not loosing any benefits there.
  3. Unless I'm forgetting something, they wouldn't benefit from any of the Witch Hunter synergies anyways. As the ability to ignore friendly fire on Witchlings (Through No Love for Witchlings) is negated by their lack of a projectile attack and the ability to take a melee attack when pushed out of activation (From Enraged by the Mage) is negated by not having a melee. Thematically similar models certainly don't need to always share a keyword, but given these come in a box with Sonnia and fit her general playstyle I'm surprised they don't for fluff reasons if nothing else. Edit: I suppose it means Spell Eaters can't use The Fire Within trigger on them
  4. I believe the Into the Bayou talks about that. The chickens and pigs in the Bayou are Malifaux natives that just happen to look like earthside animals. The dogs, I believe, are all from earthside originally.
  5. I'm a little surprised the Guild Mages didn't get the Witch Hunter keyword. They seem to fit it thematically and have the signature abilities of the keyword with Arcane Shield, Counterspell, and the ability to hand out Burning. I suspect that their ability to scheme from a distance will really put a nail in the coffin of Thalarian Quellers in Sonia as you're getting a whole lot of added utility for just one more stone.
  6. I find it hilarious that original flavour Dreamer, who for all intents and purposes looks like a regular street tough, is incorporeal while this new Insomniac form is surrounded by ghostly vapours but solid as a rock.
  7. (disregard that, I appear to have been very mistaken) Insignificant models may carry the loadstone, and may be used to score if while carrying the loadstone they're in a scoring position. They just can't interact to pass the loadstone. They may also contribute to damaging models for schemes like Assassinate, Let Them Bleed, and Vendetta. They cannot, however be the target for any schemes.
  8. The Burst Damage trigger gives you an extra blast if you have any Rams. Having multiple Rams offers no additional benefits. Compare the wording to Sonnia's Blaze trigger which specifies the target gains one burning per Tome.
  9. They will! Its been confirmed that every model in the box will be playable in Malifaux. If I recall correctly the Guild models are also confirmed to be Versatiles, but I can't find my source on that one.
  10. Woooo we can finally gush about Vagrantsong! My partner and I play tested the campaign and it's fantastic! I absolutely cannot wait to get my hands on a physical version and play through it again.
  11. Nathan Sells

    Dio 1

    You've done a wonderful job of capturing the feeling of beautiful violence in a good kung fu movie. Your diorama feels full of energy and life, but also full of danger. Well done!
  12. Nathan Sells

    Dio 3

    Excellent work here! You've done an amazing job getting the water effects down, the whole place feels wet. The placement of your models is well balanced and the tree makes for a beautiful frame around The Queen.
  13. Nathan Sells

    Dio 4

    You did an amazing job making this piece feel both muted and colourful. It really captures the feeling of the outdoors at night.
  14. Nathan Sells

    Dio 5

    This is just gorgeous. You did a great job balancing out all the vibrant colours for a dramatic yet unified piece. Beautiful work.
  15. Nathan Sells

    Dio 6

    I love the way you varied the grass tufts on the base, it really sells the swampy effect. I hope you post more angles after the contest, I'd love to get a look at Mah's face.
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