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  1. Thats what I thought but didn't want to end up accidentally teaching her to play wrong. Thank you all for being so generous with your time.
  2. Hey all, one more question that came up in our game and I forgot to ask about. Since the performers can Walk out of engagement, does that negate the free attack that reduces the disengage push distance that would usually be granted by taking the disengage action?
  3. Hello, all! Just wanted to say thanks for the help. As an update, my gf has been haunting this forum since I opened it, and reading all the grrat advice you guys gave. We played a game yesterday, (removing assassinate, and reckoning from the possible pool of victory conditions) and it was a tight game the whole way through. This game was the most fun she's had with malifaux yet because she felt that even though her pieces were dying, that it was with intent.
  4. Hey , Friends! Sorry I haven't replied to each of you to say thanks as you gave advice, but real life has been brutal this week. I really appreciate all of you taking the time to let me know how to work through Collette. We'll be playing this weekend, and ill take the more killey stats and schemes out and help her really understand how her model interactions work with the victory conditions. And activation order.
  5. Hey friends! Good news,, my girlfriend saw Collette crew, and decided to play Mqlifaux because of the showgirl/magician vibe. Bad news is that although I've played other wargames (but none with real objective based victory) she never has and Collette just doesnt have a simple crew (I only have Sonnia for her to play against.) Could some of you with experience please help me with advice in guiding her how to maximize Collette's strengths against a crew thats just trying to make her crew dead as fast as possible and from as far away as possible? She has everything in keyword at her disposal. Also quick rider question, I may have just missed it in the rules on burying, but what happens if Collette buries through the end phase while on fire? Thanks in advance!
  6. Just a shout for @Speedguyjp, he's been a fantastic trading partner. He shipped quickly, kept in communication start to finish, and was just a forthright individual. Would trade with him again without question.
  7. Hello, All. Gonna jump in here with the other avatar swappers instead of making a new forum post, if thats alright. Kinda new to playing so new to the forums also. I have avatar Hamelin and McMourning and would like to a trade for avatar Sonia ideally, or one of the Neverborn avatars. Best
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