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  1. First time ever with Raspy to try her out tonight. Wedge deployment, Public enemies and chose leave your mark and prisoners managing a healthy 5-1 win. Crew- rasputina+wendigo, snow storm, blessed, ice gollum, ice gamin, silent one and cassandra. Used blessed to run the prisoners scheme and chase down a lyssa, turn one with leap, double walk and end phase pursuit i was in engagement range with the flanking enemy 😁 The rest of the crew was used to control the centre with the ice gollum as the main piece. I was a bit worried about facing the Giants and taking leave your mark scheme but it actually worked out very well. Almost lost the Gollum turn 2 going down to 1 wound but armour 2 and the aura helped me out, then managed to heal up all the way back up with some good silent one and wendigo interaction in a single activation. All in all, despite reading alot of posts saying she is underpowered and not very good with the combo I took and the strats and schemes i was fairly impressed. Normally I would have taken Hoffman for this but was pleasantly surprised on how she performed. What crew or raspy list would you have taken and why?
  2. I still find him great, I know hes not as good as he was but still a great model for the cost. I mean really for the mask is only a 4+ mask so it's not really hard to get, I end up having one if I need it most turns. Unlucky with the avatar. I have one for my crew. Have you seen the one on ebay for £25?
  3. If you are staying in KW and only having the Emissary you are limiting yourself but it can be done Seamus with whisper CC killer Emissary 2x dead doxy with GST 1x Dead Dandy 1x Rotten Belle Bete noir You can drop the upgades and a belle if you want Madame sybelle but I personally feel this is better. Use a Doxies to push things up the board(Like Bete). Dandie is your scheme runner. The belle is just there to lure and annoy opponents. Depending on schemes I Generally get the emissary to the centre of the board to start block using his bonus action and to give Seamus corpse markers with zombies. Seamus jumps around can get scheme and shoot people. If he gets into trouble the just get him out of there with CC killer. Future models I would look at are: Archie(even post nerf), Manos, a gravedigger and dead rider. I'm not a fan of bete noir or the belles. I think the Belles do have their place but i never take more than one. I find Bete Noir too slow and just never seem to find what to do with her. I'd rather take Archie or Manos for the extra 2 stones.
  4. Well the help here and all your comments have been extremely helpful. Really appreciate the help here guys. Given me alot of food for thought and a better idea on what to go forward with.
  5. Currently playing Leveticus and enjoy him, I have played against Pandora and Nekima and enjoy their styles of play also. Basse crew I wasn't a fan of if this helps? What I am not sure of is if this is crew really a McMourning crew and is it worth getting some of his keyword things or seeing as the models are more Redchappel is it worth getting Seamus or a 2E Molly box+ something else. I'm not even sure if these models make up a remotely playable list.
  6. I'm looking for help with the direction I should go with my Ressers. I have picked up a lot from ebay sharing with a friend which contained the following: McMourning and chiuahua, a nurse, 3 rabble risers, 3 hounds, Sebastian, bette noire, 3 Belles, 3 Hounds Rem, M.Sybelle and Mortimer. My question is where do I go with this crew as there is a mixture of a lot of different boxes and I'm not sure what is viable and what isn't as I am fairly new to Malifaux. Do I get another master/s or do I just add other boxes? What purchases 2e or 3e should I get? Any help and advice would be great
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