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  1. Recently decided to go back to my roots in the Neverborn faction, since I love the design and lore of Titania, Euripides, Nexus, etc. Still trying to figure out what the Autumn Court is, the Fae, their relationship with humanity and the Tyrants, but it seems really interesting! I'm primarily looking for a player base in Boston, USA since that's where I'm planning to move to, but I'm currently located in Vancouver, Canada, so I'll be travelling back and forth in the coming years. Looking forward to learning more about Malifaux with the wonderful community here (and I've really got to stop switching amongst Masters and Factions...)
  2. Hello everyone, I've been dipping in and out of this game since Third Edition launched, having trouble deciding on which Crew I wanted to run. I've finally settled on Reva Cortinas for Resurrectionists and Jedza for the new Explorer's Society, planning on doing two lists with them. I'd love to hear some thoughts on good tutorials online for learning the game. Looking forward to future expansions in Third Edition!
  3. Right, so if isn't obvious by now I have this unfortunate habit of changing my mind when it comes with what I want to collect. I hadn't realized until recently that Dashel's no longer attached with Lucius and is now an independent Master with the Guild. I think I'll start with him and his Guard models, since that was the aspect I really liked about the Guild. How have people found him in the current edition, and does he hold up?
  4. So I just found out about this delightful new Faction entering Malifaux called the Explorer's Society, and taken a look at Lord Cooper and his Apex crew I am very interested! I'm going to hold off on Malifaux until I see the models in his crew and range, but so far I am impressed. I had planned to start with Resurrectionists but does anyone have any lore information about the Explorer's Society?
  5. Thinking about getting into Malifaux in August with a Reva Core Box and a box of Mourners. Any other Resurrectionists units I should look into? I was rather looking forward to McMourning but I haven't heard news about when his Core Box is coming out?
  6. Wanted to ask if anyone's heard anything down the grapevine regarding when Dr. McMourning would be getting a Core Box? I'm confident based on the art on the website he's getting a resculpt, and most of the models from his original set have already been reboxed.
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