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  1. Yeah, I think they kind of have to be. Given what we're seeing so far, I'm not ready to really start expecting huge shifts in what any given master does just from a title. On the Arcanist side of things, I'll just echo what everyone is saying about Rasputina. I don't care if it's mid-range, long-range, or somehow a frontline melee brawler (though that sounds dumb), I'd like to have a more deadly version of Raspy. I would love to see the mob markers (or whatever the heck they were) from that one 2e Ramos upgrade come back in some form with Ironsides. Maybe have the tokens "count as
  2. I suspect the titles aren't going to be as dramatic of departures as maybe some of us are hoping/theorizing. As far as I'm aware, they're only changes to the master itself, right? So it has to be something where (a) the new version of the master can work alongside the models already available, and (b) the existing models have to still work with the new version of the master. I don't know what they'll do with Von Schill, for example - it feels like he still needs to pass out his upgrades, but I'm not sure how they'll shift that around. Could be neat if they just tweaked him a little so
  3. (Let me preface by saying, I don't know the game nearly as well as most of you, so obviously this won't be perfect as-is) I was thinking something like.... My Dream: Choose and discard a friendly card that has been removed from the game. Drop a 30mm Dreamscape marker. Enemy models treat the area within a 2" of the Dreamscape marker, and any terrain piece touching a Dreamscape marker, as Hazardous (Distracted +1). Dreams Bad: [Some way to alter the effects of Dreamscape. Maybe upgrades, like Thatguy suggested, or maybe just end-of-turn effects.] Oh God That Building/Crate/Bush/Water Is
  4. I would love to see an alternate version of Dreamer that traded summoning nightmares for more of a focus on reality-alteration around him. Maybe a way to change the terrain traits for terrain/markers, as well as placing his own. Literally shaping the world around him to better toy with his foes. I know mechanically the idea overlaps with some other terrain-based masters, but it would fit him really well thematically, and could be a really interesting way to give him a different playstyle.
  5. You lost me. Alternatively: What's the eighth of the Seven Deadly Sins? Pedantry? 😝
  6. I find the fact that the X axis numbers don't line up between those two charts incredibly frustrating. 😝
  7. Pick them up just for that! Other people can give you better, more informed opinions than I can, but from personal experience inching my way into the game, you're better off just grabbing what interests you the most. You'll enjoy all the work getting them to the table more if you do, and you'll probably enjoy playing them more. Picking your first few masters from the same faction is ideal, though, if you want to really play how it's supposed to be played. (I did not, but don't regret it.) As for complexity, eh, you'll be fine. My 9yo son plays with me, and never even considered "begi
  8. That he didn't have it was so bewildering. Giving it to him felt necessary from just a "common sense" perspective. Not that I will mind that he does have it, at all. I love the model, and I'm glad he's going to get to be the beast he looks like he should be. Now if only the Rex gave Reichart free . 😄
  9. I'm sure it will play fine (and being able to consistently have ~1/5th or more of your deck out per round is still amazing), I'm just complaining about... rules aesthetics? I don't even know how to describe what I'm complaining about. Uh. Let me put it another way... "Reality manipulation" shown through an ever-increasing control of your own deck was a unique, clever, and slick idea. Something that got the concept across really well, in a way that was pretty unique to Malifaux's mechanics. I just kind of hate to see that given a kind of clunky limiter. 🤷‍♂️ Oh well. Edite
  10. My huge, totally meaningful, big-brained complaint about Vivid Nightmares is that it sounds awkward and tacked on and I'm only going to remember it because of how much everyone is discussing it. I also kind of liked the "snowballing deck" thing. It was an interesting, unique, gimmick (edit: probably my favorite weird gimmick in 3e). I wish it could have been handled/addressed in a less uh... disruptive? way. Kept the concept intact better, or something.
  11. I get that it's supposed to keep Dreamer from snowballing via Lucid Dreaming. It's slightly less awful than I thought initially, since the cards go into your discard on the next round. Lucid still pulls cards out for at least one round, potentially more. I really liked the "snowball" thing from a thematic perspective. I wish they could have found a way to handle it that wasn't quite so draining.
  12. You discard half of the cards you've removed with Lucid Dreaming during each Start Phase.
  13. Agreed, especially on the "fluff" thing. I hate seeing little fluffy bit excised for "balance", particularly when it seems unnecessary.
  14. I would like to see more bumps up in the future, too. The nerfs make sense on how they were targeted to bring things in line (except Explorers, but I also understand holding off on that... so long as it isn't put off a whole year), but "big list of nerfs" just kind of feels bad. Buffs offset that and make the whole thing a bit more palatable.
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