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  1. My understanding would be that, as Exorcism does not ignore Demise abilities, they still apply. By contrast, the Execute trigger states "The target may either discard a card or a Soulstone. If it does neither, it is killed, ignoring Demise abilities."
  2. I doubt we'll see Collodi back as a title. I'd be willing to bet that he'll make an reappearance at some point down the line, but probably not for a year or two.
  3. Titles are officially on their way! What new versions of Neverborn masters are you expecting to see? We can be pretty certain that we'll see Fortune's Fool Pandora (patent pending) after her story in the Neverborn book. I wouldn't be surprised if we see Dreamer come physically into Malifaux for his alternate title. Will Titania reclaim a space among the living? Will Euripides come down from his mountain for the all powerful Beach Bod Euri?
  4. Yes, the action would be triggering during a new activation (Misaki's)
  5. They laughed when I picked up Sonnia. They said "She's weak Nathan, if you want to burn things play Kaeris". WELL WHO'S LAUGHING NOW!? (it was always me, Sonnia's great)
  6. The Swine-Cursed have already been released, haven't they? They're on the Wyrd store here https://giveusyourmoneypleasethankyou-wyrd.com/collections/m3e-bayou/products/swine-cursed-1
  7. I might be mistaken, but I think that change only applies on the turn a model is summoned, no? Or do I need to shed a tear for my summoners?
  8. I too was sad, but then I realized that it gives more space to Widow Weaver in the crew. And I can't be mad at anything that gets Malifaux's one true Spider Queen on the table more.
  9. The other issue you get with the OOK tax progression is it becomes a huge nerf to low cost versatile models, which don't seem to be the main problem. I love bringing Wicked Dolls for scheming in Neverborn, but at 4 Stones for a second and 5 for a third one they quickly loose their value. Which would be a shame because they do make for a good scheme-y tech pick in a lot of crews.
  10. I'm a big fan of saying I'll only collect a few Masters and weakness covering models. Then slowly convincing myself that I do in fact like all of the Masters and will probably get them one day. Unless something shiny in another faction gets me first.
  11. Yeah, the only time I've taken him in Dreamer over Teddy was in a game over Mah, to get around her focus stacking; and his great at that, but with Gremlins and their darn Ruthless upgrade you really the loss of Teddy's Armour and Regeneration.
  12. Maybe bring Carver with Dreamer against a low willpower/low ruthless crew to double down on terrifying? That's right, Carver was Cadmus' Achilles heel the whole time!
  13. I've found that I get too excited to start painting and occasionally miss a seam line or two, building up a couple of layers of varnish and painting over that area has been really helpful for hiding those little gaps .
  14. Vasillisa is also a very fun add in to Pandora. Her and the Wicked Dolls combine to give her a lot of the mobility she lacks for scheming. Since Vasilisa makes all puppets pulse out staggered in the start phase you get some nice condition synergy. Plus if you're bringing Wicked Dolls there's more than a chance they'll die and getting to turn a dead Doll into a Stitched Together feels nice.
  15. Those look lovely! You did a great job getting the colours on them so vibrant! I really love the red on the frills!
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