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  1. Absolutely agree, even can be a good strategy because in general it’s not the expected master by the enemy, but for a noob like me maybe is too difficult right now :P. I think next time I will try Mei Feng to learn also about her
  2. Thank you for this detailed explanation, I also thought that was a very bad strategy for this keyword but as it was a “demo” play I played with it. Thank you for the tips!!!
  3. I will use this topic to ask a question an also to get advise about what a veteran player should do... last Friday I played a game with the Public Enemies strategy and I choose Colette just because I want to practice more with her and all Performers but, in a real tournament, will Colette be a real option or will you directly discard it and use other masters as Toni or Mei?
  4. Thank you for the explanation Adran, now is much more clear. I will take your advice and put a post-it in the replace rule (including the errata, of course!) Thank you very much!
  5. Hi! Tomorrow I will play my first game using Coryphee Duet and I want to ask if somebody has some tips for this model. I saw that before the Errata there was some kind of combos doing Dance Apart and then activating one of the Coryphees to win more actions in the same turn. Is it still available? Could somebody explain me this sequence, please? Thank you!
  6. Great! Now it’s all clear, thank you for your answers and explanations! I prefer if they don’t have concealment, it makes the game faster
  7. Hi! I’m learning how to play M3e and in the last game we got a doubt that we want to solve, as couldn’t find it in the rule book. In the attached picture A miniature is shooting to D. We can draw a line of sight passing between tho miniatures (B and C). Does it has some kind of concealment or cover? Thank you for your help!!
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