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  1. So here is one of my other Ten Thunders crew, Lucas Mccabe. I haven't had many games with him, but he seems like a ton of fun. This is mostly just contrast paints, Sidir is my favorite of these guys, but I love saturated colors so... (Yes, I did paint Desper in a way so that he looks like Batman... I swear it was an accident... though... rather fitting honestly... )
  2. Ulrix will be my first Bayou master as well, and really looking forward to getting to playing him. Just seem so much fun to have tiny piglets become warpigs and just run them at the enemy. If this is good or not... I don't really care it will be good for a laugh. Really enjoyed the discussion in this thread though. Loads of good advice.
  3. Oooh these look so awesome. I just want to paint them, I don't even care if they are good or not.
  4. So I am quite new to the forums, so I decided to make myself a hobby thread of some of the Malifaux models which I have painted. I am still quite new to the game only really starting to get into it a year ago, but have been quite hooked. First is my latest and main crew, Asami. I love painting these models... but am so happy I never have to do anything like Ama no Zako ever again. These were all done mainly with contrast paints which I just love for Malifaux models and then highlighted afterwards. The spiders were the biggest pain in the ass... so many legs!
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