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  1. My whole gaming group is excited! Hope I get chosen for this!
  2. Pirates/ seafaring crews are super cool, and I would love to see more of them. Saw this post and thought that the society will probably have societal guardians. beings who are keepers of strange and powerful relics which give them powers, not unlike what you are talking about. "the invisible man" for example could wear a medallion or something granting them an evasion/stealth ability. maybe a jekyll/hyde character with a replacement mechanic. So yeah, I am totally agreeing with you on this.
  3. Definitely Perditas crew ( Family Keyword), because they are well rounded, and have a good mix of ranged and close attacks. This crew is more suited for beginners Because it is pretty straightforward. Plus at about a 25 SS game you'll have some soul stones to play around with, making this a great Guild crew to start with.
  4. Pour se tromper parfois c'est la vie... Pardon my french, Hi there I'm Waldo's half brother! I have most of the impish traits I was born with evident only in my personality, partly because I can't help it. Partly because I don't like it when people ogle my tail. Now that Waldo is famous, with this whole malifaux mascot/ fire-alarm-tester job, he's been ignoring me completely! Mama never had much faith in either of us, but I can't help but declare; he lucked out! Where Waldo is now, is solely the result of his asserting himself through: blackmail, thievery, and arson, not to mention..... "errgh, hey I'm writing this fan-fiction here! Leave me alone Boar!" " Writing fan=fiction? More like libel! You aren't even related to the guy!, your half- hearted attempt at disguising yourself is shameful to say the least!" " but, Boar Nellie made me do it!" Boar wasn't sure of how true this was, but he snatched the draft, and shredded it just as quickly as it had been jotted down. It wasn't uncommon for people to blame masters for their failures, and attempt to claim credit for their successes, however those who falsify merit at the expense of the powerful, often end up far worse than being at the mercy of an enforcer. This caused Boar to question, why a grudge against the imp could prompt an attempt at besmirching Waldo, that was as foolish as it was brazen. " Start explaining yourself fiend, unless you'd like to see the only part of this peacebringer that isn't custom!" "Why Boar! everybody in town is trying to enter the contest, sent out by the malifaux newspaper!" So that's why he said Nellie made him do it; " Contest?" Boar said half angrily; there is an old saying in malifaux, " Reality is twisted, truth is resisted." " umm.. it's about, stories about the people and things who have wronged you." the fiend continued, "Of course!" thought Boar what better way of collecting dirt; than to have disgruntled citizens come to you with shovels in hand. " Don't let me catch you playing reporter anymore, fiend, or the next thing written about you will be an obituary!" Boar knew he had the upper hand, so his gruff threats usually panicked his enemies, making them careless in their rush to depart; something he always did before he followed them... Hello friends, kinda new to this posting thing so, didn't know where to post this mini story. if you'd like for this to be continued, let me know and I will consider it. I wrote this all on my own, so in other words this is unofficial, and just for fun! Enjoy!
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