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  1. Now to patiently wait to see if the Black Friday sale will have Emeline Bellerose, The Hanging Tree, and Amelia Bathory.
  2. I have a large list of cards I need, including the schemes and whatnot for Gaining Ground. total I think the list of stuff I need is 110 cards all Ressers and associated cards (abilities and whatnot.)
  3. Hey guys! So I recently got in with malifaux and whereas I love the app, there is something so much more satisfying with having the card to look at. Having said that, most of the lots I bought to get into the game were from second edition, so a lot of the Resurrectionists I have are out of date. I was going to order from Wargame Vault, but after everything was said and done, my order total was going to wind up being over 80 dollars. I looked and saw there was a faction pack, but when I went to look for it, it was sold out everywhere. Does anyone know if it's just a temporary thing, or have the
  4. Possibly interested in some of the Urami crew and the bag. Are they still available? Also, what all do you have on cards? I need quite a bit of the ressers faction, as I just got in, bought a few lots, and found out most of it was second edition, so I need the updated stuff.
  5. Nice! Is Through the Breach the same scale as Malifaux?
  6. Fair point. Admittedly, I was hoping to avoid having to have too much overlap with purchases, as it is fairly difficult to pick up singles.
  7. Ah, okay. So in other words, for easiest compatibility, just use the standard issue stuff in the box.
  8. I was mostly planning on putting a buzzsaw in one of her hands and maybe some goggles on her, though I may take a look at some of those suggestions as they may be easier (and markedly cheaper) than alt Nicodem.
  9. Ah, okay, so in this particular instance, it would be a negative, ghost rider. Though it does beg the question on if I can create a suitable female Sebastian counterpart. The main reason I thought alt Nicodem would be a good choice was because Nicodem is dead in the lore, and isn't officially allowed in tournament play.
  10. Oh I would be using her as a counts as Sebastian. Was even planning on trying to find some kind of buzz saw bit for her to hold to make sure. I have a Dr. Dufresne for McMourning
  11. So I recently got into Malifaux. I bought a big Ressers lot, and most of it is pretty standard stuff., a little bit of stuff here and there from 2nd Edition that I need to update to 3rd. However, the guy I bought it off of was making a custom conversion all girls group for Dr. McMourning. I love the idea, and would like to finish it, but I wanted to ask what the "Count-As" rules in Malifaux are? I am looking at the old Alt Nicodem figure to finish off the group, as well as a few other alts I like, but I didn't know what the counts as rules would be, especially in tournament play. I figure tha
  12. Darn, and I was really hoping for a chance to grab alt Reva
  13. Looking to buy some single figures to fill in some gaps from a lot. Looking for the following: 1 Little Gasser 2 Goryo 1 Wanyudo Also looking for boxes: 1 Datsue Ba 2nd Edition Box 1 Call to Madness Box 1 Eternal Servitude Box Also looking for Fate Decks: Iconic Fate Retro Fate Classic Fate Have various trades as well as cash. Thanks for any help!
  14. Interested in a few things. Are the painted bases, bag, and Goryo still available? Also, are you looking for any trades at all?
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