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  1. I like the general idea of a pursuit like this. My main concern is that a pursuit like this might be broken on a couple of points. Notice as a skill is already quite a do it all and if you get to improve on that even more like getting advantage on it is way to good in my opinion. I wouldn't create a pursuit that has something like that as a lvl 0 - on a Step 10 that's a different kind of thing, maybe in combination of being alsways able to cheat even on disadvantage or Black Joker, which would mean cheating fate on a blind notice check, which sounds reasonable for a Investigator. On the Analyze the Scene: I gave something similar to a player of mine: If you fail a Notice Check and even have failed the cheat fate, you are allowed to an discard a card to automatically pass that notice check, but your thinking is so concentrated on what you have seen that you automatically treat the next notice check as if you had drawn a black joker. I like the idea but i think the numbers need tweeking. 4 is imho to far if it happens every round. That would be 12 movement without running on speed 0... and probably most of the time more than what would be possible as movement even when running. Combining it with better part of valor you can move around 16 to 20 yards a round if you get to 3 speed at one point... that is quite broken. E.G. you could walk the same pace as a Hunter construct or a void hunter even if the character had speed 0. Walk 4 times 2 + 4 is 12: Hunterconstruct Walk 6 Charge 7 ... never able to catch up... If you get better part of Valor you are as fast as horse! Lets get really numbercrunchy: Let's assume you somehow made it to speed 5 that would be a walk aspekt of 7 +2 for Better part of Valor and those 4 on top means that nothing in the game could catch up to you except maybe a train or zeppelin. I somehow don't get the logic behind it. Maybe change it to ..., Trigger: On being Charged: the Player may drop his disguise to stop the charge and to end the turn disengaged. The charging character is treats his next movent as severe terrain, as it is entangled in the leftovers of the disguise. I personally would remove the dmg on the "One more question!" and instead give the target to choose to either answer a yes or no questions truthfully or gain slow. On the other hand: I love the - Allow Me To Explain - Knew You Were Gonna Do That - You Forgot One Thing - Irregulars they are really nice talents.
  2. Another easy way to get rid of annoying players as long as the group is small is increas the frequency of playing. With 4 players that means 20 destiny steps. If i understood correctly you are already 13 down that road. 10 + 3 meaning only 7 steps left. That's something you can just wait for. And on the topic of the noncombat characters having no fun if the encounters are tailored to the 2 op chars: Isn't that the idea? The combat chars suddenly have to pay attention to what they are doing as the other 2 of their group might get killed in the cross fire if they don't think really hard when and how to shoot things. For me the fun thing about FMing TTB is that it is like Shadowrun in a different setting. So if they pissed of the Guild in a hard enough way, they will bring in the spezialists aka a Group of enemies that are tailored to your fated chars and smart about it. Going for the weak ones first. Debuffing the OPs so hard they don't know what hit them. Possibly with Spells and Immutos that are not in the book if the dabbler is elsewise blocking everything thrown at them. And I advise against opposing checks with FM chars and also against swarming the fated as that means the fate deck runs out of cards very fast, refreshing the hand of the fated. On top of that, either make the group split up or keep them occupied somewhere else. EG let one of the OPs fall into a trap that he can't get out alone meanwhile the others have to dodge sniperfire and keep something/one very fragile alive and kicking. All while this person doesn't like the fated to much and tries to get away from them as it doesn't recognize them as less threatening than what is hunting it. Preferably with a timelimit like the traphole being filled with petrol and possibly at some point ignited as no character can survive 6 to 8 stacks burning that are being refreshed every round. That probably won't kill them if they are smart, but make them work around each other and minimize the impact of the OP fighters. In short: have their decisions have consequences that challenge them. In the above example either abandon your team mate and killing him that way or loose the target of your contract. And if the Masters are to weak for your fated just use 15 or 16 instead of 14 and increase armor by one or two and have them loose one condition per turn. How that works in the rules? Doesn't matter. They are bloody masters after all. If their stats don't fit their story YOU want them to have just change the stats to fit.
  3. My players heard the background and thought, let's get some soulstone out of an abandoned mine. They don't know it yet, but probably the moment when they made the decision that it's a good idea as a group of noncombat lvl 0 to go for the mine where a Death Marshal died as he tried to clear it of zombies instead of going for a different mine. They have nearly no weapons, are totally underequiped as they presented themselfs as pros in that sort of thin to their contractor, so he only gave them food water and a donkey cart to get to the mine. Last time fought of 5 zombies and 3 of the 4 nearly died. There is like Zombies, the Necromance and a couple of Constructs left. Looks not to good on them. But they might smarten up and change Pursuit or just run away. Then they dont get the bonus but stay alive. In my perspective the world is cruel and harsh but also rewarding if you make the right decisions, if you don't, you die.
  4. I think it is intended that you can't just cast Conditions away as Conditions are quite effective in keeping Combat focused player characters in check. If they have to discard a alot of cheat cards for removing conditions they are not available for cheating fate anymore.
  5. Thanks for your input. I know, but maybe because it's artifical device? I have to say that I find the current mechanic of the soulstones a bit undervelming. I would allow my players to sell it. It just will bring them a ton of trouble if they make a new one, because if someone shells out that amount of scrip, they will be quite pissed if the thing stops working. I agree that i'd like the thing to be quite powerful as a Step 10 benefit.
  6. Under quarantine covers playing as a Stiched, a undead Fated. It also covers the Quarantine Zone in Detail. It also covers 8 new basic pursuits including the Necomancer and the Ghoul and 5 advanced Pursuits out of which 2 are more necromantic leaning. I would also recommend getting a copy of the core book, but that should be enough to build a campain in that setting.
  7. I used the search function of the forum but it didn't turnup anything usefull. Also the FAQ which has a couple of changes of the 2E integrated into the older books didn't turn out to be helpfull in that specific case. So here are the questions i have concerning the Artifical Soulstone (from here on out abreviated as AS): As the soulstone mechanics got reworked the Lade 3 AS obviously doesn't hold 5 charges/souls anymore or does it because it's not a soulstone? Can it still be recharged using enchanting + charm without the need of something dieing next to it? And can it still recharge by siphoning magic out of the surrounding air ? Imho I would give the AS only one charge but leave the old mechanics of self recharging and charging via (now) enchanting in place as it gives the engineer pursuit something to look forward to. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.
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